Health of student detained for criticising Katsina governor, Shema, on Facebook deteriorates

Abdulmalik Sa'idu, student detained by Katsina State governor

The health of Abdulmalik Sa’idu, the National Open University of Nigeria [NOUN] student indefinitely detained on the orders of Kastina State Governor, Ibrahim Shema, has deteriorated after being kept in a “dingy solitary cell.”

According to his lawyer, Akin Ajayi, Abdulmalik was rushed to the police hospital in Kastina for emergency treatment over the weekend.

“They kept him in a dungeon. They said nobody should attend to him. That he shouldn’t see the ray of sun. His family members were not allowed to see him. They just confined him in a state of incommunicado. If you keep somebody in a dingy solitary cell for this long, he has to fall sick,” Mr Ajayi said.

His father, Maiyawo Sa’idu, claimed his son was tortured in detention.

“He’s not well. They had to take him to the hospital. They took him to the police hospital and he has been placed on injection. He said he was tortured,” said Mr Sa’idu, his voice heavy with emotion.

In an apparent bid to cover its violation of the constitutional rights of Abdulmalik, the Kastina State government on Monday hurriedly charged him for fraud at the Chief Magistrate Court II in Kastina.

Abdulmalik was arrested and detained at the Batagarawa Police Station after he received a call on August 28 instructing him to come to the government house for a message.

On getting to the government house, he was promptly arrested, handcuffed and taken to Batagarawa Police Station just outside the state capital, Katsina, and detained on the orders of Mr. Shema’s aide-de-camp, Shehu Koko, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP.

Abdulmalik’s father said his son was not initially charged with an offence but was accused of cloning the governor’s phone number and using same to call the state Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affair, Sani Makana, with instructions that Mr. Makana deposit N3 million in his account.

Mr. Sa’idu said his son was innocent. He said if indeed Abdulmalik cloned the governor’s number to dupe a commissioner he wouldn’t be tricked to come to the Government House to be arrested.

He claimed Abdulmalik was arrested for posting details of an alleged fertiliser scam in the state on his Facebook timeline.

Furtive arraignment
On Friday, Abdulmalik was transferred to the state police headquarters. His father was told that this was necessary to process his bail. However his parents’ hope was dashed after the state government furtively charged him to court on Monday.

“They told us he would be released on Friday but after 5 p.m. we were told to come back the next day. On Saturday they told me they couldn’t release him because the officers in charge were off duty. I even took food to him this morning (Monday) and nothing was said about charging him to court. This evening, I got a call from someone that works at the Magistrate court telling me that he has been arraigned for fraud,” he said.

Mr Ajayi said the government was trying to cover its crime.

He said the government was apparently embarrassed by PREMIUM TIMES’ report published on Saturday about the illegal detention and secretly charged Abdulmalik to court to cover the violation of the student’s rights.

Mr. Ajayi said charging Abdulmalik to court now did not change the fact that the Kastina State government violated the law.

He said the action of the government was tantamount to the re-enactment of the draconian Decree 2 of 1984 propounded by the military that allowed people to be detained indefinitely.

“The ADC and the CSO of the governor detained that boy unduly for a long time. Being a governor does not make you above the law. The governor cannot be operating Decree two of 1984. This is an extension of Decree two of 1984 in which a person can be detained permanently at the power of somebody that is saying he’s from above,” he said.


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  • Otile

    These are the same Northern leaders everybody wants to rule Nigeria again. Born to rule leaders my foot.

  • Sekoni Adamu

    What manner of rulers (not leaders) are here at the helms of affairs of this country. What a pity. I wonder if some people ever remember they’ll one day be before GOD to render their stewardship on earth… GOD is not partial and will definitely judge all of us according to our deeds one day…

  • Gift

    otile we must not always bring in ethnicity and sentiments in every issue.

    • Otile

      Get real. Ethnicity, sentiments, and tribalism rule Nigeria. They affect every issue in Nigeria, be it Miss Universe pageants, boko haram terrorism, June 12 annulment, opposition against Jonathan, banning Igbo from being president. Judge for yourself, and see whether we should not discuss these in details and make the necessary changes that hold some people in bondage in one Najeriya.

  • Ola

    He should be charged to court rather than DETAINING HIM> Its against our constitution, pls.

  • Modibbo Adamu

    Nigeria to be a civilized society unfortunately thinks of these nature are still occurring, Nigeria of 21st century. apologies to the governor so that you gain your precious freedom

  • tsunami1earthquake

    But what has Jonathan said? Is the police not under the federal government controlled by Jonathan? What has the attorney general of the federation said? What has the police IGP said? Nigeria is really in deep trouble; and that is why other nationals treat Nigerians like shit.

    • Otile

      Are you justifying the action of the born to rule governor? Your questions are irrelevant.

      • tsunami1earthquake

        If you cannot read and understand simple English, then get out of this forum! I can now see why it is being lamented that many ‘educated’ Nigerians seem not to understand English anymore; a supposedly official language.

        • Otile

          I am really questioning you sanity for dragging the President into this born to rule stupidity. Simple English has nothing to do with your mentality at this point, unless you want to divert attention.

          • tsunami1earthquake

            This is not a question of questioning someone’s sanity; it is a question of comprehensibility of someone’s statement which you had failed to garner. And if you want to question my sanity I should very well tell you that you missed the train in the sense that you think the president cannot intervene in a clear case of one of the governors in Nigeria abusing a Nigerian citizen; a citizen the president had sworn to protect. Just take this small dose of what are contained in my earlier statement. Then you will begin to wonder who is sane here; you or me.

          • Otile

            You are a simpleton. You are so naive about important duties the president does for the country. Should there be tsunami along the coasts or earthquake in Zamfara today you will see what the President can do, should Dahomey invade Ogun State you will see the president, no doubt you have seen his action on the EVD brought to Nigeria from Liberia. English grammar is not what is in question here. I see you are still not getting it, haba mallam.

          • tsunami1earthquake

            Since you are now very smart; can you answer this question. Based on the catalogue of disasters you have mentioned, are you stating that the president would never intervene in any of them or are you saying that intervening in those disasters falls outside the president’s line of duty? I am waiting for your response. I don’t call whatever names you may call me but I am more interested in seeing your response here.

          • Otile

            Man, learn some simple logic. The more questions you ask the more you display what you don’t have upstairs. What you call questions are not real question as such, they are loaded questions. So ask a real question, I will answer you.

          • tsunami1earthquake

            Listen to your statement: “What you call questions are not real question as such, they are loaded questions”. Are you trying to write a rhyme? If you cannot answer the question then forget further contact. I have some other more important things to do. You’re lucky to have escaped my trap, though fortuitously, for I don’t consider you that smart to spot the ambush.

          • Otile

            Never have I nor will I seek your opinion to know how smart I am. You are an attention seeker. Vamoose from me, little fellow.

          • tsunami1earthquake

            Yeah, the Eagle has landed! I can now confirm your intention was not to share opinions in line with the aim of this forum but to share contempt and frustration against others. But I did not give you that chance which you threw open by starting with personal abuses against somebody you have never met before! A proverb says that beauty starts from the home. Go and look for evil people like you with whom you could share those antisocial acts. I have not come to this forum to make enemies of anyone just like you just did. I am too big for such wicked acts. Bye and please never reply to or comment on any of my posts now or in the future. Again, go for evil people of your ilk

          • Otile

            First of all change back your name from tsunami1earthquake to some good Yoruba name your dad gave you. Don’t run away from your heritage. I am a not an evil man, I am a Christian. If you are a Moslem you are not a good Moslem, you may be an animist or outright godless man. Depart from me.

    • redeem

      if Amaechi detains a journalist then the president will wade into the matter abi——————————-is buhari not from Katsina state–what stops him from meeting with the governor of his state–ati the Acting IGP——————————–has he no legs–to to walk

    • redeem

      its because of the drugs u the major tribes– sell or smuggle abroad————————fraud————————–419—who enacted decree 4——was it Jonathan or Buhari

  • Usman

    what sort of country are we? people abuse power the way they wanted, this is just one of the so many similar unreported cases, where are the human right activist?

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  • awta

    If he dies its murder and if justice is not metted out in this life than certainly in the hereafter.

  • amazing2012

    The governor is a local champion and a village uncivilized illiterate, hence for him to think he is above questioning. Actually the boy is helping him to check mate his excesses, surely the life of this world is just few days of what we perceive to be enjoyment, guided by our “poverty” in translating happiness.