Synagogue building Collapse: T.B. Joshua pledges to visit South Africa every month

Pastor T.B. Joshua

The founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Temitope Joshua, has pledged to visit South Africa once every month to honour scores of South Africans who died in his church’s building collapse.

The South African High Commission had said 84 of the 90 people who died when the church’s guest house collapsed on September 12 were South Africans.

During Sunday’s worship service, Mr. Joshua said his decision to visit South Africa often was a revelation from God and a blessing to the people of the country.

“Those who are affected in one way or another and those who passed onto glory, their greatest desire is to see that the work of salvation they died and suffered for continues and reaches unreachable places,” the cleric, also called T.B. Joshua, said.

“For that, what they are coming here for should be taken to meet them in their country,” he stated to an applause from foreigners but what appeared a muted response from the Nigerian congregants.

“Once in a month, I will be travelling to South Africa to meet people from South Africa and other nations who find South Africa easier to visit, in memory of martyrs of faith,” the cleric stated in the sermon which was also transmitted live on Emmanuel TV, the church’s television station.

He added that his “ministration in South Africa will not be on Sunday so that people wills have the opportunity to attend their respective churches.

“This kind of faith expressed by South Africans deserves this kind of blessing from God.”

Mr. Joshua thanked the worshippers for the messages of condolence and encouragement his church had received from supporters around the world.

“I have been your pastor, preaching to you. Now, it is your turn that you are preaching to me. It is your turn that you are giving back what you have received in terms of preaching, teaching and counselling,” he said. “There is a time to give and a time to receive. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. There is a time to be born and a time to die. Thank you for understanding the time that I am in.”

The pastor said the decision to go to South Africa would have some adverse effects on Nigeria but insisted it was a “revelation from God” that he must obey.

He called on the South African government to be involved in organising the monthly meetings, as “mammoth crowds” would attend.

South Africa’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, Lulu Mnguni, had said that apart from the 84 South Africans that died from the building collapse, 265 others survived while 17 were unaccounted for.

He said the number of South Africans who were in the church could be higher, as some organized the trip themselves without using travel agents and were thus difficult to account for.

Mr. Mnguni said there were about 349 South Africans visiting the popular church at the time of the collapse.

The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, put the death toll at the building collapse at 90 people while131 others were rescued from the rubble.

The building collapsed while the church was trying to increase the number of floors from 2 to 5, a move the Lagos State Government said appears not to have been approved.

Mr. Joshua has blamed external forces for the collapse and said a plane which flew over the building before the collapse caused it.


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  • Uzoma

    ” Mr. Joshua said his decision to visit South Africa often was a revelation from God and a blessing to the people of the country.”

    This guy doesn’t seem to get it, does he? The game is up!

    • Daniel Adams

      Which game?

  • Guguru

    This man is insane. Just read the nonsense he is spewing. he does not even realize that humans were lost. He is making empty promises he cannot keep which will be used against him in the future. Can he really make 84 trips to South Africa as he claimed? The man is desperate and he will say or do anything to survive. He has also been caught bribing journalists as well. So much for men of God. These are fraudsters.

    • T.B. Joshua raises the dead, therefore he should start raising those who died in his building.

      Nigerians and West Africans called for ZMapp and other experimental drugs.

      Why have Nigerians and West Africans refused to call on their ANOINTED ONES
      (e.g., Adeboye and Joshua) to start laying hands on Ebola patients?

  • Otile

    I don’t see how this disaster is a thing of martyrdom. These hapless people came hoping to solve their personal problems to live happier longer lives but the shoddy building collapsed on them. Then what is this man-god talking about? Mbeki come back to take care of your people, Zuma is doing nothing for them. You see, the Zulus have suffered rape back and front. First, apartheid people would not let them go outside the country, now that they are free to go out and seek help calamity awaits them wherever they go. Bishop Joshua should understand and stop giving them vain promises.

    • Solveig

      It is Africa
      for you

  • amazing2012

    Only in Nigeria God is use in human failure. The death of these fellows has nothing to do with God wish but an act of negligence. Unfortunately they dead during another negligence system. It is a shame to associate faith fraud to God. Did God ask you to add floors arbitrarily ? Why did God provide engineering knowledge ? TB Joshua is a criminal who built his life on fake mysteries and want people to believe in it. Jonathan is the worst leader God ever produce from Adam to date, no weak and illiterate leader like Jonathan who submits himself to criminals in the name of God.

  • Don M.

    Unless Zuma is a ‘Nicodemus’ die hard secret member of the synagogue, i expect T.B to be ARRESTED ON TOUCHDOWN IN SOUTH AFRICA.
    He has a simple but fundamental question to answer :

    • Solveig

      He must go to jail TEBE J

    • Matrix

      You will be disappointed because you are not God.

      • Don M.

        I am not God..but God CANNOT be mocked. Man may deceive man, but man CANNOT deceive GOD.
        We will all be held accountable for out actions or inactions.
        I asked a simple question which I believe is also the FIRST question our righteous God will ask: WAS THERE A DETAILED STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND APPROVAL BY RELEVANT AUTHORITIES TO UPGRADE THE BUILDING FROM A 2-storey TO A 5-STOREY???
        Read yur bible for yurself and know what God really expects of us…

  • Onike24

    First he said the UFO did it, then he said Boko Haram did it, then he said it was the devil, now he says he is going to South Africa! Am I the only one who things that there is something missing in relation to this man? I sincerely hope he relocates to South Africa where there is still some semblance of law and order.

    • Patrick Sawyer Ekpenyong

      So simple logic dey hard you to decode? If he said this and that…then it means all of those things he mentioned, added and multiplied together, are jointly responsible for the incident. Is your curiosity satisfied? Nonsense!

  • Wiirute_Guthoma

    what will that help anyone with?

  • compt adeyemi

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  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    The truth of the matter here is that T.B Joshua, whatever the T and B stand for?? maybe “Terror Bastard” no body knows is not a God send person and is actually falling within the tenets of those false prophets described in Mark 13:21 as one of the false prophets and it is clear to every body only that some people again as the bible says will die of lack of knowledge!! God clearly manifests himself to any body anyway and is every where!! So why risk going to this bogus prophet who actually gets money from you directly or indirectly?! Come-on south Africans, there is God in South Africa and his spirit is in South Africa. Your problems can be solved without necessarily having to visit this useless prophet who is focused on your money!! He is a dooms day prophet going by his weird and suspicious prophesies which are not linked in any way to God’s work!! At last he is coming up with conspiracies and theories on how innocent world and God loving children passed on in his doomed church and guest house?? From the videos that have been seen , it leaves no truth from the open eye that the foundations of this building were attacked and that is reason why the building collapsed omnibus into oblivion more like the 9/11 collapse of the twin towers in the US.Perhaps given the African mentality of copying every rubbish from the Europeans this bogus pastor/.prophet wanted to show that Africa can also get mysterious collapses of storeyed buildings!? As of now the Nigerian government had better get this criminal behind bars as investigations go on because the truth again is that people can not die to that large number and he continues to insult by claiming he will now be visiting South Africa!! What an insult? By the way does law and order still work in Nigeria and can we trust the investigations of Nigerian personnel if they have any??This man is supposed to have been arrested longtime as the prime suspect with leads to what happened to the building which killed so many, instead i was shocked to see the President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan standing on the site with a criminal who is supposed to be charged for culpable homicide and behind bars!! What plans does the Nigerian government have to get this man to formally answer for his crime of housing people in a building which eventually collapsed and killed over 100 innocent people? It seems as the UN puts it Nigeria indeed is a “failed state” with no functional law and mere gimmicks to show as law. You can kill and do whatever you want in Nigeria but if you have cash you will go Scott free!! What a nation and what a people with all resources and yet let down by lousy leadership and management. We wait to see what will happen, but legally all South Africans who lost their dear ones have the “locus standi” to sue and present a winning case to the courts in Nigeria either against the government of Nigeria or the bogus Pastor/Prophet of doom in relation to the death of their loved ones. They should prefer a good lawyer who can prosecute and bring this matter to a better settlement in the interest of all. May their souls rest in eternal peace.


    Until Buhari is able to get to the root of how Amaechi and Rochas looted their treasures to sponsor his election–Nigerian should forget about the one-sided anti-corruption campaign of Buhari–designed to deceive Nigerians—-all the people being put on trial were prosecuted by the Jonathan government–so far its been one noise after the other—with NIMASA AND NNPC–as his foot tools—-PERIOD—

  • burning spear

    Goodluck Jonathan: A Man Generation Will Always Remember.
    by Jerry D. Ishaya, Abuja.

    Some people will not understand the contribution of former President Goodluck Jonathan until Buhari also follow the same path or copy that policy. If that is what you are, then you are living in the past. We have gone through that path, until you come.

    Some people did not understand the politics of global purchase and sales of arms during President Goodluck Jonathan not until US refused to sale arms to President Muhammadu Buhari.

    It is was until the US told Buhari in his face, that they will not sell arms or allow them to buy from their allies that Nigerians understand, why President Goodluck Jonathan choose to buy arms in the black market to keep Nigeria safe.

    Some Nigerians will not understand why President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to remove oil subsidy, but they are willing to understand when President Buhari want to remove it.

    Some Nigerians refused to understand why President Goodluck Jonathan introduced Treasury Single Accounts (TSA ) but now said they understand why Buhari is adopting it. In fact some of them pretend as if this is the first time One single Bank account is going to be introduced forgetting that they attacked Jonathan when he introduced it.

    I want to appeal to their consciences that they didn’t need someone else to look into their eyes and call them hypocrites. They should tell themselves.