Nigeria 2015: Igbo in Diaspora dump Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Despite the support enjoyed by President Goodluck Jonathan in the five states of the South East geo-political zone, some Igbo in the Diaspora under the aegis of World Igbo Congress, WIC, have enjoined their kits and kin back home to shop for a replacement for the president during the 2015 election.

According to a communiqué issued after its convention, the WIC asked each political party in Nigeria to consider nominating an Igbo as its presidential candidate for the election.

The communiqué dated September 9 signed by WIC Chairman, Larry Udorji, and Secretary General, Cyril Nwaorgu, was released to the media on Wednesday.

The convention was held between August 29 and September 1.

The WIC holds conventions annually during which it discusses crucial issues affecting the five Igbo states of Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo.

Mr. Jonathan attended 2014 Convention. Other attendees include the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha, both Igbo.

In his address to the convention, the president urged Ndigbo (Igbo people) to unite above partisan politics, internal division, external hostility, but “more fundamentally unity in planning and in development as well as in the awakening of the positive Igbo cultural resources.”

He also enumerated the projects and programmes he executed in the five states since he assumed office.

Officials of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, had announced during its South East rally last month that it collected 1.8 million signatures of the people of the zone asking Mr. Jonathan to seek re-election.

But the WIC, in the communiqué, said it would give consideration and support a nominee of Igbo extraction.

“We call on each political party in Nigeria to give serious consideration to nominating an Igbo as its presidential candidate for the 2015 election to address decades of deliberate and systematic punitive exclusion of Ndigbo in presidential politics,” it said.

“We will consider for support and endorsement parties that give serious consideration to and support for an Igbo nominee for President.”

The group said since Mr. Jonathan was yet to declare interest in the presidential election and the Igbo race had several men and women who could be president, there was the need to begin to shop for an Igbo nominee for the position.

It commended the United Progressive Party, UPP, for deciding to zone its presidential ticket to the South East zone.

The WIC however stated that “Consistent with the spirit of the 2010 Mississippi Accord between the World Igbo Congress and the Ijaw National Congress, we call for collective support for a President of our shared heritage.”

The group said the Igbo is the largest ethnic group in Nigeria, numbering over 40 million by conservative estimates and that they are found in virtually every local government area in Nigeria.


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    No choice, the Igbos will swim or sink with Jona. It would be suicidal for them to associate with their tormentor in chief since 1966. The police may be bad, but it is still better putting your trust in them than in Thugs

    • redeem

      lies all just lies———————–be stable as the northern star for once—————————let yr yes——— be yes——— yr No be———————– naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa———————-biko–haba malam kura

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Strictly business, nothing personal
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Otile

      You and your co-traveller Deri Orbuka aka redeem are speaking the same language. All we are asking from you oppressors is to leave us alone to carve out our future, We know that you are waiting for the slightest crisis so that you can loot our belongings in the name of abandoned properties. Since the Brits and Russia discovered oil in their lands they are not coming back to fight for you again. Try to molest Biafra again, and commit suicide. I know today is a cold day in Nigeria because patriotic Scottish people are freeing themselves from English stranglehold.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Come home and physically take part in the fight
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Otile

          I am not an animal like you always looking for a fistfight. There are better ways of solving problems short of physical. Use your brain.

          • BlackieUmukoro

            I knew you were and will always remain an animal. Anufia
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • redeem

    I am laughing my head off——————————-the Ibos should stop insulting themselves–please———-I am begging them—————————–rather than confine their thoughts to defending one of their sons who was made CAS by an ijaw man—-and who the fulanis yearn to send to the Hague————They align and re-align with the fulanis—via Oby—–chase them ppl from d SS from pillar to post—————like Oliver Twist—–cause of contracts abi————-the Ibos yearn for more—contracts—from Jonah————So the more them continue to say—————Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to the people of the SS————the more jobs the boys get—————I laugh——————–the same old mistakes of never ever showing respect to the people of the SS——–since the baifran war———–respect they say reciprocal———————–life is a choice————————-the Ibos are entitled to their own opinion—-if they yearn to align with boko haram——or el rufai who sold land to them in abuja————–all well and good—————–who is Jonathan to say naaaaaaaaaaa to them————aware————the Ibos have benefit-ted more from the rule of Zonathan than even the Ijaw nation——————–Those E. K Clark ——often escort to see the president are not Ijaws–they are Ibo business men and women—————————-Jonathan has never had time to even look into the eyes or demands of the Ijaw nation———–since after Okah—ati his abuja bombing—-he has done all within his reach to distance himself from Ijaws———-as a matter of fact———–he sees himself as an Ibo man than Ijaw————————aware its all the same old Nigerian politic of kill and divide——-sha by d Ibos————-no separation—–for now according to Jonah ati Ibb——–and——–since we are glued to each others thoughts——we must obey d command of the ibos–abi——-while——-the fulani continue to intimidate the ibos with ihejirika——–ati the relics of the biafran war——————what a shame——–what a people what a country————-but who cares—————what we yearn for is separation not another election with boko haram———————-animals

    • ayomi

      They are doing nothing new. They always side with the Fulani, Azikiwe aligned himself with the Northern party instead of joining forces with Awolowo

      • sir Oscie

        Awolowo was not truthworth, Something that is synonmous to the yorubas. The northerners then were men of honour unlike what we see now, the likes of Maku, Sheriff, Ribadu etc

        • ayomi

          The northerners then were men of honor. Were these not the same northerners who conducted mass killing of Ibo in the north to avenge the death of Sadauna of Sokoto? And how many Ibos were killed by the Yoruba and when will Ibos leave Yoruba land and back to South East?

  • tuco

    Even the ones here are only deceiving him, time will tell.

  • Wähala

    We have done our part… it’s left for Home-based to emulate and vote out the Otuoke Clown Prince.
    Our problem however is those Anambra Ibos and their Atiliogu Dance Troupe, led by Uba Bros, Ezeife, Peter Obi, et al.
    Sha, I’m optimistic the wave of corrupt and shoddy deals Dumbo has been involved is enough to make our voters see reason to abandon the perpetrators of Abandoned Property policy and natural turncoats. Dr. Dumbo is a common Ijaw thief and Igbos should not be seen as supportive of criminality. A clown who claimed giving Ojukwu state burial as one of his achievements to Ndigbo… Drunkard!

    • Otile

      “We have done our own part…”. Who are “We”? You are not Igbo. There are only a handful of you Hausa Fulani in Germany and elsewhere abroad. When people talk about Nigerians in diaspora you Hausa Fulanis don’t count. Don’t claim that you are in the majority overseas as you claim in Nigeria. Your brother Alhaji Makama refused to give us an accurate census, and you know why. The only reason you hate President Jonathan is because he handed a crushing defeat to your uncle M Buhari. Get over it. Your Hausa Fulani tribesmen are not going to rule Nigeria again, they blew their chance royally. Sorry aboki.

  • Mr. Abdin

    But the Igbos felt that Jonathan is their messiah, even though his regime has been one of the worst for them because their business is no longer moving as a result of his disastrous policy that has crippled the country.

    • sir Oscie

      You are totally wrong, Which igbos saw Gej as messiah? Some of his kingsmen has dumped him not to talk of igbos, The truth is that only those feeding fat from his govt are the ones still with him.

    • Otile

      Another open season for Yoruba insult on Igbo. If no capable person is running Igbo must support Jonathan and with our overwhelming support he must win in a landslide. Jonathan is not the one that crippled Nigeria, the rogues before him did, and what did you do to them?

  • missy……..

    I am Igbo and this is the most despicable route to be taken by the Igbo’s (AGAIN) what is wrong with my brothers and sisters, why are you easily deceived by money and vague promises. Igbo’s in Diaspora my foot, I sure will never second your decisions. WAKE UP IGBOS, Goodluck is your brother and you all should support him but as usual the way Ojukwu betrayed you all and RAN into exile when you needed him most, the same way Zik, co-joined with the fulanis instead of Awolowo (Yoruba’s who are among the smartest Nigerians in the World) what has the fulani’s done for you after all these years of Loyalty. How long will it take before you people Develop Brains. WAKE UP and JOIN THE WINNING TRAIN. Grow yourselves a Brain MY IGBO BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

  • james

    Is not the matter of ethnics or religion any more, Nigerians have to vote for who will moov the cauntry forwar.

  • True Nigerian

    Well done to the Igbo Congress in diaspora. They have made me proud to be Igbo! This idi*cy parading itself and parodying voiceless Igbos like me in the name of total Igbo endorsement makes me cringe. But I am so very pleased and quite relieved to see that there are others like me who will not be goaded into the idi*cy that parades itself as Igboness in Nigeria.

    Jonathan comes to the South-east, denies ever promising Igbos that they would get a 2nd Niger bridge from him before the end of his first tenure. Then after being embarrassed by Obi of Onitsha who expressed shock about Jonathan’s denial, he hurriedly rushed back to Onitsha after 3 weeks and suddenly announces that bridge construction is about to be flagged off. Then he suddenly jerks up the cost of the project by more than three times of its real cost. That is in addition to doubling the burden on Igbos through a concession method which puts a toll on the bridge for a period of more than 25 years during which Igbos and all other Nigerians would be paying the construction company a cost that is more than three times the real cost for such a bridge. It is like robbing someone and then charging him money for the robbery – double robbery. He then completes the swindling of Igbos on the bridge by pegging the completion date at 2019 rather than the 2014 which he repeatedly shouted into everyone’s ears in 2011 before suddenly denying in 2014 that he ever said anything about a bridge in Igbo land.

    Yet, with the above humiliation of the Igbos, all the so-called gathered in Onitsha a few weeks later to cheer and applaud Jonathan for robbing Igbos in the name of a 2nd Niger Bridge. At the event, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who prides herself on competence and best practices was there smiling ear to ear, dancing and hailing the President. Obi of Onitsha, Deputy Senate President, most so-called governors including Peter Obi who prides himself in financial probity, prudence and his bigoted Igbo-deportation hypocrisy was also there. Together, they all smiled and cheered on as they were being made fools in the eyes of the world. And after all of the show of shame, they gather and portray fellows like me as part of those who would endorse the idi*ocy called leadership under Jonathan. Tufiakwa!

    One more thing for the Igbo Diaspora congress – Please kindly denounce and condemn that Igbo honor that was shamelessly conferred on the shameless thief called Princess Stella Oduah. The diaspora Igbo congress should make haste to condemn that shameless show of shame by animals who call themselves Igbos in Lagos state. I am Igbo, and I am utterly ashamed of them. My father taught me that people should not steal and that stealing brings shame and reproach to a family. But it is either the animals in Lagos who conferred honour on Oduah do not have an Igbo father in Igbo land or that their fathers have been cursed by Amadioha! Umu anu offia! Supporters of a thief are also thieves by extension.

    • Good guy. You are a real Igbo. I salute you.

  • Goodguy

    who are these fools they are only looking money.Igbos at home will vote for Gej massively.

  • Sydney Ezika

    Pls this group is fake and does not exist anywhere. Igbos are solidly behind GEJ come 2015

  • Dr Quack

    What a nice and articulate write-up. Truly PMB knows what he is doing, and we should please give him time and the support to help the country grow. This is all we have, for if it goes down so do we.