CAN president, Oritsejafor, ‘irresponsible’ — El Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai

A former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, and senior member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Nasir El-Rufai, on Wednesday described the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Ayo Oritsejafor, as an “irresponsible” leader who has abused his revered office by venturing into politics.

Mr. El-Rufai was reacting to a statement by CAN Tuesday berating the former minister and the spokesperson of the APC, Lai Mohammed, over their responses to reports that a private jet recently impounded in South Africa over suspicion of arms smuggling, belongs to the CAN president.

In the statement, CAN accused the two APC stalwarts of tarnishing the image of Mr. Ortisejafor.

CAN also said Mr. El-Rufai had once said there are three sets of Boko Haram in Nigeria: “Islamic Boko Haram, Politicians’ Boko Haram and Christians’ Boko Haram which he said are being funded by President Goodluck Jonathan and coordinated by CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. He went further to claim that the CAN President has been given N50 billion by the President and a Jet”.

In his response Wednesday, Mr. El Rufai said the CAN president is becoming “jittery” because his private jet was identified as the vessel impounded by the South African authorities for ferrying $9.3m cash into their country.

Mr. El-Rufai also said after being unable to shake off his connection to the plane, Mr. Oritsejafor has resorted to abuse and vilification.

“Were he more reflective, he would be pondering how, of all the private jets available in Nigeria, it was his that came to be involved in a covert arms purchase scandal.

“Would he have managed any objectivity if the plane involved happened to belong to a prominent person of another faith or political persuasion,” a statement signed by Mr. El Rufai’s spokesperson, Muyiwa Adekeye, said.

Mr. El-Rufai also said the CAN President should explain if the jet involved in the scandal is the same one that was “donated” to him in 2012.

“Did he register it as a commercial aircraft or is the plane illegally moonlighting as one? Has he ever reflected on the impropriety of mixing his religious role with politics?

“Having strayed into politics, and an irresponsible variant at that, can he expect the veneration enjoyed by his predecessors such as Cardinals Olubunmi Okogie and John Onaiyekan?

“Why is he the first CAN leader to provoke pitiful mirth and amusement when he is not being derided as a tragedy, a sort of Ichabod, desperate to separate glory from a revered body?” Mr. El-Rufai said.

He also advised Mr. Oritsejafor to “look beyond the bling to ask himself if it was any of the individuals he abused yesterday that asked him to make his aircraft available for monkey business, or get himself involved in the politics of division”.

The former Minister also advised the Nigerian government to act responsibly in its bid to procure arms to fight the on-going insurgency in the country.
“Our country needs to bolster its military and security forces with the material resources they need to defeat insurgency and restore security to every inch of its territory.

“This would require arms imports. But should Nigeria violate the arms export regulations of other countries in this endeavour?

“Should the FG recklessly impair and jeopardise diplomatic relations by conducting covert arms purchases in friendly countries without the consent of their governments? Such conduct invariably leads to suspicions that such covert arms procurement may not be for purposes of national security,” he said.

He said arms procurement outside official channels amidst an escalating insurgency must concern every patriot.

Mr. El Rufai had in a presentation at the British House of Commons last week, alluded to a link between the government’s handling of the Boko Haram crisis, and the escalation in the insurgency.

“The government has long tried to explain away its incompetence in upholding security by blaming insurgency on the major opposition party.

“But it is becoming increasingly clear to many that this insurgency is benefitting the ruling party and the incumbent president by providing them a pretext to postpone elections and, at the minimum, disenfranchise large swathes of the population that have never supported the PDP or voted for Jonathan,” he said.


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  • Ajibola

    Simple and true. A revered office denigrated for personal gains. Tribal bigot of the highest order.

  • amazing2012

    Indeed, a respectful office turn to political party campaign center, where religion is use to convince poor people for few bad. Devil have use you to divide us and all the blood shed in the name of religion in which you hand shall be on your head.

  • Wähala

    Indeed, would Oritsejafor and his PDP crumb winners have shown objectivity with their reactions if the news had been that Tinubu’s private jet landed SA full of raw cash in tons.. eh? Oly Metuh would have been on daily press briefings about how right he has been all along about the Janjaweed Party. Instead of shutting-up and remorsefully lying low, Ogbeni Ayo Olejiofor thinks dis na gra-gra matta… Well, so far, El-Rufai has been prophetic in my views. Oritsejafor runs the ‘religious wing’ of Boko Haram, Gen. Ihejirika is Commandante of their ‘military wing’ while SAS, Abu Modu Sheriff, is in charge of the ‘political wing’ of the terrorists. Their Oga@theTop is none other than Jaja Jona Dumbo.

    Bottom line…
    The Zulus have a limit of money anyone can bring into their country, our money launderers far exceeded that. In fact, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, the inconsistencies in their explanations are why the two ‘No-Name Nigerians’ are still chained to the floor awaiting trial. CAN thug, Ayo Oritsejafor, can feed his Nigerian congregation anything, but let him go to South Africa and free his arms smugglers make I stop gulping odeku! Attacking men head & shouders above him is a costly mistake, Lai Mohammed neva weigh-in, na den e go see Olu of Warri… Clown.

    • Bayo


    • Mosaku 147

      Wahala I beg take am easy with Ayo’s CAN. Ayo fears no fall as he is already rolling on the ground. If you remember say I don talk far te say na drive Idahosa drive this nicompu comot for im church in the eighties,but una no believe me. This guy na the biggest fraud ever in christiandom.
      Please note feelers from ‘our’ sources shows that they have being ferrying this cash twice weekly since 3rd August,a day after john Ishyaku ‘hire’ the plane from his holiness Ayo Orisejafo. I can imagine how ibori will be feeling in his cell now.he sure will be grinning with envy say another DT man don do pas im.

  • clairvoyance

    That pop star who calls himself a pastor is amongst those who sponsor terrorism in this country, a card carrying member of the PDP, CAN is an appendage of the PDP since that tribal bigot became her president.

  • Sir SLI

    When a man of God leaves the things of God to dabble into the “things” of man, then he should expect to receive the greatest embarrassment from every kind of person!


    It is just a matter of time when the truth shall certainly be in the open, and that is when Nigerians will come to know who is the creator/s of BOKO HARAM. I pray it will be soon. Until then, let us keep praying.

  • Thepeople

    Oritsejafor has become an embarrassment to CAN and any of us who truely call ourselves christains. In any country where there is any element of sanity misfits like this man should not head such an important christain organisation. Orotsejafor depressingly has become our collective shame.

  • Alexander Dokubo

    Never has the CAN presidency being so scorned, scandalized and derided!
    Oritsejafor has brought dishonour, disrespect and shame to that highly coveted position!

  • teddy

    And people dare to blame the catholic church for wanting to opt out of CAN? Jesus Christ is certainly wailing for our brand of Christianity. And surprisingly, some idiots are struggling to defend rubbish. Though, I hardly agree with el – Rufia, on this case he is on point. Certainly, judgement will start in God’s house.

  • redeem

    Buhari has asked the Federal Government to stop the clampdown of Boko Haram insurgents, saying Niger Delta Militants were never killed or properties belonging to them destroyed.

    Buhari who spoke on Sunday on a Liberty Radio programme, Guest of the Week monitored said accused the government of killing and destroying houses belonging to Boko Haram members while the Niger Delta militants get special treatment.

    The former dictator said that unlike the special treatment given to the Niger Delta militants by the federal government, the Boko Haram members were being killed and their houses demolished by government.

    While accusing President Jonathan of failing from the beginning to address the security situation in the country, Buhari said he has never been in support of the state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa state.

    According to Buhari “what is responsible for the security situation in the country is caused by the activities of Niger Delta militants. Every Nigerian that is familiar with what is happening knows this. The Niger Delta militants started it all.

    “What happened is that the governors of the Niger Delta region at that time wanted to win their elections. So they recruited the youths and gave them guns and bullets and used them against their opponents to win elections by force

    • silent

      How does your view above connect with the topic of discussion? Why are you trying to divert attention? We should be careful what we say because posterity will judge each and everyone of us. God is patient, but He will surely ask us to explain all our actions some day

      • Grace

        I think the problem is not with redeem, the problem is with peolpe who are responding to his jabbering. Even though I know for sure he is yet to be redeemed by the blood of Christ.

    • M Ajonye

      Meaning you’re either retarded or lack compression and if you add both you become….st…d

  • tsunami1earthquake

    You people have not heard the last of this embarrassing and sordid news. How can one even prove that the money being transported was for arms purchase? When has South Africa become Nigeria’s market for arms purchase? If Nigeria wants to purchase arms it knows where to go and buy arms in the usual way it is done at international level. After all, the other day Nigeria signed a contract with Russia for purchase of some military equipment. So this story about 9.3million dollars being transported for arms purchase sounds very silly, to say it mildly. The CAN president and every other person fingered here are not silly as not to know how to purchase arms, if ever that was the intended mission. In my view, stolen money was being transported, as was usual with some Nigerians, to South Africa to be stashed away in hidden bank accounts. Unfortunately, the watchful eyes of the relevant South African authorities who might not be in the know of this clandestine plan detected it and torpedoed it. In days to come the truth about the whole shameful event will surface. And the truth would surface if the South African officials were not cut into the deal and given a piece of the dirty action.

    Carrying 9.3million dollars in raw cash in suitcases and going to purchase arms in South Africa is just nonsense and an implausible story. Meanwhile, the crew of the aircraft, the lessee and lessor of the aircraft (in this case the CAN president) must have to be subjected to thorough interrogation and you’d see the truth popping up. Of course, if President Jonathan dives in to effect a protection of the CAN president then the whirlwind surrounding the entire story will dissipate to nothingness with time.

    • minkagg

      You missed one point!! If someone is buying arms for terrorist, they will make it “covert”. It becomes “overt” with funny explanations when exposed. This scenario looms like that.

  • redeem

    Sack Dasuki ati Gusau——————-now———————-Until Jonathan sacks dasuki ati Gusau—————there is not going to be a reduction in the boko haram war—————— The entire noise about the use of the said pastoral aircraft does not make sense one little bit——–there is no law in Nigeria which says the president cannot ask a trusted friend to purchase arms for the use of the security agencies——–in the country———-sadly that was not the case——————–the aircraft was on lease –so can be hired by any———————-the ministry of aviation that released the said information to the public domain–did not hide the identity of the owner of the aircraft———–mistakenly——–took south Africa for a friendly country——————when such happens the first thing u do is to get in touch with the host country for explanation but the south africans did not–instead they went virile with the news—–the samne way el rufai circulated the Davis story—————–Again was was El rufai when Obj and Andy Uba were caught with 250,000 dollars in the USA———————————————-we never heard a word from the mouth of the APC janjaweeeeed———–Like everything Ibo–@wahala a semi Ibo–ati fulani———- would now forget that his cousin who is today in the senate once passed through such test————under Obj—————–we never heard the voice of el rufai

    • Enemona

      So it’s right for the president of a country to ask ‘a trusted friend’ to purchase arms for a whole country… with people like you in this country one needs not wonder why we are in this state.

    • silent

      This person (because I don’t know if you are a man or a woman), why are you desperately defending evil. I respect people who appraises good deeds and condemns what is wrong. Every attempt to repaint colour that is very obvious to others only help in exposing your evil intention.

      • Chris1408

        Those supporting Otuoke drunkard are part of the parasites sucking Nigeria dry and pulling it backward. No well meaning Nigerian will support this wayward president and his band of thieves.

      • redeem

        never they were not sending the money for safe keeping in south africa- the yankees knew about it———-that is why I call for the sack of dasuki–ati Gusau————————-these are moles for obj—————there is practicallly nothing wrong with the arrangement- AND NONE OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED DENIED THE DEAL———-CHEEEEEEERS

        • jona

          America will know

  • Chris1408

    As much as I dislike Nigeria politicians, El Rufai is right on this. He raised valid questions. Additionally, Oritsejafor is a disgrace to the Christian Faith. Otuoke drunk associates himself with criminals and thieves.

    • Foresight

      You are NOT Chris. You are El-rufai!

      • Ha

        This means that the name ‘El-Rufai’ is the synonym of ‘Truth’.

  • Stephanie

    Very irresponsible indeed!

  • Preco01

    From my little understanding, the Federal Government’s position can be summarised as follows:
    “That it is aware of the movement of such large sum of money by cash out of the country.
    “That the cash is meant for the purchase of arms to fight insurgency.
    “That the transaction was done by cash to ensure the speed of the transaction.
    “That it resorted to buy from South Africa because of procedural bottlenecks in the purchase of such items from western countries.
    According to Keyamo, “The above position of the Federal Government is not only ludicrous, it is laughable, untenable and a story only fit to be told to the marines.
    He therefore raised some “rhetoric posers” he described as “germane to this issue”
    Keyamo’s posers run thus; “Is it really faster and safer to do an international transaction of such magnitude by ferrying cash across the continent or by a simple wire transfer that can go through in a matter of few minutes or few hours?
    “If, indeed, the matter involves security issues like the purchase of arms by a foreign government like Nigeria, why was the South African Government not brought into the picture beforehand? How could the South African Government be sure that the arms were purchased legitimately by the Nigerian government and not by insurgents if they were not officially informed beforehand?
    “If indeed the manufacturer(s) of such equipment was/were expecting such large amount by cash, why did they not make adequate arrangements with the authorities in South Africa to declare and clear the cash on arrival?
    “Why was money belonging to the Federal Government and meant for purchase of equipment for the Federal Government moved by a private jet and by private individuals and why were they not accompanied by the officials of the Department of State Services or the office of the National Security Adviser in official capacities?
    “Why would a government that is at the peak of promoting the cashless policy in our economy be the chief breaker of that policy by moving such a large amount by cash?
    “If, indeed, it was a legitimate transaction of the Federal Government, why were the officials of our embassy in South Africa not on hand to make the entry easier and smoother?
    “Since the South African Government has said the amount is above the limit of cash allowed into that country, why would a whole government like Nigeria not know the simple immigration laws of a sister and friendly country before allowing that type of amount of cash to be taken to that country?
    “Why would the Nigerian government seek to smuggle cash into a country without disclosure if it was, indeed, for a legitimate transaction?
    “From where did the Federal Government source that amount in Nigeria? Was it from the Central Bank of Nigeria or from the black market? Nigerians demand answers to this with proof.
    “Is it just a wicked coincidence that it is the aircraft belonging to a personal friend and unapologetic ally of the President in the person of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor (my big brother in Warri), that was used to smuggle the cash?
    “If, contrary to the above posers, the transaction was contracted out to a private company in Nigeria, does it not amount to the offence of Money Laundering under our laws for the Federal Government to have allowed that company to attempt to pay for the equipment by cash to the tune of that amount without passing through a financial institution? Festus Keyamo asked.

    • King Carlos

      We need answers.

      • Wale Sanya

        Please let get to fact if a man has a property which He gave out to an agency to manage it is the responsibility of the Agency company to manage that property, so if the aircraft is been manage by an agency firm, the agency firm responsible for who they lease it out for not the owner because of transfer lability. The response of El Rural is quite unfortunate, these can leader represent a large followership which He El Rufai need for vote for His party. In these case El Rufai got it wrong. For the records Can President is not an arm dealer. Let please avoid use of abusive words, always respect other people views and they will respect yours, that is the way civilised community operate. Thanks to all for your views and comment.

    • Ha

      Please copy and paste your comment in several places for people to read. It really made sense. Wonderful.

      • plagiarimsmaybe

        That insightful piece was from festus keyamo on sahara reporters.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    • SB

      What is tragic is that a man of God have become a gun runner.

      • redeem

        may be u do not know the meanin g of a gun runner—————-a smuggler————which he is not

        • Emeka

          he is

      • Tomisin

        Who is a man of God ?, this one that dress like Drug dealer

  • SB

    Orisejafor blaming other people for his woes.

  • SB

    Kudos to elrufai you are very right on this one.

  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    El Rufai is so jealous of Christianity …… if El Rufai is not abusing and insulting Jesus Christ …….. he is abusing or insulting one Christian leader or Christian Church.

    El Rufai must be told the truth …. It is only in Islam that a soldier who did not go to school and has never read up to a paragraph of the Koran becomes the leader of Muslims …… the other one who is the leader of Muslims in Kano and Emir of Thieves World-Wide is a well known adulterer who sleeps with other men’s wives without qualms !!!

    Methinks …. it is in El Rufai’s Islam that you find the truly irresponsible !!!

    • Scalywag

      Oga Goodluck, you miss the point. There is a basic difference between Christianity and Islam. In Islam the consequence for an insult to Prophet Mohammed is a death sentence called fatwa! In Christianity, if you insult Christ you deserve Pity, Prayers and Forgiveness because you do not know what you are doing. Jesus Christ showed us this example when he prayed for those who crucified Him thus: ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do’. As a christian, though not a good one, I was scandalised by the press release issued on behalf of Pastor Oritsejafor in defence of the involvement of his private jet in this saga

    • King Carlos

      No matter his antecedents, he got this right.

    • lanre

      Two weeks ago when El Rufai said if satan repent and become Islam until then he will not decamp to did not criticize him for saying that.God deliver my people from sentiment and subjectivity.

  • redeem

    If I am from Southern Kaduna I wouldn’t vote for Nasir El-Rufai in February i…f he eventually grabs the APC gubernatorial ticket. This is because Nasir El-Rufai has never condemned those responsible for the incessant mass killing in Southern Kaduna and Plateau State.

    In fact Nasir El-Rufai rushed to support his Fulani people when over 120 people were massacred in some village in Jos and later the Senator representing that area had a heart attack after gunshots were fired when he went visiting during the mass burial.

    When the Nigeria army told Fulanis to vacate the areas so that they can do aerial checks and search for the people responsible for the attacks that claimed the lives of over one hundred villagers, women and children, inclusive, Nasir El-Rufai started screaming that the government was trying to victimize his Fulani people. This was a man who never condemned the massacre.

    I used to respect the man Nasir El-Rufai, but over the years I have come to realize he is a cheap religious and tribalistic individual. He has over the years not condemned the bombardment of churches in Kaduna State forcefully and would rather blame Boko Haram on government instead of say it as it is. I don’t see Nasir El-Rufai representing the interest of Southern Kaduna people.

    Southern Kaduna people would be betraying themselves if they vote for Nasir El-Rufai. A word is enough for the wise

    • thewatcher

      How is this essay you’ve written relevant to the article and discussion in question?

      • Emeka

        Ask am o! slow poke like that. It is people like him who give Nigerians a bad name. Who celebrates mediocrity? Who fights for the corrupt? who challenges those who challenge inefficient leaders? Only empty heads like that ‘redeem’. anywhere belle-face people.
        Foreigners will read such a comment and think we all in Nigeria are like that, protecting the corrupt.
        When the truth is spoken, let us celebrate that, no matter who says it. Lets encourage decency and honesty.

        The truth is, Ayo Oritsejafor has sunk CAN into ridicule. He mixes tribalism and politics with his position proudly and very shamelessly.

        • anthony okonkwo

          Am absolutely sure you are Ibrahim not emeka.

          • Emeka

            Nope, sorry. My name is Obi Emeka. I live in Lagos. If u want us to meet, kindly let me know. But note, i dont mix with feeble minded corrupt tribalists who make it a duty to be illogical and so our meeting may be cut short.

          • anthony okonkwo

            I can equally claim I am Shehu Mustapha, so it amount to nothing claiming you are obi emeka.

          • Emeka

            Makes no sense. Whatever name u call urself, never swallow the truth. Say it, no matter which religion, tribe or political party the truth will hurt.
            And the truth here are,
            1 GEJ has failed this nation,
            2. PDP/APC are collection of rogues and corrupt men,
            3. Nigerians should know better and vote wisely in 2015,
            4. El Rufai just spoke the truth
            5. You’re a moron

            These are facts.

          • obvious


          • anthony okonkwo

            And as for “feeble minded corrupt tribalists”, it is not worth it exchanging insults with you, but am convinced you are more closely related to what you called me than myself.

    • 2015 president

      Redeem for own is a lose case Rufai is right on this than can president

    • King Carlos

      You are the worst commenter on this forum, simply because you have failed to see beyond ur brain. I don’t know if you are being paid to comment but you should apply common sense or better still, stay out of the conversation if it doesn’t favor you. Learn from Lai Mohammed, his voice is the loudest when PDP or Jonathan stutters, but when APC loses an election, like in Ekiti, that’s when Lai becomes unavailable for the press. Simply put, he is an intelligent man that knows when to chicken out when the terrain is unfavorable.


      Mr Redeem or Retard, I’m sorry you are bereft of rudiments of redemption.
      No wonder you left the substance and chase the shadow, blindly!

  • The religious sentimentalism among some people won’t allow them to see truth no matter what. ElRufai may not be your favorite man, but for this one, Oritsejafor is more of a criminal than a cleric.

    • King Carlos

      Yes o, religion has become a veil that is being used to cover people’s common sense and their thinking abilities.

      • Naija To The Core

        You have said it all. And once that veil is not removed we willl never see peace.

        • King Carlos

          Yes o, now ayo Oritsejafor has been exposed.

        • lanre

          The veil has been removed over two thousand years ago but people still refuse to see the truth.Remember during the time of moses the man was still using the veil after the glory had departed from him.Am in usa notice that we know more than the white that brought this religion to us.

    • 247don007

      I wonder where your sense of objectivity is in your conclusion? You started as if you are without sentiment and ended up showing your real self – sentimentalist. Why can’t people do some research on issues before jumping into conclusion. Has the NSA denied involvement in the arms deal yet? And can you find out more about the term ‘covert’ as used in security operations?

      Let’s always try to be objective on issues especially on forum like this.

      • biodun

        Hard as you may try to divert from the truth, the point still remains that what is a supposed aircraft meant for evangelism doing with arm, either for Govt or for terrorist. I am a christian and I don’t think Christianity taught us to carry arm .

        • 247don007

          You didn’t point out how i diverted from the truth…a case in comprehension. And be aware that your religious affiliation is insignificant to me. All i care about is objective reasoning; not sentiment driven comment as displayed by many here.

          As per your comment are you condemning the pastor for leasing his aircraft or that the aircraft was involved in an arm deal?

          If you elect to give an honest response to the above question, then, you will realise that your last statement “I don’t think Christianity taught us to carry arm” wasn’t necessary.

          • Ifeanyi

            Two Questions.
            1) Did Ayo ‘Kanye West’ Oresejafor register the Aircraft for personal reasons?
            2) Even if he registered it for Business purpose, a covert operation should be told to the SA Authority. Or don’t you think so? You dont go buying Arms with Huge Cash…and claming covert

          • 247don007

            Before asking if he register the aircraft for business or personal use, you should have know what class of aircraft can be leased.
            Your #2 question is concluding that Pastor Ayo was the one in charge of the arm deal. I thought it was reported that the aircraft was leased and therefore under a different operator at the time. Meaning, he was not in control of what was been done with the aircraft within the period of lease.
            Except there is evident to the contrary i see it wrong to rain abuses & insults on this man of God.

          • NA SAULAWA

            …..Man of Goat/ Gold, but certainly not of God!

      • NA SAULAWA

        How could you expect the NSA to deny involvement when the President and Commander-In-Conspiracy has hurriedly officialized the deal. The shameless Abati, Okupe, Maku, Marilyn and Omeiri are all silent now, aren’t they?

  • Ahmad

    Ayo boy, Ayo Bobo! The Judas Escariot of our time. No wonder the Bible says on the day of judgement, many of those who claim to be holy, workers of miracles prophesying in the name of Jesus will receive the eternal shock of their life. Ayo Bobo and his CAN of arms dealers will be among those who will be rejected by Prophet Isa son of Mary (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Many days for the “thieves”one day for the owner.

    • Goza Gozza

      You have passed judgement already. But that is reserved for God. Even the law of the land has not concluded on the case for the man in question. Let the law deal with this issue. The excitement is of no use

      • whynot

        Let the prophets speak, and let the others pass judgment. 1 cor 14:29

      • minkagg

        Do you really believe the law will take its course in this matter,with our FG hurriedly trying unconvincingly to explain away the issue, fortunately south Africa has developed its institutions, their president cant interfere with things the Nigerian way. Anyways,bottomline is God listens to the cries and prayers of all the BH victims and those responsible for the massacres shall be EXPOSED, DISGRACED AND DESTROYED BY THE ALMIGHTY.

        • NA SAULAWA


  • King Carlos

    Now I see reason why the Catholic Church pulled out of CAN. I expect more to follow tho. This an objective response from el rufai. Pastor Ayo has really dragged the association in a mud in an unprecedented manner. Okogie and Onaiyekan were truly revered.

    I am so happy that the truth is gradually coming out. When Lai Mohammad called for international investigation on the issue of boko haram, some people attacked him for being too scared to be exposed. Now we re knowing who the real janjaweeds are.

    I know God has always been on the side of Nigerians, Abacha left at last noni

  • 2015 president

    These government self,each week one new scandal

  • Usman

    that is true

  • Dankasa

    King we should just keep praying only God can save us from these Guys. Sharif was given 200 armed-to-the-teeth soldiers as protection by FGN just a day after same Jona and his mouthpiece Ruben denied anything to do with SAS and some few weeks after a dust raised by Davis (though PDP Marelyn Ogar denied any deal btw govt and Davis) that he is one of the sponsors of BK while no single soldier is deployed to Michika a town condone by state-sponsored terrorists and which as of today death bodies littered the entire town. Surely the end will come, that I know!

  • Nubian Prince

    So we have never heard of covert operations by National Intelligence Agencies? The entire operation in question is under supervision of NSA-Dasuki! In any civilized country the Government must at this stage distance itself from the entire operation: Google Oliver North / Iran Contra scandal and How Reagan defeated Carter in US Presidential Elections. Nigerians please show more sophistication in your thinking. I am no fan of Oritsejafor but he is a fall guy in an International Conspiracy!

    • Emeka

      Hehehe! u make credible conspiracy theorists look bad.

  • ABUBAKAR Lanre

    may the Lord have mercy on us all

  • De Light

    With the objective comments of many Commentators on this issue, I am very happy and optimistic that Nigeria can still get it right. God bless you all, God bless Nigeria

  • i Dutsinma

    So these guys still have guts to attack El-Rufai. Instead of burying their satanic heads in shame.

  • BlackieUmukoro

    EL Rufai vituperations boild down to election matters and not an act of partrotism at all. APC may gradually preside over a grave yard. If orishejaor breached the law, allow the law to take its course

    • Emeka

      And the discussion has become an APC/PDP business. how much do u earn from being this shallow?
      This goes beyond partisan politics. It deals with truth, and we dont care who said it. Its the fact. If it were Obasanjo who said this, will u attack him for being APC too? think, bro, think! it doesnt hurt to.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        He ended with election matters. Maybe you didn’t get to read that
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • anthony okonkwo

    The greatest mistake the Kaduna people will ever make is to vote a character like El-rufai as their governor, a guy who talks before thinking will definitely set Kaduna ablaze. Kaduna is too volatile for a senseless governor, a governor that does not consider the feeling of the “other side” in his utterances will certainly ignite a religious crisis, mark my words.

    • Emeka

      Oh shut it! When will u ever think with ur head and not ur belly, ever? Say the truth and quit being shameless. El Rufai just spoke the truth. u should applaud him. CAN has been made an object of ridicule by AYOs frolic with corruption and politics.
      Stop attacking those who speak the truth. It kills u faster than tribalism and shamelessness.

      • anthony okonkwo

        I said it before that you are Ibrahim masquerading as emeka, Igbos don’t think with their anus like you

        • Emeka

          And the tribalism starts. Ibos, Hausas or Yorubas…ur comment above shows how unexposed u are. I am a proud Ibo boy from Mbaise Local govt, Imo State.

          as an Ibo boy, Im ashamed that u will term urself one.

          • anthony okonkwo


          • anthony okonkwo

            I am from Lapai local government of Niger state.

      • Richy Amechi Fidel

        God bless you for saying the truth. Ayo has already rubbished his image because of greed.