Seized Aircraft: CAN attacks El Rufai, Lai Mohammed

Ayo Oritsejafor CAN president

Our attention has been drawn to the desperation of some elements working for a particular political party within our society to tarnish the image of the President of Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. They are working for the All Progressives Congress and they are not unknown to us. Let Nigerians have this background for them to judge themselves.

These shameless characters including a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nasir El-Rufai and National Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress, Lai Mohammed, went to UK to embark on an image laundering for their political party, the APC. El-Rufai had once said there are three sets of Boko Haram in Nigeria: Islamic Boko Haram, Politicians’ Boko Haram and Christians’ Boko Haram which he said are being funded by President Goodluck Jonathan and coordinated by CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. He went further to claim that the CAN President has been given N50 billion by the President and a Jet.

The same characters, went head to sponsor a negative report in Saharareporters. I had expected that by now no sane mind will take any report by Saharareporters serious because it is an online news medium which thrives on falsehood and survives on false propaganda and blackmail.

The aircraft in question is owned by Eagle Air Company and the CAN President is an interested party in the company. Since August 2 2014, this Aircraft has been leased to Green Coast Produce Limited. They lease this aircraft and people rent it from them. Anybody in this country will attest to the fact that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has been following Chartered Airlines. All investigations about the plane should be directed to the management of Green Coast Produce Limited, a duly registered company. Further enquiries about this should be confirmed from Eagle Air Company which leased this Aircraft.

El-Rufai has accused Jesus Christ severally in recent times. El-Rufai and his group met and decided to launch a blackmail against Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor because he is an ardent supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan. This, he did, to elicit sentiment from the society. We want Nigerians to ponder over this: if Nigeria wants to buy arms, the government knows where to get their weapons. How did Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor come into this?

The report is a well-organized orchestrated plan, all because of their desperation for the 2015 general elections. If not for the blindness and intellectual myopia of some Nigerians, people in the calibre of El-Rufai shouldn’t be taken seriously and should not be walking on the streets. This was the same El-Rufai abusing Gen. Muhammad’s Buhari (retd) and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, calling them all sorts of names. El-Rufai is more of a Street Boy whose history and antecedents are very much known. He has been the person defending Boko Haram and this is an opportunity for him to hide his misdeeds. We are waiting and we can assure you that at the appropriate time, he and his allies will pay dearly for it. The international community sees APC as an Islamic party; instead of El-Rufai to deny that, he was busy orchestrating spurious propaganda against Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.

The public should also not forget that it was Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who went to the United States’ Congress and suggested that Boko Haram Islamic sect should be domesticated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). It is the same El-Rufai who is accusing the CAN President as the person behind Boko Haram. A word should be enough for the wise!

Sunny Oibe

Director of National Issues (CAN)


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  • CAN should cover its face in shame. CAN might eventually destroy itself by getting foolishly involved in politics.

  • 2015 president

    I will renounce my christian faith if the person that claim is the christian leader can descend so low like this,lord Jesus help me .

    • kenny

      Go ahead and renounce your christian faith if the pastor is your God.

  • Ogom

    What has el-rufai got to do with this?

    Oritsejafor is a gun runner or at best, a friend to gun runners.
    Either way, the man has no credibility. You can attack APC all you like.


      God bless you. Something is wrong here. These guys called Oritsejafor, Sunny Oibe and their likes have sold Nigerian Christians for a mere pittance.

      God cannot be mocked!


    Wow! This statement is from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)? I am a proud Christian. But I cannot associate with these politicians using the name of CAN to feather their own nest. No way!

    This statement is full of lies.

    1. Lai and el-Rufai spoke at the House of Commons on Sept. 8th. The plane in question was impounded in South Africa on Sept. 5th. How can what transpired in London on Sept. 8th have any effect on what happened in South Africa on Sept. 5th?

    2. I have read in many newspapers, including Vanguard and Leadership, the statement by Lai Mohammed in London. Not once was Oritsejafor or CAN mentioned

    What is obvious is that Oritsejafor and his co-travellers have gone into a panic mode over the seizure of 9.3 million dollars brought into South Africa by a plane registered in his name. There is the need to get to the bottom of this.

    For now, let them stop hiding behind CAN or Christians to perpetuate their evil plan.

    I end this intervention with a quote from the Bible

    ”No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds”
    2 Corinthians 11:14,15

    • SB

      You have hit the nail on the hand

    • gboromiro

      Is it not surprising PDP trolls like Redeem, Okey, Elenugboro et al are not contributing?
      It shouldn’t surprise anyone. For all you care, they could be Reno Omokri or colleagues.
      Totally comitted to this project of lies and deceit and impunity, warts and all.
      May God deliver us as a nation.

      • Naijagogoodagain

        Remember Reno Omokri is a Pastor as well. Ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha oh oh oh!


      God bless you

  • Gbo_lee

    There is little wonder why CAN has lost the support of even many christians because it is more of a political tool for Jonathan than a religious association. Oritsejafor is a shame to all Nigerians really and maybe Nigerians can now see why boko haram cannot be stopped. As Abacha once said,if any insurgency lasts more than teor days,the government is involved.

  • Mosaku 147

    Whoever advised Orisejafo to respond to el Rufai has done him a great disfavor. An Orisejafo that should cover his entire body in shame finds time to respond.look who’s calling el Rufai street boy. This Orisejafo seems to think people did not know him from when he was pastoring the church of God mission in warri in the eighties.
    Wonders they say shall never end.

  • thewatcher

    How can CAN come out and be engaging in such mud-slugging politics?…this is very disappointing. Which institution has integrity in this country for crying out loud.

  • SB

    I have always suspected this hypocrite that calls himself pastor. Mr CAN your are a political clown. Nigerians are not fools to believe your trashy statement.

  • SB

    GEJ have successfully compromised CAN.


      CAN is totally compromised. Little wonder the Catholic Church has excused itself from Oritsejafor’s CAN

      NANS has been compromised

      National institutions – Police, Military, SSS etc – have been compromised.


      • PDP = IMPUNITY

        The solution to our woes as a nation is the APC. Apc is the true change nigerians deserve not a shameless and clueless pdp led government.

    • Mosaku 147

      Orisejafo,not CAN. The Catholic Church guessed right and quietly suspended itself from CAN (Orisejafo) activities.

  • detective

    CAN should be dissolved as it is causing chaos, instigating crises and hv for long been alleged as the financier a some terrorist group in this country. As u can see ur self, CAN did give any explanation wt regard to the allegation bt mere blast El-rufa’i and stylishly trying to bring politics into the issue. SHAME ON YOU! Allah is behind the truthful one


    Oritsejafor is a disgrace to the christain community he should take a clue from other Christian leaders who leave poltics to politicians.

    • Pee

      This guy does not practice what he preachs to his congregation.

  • Dankasa

    “He went further to claim that the CAN President has been given N50 billion by the President and a Jet” And Mr. sunny Oibe, today South Africa has proved El Rufai right by seizing the billions and of cause the Birthday Jet in question which you said he (El Rufai) said Jonathan gave your “Lord” Ayo, so what are you talking about???

    • Tugbi

      This revelation just confirm every bit of El Rufai allegation. He bought jet for his personal use now let it to Arm smugglers with Billions haba! A pastor? No wonder Catholic pulled out of CAN as long as Orisejafor lead CAN. This man knows about insecurity he can never be clean,pls stop calling him Christian he is far from it. He is simply a politician,AArm smuggler, money launderer, a conspirator. He should be investigated but who will belt the cat

  • Pee

    Oritsejafor like is brother Udenta have become ball boys for GEJ. Oritsejafor dont blame the opposition for your woes like your messiah GEJ carry your cross by your self. Congrates to you atleast your conspirators the federal government came to save your neck on this one.

  • thewatcher

    There’s no level people wouldn’t go to for money…money truly is the root of all evil

  • detective

    I bet u, after some time nw the issue will be berried. Pls HELP ME SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY COUNTRY! A country where impunity H’s become the order of the day, a country ruled by can and dokubo asare

  • Pee

    The truth is bitter oritsejafor is a gun runner. Shikena

  • robo

    Shhhhh! Do not say anything against a ‘Man of God’ we have been told by Pastor Chris PhD and I may add a ‘man of God’ can do anything and anyhow’. Were we not told that the plane was to meet pastoral demands of our very , very ,very busy pastor, why leasing it now?

    • SB

      Why lease it out is a good question? The man can do anything for money and to be in the good books of Gej

  • Island man

    This Oritsajefor is a disgrace to Christianity institute, I don’t understand the criteria used for him to be president of CAN in the first place, every thing or person associate with #Jonaweed shame and disgrace will befall the fellow, every thing in Nigeria has been compromised, CAN bury your heads in Shame your president has led you into this.

    • SB

      The desperation of the pdp led government is breeding so much impunity in the Nigeria system.

    • Mosaku 147

      He was rigged in as CAN president that’s why the Catholic Church suspended themselves from CAN.

  • detective

    Pls when is GEJ going to come back to he senses and realize hw things are been done? When is he going to stop supporting illegality for goodness sake? Just and hear the what GEJ will say wt regards to this issue now. Ohhh God!

    • SB

      The pdp led government is more concern about reelection yet they score very high in impunity.

    • thewatcher

      Gej has forgotten that he’s a democratic leader and not a dictator. Very soon reality will dawn on him

  • adegbola

    I want to believe that this write up is not from the table of can, because no man of God will come on a platform like this to be uttering negative words and engage in this can of war words for no reason whatsoever. In the. Scripture, there. Is a place of the prest and there a place of the kings and rulers, so I’ll advise the men of God to face their God giving assignments and leave politics for the polititians.

    • Pee


  • Ikechi Ngwube

    This criminal called Oritsejafor is not a Christian. This is a Von man, a drug courier and addict who is bringing untold shame and disgrace to Christianity. It is a shame and the fellow scammers he is keeping in the so called CAN are spewing outright shame here. It is a pity. Real Christians must do something not only about this hoodlum and his cohorts who continue debasing Christianity but has turned CAN into a wing of the criminal PDP. Every Christian must cover his or her head in shame on the disgrace brought to them by this man and his criminal gang. They typify the criminal enterprise called Pentecostalism and it’s many fraudulent ways.

    • Pee

      What a show of shame.

  • Jika

    I miss real men of God and men of peace.Where is Bishop Onaiyekan? He is a real embodiment of what Christianity is and what Jesus Christ(May the peace of God abide eternally in him) taught and preached.Pastor Ayo,please be a man of God and refrain from dabbling into the murky waters of politics.As a president of CAN,you should realize that your role in the society is not limited to your immediate constituency alone,but to humanity at large.There are a lot of people(including my humble self) who have high respect and expectation for and from your office even if we profess different faith.Please sir,be a voice of unity,compassion,justice,fairness and equity.God bless.

    • Pee

      The did has already be done but your advise is a good one tho.

  • Ahmad

    The credibility of EL- Rufai’s claims against Ayo boy, CAN and GEJ has never been more clear to me until after reading this piece from CAN. Instead of burying your head in shame and begging God and Nigerians for forgiveness your are still talking! Shameless people.

    • thewatcher

      Very shameless!

    • Pee

      Very pathetic statement

  • arewethishopeless

    CAN, if Ayo is clean, the question is, with all the private, commercial and presidential jets in the country, why was this one in particular used to transfers of large sums and involvement in the shaddy purchase of arms.

    Why Ayo’s jet?

    • BlackieUmukoro

      Most private jets are on lease to operating coys. It is normal

      • Wale Reze

        Then why buy private jet for private use in the first instance?? Why not register a private jet leasing company like Bristow helicopters?? This excuse is sincerely a weak one that would hold water only in Nigeria.

        • Pee

          It is actually no excuse at all

    • Sog

      So that the South African government will not suspect their illicit transaction. For God sake how can the federal government of Nigeria claim knowledge of this transaction and CAN defending this atrocity by calling a national party Islamic party. I keep praying for Nigeria and as a member of the RCCG I appeal to our GO to protest and renounce our membership of CAN.

  • jo

    we so hate jonah that we connect him with every evil, you say it is not a religious war, sherif in apc was not evil but joining pdp we all are shouting…………….even the blind can read between the lines

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Smallish persons like el rufai have compressed brains and sometimes reason sideways. He has never been fortright and his statements are always anything but the truth. If he is man enough, he should comment on the CBN Czar who was funding boko haram. But he cannot because he is a religious bigot and an ethnic jingoist. Accidental happenstance he reaaly was


      Lost goat in a desert of lies!

      • BlackieUmukoro

        I do not tell lies. It is just that your mind is made up on what to believe. Its your choice Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • PDP = IMPUNITY

          You swim in the pool of lies and deceit.

    • Pee

      Stop diverting from the issue at hand oresijaforvshould answer for his crime.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Which crime
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • Naijagogoodagain

      I totally respect your right to be deluded! But please stop insulting people with your paid-for comment! Even if you support GEJ stealing and impunity; I am certain in your heart of heart you know that this press statement is counter productive and only expose Ayo Oritsejafor as a charlant.

  • Tugbi

    Ayo Oritsejafor u are a liar and a cheat corrupt personality pretending to be a pastor

    • Idy

      He’s fake and has just opened up his ass! He’s no good for that post, he better just resign and elope with what he’s gotten from GEJ!! God. In his infinite mercies shall punish him!

  • Ralia Ahmad

    ls CAN president Jesus Christ? Sacrilege!

  • mary

    We are watching… remain Tompolo Jet to be expose

    • Idy

      Soon enough!!

  • rommy

    Is this about El Rufai or Lai Mohammed? To cry out loud, CAN President’s jet was hired by arms dealer and not by APC. or are they preparing for Biafran war?…

    • Idy

      #gbam!! The truth must always prevail!!

  • Moscodoo

    I’m disappointed with all the comments I read here. How could you be this shallow minded to understanding the conspiracy against the man of God? All these are well-planned strategies to waylay the attentions of the international community from their alleged involvement in the sponsorship of the Boko Haram sect. These are mapped out strategies to exonerate themselves of the allegations levelled against them. They went and hired the pastor’s jet from the company the aircraft was leased to and decided to do this in order to implicate him, but I’m assuring you that the whole truth will be out soonest.

  • Osa Ogie

    The language of the Press Release is un-Christian

    • Wale Reze

      My first thoughts too…. Shame on these people!!!

    • Idy

      Very unruly and unorthodox!! They’ve taken everything and everyone for granted!! CAN has showcased it’s stupidity and foolishness by saying something like this and taking sides!!

  • saminu

    What a shame to the so called man of God! Indeed you are not one. Now we know the real sponsore of BH from rumour now to reality. Let me tell you some thing:Northern part of Nigeria will remain in peace and nor amount of insurgency can draw us back, just keep watching time shall tell@

    • Idy

      Exactly! The real wing of BH as we may know…. these people are not even as smart as they think they’re!! showcasing their stupidity by releasing this kinda statement.. it has not only opened their assess, but it has also shown the real characters of the ones who people have put their trust and hopes in… Not anymore! nigerians more than anything are awake and aware about these things!! God help us all!!

  • Jizzle

    CAN is supposed to represent all Christians in Nigeria not PDP. this letter has more or less proclaimed APC as an enemy. CAN has gone too far in their partisan support to Jonathan. Every true Christian should be ashamed of any association with the current show of shame being perpetrated by PDP as “governance” is enough to make any real Christian weep. Faslehood and outright deceit are not characters of any Christian. Let those who are wise now know that CAN has allied itself with falsehood against the people. CAN secretariat ought to denounce this letter ASAP

    • Idy

      My point exactly!! They’ve just portrayed that no christian association should be trusted by taking sides, and representing jonathan!! It’s a pity the future of nigeria is handled by these so called crooks!! God help us!! They will be justified for this rubbish!!

  • Moscodoo

    I wish to inform everyone here that Premium Times is paid by the APC to remove any comment that doesn’t favour them. If you go through the comments here, you will understand that only the negative comments against the man of God are left for people to view. I posted a comment against the APC and favouring the man of God, but it was deleted. I also read some comments that were in support of the CAN president but couldn’t find them a few minutes later. Please be cautious of this news organisation.

    • Wale Reze

      But the article above is equally anti-APC yet they published it so why would your own comment hold so much clout that it gets deleted??

      • Moscodoo

        That’s the question I have been asking myself. Why were those comments deleted?

        • Wale Reze

          I read somewhere on here or Sahara Reporters that the admin uses a software that has a database of insulting, riling, negative words to moderate comments. Once it sees/reads one of such words in your comment it automatically blocks it from being posted. I’m not too sure but it seems a cogent reason.

          • Moscodoo

            Are the words in the second paragraph of the above comment out of context or insultive? That’s what I wrote. The other comments that were deleted weren’t having negative words.

          • Wale Reze

            Maybe they fell into their watch-words, remember I am only speculating I am not 100 % sure.

          • Idy

            It could be! There’s a probability! And it’s not just to favour APC comments, but to anyone who insults or uses a vulgar word….

        • Idy

          Question for the god’s!!

      • Idy

        My brother! I tire ooo! So much anger in the land! The nigga is really unjustified and has nothing to say than to support impunity and bad governance!!!

    • Pee

      And your own comment is allowed to paste. Stop feeding the public with lies.

      • SB

        He is just an attention seeker.

    • Kay

      Why r u so……, one thing that I hate about Nigerians is that they don’t care what someone does, even if they caught gun in this man called Ayo, some people will still be defending him. According to the news release by the supporters of this man, they mentioned that he has a stake in that company. Jonah should tell Nigerians where those people found $9.3m, $100 notes in mint condition. This is purely order from above to central bank if a full n truth investigation will be conducted. Jonah will ruin Nigeria n create war. I think these people are already planning it. Today $39b lost, tomorrow 50 b naira now n now is $9.3m. I trust middle easterners, the Aso Rock will be dust by now.

      • Idy

        Very well said!! Given a man of God #50billion and a private jet is just totally uncalled for.. I mean what’s left of the hope of this great nation if GEJ decides to continue ruining the country’s funds like this, and despite the truth people still go on and support the dumbo! He’s only going to destroy this country more! We’ve to kick him out!!

        • ifebuche

          Were you the person they gave it to deliver to him? Why are some Nigerians so gullible!?

          • Serita

            What is gullible about the fact that the leader of all of us christians is caught in a crime web?

          • ifebuche

            This is the reason why Nigeria is so easily misled. smh. Partisanship and nepotism.

            That you own a lease transport does not mean that you are liable for anything that is done with the tool. Is that rickety science?

          • Benedict

            What is partisan here?@Serita asked you a fundamental question-rather than responding, you go ahead and further pontificate. And then give excuse why this is Ok. Our leaders are responsible to us. Our spiritual leaders are more responsible to the people they have decided to care for spiritually. Ayo should be worried that his name has been brought to disrepute along with the whole body of Christ. And that flimsy excuse of leasing blablabla will not wash. We have been deceived and lied to for so long to just accept any excuse thrown at us. Rather than blame others for his woes, he should deal with the issue and clear his name. And yeah it is definitely “rickety science” for you to try to justify this.

          • ifebuche

            Don’t show your mumuness anyhow. If you have a lease vehicle are you responsible for what the person you lease it to does with it? Don’t be stup!d.

          • Serita

            It is not ‘rickety science’, it is GIVING A BAD NAME TO CHRISTIANITY IN NIGERIA. Caesar’s wife should be ABOVE suspiscion. The dallying of the ‘pastor’ with questionable politicians has not been for the good of the christians in Nigeria. Meaning saying ‘partisanship and nepotism’, may ACTUALLY apply to you than to me. Thanks

    • Idy

      Very shallow and sentimental!! Call a spade a spade!! What are you even saying?! We should support stupidity and impunity from these people, who only pretend to pray for this country and it’s the other way round! My dear you’re mistaken, the truth will be told anyways!! APC has got nothing to do with this and won’t accept this sort of rubbish comment! Defend what’s gud, not the other way round!

    • Amoke Sule

      Everyone will be judged by his acts whether good or bad. Cashless policy in Nigeria is for the poor. $10,000 maximum is for the poor to travel with in Nigeria. How on earth can a reasonable government do contrary to the laws made by them and how can a Godly clergy be involved in wordly activities. Which war is the government preparing for, Book Haram war or 2015 Goodluck. Jonathan war? Let the President and his cohorts answer this. But know of a surety that God that delivered Nigeria from Late Gen. Sanni Abacha’ s war is still alive. He will arise and scatter all the enemies of our Nation, Nigeria. Those that are meant for death like Pharaoh, Ahab, Herod in the Bible will be striked with death, and those for bedridden for life will be made bedridden. All the custodians and looters of Nigerian resources will soon be dealt with by the hosts of Heaven. All the supporters and promoters of corruption and wickedness in this Nation will soon be dealt with. God of Nigeria is not asleep, He will soon fight for our cause as He did for Ghana. Let everyone that has ears hear and repent from their corruption and stop suffering the masses. Jesus is coming soon and if He does not come, death is knocking at your door!

    • howfar

      Moscodop, but this is your comment now. And hope you have heard who hired the Jet? Name Ayo cousin o. Jona. A just surprise why dey let this thing blow. Big f….up.

  • King Carlos

    A supposed religious organization releasing a statement synonymous with that of PDP. No be small tin o.

    • Idy

      My brother I tire ooo!!! We don’t even know who to trust anymore! If a whole christian association president is working hand in hand with the president what’s left for the hope this nation… its really sad. These so called pastors are also using religion as an avenue to pocket more and more money! God help us all!

      • WALE

        The so called ORIJIEFOR has two jet plane and he is more of a polititian than a christian.He should be removed,because he is very partitian,and has a very questionable behaviour,and now he is involve in arms smugling.Politians are corrupting CAN.

  • SB


    • Idy

      It shows how incompetent this administration is…. power given to people like this who will only come and support cos of their pocket!! he’s a loose canon!! He shld jus remain a pastor and not a politician or rather resign!

  • endingNaija

    This statement is a complete disgrace. I am a christian. I mean who supervises the release of press statements in CAN? For a Christian organization to call a national political party -APC – an Islamic party betrays the fact that characters like Ayo Oritsejafor and Sunny Oibe have turned CAN into a political party-perhaps the religious wing of PDP. Just based on this silly press statement from Sunny Oibe, are the duo of Sunny Oibe and Ayo Oritsejafor telling us that PDP is a christian party? Haba Ayo-this is complete embarrassment. I am disappointed. You have carried this thing too far using CAN as a platform for PDP and Goodluck Jonathan. You have divided this country down the line. It is a shame-big shame Ayo Oritsejafor and Sunny Oibe. I think we should just end this thing-just bad bad bad and bad Ayo-You should bury your head in shame and resign as CAN president if you have any honor remaining in you.


      A very big shame on the part of CAN

    • Idy

      My point exactly!! They have turned everything into party politics! I mean look at these crooks trying to justify themselves and Oritsejafor will call himself a man of God! Blasphemy of the highest order!! God help us in this country! People like this don’t deserve to have a say in the affairs of this nation!! Private jet and #50billion oga ooo!!

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


      Like you, I am a Christian and there is no way I would swallow this gibberish from Mr. Sunny Whatever and CAN.

      He openly lied in his attempts to twist facts.

      These are men of the cloth not men of God.

      By their fruits shall we know them indeed.


    This statement have political undertone, probably the pdp prepared the statement on behalf of CAN.

    • Idy

      As you can see they did! It was made to justify themselves! Losers!

  • Nwokolo

    Thought Ayo Oritsejafor said he needed a private jet for his ”demanding” pastoral work. Since Oritsejafor claims he has no control over the transactions of the aircraft/the leasing company, why buy the jet in the first place for the ”demanding” pastoral work?. No wonder the Catholic Church pulled out of CAN. Don’t even want to comment on the Federal Govts or CAN defence. Its a disaster. God is about making a major statement in Nigeria.

    • Idy

      Definitely! They all will be exposed in time!! They’ve taken this too far and have bought loads of people with the idea that they’re men of God, whereas, they’re just humans who’s looking out for them pockets!!

    • Wähala

      It’s a disaster indeed…
      Wait for El-Rufai to make his statement to Ayo before God’s intervention…
      Lai Mohammed nay anoda matta. My bet is they will call for the prompt arrest of Oristejafor and processing at The Hague for crimes against humanity. Leav’am to dey run im mouth via CAN for now… remember, no hiding place for a cornered criminal, it’s only a matter of time before the crowd soaks him in kerosene for a “wetie” in the public domain. Don’t worry… God will make a major statement to the world not just Nigeria, I dey do odeku… tall bottle!

    • Bigzy

      This is a manifestation of idi@cy. If you are already convinced of people’s guilt without first hearing them out, you are worse than them. Additionally, you seem to be marring up unrelated matters. Religious politics led to the temporary withdarwal of the Roman Catholics. As a Catholic, I feel that the leadership has been premature in this matter.

    • Ide4u

      Ayo Oritsejafor is worse than Ibori. He registered the said aircraft given to him by his congregation commercially under the name Eagle Air Company and leased to Green Coast Produce Limited to operate charter services while billing his church, Federal and Delta State government respectively. What a man of God!!! He wants his aircraft to help him store his treasures in heaven

  • Idy

    I mean, a so called man of God, exposing himself and the association like this, thinking it would favour him! Its sad!! Nigerians have gone beyond the stage of being bought and we all are realising that we’ve a role to play in d the moving forward of this great nation, not to support impunity, evil, bad governance and many more!! We’ve had it to the brim! All these so called politicians and men of God who are only destroying this country must be eliminated, and God shall deal with them!! Must!

  • Nnewi Man

    CAN under Ayo Kanye West Oritsejafor=Gej>Tompolo>Asari>Shekau> God pass them gods of men.

  • Dr. Hillary Ekemam

    Nigerian are longer taking El Rufai seriously. That is enough to calm the nerved of CAN.

  • Yakubu Tilde

    Sunny Obe, there hass never been a time El-Rufai accused Jesus Christ (AS), you only twisted it to look sso. A case of calling a dog with a bad name to hang it. No sane practising Muslim will ever accuse Jesus Christ (AS) and remain a Muslim. Jesus is reverred by Muslims in his capacity of been a Prophet of God, born by a virgin Mary without a father; just the same way Adam/Eve came without father and mother and john the Baptist coming from a Barren Old woman and a very Old father. El-Rufai is trly a serious minded straight person who tells the truth as it is no matter what.

  • GbemigaO

    I can’t believe that CAN release this statement. The body needs to be disbanded by the Christian community or else it is going to be ridiculed by all. Though Rufai and Mohammed always over dramatise issues, the pastor is to be blamed for exposing himself and CAN for responding stupidly

  • Mosaku 147

    ‘AYO,GET OUT OF MY CHURCH’ Bishop Benson Idahosa.(the observer newspaper) October 1987. I expect other church leaders to pull out from this Christian jihadist organization called CAN within 24hours,otherwise,the shame of Ayo will rub off on them especially the private jet owners amongst them. Oyedepo,Adeboye please do the needful immediately as thieving street boy Ayo has brought your org into disrepute.

  • ola

    There must be reason why the so called government went secretly to buy the arms without the knowledge of the citizens. My question is that, why does the federal government conduct itself so low that stash money in cases as if there are going to jankara market to buy clothes? There’s no iota of truth in whatsoever explanation the government was given in order to justify this illicit act. For instance, if the federal government has no sinister motive, why can they conduct the transactions in between bank to bank? At least it’s only God that exposed their atrocities, may be the government had been doing this type of the illicit business for a while before the nemesis caught on them now. It’s only in Nigeria where by laws meant basically for the average Nigerians, while the big bosses aren’t. We are still waiting for where the pendulum of this scenario will swing!

    • Mohammed Yahaya

      If not that they have been doing it for long where do you think BOKO HARAM are getting their weapons!

  • comrade

    Story, Elrufai, street boy, Lai mohammed shameless, Obj………….wht will you call Ayo and Jonathan ? simple question were is the nigerian Airforce jets .? so now its private jet govt use to buy wepon? my guy just shut up ur mouth TB josua has said it all of them must be exposed or is he also a street boy or ACN man


      Well said

  • Adiat Arogundade

    This man is a religious leader, the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria, yet CAN and PDP see nothing wrong with this? When will we put aside religious bigotry and greed and speak in unison. God will not come down and save this country, we have to do it ourselves by speaking out objectively and frankly. The President has a question to answer: is this constitutional or daylight arms peddling

    • Marvelous

      So what are you insinuating?

    • nwa biafra

      Reasons with your brain

      • SB

        The truth is bitter.

        • wode


  • Naijagogoodagain

    I am a Christian but I am ashamed to have these charlatans parading themselves as representing Nigeria Christians! So when did CAN become an extension of PDP? Actually the diahoric press release by CAN is like a rejoinder from Reno Okri or any other GEJ boys.
    To any discerning mind Ayo is not a man of God, I have never seen him like that. He is just a man trying to make as much as possible from all the craziness going on in this evil country called Nigeria . It is even time we stop elevating these evil pastors by calling them men of God; we are all men of God! We just need to be more diligent and know more about our religion.
    These are just gods of men and not men of God.
    Brood of Vipers. May God save us from our Godless religiosity .

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Pastor Oritsejafor is just a hustler with a silly goatee!

  • SB

    Pdp national publicity secretary’s office has an annex in CAN.

  • Bashir Sulaiman

    The truth is slowly coming out. God will expose all those behind the terrorism in Nigeria. This scandal in which Oritsejafor is involved is a good pointer.

  • Maria

    Ayo Oritsejafor is an armed robber. This man must be arrested now and tried for gun running and terrorism.

  • Maria

    “The international community sees APC as an Islamic party; instead of El-Rufai to deny that, he was busy orchestrating spurious propaganda against Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. ” Now I need no other evidence that CAN led by Ayo is now a terrorist organisation. All well meaning Christians must rise against this new terror organisation called Criminal Association of Nigeria(CAN).

    • SB

      APC is not an islamic party point of correction. The only crime APC committed was freedom of association by opening its doors for mordu sheriff a known terrorist sponsor.

  • True Nigerian

    No country buys arms by ferrying millions of dollars in cash to a foreign country and in a private jet, when such such a country has military cargo jets and navy ships.

    My compatriots, unless something is done between now and April 2015, you are looking at the gradual, slow, ochestrated, deceptive, secret but certain plot for an end to the entity known as Nigeria which we’ve all known as our country. My dear compatriots, the deceptive conspiracy by some Nigerians to end Nigeria is gradually playing out before your korokoro eyes.

    Someone is amassing weapons stockpile for the South, just in case the fallout of 2015 warrants the distribution of firearms and amo to some Southern civilians. But instead of seeing it for what it is and identifying who the enemies are, Nigerians are here abusing themselves and calling each other names to the benefit and disadvantage of those who are secretly preparing for an unknown war in the country. Just be aware that when the katakata starts, they will fly out with the same private jets which they are using to ferry illegal arms importation into Nigeria. And you – the irredeemable idi*otic sheepish citizens – will sit back and face the music. The next election is the last chance of Nigerians to save their country from hell!

  • Usman

    useless, pointless and lacks merit, just trying to divide the country

  • Ken

    Thank God Ayo has no hands in the whole saga. Federal Govt has said she owns the money and the deal is legitimate. Meanwhile, SR has concluded that the deal was done by Ayo. Those who go outside to smear this country will have their recompense.

    • SB

      Dont be deceived my friend.

    • Hassan

      Omoyele Sowore, the owner of saharareporters is an APC member. we know his relationship with el-rufai, dino melaye, Buhari and co

    • Oskirin

      Ken,where did SR said so? pls bring up ur proof.jus finished readin dere site.pls educate me more.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Thank God for Catholic fro pulling out of CAN. CAN should stop parading itself as a religious body, CAN should be call Political organisation. How would a christain body speak like political chalatans, the world is coming to an end bcos of money bag

    • calito

      dont b deceived a huz dat is divided against its self cannot stand

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        If it’s a strong house bcos there’s no other house than the one built by God alone. On spiritual matter, a bodily form cannot build a strong house that will stand the test of time. CAN is a politican arm looking to satisfy their body and soul.

    • Hassan

      catholics pulled out because they lost CAN presidency seat. Other Christian groups were not comfortable with the pro-sultanate leadership of Onaiyekan, Simple. Ayo was tasked to lead a CAN that will not close his eyes while muslims kill our Christian brothers any time they like. We are fully behind AYo

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        I’m an ardent christain and not fully behind him bcos truth bigger than falsehood. Christain life is for the truth and must be built on truth always no matter what may come.

  • Kola Adekola

    Thieves in name of can

  • Owo

    Oritsejafor is a man of satan because Satan came to steal, kill and destroy. So let no man call him man of god but man of satan because his activities like arms dealing are satanic.

  • Gnwatch

    We have always said time without number, Oritsejafor is not a Bishop. He is at best PDP Deputy National Publicity Secretary. This man is not only shameless but a huge embarrassment to the christian faith.

  • DB

    Am not surprised, i remembered the days of John the baptist when we had the likes of chief priest by names Annas, Caiaphas and the rest. They were used politically to spread rumor that the body of Jesus was stolen instead of Jesus’ actual resurrection from the dead. These are those who are not free from the law of sin and death. They were one of us. They came from us but thet are no more part of the invisible church. Blindness is their lot and they worship mammon. Verily i say to you, they have their reward, white washed tombs and the generation of vipers whose light is totally dark. Am not surprised by Oritsajefor. If you knew him in the days of ldahosa you shouldn’t be surprised. Am not ashamed of the body of christ, i just pity those who think this present church system is the body of christ. There’s the general assembly of invisible church whose members are only known by God because they are registered in heaven and not under PFN or CAN. Shame on you who worship them and listen to them more than your God.

  • Remi

    Is CAN now the property of Ayo Oritsejafor or a christian body? How come it is under his presidency that this body has suffered the most humiliation?

    • Hassan

      Ayo Oritsejafor’s tenure is been attacked for just one reason; he defeated the candidate of sultan of sokoto to emerge as CAN president. We understand their games. They prefer my fellow kogi-man, Onaiyekan to continue given his submissive approach to the dictates of the sultanate. We are proud of CAN and will support them all through

      • wode

        Read your comment again. Does it make any sense to you at all? Suntan’s candidate?

  • calito


    This is the secret agenda of oic to bokolize our dear nation and APC as a party is a branch of the muslim brotherhood, if you love dis country find out about the leadership structure of APC and see dat all positions is occupied by moslems and i pity Christians who wants to tomb for these reacals.

    find details of oic agenda for naija. bt i knw it will surely fail. but because of these revelation the islamic group have gone to delete the abuja declaration of 1989 from wikipedia bcos they dont want u to knw the truth.

    Abuja Declaration (1989)
    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Abuja Declarion is the outcome of a conference of the African countries of the OIC in 1989 and launched by a communiqué of the Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO) founded during this conference.

    The Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO) is a Nigerian statuted Islamic organisation, an initiative of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

    Dr. Usman Muhamad Bugaje is the current Secretary-General of the IAO.

    Goals and strategies

    The organization was founded on 28 November 1989 in Abuja,[1] Nigeria, with the goal to win the whole of Africa for Islam. The statutes and goals[2][3] are ratified in 1991 and this marks her formal definitive founding. The founding-communiqué
    is also called the Abuja Declaration.[4] Starting point for the conference is the fact that Africa is the only continent with an Islamic majority and therefore Africa should become completely Islamic.[5]

    The plan contains a lot of points that are also common for Christian missionary organizations as relief and economic progression.

    A battle plan was composed to Islamize Africa with some less innocent points in that decision:[6]

    “To ensure only Muslims are elected to all political posts of member nations”.

    “To eradicate in all its forms and ramifications all non-Muslim religions in member nations (such religions shall include Christianity, Ahmadiyya and other tribal modes of worship unacceptable to Muslim).” (The word Christianity is underlined in the declaration)

    “To ensure the ultimate replacement of all western forms of legal and judicial systems with the Sharia in all member nations before then next “Islam in Africa conference.”

    “To ensure the appointment of only Muslims into strategic national and international posts of member nations.”

    The execution of this strategy can be recognized in countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia and Sudan. In Nigeria more and more provinces choose for the Sharia leading to heavy protests of Christians, oft resulting in violence and bloodshed to both sides. In Sudan the government chose in 1983 for the Sharia, in 1991 sharpened with death punishment for apostasy from Islam.

    The government of Nigeria has donated 21 billion US-dollar to confirm an
    IAO-communiqué [7] as donation to this “Islamic Development Fund”.

    shine ur eyes naija. i pity xtians that are abusing CAN. IF NOT FOR CAN U WONT SIT DOWN IN CHURCH AND WORSHIP GOD. If u dont know Lagos state is gradually becoming an islamic state n we r looking, i ask u dis question is it possible for a christain to govern kano state? why is a moslim rulin lagos a christian populated state, i dey laugh oooh

    • SB

      The truth is bitter CAN have been compromised


      Pdp bigots always trying to discredit APC. Apc is more formidable than ever continue with your ignorance.

    • D king

      Wake up Nigerian xtians. Stop believing this people hiding under religion to perpetrate evils like most of your ruling politicians are doing. Fundamentalism has always been with Nigeria, right from the Maitastine in the 80s, BH started before Jonathan came on board and its not new. Again this Jonathan administration approved Islamic banking and you can now take loans from Islamic institutions and Jonathan is not a Muslim. Look my point is gullible xtians should stop being hoodwinked by “political xtians” who will not follow Christ but will steal, kill, cheat and do everything to make money and then start campaign by saying that the opposition wants to Islamize Nigeria and you should not vote for them but vote for them who are “xtians”. By the way, between a “xtian” who is not born again but claims Christianity and any other persons who is not born again (irrespective of their religions) if you don’t know, biblically they are ending up the same way if they don’t repent. They are the same. There are muslims who have performed and are still performing well in government. I am sure you have non xtian friends who are lovely people and have good hearts. Under this govt. and in my adult life (in the 40s), I have never seen things gone so bad in this land; corruption, killings, insecurity, landmark embarrasments for Nigeria and polarization of the country along religious and ethnic lines. Let him that has hears let him hear!!!

      • Simple

        good write up bro

    • Adebiyi

      Their plots and plans will fail. I am a Xtian and always surprised the way some ignorant xtians allow the ever-sly and secretive muslims deceive them all the time. muslim clerics still praise Abacha for his ‘good deeds’ every friday jumat even when the whole world know he is a despot. Have u ever wondered why the average muslim don’t condemn muslim leaders inspite of their ridiculous actions and misdeeds in government? When El-rufai was supporting OBJ, he was a bad muslim, now that the same El-rufai is supporting power shift to muslim, he is a good muslim. Let them come up with better packaging for their political swag, some of us that are tired of PDP will support brilliant political propositions and not religious-biased party

    • Yemi

      I am a Muslim and this information is not new to me. I had the audio version disseminated in churches (at Redeem Camp) by CAN representatives. This is simply indoctrination if Muslims does it. This same audio is passed to Christians across Nigeria.

      I just fear for this country as this is a dangerous politics. Which party is the Islamic party before the merger?

      I pray we all learn to leave together in peace.

  • Concerned Cristian

    It’s rather unfortunate to read this statement coming from CAN director threatening a fellow citizen that he will pay dearly for what he wrote or said. Where is the xtianity approach towards another fellow human being. Does it mean that a xtian like this Sunny can not bring up his points without ushering in threats?

    Even Jesus Christ rebuked one of his servants for cutting off the ear of one of his arresters and put the ear back as well to demonstrate good xtian way of life.

    Acting like CAN president’s bulldog is not a good representation of Christian values at all.

    • Baba

      Bible said the kingdom of God sufferth violence and violence taketh it by force… If these politician think they can spoil the name of a Christian body and u think they should lie down without doing anything then u re nt serious….bcus if a person come from no were and tarnish ur image and name I don’t think u will take it likely…concern Christian indeed….

    • Adebiyi

      You are speaking as a non-balanced xtian. Can any xtian in Nigeria accuse Sultan or one of the terrorist-inclined imams same way El-rufai is doing without religious riots all over the country. The statement that they will pay dearly for their current misdeeds and mis-information is not anti-Xtianity pls.

      • DecodeDaRiddle

        Hello Bros,
        Yes we shall abuse them if their aircraft is used for illegal arms purchase.
        We are all first citizens before our religious inclinations. It is our nation and any saboteur/collaborator/instigator/manipulator or volunteer to wreck this nation will be spoken against irrespective of tribe or religious beliefs.

      • Bigzy

        Brother, this man is a Muslim parading himself as a Christian for strategic political reasons. Did you notice how he spelt Christian in his user-name? Besides, the f00l seems to think that Peter was a SERVANT of Christ. They seem to be playing on the Christian principle of being passive to aggressors, but they fail to realise that life is precious to us and we must do all in our power to defend ourselves we must give unto Caerser what belongs to him. Remain blessed.

  • Uzoma

    Have to say I am taken aback by the rhetoric of this release of the so-called CAN spokesperson. The time has come for true christian churches to pull out of CAN as the Catholic Church did and form an umbrella organisation that represents their values.

  • me

    Mouth of Oibe, Words of Olisa Metu. It is finished for Nigeria my fatherland!

  • Gnwatch

    Oritsejafor from all indications has a hand in the whole scandal. Why
    should a Bishop who acquired an aircraft supposedly for mission work
    lease same to Government to seal a deal on arms importation? Does
    mission or ministration work involves arms importation or security
    services? And what has Lai Mohammed and El Rufai’s instrumental to the
    arrest and seizure of people and cash in South Africa? I recall that the
    media reported Lai Mohammed and Elrufai’s meeting with the British
    House on 8th Sept while the arrest of Oritsejafor’s aircraft in South
    Africa was on the 5th Sept 2014-three clear days before the meeting at
    the House of Common. How can Lai Mohammed and Elrufai be instrumental to
    the seizure of the laundered funds three days after the aircraft that
    conveyed it got impounded in South Africa. Chei, Bishop
    Oritsejafor,there is God oooooo.

    • bello s-fulani

      Leave the bloody liar alone. He has for long been suspected of dropping arms and ammunition to terrorists in the North to continue killing Muslims using that same jet plane . Dat ‘reverend’ bastad no go die better! Sure!!

      • Oskirin

        kaii,i want 2 believe u r a true muslim.pls dnt use such fowl language on any1 especially whn d person is nt found guilty.d prophet of Islam(SAW) admonishes us 2 always guard n guide our tongue so as nt 2 incur d wrath of Allah.U hear? so desist 4rm it.evertyin dt is unknown 2 man is clearly visible in d sight of God.9ce day…

  • jimex

    Better a political CAN with the likes of Ayo at the head to protect the teeming apolitical Christian population in Nigeria than not having one at all at the mercy of a terrorist inspired political party that has no regard for the sanctity of human lives. The likes of el rufai should not be taking seriously. His motive is always suspect.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Jimex has no brain. Ayo was impossed by government because they are comrade in arms. Who send the plane to ship arm. face the fact. This man is a criminal who succeeded through arm twisting to become CAN President. Since God has exposed him. Good Christains should call for his removal. No wonder catholic has distanced themselves from him.

  • bello s-fulani

    That’s exactly the question we want answered : Why did the FGN inspite of all its legal international trade connections jettison all the global best practices in arms trade and prefer to settle on smuggling raw cash into a friendly African country in a christian pastors private jet to purchase arms meant for a “security arm” of the govt.?

  • Olu Ade

    That is what you get when there is no boundary between Religion and the State (country)…Let those in Robes stick with taking care of the soul while politicians do governance…and those in Robes accountable to God while politicians are accountable to the people.

    So, Oritsejafor did not stay in his lane due to selfish interest…period…end of the story.

    • Bigzy

      It looks to me as if you are adding one plus one and coming up with a 100.

  • Olu Ade

    “Since August 2 2014, this Aircraft has been leased to Green Coast Produce Limited.” There is no “since August 2, 2014”- that is simply 6 weeks to the crime

    …Judging by the name, what does Green Coast Produce Limited got to do with aircraft charter or arms purchase? If it is a registered company, does its registration cover these areas?

    Is Oritsejafor jet registered as a private jet or Charter Jet or Commercial jet?

    Nigerians know better please, dont sell us dummy!

    • Bigzy

      Chief, I believe that you have answered your own question with regard to the status of the plane. If it was leased to another company, it is evidently for hire.

      • Olu Ade

        What is it that you dont get! They are claiming that it was leased to a company but my question is that was the plane registered as a private plane or Charter plane or Commercial? If you dont get that, at least you know the difference between Private cars, Kabukabu and Taxi.

        “It is evidently for hire” Where is your evident?

        Did you say Chief? Thieves, Rogues, Rogues in Robes, and corrupt people in Nigeria answer to the title, “Chief” Please keep your chief, I prefer my God given title, “Mr.”

        • Bigzy

          How about innocent Chief then? Anyway, Project Eagle Air Company owners of the seized aircraft, it wasleased to Green Coast Produce Limited. Green Coast Produce Limited has denied any illigality in the deal. Dr Shima Adun of GCP Ltd stated that a Bombardier Challenger 600 aircraft Registration No N808HG was leased to them on 2nd of August 2014 . Since then they have been been running and managing charter services with the aircraft in accordance and compliance with global best practices.

          He continued, “on the 5th of September 2014 the aircraft was hired from us by a John Ishyaku. The charter to John Ishyaku was upon the following documented terms: depart Abuja-Johanesburg on the 5th of September 2014. It was also billed to return to Abuja on the 6th of September 2014 and subsequently wait and return with the passengers”.

          What in this is so tasking your brain so much that you are talking about Kabukabu of the air?

          • Olu Ade

            Nigeria remains as it is because of people like you who will never question their leaders…you took this story hook and sinker…That is what they sell to you Mr. Dummy.

            What you copied above is their explanation, their bunch of lies which did not answer the question I posed.

            My question to the government is, Is Oritsejafor jet registered as a private jet or Charter Jet or Commercial jet?

            My analogy about Taxi, Kabukabu and private car is for low IQ people like you who will never get it. Even your “weting you carry police” know that It is illegal to use a vehicle for what it is not registered for! Did you get that Dumbo brother or have you been on your drinking spree!

          • Bigzy

            My point is that you are dwelling on irrelevances and peripheral issues. If the Charter firm has already stated that they leased the aircraft, why are you splitting hair over it? Are you part of the regulatory authorities? If you are Chief, please send your questions to the appropriate body and I am sure they will send you a satisfactory answer.

            The simple truth is that you are digging for gold like the cowboys in an old Western movie … crazed by the belief that there is gold to be found and the frustration of only digging up more and more mud. I pity you.

  • Mr. Abdin


  • Dan Fulani

    CAN of worms. If I were to become a Xrian in will be a Catholic for good reasons.

    • Ajy

      Right on the point!

  • DecodeDaRiddle

    We are not hoodwinked by your statement and utterances. The call to leadership requires wisdom, the call to serve God is not that of stupidity or tacit ignorance.
    I am a christian and know where to draw the line. The essence for which this jet was acquired was for evangelism, it has become a tool in the hands of the presidency to even run guns.
    A government that uses shell corporations to run guns and an evangelism utility that has become a conduit for such with cash transaction alongside no documentation is a clear indication of a web of deceit.
    No citizen is holier than the other and the shame has already hit presidency and same has hit Pastor Ayo. CAN should try not to get involved or we shall take them on. It is not CAN’s plane and any denial on behalf of its leader is an indictment waiting to happen to that body.
    I expected the mouth-piece to know that no one has attacked the body but Pastor Ayo and if he drags the body nto it, we shall take the organization and the individual as one.
    It is a shame that a supposed mouth-piece is joining issues with both individuals and political party. It shows that the body has delved into the abyss and never has it been so bad for CAN.
    We dont need CAN to tell us that a party or individual is trying to paint the country bad in UK or their categorization of BH, they should face how to feed the sheep Christ has charged them to do and stop being political. The same politics they have soiled their hands with is what got them into this mess. Is Pastor Ayo the only Pastor with a private jet…NO! He should keep quiet and stay away from where Christ made corrections instead of being the political wing of a party.

    • tobilade

      funny Nigerian
      purchase of ammunitions for Nigerian military has now become gun running?
      dont worry, u only need time to help u heal

      • mr Slim

        Hmm daz God wk for u, d secret have stated to be revealed. The Devil u knw is better than d Engel u don’t Knw…..

    • Suleyman Musa Abubakar

      God bless you. I thought we no longer have men of good sense like you in Nigeria

  • Iyalaje

    Ohun ti o da ko da. At the mention of HIS name all knee shall bow.

  • Mr. Slim

    Dat is d reason y our country wll nt developed. Cos d use poeple dat we can expect to b killing us cos of money, let shine our eye bcos d wan to use Religious act to decieve us and contineous deya plan dey are de Boko haram nt any one else. GOD is there with us we will be save in his wish n mercy

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    CAN President or supplier of arms for killing innocent people. In the morning on Sunday he is a Preaching to worshipers in the night he is supplying arms to kill innocent people. God is revealing them one by one for God love this country. Pastor Ayo-CAN President importer of arms through blackmarket for government? Does it sound intelligent?

  • Olalere Yusuf

    Mr. Sunny Oibe, what is your explanation for the coincidence owner of Eagle Height University, owner of Eagle Air Company, and then arms importation in an illegal manner. Simple your President, Oritsejefor is the leader of the Christian Boko Haram, What would have been the response of CAN if the Sultan of Sokoto had interest in a company involved in this type of shady deal, even remotely. God will continue to expose the sponsors of Boko Haram

    Sunny Oibe

    • Nubian Prince

      FYI= the Sultan is actually involved! His cousin is the National Security Adviser-DASUKI-both descendants of Utman Dan Fodio- Founder of the Islamic Caliphate of Sokoto and only sanctioned occcupiers of office of NSA in Nigeria in the hope their will be peace. IF you have any intelligence background or understanding you will read beteen the Lines and know that transaction in question falls squarely under the Office of NSA- National Security Adviser. Hint Pastor Ayo comes from a minority tribe like the other man you love to HATE!

      • wode

        C’mon, do away with sentiment and be frank. What evidence shows that any organ of Nigeria security is aware of this very dirty deal? It is an illegal mission intended for illegal purpose. We are just fortunate that God exposed it. Nobody knows how many of such was done in the past.

  • Babsb

    doyin Okupe started the prayer and tt is being answered, why the noise? CAN hold Doyin Okupe accountable for your wooes because he asked God to expose the financiers of Boko Haram.

  • OyebodeNathaniel

    When Christianity ceases to be what it is meant to be, the result is what we see the ‘pastor”! You who offer to defend this game of shame are not helping matter! The jet was leased to… whom? You are so economical with the truth by giving spurious claims to exonerate your pay master and pretending as if nobody knows the jet in question is owned by Ayo Oritsejafor. His interference in politics is unhealthy, his unbridled displays of wants for ostentatious lifestyle is uncalled-for, and his choice to mingle with perverted players of politics is unchristianly! It’s obvious they procured the jet for him with tax payers’ money to buy his conscience and integrity( if he has any)

    • jimex

      You are just a very gullible Nigerian who certainly is ignorant of the politics of the north. You are easily swayed by propagandist lies designed to mislead you. More than ever before we need a politically inclined CAN more than we need a Spiritual CAN for an unspiritual minds who are so insensitive to the EVIL of our time called APC with Goliaths like El rufai and a little fry called Lai Mohammad

    • wode

      Nice submission! It’s only people of very small minds that would hide objectivity on this obvious abnormality.

  • Abate Dokpu

    Mr. Oibe, are you the spokesman for the PDP and the Federal government combined? Reuben Abati + Doyin Okupe + Olisah Metuh = Sunny Oibe. QED

  • wilf lawrence

    Blacks are not favorably regarded as people of intelligence by whites around the globe. White is not superior to black when it comes to brain power. That has been proven many times. Well, the argument in this post has nothing to do with the aforementioned but my worry is that the nigerian person is so gullible and easily deceived and of very low intelligence. Our sentiments and emotions shut off our brain power. From my own observation, Christianity, especially the charismatic pentecostals are the bane of our development as a country. They extort the brainless masses and disenfranchise them. They sell their votes to corrupt politicians. There’s nothing moral in our Christianity. Bunch of sick and deluded people. Your pastors don’t believe in hell. They create their own heaven here with the moneys you give them and they leave you wallowing in the nigerian hell. Shine your eyes nigerians.

  • Mikfaya

    Rubbish..! God punish them all.! The truth will soon show it self .! There is God .!

  • gaby o

    Why is it difficult to call a spade a spade, sometimes I think the poverty and hunger in this nation has beclouded our sense of reasoning tell me , the members of his church claims the aircraft was bought for evangelism how come it is now for hire, we try to sweep every evil under the carpet but don’t forget the fact that if you are not caught in the mayhem of this terrorist today someone dear to you might, if we don’t destroy the virus early enough then we should expect the virus to destroy us

  • CAN should just shut up. God has a way of dealing with people who use his name to steal and do evil things. I have always said it was a matter of time before CAN got disgraced. More disgrace is still in stock for CAN unless it turns its back against partisan politics which can be very dirty in Nigeria.

  • Really, Is the Pastor involved in arm deal with the government?

  • wode

    Who is this Sunny Oibe that is not so shameful of doing this dirty job? I thought Ayo is outspoken enough to defend himself of this wrong-doing.

  • badayi

    CAN this God intervention and he promised to review ure bad did one by one

  • Omo Akin

    I have always suspected that the laser focus on Osun State salary problem was suspicious. As of the middle of July 2015, a relative from Ondo State informed me that she was last paid her salary in February 2015. If Ondo State is an oil producing state without any social services program like Osun State, why is nothing being written about Ondo State. Well, my guess is that Aregbesola is connected to Tinubu and the Afenifere group must rubbish anything connected to Tinubu.
    Thank you Sylvester for providing the facts. I knew Osun State had OYES and provided lunch to its pupils but I had no idea how much those services cost.