Nigeria military competent to tackle Boko Haram – Kwankwaso

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

The Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano State on Sunday said the Nigeria military was competent to tackle the insurgency problem in the country.

Mr. Kwankwaso, a former Minister of Defence between 2003 and 2007, stated this during a media chat with journalists in Benin.

He said the army was as competent as he left it in 2007.

Mr. Kwankwaso, who expressed confidence in the military’s ability to deal with the challenge of insecurity in the North East, however said the Federal Government must display the political will to tackle the problem.

The governor said there was no relationship between declaration of Sharia law in part of the North and Boko Haram.

He said that Nigerians, irrespective of ethnicity, must rise to the challenge of the insecurity by fighting the menace.  

He urged the Federal Government to mobilise all its resources to ensure peace reigned in the North East of the country.

The governor, however, expressed surprise at the worsening security situation.

“Though I am a bit surprise with what is happening now, I still believe that Nigeria has the military might to stop insurgency in the North East,” he said.

“Our military still remains competent and regarded as the best on the continent, going by their performances in peacekeeping missions on the continent and beyond.

“The challenge of insecurity in the country today is one that requires the support of everyone, irrespective of political party or tribe.

“Any right thinking Nigerian and friends of Nigeria must condemn what is happening in the North East today. We need a united and strong Nigeria where everyone goes about his or her legitimate business without fear.”

Kwankwaso said more than four million people have been displaced following the security challenges in the North East and blamed the situation on poverty and illiteracy in the country, especially in the North East.

He said the relative peace being enjoyed in Kano State today was largely due to the investment of his government on education and wealth creation.

The governor disclosed that as part of his investment on education, the state was presently sponsoring the university education of 3,000 students in various disciplines in 14 countries of the world.

He also said for the purpose of uniting Nigerians, his government was also working on exchange of students between different states of the country.

“This is where and how we are tackling the issue of insecurity in the state. We are investing heavily on education,” he said. “Aside primary, secondary schools education, we have also established 24 different institutes in the state, ranging from institute of film, reformation and sports among others.”

“In primary schools, we gave pupils two sets of uniforms and feed them five times in a week.

“With this, we have taken them off the streets as well as given them a sense of direction as well as occupied their minds productively,” he stated.

The governor was in Benin to felicitate with Gabriel Igbinedion on his 80th Birthday celebration.

The governor also met with 250 students being sponsored by the state in a private university in Edo.



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  • BlackieUmukoro

    Sometimes Kwankaso talks sensibly and lay bare the facts as they are, but his other co travellers like liar muhammed always see things from the negative perspective. He sees nothing good in our military and I was told he was rejected when he wanted to join the boys scourt

    • Jones

      Anuofia! You are all over the internet map spewing lies and diversionary statements just like your paymaster who was a colossal failure as governor of Bayelsa.

      • the truth

        How long was Jonathan the governor of bayelsa state for you to affirmatively call him a failure

        • Wähala

          Just shut-up dia for once!
          Oya, forget Bayelsa… How long has Dumbo been President and how has he affected your life for the better? How long did Fashola, Oshiomhole, Okorocha and even Kwakwanso need to impact on their citizens as Governors? Always making excuses. Just name Dumbo’s impact as Governor… simple?

          • Mosaku 147

            His impact as governor was that his wife was fingered for money laundering. Great impact ni yen ke.

          • the truth

            Please don’t respond back to me wahala.I don’t engage scalywags for debate.we are having a discussion and all you do is start abusing and cursing.can’t u drive a point without abuse.but I don’t blame u,u are the same man that lied on this forum and when u were caught insisted abati must apologize to Nigerians before u apologize to forumites.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Following the Jones es is a derogatory term. So you are living your derogatory name, just like judas iscariot to the fullest. Bloodless scum Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • change 2014-2015

          You are brainless. You are been confused on here

          • BlackieUmukoro

            How I wish you had one. Dan iska banza
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • change 2014-2015

      Shut up. What do you know you always come on here to tackle lai mohammed don’t you have something else to talk about again.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        An area boy will always remain that way. It runs in your family. Heard your great grandpa was the head of Agberos/area boys at Ajegunle. A position your grandpa joyfully inherited and passed down to your fada, which you are now angling to take over from your fada. Oloshi Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • emmanuel

      Kwakwanso is working hard to upstage Buhari in the APC October Presidential primaries. This man is part of the BH masters. He needs this to curry support from the Southern political liabilities who may want to think that his coming to Benin to make such statements was in good faith.

      The HFM is usually die hard in supporting evil as long as it comes from one or more of their own.

      I pity the Kanuri people who these canibals have used against their own indeginous people in order to gain power again.

      Kwakwanso na lie, Nigeria military is incompetent and you will fall into their hands one day

      • BlackieUmukoro

        I said sometimes, that is when he is about to be caught in his dubious acts. I never said he was, is, or will be a good man Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Balogun Adedayo Ojo

    This is coming from him because of the calls for the defense budget to be probed, he is only trying to protect his image

    • Oluchi Chikezie

      Oh boy! I surpriseoooo for all these sweet talk and im no mention GEJ!

  • redeem

    kwankaso is the head and tail of boko haram———–what he has just declared is the most senseless hypocritcal statement to come from a fulani yearning to rule Nigeria—u see the fulanis hardly talk about the fulani herds men killing natives all over the north——-no day—-passes without one reading about fulanis killing people in the north——and South——Fulanis now roam around with entuire North fully armed with semi autiomatic guns—–how is the military which is already trablized going to defeat boko haram-he should tell-us-the assertion by him is very vague to say the least———–boko haram is the creation of the fulanis–so let him come out and tell us how he is going to use his janjaweed influece to end the war——————-

    • Nigerian

      You need to be redeemed from your bigotry.

    • checkmate

      And who is the heart of Boko Haram? Ebola Jonaharam I guess.

  • Maria

    Jonathan and Ihejirika deliberately support Boko Haram to destroy northern Nigeria… Baba Maigoro revealed this but was kicked out by Jonathan and associates….certainly, Jonathan will be tried in the ICC next year after his inglorious reigns as the worst president to govern any nation on earth comes to a disgraceful end.

    • eBusinesz

      you talk as if you are God!!!

    • janjaweed3


  • NwaMbaise

    How times change things- eh? All these niceties without his usual hatred and venomous spews against Jonathan and his government? He now remembers that he was the minister of defence for a whopping 4 years and nothing to show for it. For real the defence ministry needs to be probed. And all these sweet talks, am sure is to launder his battered image because he is seeking the top ticket of the APC- All Past Criminals. Time will tell.

  • janjaweed3


  • Usman

    that is true, you have said it all, if Kano, with limited budget can achieve what you achieved in four years, with leaders like you, I see Nigeria changing to a country like Dubai in a decade

  • Wise Head

    I have said before, and wish to say it again! If the Northern political and (Islamic) religious elite want to end Boko Haram, it will end tomorrow! They will, for instance, reveal where Abubakar Shekau is hiding, because, I doubt, if the Shekau fellow has ever slept in Sambisa Forest for once.. That is, if he ever goes there. He must be hiding in the luxury of one mansion in the North East or even outside the North East and surrounded by dainties and tender, beautiful women and swimming in boundless pleasure, while the idiots he has callously brainwashed are blowing themselves up in the hoping of getting 72 virgins! The Northern political elite cannot swear that they do no know where the Chibok girls are being kept. They should tell themselves that terrorism as political tool is no longer working; it has instead become counter-productive, and painting them and their religion in very bad light, which they would never be able to remedy. Who knows who the next victim may be? When you unleash a bloody-thirsty, barbaric creature like Shekau, no one knows who might fall into his net!!!!!

  • Wise Head

    After this particular Boko Haram, no Northern political or religious leader would ever dream again of raising a terrorist group for the purpose of acquiring power at the centre – the Federal Government. This strategy has simply misfired with very grave, tragic and bloody consequences. The beast some men bred for their enemy(ies) has turned around wanting to devour them. The cost of this gamble has become so high that no one would ever dream of following this disastrous path again, even if it is lined up with 2,000 virgins!!! Na waa for waaa!!

  • Wise Head

    What exactly motivates Mr. Kwankwaso to aspire to be president, except the “it is our turn” mentality, that is, ‘it is time to take back “our” power’ mindset! (#BringBackOurPower2015#). His hate-driven opposition politics makes me very sick. Although, in this interview, he sounds a somewhat temperate and tame. Maybe his doctor has warned him to watch his emotions. Bitterness kills like cancer.