3 killed, 20 injured as T.B. Joshua’s church house collapses

At least three people are feared to have been killed after an uncompleted Guest House belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nation collapsed Friday afternoon at the headquarters of the church in the Ikotun area of Lagos.

Officials and witnesses said the death toll could rise as rescue effort progresses.

The spokesperson of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Ibrahim Farinloye, said the building, which was initially a two-storey complex, was being refurbished with three additional floors already added to it when it collapsed at about 1 p.m.

Emergency officials raced to the scene but three people were already dead before their arrival, Mr Farinloye said.

Fifteen people were however rescued alive, and rescue effort was still ongoing as at the time of this report.

Mr Farinloye said several others are still trapped underneath the building.

The General Manager of Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), Tolu Oke-Osanyintolu, declined to provide casualty figures but said 20 injured people had been evacuated to hospital.

“At least 20 injured people has been taken to the General Hospital,” Mr. Oke-Osanyintolu said. “The operation is still ongoing. You can hear the sound of siren in the background. We cannot tell you the number of deaths now. the operation is still on-going. It is a sympathetic issue so we cannot say the number of deaths until we conclude the rescue operation.”

Gbenga Famakinde, a resident of the area, who was at the scene of the accident told PREMIUM TIMES over the telephone that the building was meant to be a Guest House for worshipers who visit the church.

He said although still under construction, the building provided shed for church members who at times relax there when church activities are not going on.

“It was an hotel beside the church. the building is still under construction but people sit under the decking of the building for refreshment and whatever. So when the thing fell it was serious,” he said.

Mr Famakinde figure of the casualties was however way beyond the figure given by NEMA.

“If I’m not exaggerating, at least I counted at least 17 to 18 ambulance and each of the ambulance carried at least 10 corpses.”

Mr. Famakinde said the scene of the accident is so rowdy that policemen were having a tough time dispersing the large crowd of people that gathered after the building collapsed.

“The police are shooting into the air to chase people away from the place.”

The NEMA spokesperson said “church members have been very aggressive and tried attacking emergency responders.”

The Synagogue Church is a popular worship centre in Nigeria, attracting thousands of people, mostly those seeking miracles and spiritual healing, from around the world.

Its founder, Temitope Joshua, is also well known for prophesying future tragic events.

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  • Daniel Adams

    O God take control.

    • I still don’t understand why Nigerians and West Africans
      refuse to call on their MEN OF GOD (e.g., Adeboye)
      to start laying hands on Ebola patients.

      • Jojo

        Because they are fake

  • Baba Messi

    “It’s founder, Temitope Joshua, is also well known for prophesying future tragic events.”

    Hmm..Premium times..why the tongue-in-cheek approach. U guys mean like he shuldve seen this one coming? Like ‘physician heal thyself ‘?
    God is GOD..and so reserves some ‘secrets’ 4 himself.
    Hope it wasn’t a case of ‘cutting corners’..or some people claiming to have the expertise they didn’t poses..to convert a 2-story to a 5-storey!
    A sad one all the same…a very sad one indeed..

  • the truth

    It’s founder, Temitope Joshua, is also well known for prophesying future tragic events.” premium times why na!!

    • Wähala

      @truth, aka Don Messi, aka@Don Baba, aka Baba Messi, aka DM…
      You remind me of Akpos1 of cursed memory… a clown who posted same insanity-induced trash using a thousand handles. Why are you a fraud? FWI, your info, you are not good at it bcos from SR to here, you post back-2-back gibberish using different names like @Deri calls himself ‘redeem’ on some sites. What you thugs should know is your stup*dity reeks like morning breath whenever you open your minds. Ogogoro has a distinct stench and you clowns are simply making fools of yourselves… no one reads you seriously. No common sense, vross-bred animlas! Aborigines!

      • Don M.

        Mallam wahala, I’m sorry to say but u I’m strongly beginning to believe u r stark raving MAD! If u actually believe I am any of d guys u named above, u must be dumber than I thought.
        First of all, I am from the ‘middle belt’..i.e; defunct North central.
        Let me give u a hint ; the last time we ‘sparred’ on SaharaReporters, you told me u preferred a ‘new thief’ to an ‘old thief’…APC to PDP.(if u cnt remember, this goes to prove u just BLAB Without thinking of wot u say)
        A second hint : ‘think again wahala..THINK’!
        If uve got any grey matter left in yur skull, u shld know by now. (don’t blow my cover tho)
        I hav taken time to help u cos I hate to see u living in a FOOLS PARADISE!
        However, if that’s what makes u sleep well at night, ….happy hallucinations..

        • Wähala

          Damn right I do remember telling someone we need a new thief after 15yrs of PDP, could’ve been you. But what has that got to do with topical issue at the moment? I said you remind me of a clown at SR… your antecedents are similar and I strongly believe you’re the same tout regardless you may claim otherwise. However, if my memory serves me right, I believe I was responding to @J-boy in that SR bout… to honor your request not to blow your cover in keeping my Catholic faith with: “Love Thy Neighbor” since I’m from across the border from the defunct Middle Belt. LoL!

          • Don Baba Messi

            Fake guy…
            Good u attempted not 2 blow my cover..However, I no sabi ‘@j-boy’…
            It’s immaterial who I am really..but I assure u I’m neither of @truth nor any other.
            The second hint shuldve helped u..but let’s let it slide..
            However; ‘Think’ wahala..’Think’

          • Wähala

            Chump, stop displaying crass ignorance. You asked me not to blow your cover and I obliged, isn’t it rather stup*d to expect me to spell out your full fake handle? You do the thinking. I’m certainly head & shoulders above what you can ever attain… rejoice! that I’m even bantering with a tout. Punk!

          • Don M.

            If Don Messi, Don M., and Don Baba Messi are ‘more than one handles’ to you, your problem is more than I imagined.
            Like I told u before, let’s assume you wer christened ‘Olodo Donkey Wahala ‘. is it fraudulent to refer to yurself as ‘Donkey wahala’? Abi Olodo Wahala??
            You lack sincerity boi..and u are also very dishonest.
            Fake guy!

  • Paul

    I just saw this posted on his Facebook page:

    This is an official communication from The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations concerning a news story currently being reported by the media regarding an incident that happened today:

    “A building, not the church auditorium as was reported. The few people that were there are being rescued. What you wish to others, God wishes to you. Nothing makes us love a person as much as praying for him. The more I love you, the more I will pray for you.”

    • To: Paul

      Out of Love, true-Christians must sound the alarm about wolves THAT PEOPLE THINK ARE SHEEP.

      That’s true Christian Love.

      1Corinthians 14:29 “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others JUDGE.”

      John 7:24, Jesus said: “Do not judge according to appearance, but JUDGE with RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT.”

      1Timothy 5:20 “(The Elders) who are sinning, REBUKE IN THE PRESENCE OF ALL, that the rest also may fear.”

      1John 4:1 “… DO NOT BELIEVE every spirit, but TEST the spirits, whether they are of
      God, because MANY False prophets have gone out into the world.”

      • Rimamshang

        It’s a shame how some shallow so call Christians cite the Bible. In the Scripture where Apostle Paul was preaching late into the night a man dose off felled from story building and died. Will you say he was not a man of God?
        In another the same Bible, Jesus was going about preaching when John the Baptist was imprisoned and subsequently beheaded, though He knew and was told, but because it was the will of God for John The Baptist to die that way there was nothing to do about it. Jesus said I will be with you always even to the end of the earth, both in trials, persecution, temptation etc.
        When earth quakes hit some western areas I believe renown men of God were there that are victims.

        Let no one rejoice over what happened in SCOAN Lagos, remember in everything God has something to say. You can end up offending God in your utterances, be careful except you are not a Christians because we are expected to pray even for our enemies in case T B Joshua is your enemy. Why do you hate a person without cause, then you are under “curse”. better repent before it is too late.
        “You don’t know your tomorrow, you can laugh today be prepared for your weeping tomorrow”
        I wish all victim a solace in the bosom of the Lord (R.I.P)

        • You say: “In the Scripture where Apostle Paul was preaching late into the night a
          man dose off felled from story building and died. Will you say he was
          not a man of God?”

          You forgot to tell us that Paul rose him (Eutychus) from the dead: Acts 20:9-12

        • Your thinking is that, these deceitful preachers are equal to THE JEWISH SCRIPTURE (OLD & NEW TESTAMENT).

          They don’t compare at all.

          You and all those Pastors following the fake-Christ are the ones that need to FEAR THE COMING JUDGMENT.

    • Wähala

      What’s the difference?
      A building within the fake temple of TB Joshua just collapsed killing scores of people and you’re here updating us with rubbish. What difference does it make if it’s the kitchen sink and not the church that fell on peoples’ head killing them? I wish it was the fake temple itself that had collapsed at night… when no gullible are inside but the cult kingpin himself, TB Joshua. Go-siddon, bo! Fake ole Joshua should be made to pay for the trauma, loss of lives, and violation of building codes… who gave him the right to “upgrade” from 4-story to 6-story a building that was probably built cutting corners in the first place? How I wish God will just get rid of all these fake men of satan masquerading as prophets… cultist & baztards!

      • Don M.

        Mallam wahala, it would seem we both detest fake pastors and fake ‘men of God’.
        But why are you so violent in yur choice of words??
        This actually says a lot about you as a person.
        U need help..and FAST!

        • Wähala

          Padre Messi,
          I will never be caught in the same boat with you… forget it. Our ideas may tally sometimes but, never misconstrue that to mean I want to marry your sister, Marilyn Ogar… if it gets to that, heaven can wait biko! That said, it may please you to note that I’m strictly pro-life that’s why I wrote above, “with no gullible inside but the cult kingpin himself”. What’s so violent in my comment… abi you need morning caffeine to shake-off the booze from last night?

    • African Day

      I thought the owner of that church is Jesus or God himself. He predicts and heals but can not foresee his own situation. In another report his workers chased the Emergency Rescue Workers, stopping them from carrying out their duties, possiblly to avoid them disclosing the skelletons in their cult-cupboards. The Satan they worship wants to expose them; authorities should burst into their secret areas to unearth the criminal activities of these agents of the devil

  • Wähala

    Up to fifty people are reported by other news outlets as having perished in Joshua’s illegal motel. This is purely structural failure due to violation of building codes by “upgrading” a four-story to six-story building without requisite permissions. Greed is the cause of it because Joshua wanted to build the train and the rail it runs on… instead of allowing local hoteliers around his evil temple make ends meet, he wanted to own the fake church, school and hotel so his gullible visitors would patronize only him. Can’t blame him, Dr. Dumbo is not a member of his synagogue otherwise, he would have dashed him a private jet like Adeboye, Oletsjafor, et al. Now hustling to fly-high has meant burying desperados alive… only sad thing is, he should have prophesized the catastrophe and taken pre-emptive moves to save lives. I guess it’s true… a local prophet is blind indeed.

    • Son of God

      God forgive you people of this darkness world, He is a Prophet of God and i will remain a Prophet so what about you? who are you?

  • beloved

    i refuse to write to a brother (waha…) but i am forced to. what type of christain are u, do u study ur bible at all. even the bible say we should not rejoice when His anger is upon the enemy. Brother if all nigerian were ur type, w will all be Judge, fault finder and leave the less opportuned misreable world. Boss hv a rethink on ur destructive statement. On which rock is ur base of christain. wish to see u in heaven

    • Nigerians and West Africans should call on their deceitful MEN OF GOD
      (e.g., Adeboye) to start laying hands on Ebola patients.