Ex-Gov Sheriff: Presidency economical with truth — APC

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has accused the presidency of being economical with the truth in its response to the widespread condemnation of President Goodluck Jonathan for hobnobbing with accused Boko Haram sponsor, Ali Modu Sheriff.

In a statement issued in Dubai on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said the presidency’s stout defence of Mr. Sheriff’s presence at President Jonathan’s meeting with host President Idris Deby of Chad, and the fact that the presidency’s statement was coordinated with the one by Sheriff’s spokesman, has shown that the APC is right to have called for the trial of Sheriff and other alleged Boko Haram sponsors by the International Criminal Court, ICC, instead of the Nigerian security agencies which are under the Jonathan spell.

It said President Jonathan has not got the liver to investigate and prosecute the accused, who are his friends, adding: “How can you prosecute a person who accompanies you on a high level security meeting to a foreign head of state?”

“The presidency said the security agencies are investigating Sheriff and that the President will not interfere, but what message was the president sending to the security agencies by circulating the picture of the accused with himself? Is that a subtle message to the security agencies that the accused is a friend of the president hence he is untouchable?

“The presidency said Sheriff has a longstanding business in Chad. Is the presidency not aware of the memo sent home by the Nigerian Defence Adviser in Chad concerning Sheriff? Why didn’t the presidency tell Nigerians whether or not the investigation recommended by the Defence Adviser over Sheriff’s alleged sponsorship of Boko Haram was ever carried out, and if so what was the outcome?”APC queried.

It insisted that President Jonathan exhibited palpable indiscretion by allowing himself to be photographed with an accused terrorism sponsor while on a foreign trip to rally support for his country’s anti-terrorism efforts.

“It is really irrelevant whether or not the President took Sheriff along to Chad or he met him there. What matters and what the entire world saw, through the picture that was widely circulated, was that Sheriff sat in with President Jonathan and President Deby at their meeting. That was the clincher.

”The presidency, in its reaction to the global condemnation of the President’s unholy alliance with an alleged Boko Haram sponsor, should have realized that while President Jonathan has definitely subjected Nigerians to the most harrowing experience, they are not stupid yet.

”Why would the President even allow Sheriff into the venue of his meeting with President Deby? Can anyone just go and be sitting with President Jonathan in a meeting with the Chadian President just because the fellow happens to be in the Chadian capital at the time? What happened to security clearance, protocol etc.?

“Is the presidency telling Nigerians that if President Jonathan were visiting the South African President Jacob Zuma, and Atiku Abubakar, who is well known to be a good friend of President Zuma, also happens to be in Pretoria at the same time, he will simply drive up to the venue and be part of the meeting? The truth is that President Jonathan was wrong to have showcased Sheriff, an accused Boko Haram sponsor, as a face of his Administration while on a foreign trip to rally support against terrorism, unless of course the President wanted to send a subtle signal to those investigating the allegation,” APC said.


Lai Mohammed

National Publicity Secretary.


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  • Tugbi



    Fantastic statement. The APC has raised very important issues. Key among them is that the President’s appearance with Sheriff will prejudice the probe of his alleged sponsorship of Boko Haram. The presidency goofed indeed by allowing the President to be photographed with Sheriff. The President should ensure that heads roll over this, if indeed he wants to convince Nigerians that he is not shielding Sheriff.

    • Jones

      If the presidency insults Sheriff, he will expose them. So the Nigerian Government (if we have one) should continue to lie that they are investigating Sheriff until the 2015 elections are over, the investigation will be over too. Ruben Abati should double as special assistant to Sheriff on new media. Shameless people in government.


    Just as Sheriff must be investigated, all who has been linked 2 Boko Haram through any other allegation whether confirmed or unconfirmed of Boko Haram sponsor should also be investiigated. Dat is y I still have a big problem with d kind of opposition dat d APC is exhibiting. Sheriff has been in APC far longer than he has been in PDP. On a scale of one to ten and based on period and duration of dis insurgency, I think that even dis evil child as potrayed by APC now, has committed dis sponsor act more when he was in APC than he is in PDP. APC has not deemed it neccessary to call 4 his investiagtion. We all know that sheriff has been named as sponsor even b4 Davis allegation. Why r dey hell bent now? It seems dey only sill d beans when it is not favoring dem. Dat is y I say there opposition is nothing more than 4 selfish clench 2 power only. It has nothing 2 do with solving Nigerian problem. Dast it.

    • the truth

      you just read my mind sir. U remember ikimi was one of the founding members of apc and tinubu and lie lie mohammed never said anything, the same tinubu said he was a beacon of democracy when the going was good. when ikimi left tinubu said ikimi was a member of abachas brutal regime and said he was undemocratic when the going became bad, forgetting buhari gave abacha s regime a thumbs up as been good and not corrupt when he was appointed as ptf chair under abacha. so the question remains how many of such people still remain in apc or is when the going gets bad we get to know

  • sir Oscie


  • Ette

    There is nothing called truth with this incompetent and wicked presidency that has ruined this country. May God treat them the way they are treating Nigerians.

  • Spoken word

    the presidency is in a hole. it should save itself further embarrassment and stop digging.

  • the truth

    why is sheriff a big issue now. we shouldn’t forget sheriff was a part of the three signatories that made up apc. when tinubu lured him into forming an opposition party do we sincerly believe tinubu didnt know his past. he fraternised with them but the moment he decamped two months ago he is now the number one sponsor of boko haram. we shouldn’t loose track that some prominent nigerians came up saying sheriff was a major sponsor of the sect and apc always pushed it aside now he decamped 2 months ago it is now front and center. yesterday it was ikimi, today it is sheriff, tomorow it may be buhari if he decides to leave. i hope nigerians see the true apc for who they are

    • josh

      But why did they forced sheriff out of apc?

      Apc knew dt he was a mole in der midst

      Ds s prudence on d side of apc, dey wanted to b sure whether he was planted in der midst or not

      After detecting dt, he was shown d way out

  • Mr. Abdin

    The Presidency is nothing but a deception hope that they won’t deny going to Chad Again.

    • the truth

      was this same man part of the 3 signatories that made up apc? so all this while apc didnt know he was boko haram.

      • Efe1

        APC knew, that is why he was not accorded and importance. PDP knew too, that is why they were constantly linking APC to boko haram. From all indication, Mr Ali boko was sent by PDP, when he failed in achieve his aim of destroying APC he was recalled back to headquarters. You can see how warmly GEJ received him. I have said it long ago that GEJ is boko, the doctor arrested sometime a go treating wounded boko is from bayelsa state. GEJ is boko abegi

  • Segun Abayomi

    Adding 1+1, it could easily be said that jonathan’s government is behind BH. ie people sighting aircraft delivering supplies to BH, the close involvement of jonathan with BH leaders like taking them to security meetings, the accusation that former chief of army is a sponsor of BH etc…. GEJ has a lot of explaining to do.

  • the truth

    tinubu and lie lie mohammed has been pictured over 20 times with sheriff together. together holding the broom of apc. what do we call that.or what were they doing then. lets not forget sheriff was part of the 3 signitaries representing anpp that merged to form apc and his name was listed as a founding member of apc to inec. are we to turn a blind eye to that now he decamped. before he decamped it was ok, but now it isnt?

    • Ibrahim

      That is the reason he was forced out APC because they all along known he was a mole sent by the PDP to distablised and frustrate the merger. Any one who wish to listen knows Sherriff was never accepted or welcome in APC. Bur when his plan didn’t work he went back to where he belong. He played the same role with the ANPP that is why Buhari left ANPP to form CPC. But alas the chicken is back home to roast.
      The fact remains nobody among the APC ever tried to defend Sherriff even when he was with APC and that was the reason PDP always tried to link APC to BH but to our utmost suprise no one question or opposed his decamping to PDP among all chieftains of PDP but instead they now defending him.
      What we want is for all those fingered as sponsors of BH to be investigated if found guilty prosecuted. Not all these sentiments.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    If Sherif was still in APC, I’m so sure the errant e-PDP would have been hauling and raining missile that truly he’s the sponsor of Boko Haram but they have refused to sing their normal song of calling Sherif the real sponsor of Boko Haram. I remembered when Fani-Kayode was still in APC all his article, the comments there were always unprintable and always referred to as Janjaweed or Boko Haram friend but now he’s a perfect saint. The same now go to Shekarau, minister of Education, even Ikimi. I’m sure if devil come to join PDP, he would turn to Jesus.

  • janjaweed3

    boko haram has no links to al qaida .gejs governments trid to link
    them with al qaida but were shot down by the us state department
    ,incudin missisimo orgar (brainless ” lady “) who said the oct 1
    bombins were al qaida operations

    now we hear our very own ihejirika the butcher of baga,buni yadi and bama is part and parcel of bh
    this incredible govt can lie to high heavens but god is watching and theICC JAIL CELLS IN THE HAGUE ARE WAITING