We have no apology for organising pro-Jonathan rallies — TAN tells APC

FILE PHOTO: TAN's maiden rally in Awka mobilizing "Nigerians Demand..." for Goodluck Jonathan to declare for 2015 Presidency... Photo Credit: Tranformation Ambassador of Nigeria

The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, has said it has no apology for organising zonal rallies urging President Goodluck Jonathan to seek re-election.

The group said it has not offended any Nigeria law by holding the rallies and that the attack by the All Progressives Congress, APC, on its activities was misplaced.

It asked the party to look inward if its activities were causing discomfort in the camp of the opposition.

A statement by the APC spokesperson, Lai Mohammed, Wednesday, had praised Mr. Jonathan for ordering the removal of the #BringBackJonathan2015, a mock hashtag of the #BringBackOurGirls that has helped drawn global attention to the fate of the Chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram in April.

The APC however asked the president to also order TAN to halt its rallies. Many Nigerians have condemned the group over its political campaigns at a time Nigeria faces an Ebola outbreak and a serious security trouble.

Stating that the country was in a state of anarchy, the APC said, “Therefore this cannot be the time for festivities and celebrations, the type being orchestrated by the government under the TAN banner. The rallies insult the troops who are battling Boko Haram. The rallies insult Nigerians who are fervently praying for the unity of the nation in the face of the madness by the marauders. The rallies offend the sensibilities of the families of our citizens who are being mowed down daily by Boko Haram. They must stop forthwith.”

However, in a statement by its Director of Communications, Udenta Udenta, on Thursday, TAN said Mr. Mohammed exposed the APC’s double standard when he found the group’s citizens’ sensitization rallies uncharitable 24 hours after his party held an unvarnished political rally in Sokoto State.

It said, “As a non-governmental organization properly registered by Corporate Affairs Commission to carry out specific responsibilities in the ongoing political re-engineering in the country, TAN has not in any way gone outside the law to warrant APC’s indecorous language.
If the impact of TAN is causing some discomfort to the opposition party in its desperation to grab power, it should look inward and not engage in mindless attacks.

“Was the country not in a war as APC claimed, when it embarked in the Sokoto rally? Has Ebola virus suddenly disappeared in the country that enabled the Sokoto rally to take place?

“Where and how did Lai Mohammed arrive at his conclusion that TAN’s rallies are offending the sensibilities of the families of our citizens and knows that Sokoto rally did not? Why did APC hold the Sokoto rally when the Chibok Girls are yet to be released and Boko Haram is not defeated?”

TAN, which has held the rallies in the South East and South West geo-political zones, explained that it is not a political party and would ordinarily not engage in diatribes with any political party or group. It however said it would not watch truth being turned upside down in the name of politics.

The group added, “We really have no apology to offer to anyone in our mission of showcasing the verifiable landmark achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan. We expected the opposition to fault us on that score but because of the dearth of evidence against what we are heralding; they now choose to chase shadow by dishing lies to Nigerians.

“Because TAN by its vigorous activities is not letting APC realize its desired ambition of making sure that all achievements of President Goodluck Jonathan are drowned in its negative politics and insipient media, it now feels it can turn the heat on us. TAN certainly would go to any length to defend its legitimate role in the polity and would not shy away even if it means confronting and exposing APC’s anti-democratic behaviour.

“The innovation that TAN is bringing into the nation’s political space should attract positive comments to discerning minds. If anybody is uncomfortable, it must be based on selfish ground.”

TAN also said that since its inception, it has maintained a positive attitude and disposition towards all Nigerian institutions and platforms in a single-minded celebration of the Nigerian possibility under President Jonathan’s watch, devoid of rancour, strife, bitterness and discord by its callous abandonment of the tenets of decency and respect that ought to govern the public advocacy space through its revolting diatribes and unconscionable attacks against it.


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  • teddy

    TAN can saying anything they like, we are watching one Mr. Kanu once organised YEAA for Abacha but God in heaven stopped it. Now its #bringbackGEJ… How fast man forget. Whatever that has a beginning must surely end. Only God is forever.

    • the truth

      please address his points on double standard. or are you paying a blind eye to it?

      • abdul

        if really they re not paid organization why on earth i never heard the name TAN during previous administration. the other day it was 8000 groups endose jonathan for re election. when this so-called moneybags non-governmental organization should stop decieving nigerians. Even an illitrate knows they re been sponsor government of they denied.

        • the truth

          u are again mesmerizing on the point raised. nobody doubts that they are campaigning for jonathan, i wont see the truth and lie, but the bone of contention sir is why the double standard. apc was campaigning in sokoto and at the same time lie lie mohammed was in london giving press statements that pdp should stop campaigning and how insensitive they are. so is that not a double standard to you. or it is ok if apc campaign and pdp stop campaigning

          • cry 4 nation

            redeem,thank u jo.truth you also have a point.i am not a politician,but a free observer.and a true 9ja from the midbelt zone.
            Yes Buhari contested 3 times and faild.he was a good man for the president,but now 9jas have change their mind on him due to questions a doupt.he overtrone a Shagari for no reason,he made hash words that broke down thought of peace in 9jas,and for sure he have IBB in mind.meaning he have a secrate motives .sir,ur advicers ain’t doing their job well.
            Sorry to say,Atiku is bribing his way to silence buhari,but he can rule 9ja.how comes a common custom officer is a billionia.after becoming vice president…stealing,embaziling ,makes him even richer than Baba Iyabo.people don’t know what this man own in Dubai…
            my people,make una choice president from good serving governors,make una all surportGoodluck for secound term,then vote another good governor.like: Fasola,Jigawa state governor,Niger state,Imo state,calaba,middle belt best service governor.
            leave all those our illitrates money and power acting bezlers rulers that faild us.that is the truth…i am not in 9ja,but can see tge truth.

          • cry 4 nation

            so sorry for my typho…i mean,Atiku can’t rule Nigerian,he is a thief.since he started government service to the nation,how much is his salary? calculate..he is richer that Aliko Dangute.forbs knows his money didn’t come from good source.
            if only APC will bring Fasola and a good northerner or Rochas and a northern man,or Oshonole.they might prove though for other parties.but not now,after next 4 years.
            Buhari will poll votes,but he will never win. make una forget Buhari,Atiku,Tinabu.former cbn governor would have been the best candidate,but God made him Sarakin Kanawa.again people said his a suspect….Oga Buhari,it’s not PDP that want to assasinate u,also check people that need that post with u.Babana,if i am anong your personal advicer,you would have been president by now..i have one last private and personal advice i will give you,and by God Allah name ,if you follow this private advice you will rule 9ja.contact me..babana,your advicers are not minding good ways for you.contact me fast.w_williamshenry69@yahoo.com

        • redeem

          is there any law in Nigeria that says i should not use my money to throw parties for Jonathan-

        • shehu Giwa

          Your english is appalling.
          Or are you one on the illiterates you talked about?

    • redeem

      Has APC not been organizing rallies—————————-in the north——————–are they not aware of ebola———-if APC dances–we hail them——–if PDP does the same it burns the heart of the janjaweeed———–the man organizing the event is an Ibo man——————-not ijaw————————–so go and kill him as u are doing to Ihejirika—————————–aware the ibos would not talk even if u kill one of their own like sanusi beheaded akaluka Did we not finally see the ibos–clap for him

  • robo

    The same Udenta Udenta of Abacha days? My God where is the ‘ fresh air’ ? The President should discontinue these rabble rousers. Every political party should seek the votes of the mass of non partisan Nigerians and these TAN zealots are making the President to loose the vote of these people.

    • redeem

      is atiku ati buhari the fresh u have in mind————————————————–buhari has contested elections thrice——–what about atiku who was there for 8yrs—————————-with obj sharing my awoooooooooooof oil money————-well do we blame u—having given tinubu of APC 1.6b oil contract—————-u can talk————-APC should leave the newspaper stands–and go work sell their janjaweed ideas

  • nijaking

    Insulting the president by APC won’t give them our votes,stop wasting your breath,APC is worst than death..stop pretending.


      How many votes do you have?

  • True Nigerian

    We’ve seen it all before. There was even a 2-million man march in support of Sani Abacha, who was an evil man, a filthy pig and a murderous vulture. If IBB were to be an incumbent today, these same people and many more would also gather in his name and call him the best thing that ever happened to our country. The truth is with the amount of stolen funds that are deployed to fund the organisers of these rallies, their organisers and the people that are paid paltry sums of money to attend these things would be right in saying that the government is the best thing that ever happened to their lives. That is understandable, because if you live in such a rusty value system, you are not likely to know the difference between the best thing that happened to you as a person and the best or worst thing that ever happened to your country and your children’s future. So if the poorly informed fellows stand to get some paltry sums of money out of the stolen $20b which will now be available for elections, he or she will be happy to proclaim their paymasters as the best things to ever happen to their country, even if the same government is the worst thing to ever happen to the country.

    The truth is, Nigerians will campaign for anybody, including a murderer, if doing so puts some momentary gratification into their leaking pockets. And that is why the country is such a messed up enclave. Never mind the millions of churches and mosques in the country. The truth is that most Nigerians have no personal values and principles. They bow for just anybody that is in power; they lick the ars* of the man that has money; they sleep with someone they hate if he is able to give them a lot of money; parents push their daughters into marriage with someone she does not like, provided the suitor is capable of giving the family some financial security; when you step into a church as a rich man or government official, the Pastor gives you the front seat and orders the whole church to pray for your blessings and may even give you the altar/pulpit to do your own preaching, regardless of whether you are a thief. If you return home from abroad, your old friends and distant family relations are not going to be asking whether you are healthy, whether you were a responsible citizen in the country you came from and what potentials you have for your home country to which you have just returned. Instead, your importance and relevance would be measured by how much cash they see you splashing, how able you are to dole out money to them, whether you have built a mansion, and whether you have a flashy car. It won’t matter to them that you probably spent a fortune in getting proper education in the country you are coming from. And they either do not know or have forgotten that up until the mid 1980s, Nigerians educated abroad would usually return home with only their flight ticket and personal effects, without even money to pay for accommodation. And they will start looking for a job or start business. But today, Nigerians have changed so much that the value system in the country is unrecognisable. Even at the level of Campus politics, people loot and steal so much money from the coffers; in the churches, pastors who are posted to a branch would arrive there and declare that the branch is now their own ministry and they would rename the place. And yet, you would find many church goers coming there saying that God has led the “Man of God” to take what is not his.

    Nigerians have new gods – money and materialism. But if you are not looking carefully enough, you won’t know it because the anomie is wrapped in religion and ethnicism, which makes the anomie to look like piety and politics. But the decay is so bad and deep enough to bring down a country.

    • Salim

      This is the best description of our society that I have read in ages. Well-done!!!

  • damaster

    Now Premium times is fast becoming another Sahara Reporters. Where is the objectivity in their reporting? The have consistently condemned TAN rallies in their reports but have ignored the APC rallies one of which was held in Sokoto last weekend. They have blown out of proportion the the attacks of Boko Haram, they have consistently reported of the so-called successes of Boko Haram and even claiming Mubi and other towns were attacked whereas no single gunshot was heard in Mubi. Since the army has retaken Bama, Baza, Michika and other towns previously seized by Boko Haram, they have conveniently chosen not to report the successes of the military. What a shame. I guess I will unfollow Premium Times for unbalanced journalism.

    • Seriously

      All you’ve said is nonsense. What objectivity have you shown in your own statement? The army has retaken Bama, Baza and Michika? No problem. Let them show us proof that they’ve retaken it. We’ve seen no video, no picture, nothing from Bama or anywhere else in Borno. If you’ve just had a big victory in a battle the whole nation is worried about, would you not broadcast if for all to see? Would it not benefit the govt? Nobody forced you to read Premium Times. Please go cry somewhere else.

    • Mr. Abdin

      What will you say about the tax payers they are wasting.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Udenta udenta carry go.

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Different groups always spring up at different dispensation but blown away into thin air within a space of time . Where are the groups that turned Nigeria upside down during Abacha’s reign? Where are the groups that danced nicked during IBB’s reign? Where are the groups that splitted the the cool air during OBJ’s reign? Where are neighbour-to-neighbour that turned all media houses to market rowdiness? They’re no where to be find again. A group of this kind, if really hold on to the truth should not die easily but should maintain existency to praise the government when they are doing good thing and also condemn when they derailed. Where were TAN when Militants were ravaging south-south states? Where were TAN when MEND were killing scores of Igbos? Where were TAN when ASUU were on industrial strike? Where were TAN when we were having incessant plane crash? Where is TAN since BOKO HARAM start ravenging the country? Where were TAn when Abuja, UN and Suleja were bombed?
    Well, I’m not against them doing rally for GEJ but if they step down after elections, then they don’t worth the salt they are made of. It shows, it’s a political jamboree.

  • Ette

    How can they apologies when the stolen$20b and other stolen fund are being shared among these hungry organizers: there are over 8,000 of them falling upon one another. Time of judgment is here. Nigerians are fully aware that the people in current government are wickedly and unrepentantly corrupt as there is nothing on ground to show for the hundreds of trillion Naira they have stolen. Noise cannot win election for hypocritical GEJ: he was voted in to serve Nigeria but he has brought catastrophe to our land. For him stealing is not corruption, oil theft should be fought by foreign countries, quality education, stable electricity, good health facilities, good roads should by provided by others. Why did Obj bring this disaster to Nigeria. May God treat them and their supporters like TAN members the way they are treating Nigerians.