Ezekwesili, others blast Jonathan for claiming ignorance over #BringBackGoodluck2015 hashtag

The convener of the #BringBackOurGirls group, Obiageli Ezekwesili, has lambasted the presidency over its claim that President Goodluck Jonathan was unaware the hugely popular #BringBackOurGirls hashtag had been modified for his re-election campaign.

Mr. Jonathan on Wednesday ordered the removal of the #BringBackGoodluck2015 printed by his supporters on large banners and posted around Abuja for days.

His directive came only after the posts had drawn widespread condemnation.

Mr. Jonathan called the posts “repugnant, according to a statement released by Reuben Abati, a presidential spokesperson.

Mr. Abati claimed the president was unaware of the hashtags for the days they circulated on social media, and even after they appeared on banners printed by his supporters.

PREMIUM TIMES has confirmed that claim to be likely untrue, as the mock hashtag may have indeed been generated by another presidential spokesperson, Doyin Okupe.

Mr. Okupe was one of the first persons to tweet the hashtag.

The #BringBackOurGirls hashtag was generated by a Nigerian lawyer, Ibrahim Abdullahi, after the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls from their dormitory in Chibok, Borno in April.

The hashtag drew massive international attention to the fate of the girls.

Mrs. Ezekwesili, a former Education Minister, accused the presidential spokespersons of “deceit” and “incompetence”.

“The inhumanity of that hashtag was too much for one to bear and so steadfastly ignored it…But this DECEIT by@abati1990 cannot be ignored,” Mrs. Ezekwesili tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Mrs. Ezekwesili said the presidential aides are “liars and duplicitous beings”.
“LIARS and Duplicitous beings. @abati1990: President Jonathan orders removal of offensive Bring Back Jonathan Signs ,” she said.

She accused Mr. Abati of incompetence in his effort to dissociate the hashtag likely created by Mr. Jonathan’s Public Affairs Spokesperson, Doyin Okupe.

“Also incompetent, @abati1990 dissociating the Presidency from a hashtag that was GLEEFULLY CREATED by the President’s spokesman @doyinokupe,” she said.

Also speaking, the Head, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, Emmanuel Onwubiko, said while he appreciates Mr. Jonathan’s responsiveness to the outrage since the #BringBackGoodluck2015 banner was raised, the president should investigate and discipline whoever started it.

“The president should go a step further to investigate who generated that hashtag, it was highly irresponsible, he should order for a probe so that next time other people will not do same,” he said.

The Executive Director, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, Mumuni Tokunbo, said it was illegal for any group to have started such political campaign especially when the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has not authorised political campaigns.

“The campaign for any election must commence legally upon the declarations of INEC, nobody is expected to jump the gun,” Mr. Tokunbo said.

He said Nigeria must be “practical and realistic” in its decisions to rescue the abducted girls.

He urged Nigerian government to utilize every option available including negotiating with the terrorists to secure the girls release.


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  • humm

    Bunch of copy cat and xerox machine . They are not original enough to use their brain to create their own hastag slogan.THIEVES

    • redeem

      they were only trying to make fun out of it————-but did not know that it will back fire——–that is why u hire seasoned editors————————and reporters to handle media matters——————–never features writers—they are better off as speech writers———-than professional image makers———–

  • Don Messi

    Premium Times, please note that if some of us were interested in sensational news, we would be reading ‘ikebe super’, and note visit this site.
    However, it is sad to note that all that separates the two seems to be the names.
    Premium Times, can u guys in all honesty swear by whoever/whatever you believe in that the statements made by Oby and the others quoted above justify your caption??
    I dare any of the blind PT attack dogs on this site to point out anywhere Oby or any of the others ‘blasted Jonathan for claiming ignorance’ as the caption states. All those quoted only ‘blasted’ the presidency(see the 1st Para), and his aides.
    Also, I am getting worried at the kind of person Oby is fast becoming. Her pugnacious attitude is only rivaled by that of (h)ell-rufai it seems. Is it joblessness or what?? I was told ‘jobless’ people are usually very irritable.
    Abeg make una find work for that woman ooO…

    • Wähala

      Stop displaying crass and half-illiterate education by picking on the caption because obviously, you know nada about communication. Doyin Okupe, Reuben Abati, Reno Omokri or any other media aid does not just write anything on a piece of paper and read out to the press, they speak for Dr. Dumbo in various capacities and do so only with clearance from SFG, Ayim, or higher-ups in the presidency. Dumbo never personally signs any of his press releases, but his goons do on his behalf. So, Oby blasting “the presidency” viz: Abati ati Doyin is akin to directly blasting Super Dumbo himself… and, deservedly so!

      • Don Messi

        Oga literate lecturer, your ‘pointing out’ that the spokespersons speak on behalf of the president is not news sir. You are a classic example of why otherwise intelligent pupils fail exams. The issue I am pointing out is ‘A’…you are saying ‘Z’! this was the opening line by PT:
        “The convener of the #BringBackOurGirls group, Obiageli Ezekwesili, has lambasted the presidency over its claim that..”

        So, oga communication consultant, what stopped PT from choosing a caption of say; “Ezekwesili blasts PRESIDENCY over..”.
        Using the presidents name in the caption is just sensationalism. Period. If u don’t know this, then u don’t know anything ..or u are blind..one of the blind attack dogs I referred to above!

        • Wähala

          The “Presidency” is the seat of Govt. from which the “President” operates… period. A letter from the Presidency is a letter from the President regardless who signs it. Premium Times’ diction like I’ve always maintained is the Editor’s prerogative, as long as he does not defame anybody… thus, using Dumbo is natural in journalism. Would you have even bothered to read the article if the caption said, ‘Oby blast Abati’ if you’re not into Gossip News for barber shop debates? It’s called, ‘marketing’ in business admin, part of it is labeling and face-models. Does drinking milk with Genevieve Nnaji’s face on the container mean you’re sucking her breast? No! The idea is to catch your attention and you have to admit, it worked this time… so, don’t blame the journalists, blame your ignorance!

          • Don Wahala Messi

            Why are u always talking about breasts and world cup Hookers??
            Wahala, u be correct Perv. True.

          • Wähala

            Rev. Fr. Messi,
            Biko, refer me to where I’ve ever written about breasts either here or on any other site… oya!

          • gboromiro

            You sure have time to think you are educating those who are committed to a course for whatever reason. Do you think they will ever accept they are in the biz of twisting very clear issues?
            Of cos, they are in sync with the original intent of those shameful banners.
            Save your breadth and time

          • Don M.

            My point is, the caption chosen above is pure SENSATIONALISM.
            Yet u call that twisting very clear issues??
            Some of us are no fans of this GEJ regime, but truth is truth.
            Deep rooted sentiments are causing wahala nd yurself to appear as very deceitful. Which is the only cause you both seem to b committed to.

          • Bala

            ‘Messi’ agrees the caption is to catch attention like you said. That’s why he calls it sensationalism. You are agreeing with him in your usual disagreeable manner!

          • the truth

            Don’t mind wahala.u just agreed with messis point.

          • Wähala

            Just shut-up dia!
            What’s sensational about rporting another blunder & berate of Dr. Dumbo? Is it not a daily thing that Lai Mohammed lambasts every move Dumbo makes… is that also sensationalism? Clowns. What would call the caption of the Washington Post’s scathing article if so… sensational abi? FYI, Premium Times could/did not sensationalize an already viral topic, they took it to the next level… Mumu!

      • redeem

        Don Messi———-kudos to u————-Again-he has all the rights in the world to comment on the caption————-of the story————–mumu like u what do u know about journalism————-i keep on telling u to lay off–things that u know little or nothing about——we are not talking about cows here–or palmy—–ati burukutu——-captions help to tell the story–they help to market it—often penned to attract attention to an article—captions can even mislead u as Don Messi rightly pointed out——–monkey——— why did APC write to Washington Post to complain about the use of the yeye satanic-meaningless hashtag————–penned in praise of boko haram———————-by the janjaweeds from the funlani north———-in APC————————————————-often u think its editors in PT that writes these articles no————-its the media team put together by the janjaweeds in APC——————–PT should not over sensationalize headlines for the vultures in APC————-period—————–we are no fools———-we can also read our own meaning to some of these janjaweeds articles-

      • the truth

        He asked a simple question where in this write up did you see oby blast the president as the caption made u believe.don’t insult me but just answer my question.

    • charles

      Only fools…n empty drums rant like u….grow up!

      • Don Baba Messi

        Hmm..one of the BLIND ATTACK DOGS I ws referring to!
        If u wer not an empty drum yourself, you wuldv pointed out where any of the quotes justified the caption.
        You lack civility..from yur choice of words nd insults, u seem like one of the jobless irritable people I ws referring to. Angry-Peoples-Club are recruiting..drop yur CV..u have a lot of anger pent up in u..u will be an asset to them!

        • charles

          U r a gullible ethnic jingoist…jobless hunters seeking pot of porridge…

          • the truth

            Please leave your blabbing,respond to hos claim that the caption was misleading.after abusing me please respond to his points

          • Don M.

            From their(Wahala & charles) antecedents, we are both aware ‘Blab and RUN’ Is their stock in trade!
            They tuck their smelly tails between their legs and RUN for their lives wen hit with superior arguments.
            Don’t hold yur breath bro..dem don run!

        • Frank

          Hmm. Chai!
          I dey laff o!!!

      • solomonlas

        which woman the ex-harlot Oby is beyond redemption.

  • Wähala

    I wonder why they all waited until after the Washington Post editorial to do their blasting, bunch of cowards…
    Nigerians are good at shouting, ‘crucify him, crucify him’ but none is ready for “citizen’s arrest” because every neck wants to live, life is sweet. They survived Abacha and other bootlegs, they believe this ill wind will also blow past. Apart from the APC, how many others have been blasting the illegal TAN gatherings… if anything, na people dey brave Ebola go collect egunje for #BringBackDumbo rallies. Suffer-heads. Since the heist of $20bn from our NNPC there’s been over 8000 NGO’s (according to Alkali) singing the same chorus with all eyes on the money. Clowns. The tune will soon change once another despot climbs the rock. Why didn’t anybody blast fat Doyin since four days that he has been misbehaving with stolen property? So far, only Lai Mohammed has been blasting Dumbo for “carrying along” terrorist kingpin, Ali Modu Sheriff on presido jets… Animals!

    • solomonlas

      Your mumu OBJ did worst things than ABACHA.

  • redeem

    Oby is an ibo lady who has no time for her tribes men—ati women–because of he quest for power—at all cost–via Obj—–thinking foolishly that her act will make tinubu- pick as VP—–for atiku——its -sad to see the ibos who who have suffered most in the hands of boko haram killing machine—–in the north have their people ignore the ongoing efforts by the fulanis fighters in boko haram to smear general ihejirika——sadly its the abos who are helping to destroy Ihejirika————–i was once told a story concerning late SAM MBAKWE————AFTER HIS RELEASE FROM THE GULAG OF BUHARI—————–BY IBB———–THAT HE BLAMED THE IBO NATION FOR PUTTING–him into buharis prison————HE SAID IT WAS THOSE HE helped to climb THE LADDER OF SUCCESS THAT USED BUHARI TO SEND HIM TO PRISON—————-NOW WE HAVE AN UNTHINKING WIFE OF A PASTOR–oby–ATTEMPTING TO PLAY POLITICS WITH d very FULANIS ATI YORUBAS———————KILLING IHEJIRIKA SOFTLY SOFTLY—————in 9ja———what a shame———how did Washington Post manage to write an article on the hashtag—if it was not the janjaweeds in APC to wrote and sent the article concerning–this risbbish to them—-sadly Jonathan has——a very weak media team————who often create situations for the janjaweeds in APC to exploit to their advantage———-what a shame

    • goddey

      u really need to get your head examined!!!.I know a couple of psychiatrists I can refer u to!

      • Wähala

        Anybody who writes with so much crazy, meaningless lines in-between sentences must be hallucinating on prosaic, the hard drug given to manic-depressive patients… the precious minutes he spends doodling with lines is proof he loses consciousness trying to prove to his ogogoro-damaged mind wrong that he’s hale & hearty. The man is sick and sickening… shikena!

        • goddey

          I absolutely concur. could b that or he is a drug addict. That can also explain d memory losses

          • gboromiro

            or a die-in-wool jobber/PDP troll!
            It is their season and they are many of all shades

  • ibrahim tafida

    This guys are not helping gej. Very soon the us govt will declare gej as unfit to govern any nation. Right now the us has issued a statement saying that the failure of the nig army to stop bh is emberasing the next they will say is to gej that he is unfit to lead as thr camander of armed forces who undet his whatch nig lost some part of its land. The us also commend the cameroun armed forces for stoping nh from gaining an inch of land from cameroun. Anf let me say that the president paul biya did not waste time in sacking the army and the police comanders whos under their watch the bh attempted to kidnap the deputy premier i reapet sack not redeploy and he immdiatly changed the armed fotces leadership. While our own president is busy defending the army that they are performong based on his asertation that the insurgency is a new thing that is why its dificult to stop bh. Mr president how long thoae it take to graduate a recurut or an officer in the army. 4yrs is enough for any one to graduate from any learning period but while bh a succeding with flying color our armed forces are scoring f9 and pass. Mr president if not of the ethinic sentiment coulture of nigeria by now if its a sane country they would have sent you back to.otuoke.

    • solomonlas

      HAS USA government able to stop any war they started after 13yrs.

      Why don’t the same USA government issue same unfit statement for Ahgan government, Iraq government, Yemen Government etc