Atiku calls urgent meeting over Adamawa election, security

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President and chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Atiku Abubakar, has called for an urgent meeting of critical stakeholders in Adamawa State to ensure a free and fair governorship election in the state on October 11.

The former Vice President made the call against the backdrop of the need to maintain security in the state and fears being expressed about the probable suffocation of the sovereignty of the people by the prevailing emergency rule in the state.

Atiku Abubakar noted that his call for an urgent parley of Adamawa critical stakeholders comprised of the major political parties, security agencies, Adamawa State Government, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), civil society and election observers and religious and traditional rulers followed the results of NOI Polls which revealed that 55% of adult Nigerians want the emergency rule imposed on three states in the North-east region lifted during the 2015 elections.

According to the former Vice President, 72% of those surveyed from the region, however, advocated for the lifting of the emergency rule for the purposes of the 2015 election in the states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa.

Atiku said that the envisaged meeting will come up with modalities for ensuring a free and fair election in an emergency rule in Adamawa State. He said that the Adamawa situation could be used as a fore runner of the 2015 elections.

While expressing the imperative of providing adequate security in the state, especially with the peculiar situation presented by the emergency rule, he however observed that the prevailing emergency rule may pose difficulties, if not impossible for voters in the state to perform their civic rights of franchise.

He said that apart from hindering the people of the state the freedom to cast their ballots, the rights of free movement and association, which ordinarily afford people opportunity to attend political rallies and gatherings would be compromised under an emergency rule.

He observed further that the emergency rule in Adamawa State also calls to question, the expected level-playing ground, which the government is supposed to provide for all political parties participating in the election since the Federal Government is also an interested party in the election through the participation of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He stressed the need to balance all the conditions precedent in Adamawa ahead of the October 11 governorship election in the interest of democracy, justice and fair-play.

Atiku Media Office


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  • the truth

    Emergency rule lifted so you and your cohorts can continue the bombing.when last did you hear of bombings in adamawa Mr atiku

    • Mr. Abdin

      What is wrong in considering the suffering of Nigerians, hope you understand what he said.

      • the truth

        are you blind or can’t you read. one of his zealot point here is the state of emergency lifted. once the state of emergency is lifted, and there are bombings you abdin would be the first to criticize jonathan. the question i pose to you is with a clear conscience has the state of emergency worked in adamawa? when did you hear of bombings in adamawa again? and now you want us to fold our hands when someone is saying it should be lifted. common read between the lines abdin, are you this myopic or tribalistic? i think if u abdin can leave tribal politics and profer solutions to nigerian problems i wouldn’t have ding dong arguments with you. stay blessed sir

        • Dahiru

          Please Mr Man you are so despise on your arguments always, go to Adamawa and see for yourself what is happening their; instead of you concluding on issues that you no nothing about. I am really plight with the Nigerian youths like you, that have no sense of reasoning at all.

    • sir Oscie


  • BlackieUmukoro

    So all Atiku wants is election and the security of his people who are being slaughtered on a daily basis by boko haram. Atiku will surely rule over a grave yard, so so insensitive to the plight of his people. Could it be that he is a settler

  • john micheals

    The removal of state of emergency will be dangerous, The election for the governorship will be safe if the military are involved, removing the SOE will be detrimental, so Atiku should not emphasize that.

  • Mr. Abdin

    I think the removal of state of emergency or relaxing it will pave a way for a more transparent elections, Turaki you are right.

    • john micheals

      Will also pave way for the bombings too.

  • the truth

    i have tried posting links on the interview stephen davies gave vanguard
    and abc on how he wasn’t hired by the nigerian government as a
    negotiator, and how he was tricked by bbc, arise , and sahara reporters.
    please everyone google it yourself and see how our news media have been
    misleading us . everyone try to google it yourself. the link is
    refusing to post as it is not been approved by premium times. i am
    guessing they don’t allow links

  • the truth

    this is the interview stephen davis gave few hours ago denying reports that he was hired by the nigeriann government

    Australian hostage negotiator, Stephen Davis, has been embroiled in
    controversy over his allegations about Boko Haram’s sponsorship, their
    source of funding and if he was actually contracted by the FG to
    negotiate on its behalf.

    Davis has repeatedly stated that he was in Nigeria for four months,
    acting as a Boko Haram hostage negotiator to help free the Chibok girls.
    It was during the said negotiations that he claimed to have discovered
    that the terrorist group was being funded by prominent Nigerian
    politicians including, Ali Modu Sheriff. He also alleged that funds were
    being transferred through CBN.

    The federal government via a statement last week, denied hiring Davis as a Boko Haram hostage negotiator.

    And now, Vanguard has published an interview that Soni Daniel allegedly had with Davis.

    Read excerpts:

    What do you have to show that you were engaged by the Nigerian government to negotiate with Boko Haram?

    I was not engaged by the Federal Government of Nigeria, any state
    government or any other party. I went to Nigeria in late April in an
    effort to facilitate a handover of the Chibok captives after discussing
    such a possibility with former commanders of JAS (Jama’atu Ahlul Sunnah
    Lih Da’awa wal Jihad otherwise known as JAS) and others close to Boko

    Why did you release the report of your assignment to the media instead of sending it to government?

    I did not construct a report of my efforts in
    Nigeria. As I said earlier, I was not engaged by any party and
    therefore had no obligation to report to anyone.

    Some Nigerians find it curious that you
    decided to give your report only to Arise TV, owned by a Nigerian,
    Nduka Obiagbena, who also owns Thisday Newspapers and may be
    sympathetic to some politicians in Nigeria.

    I gave a radio interview to the ABC in
    Australia which subsequently told me that after the transcript was
    posted to their online site, it had been picked up in the UK and Sky
    News requested an interview. In the hope of bringing attention to the
    many other girls and boys kidnapped by Boko Haram, I agreed to a
    television interview. That interview took place in Channel 7 studios in
    Australia and it was at that point that I was told it was an interview
    with Arise TV. I had not heard of Arise TV and did not know it was owned
    by a Nigerian or indeed that it had any association with Nigeria. At
    the time of giving the TV interview, I was of the understanding that it
    would be broadcast by Sky News in the UK.

    On Mr Obiagbena, I have not met him or ever been contacted by him.

    Many Nigerians find it extremely
    difficult to understand how the former Chief of the Army Staff, Lt. Gen.
    Ihejirika, who actually fought Boko Haram elements and was accused of
    genocide could be linked with sponsoring the violent group.

    It is much easier to understand Mr Sheriff’s
    alleged association with Boko Haram than any association of Mr
    Ihejirika. Mr Sheriff was said to have a long history of promoting
    groups to assist in his past efforts to win the governorship of Borno
    State. On 29 July 2009, there was a confrontation with security
    officers at Mamudo Village, along Potiskum/Damaturu Road, Yobe. 33 JAS
    members were killed. Later that night, there was a long battle with
    combined security operatives at Railway Terminus, Maiduguri, Borno
    State. Scores were killed and the JAS operational base was destroyed.
    Yusuf was subsequently captured by the military and handed over to the
    police. The JAS alleged that it was on Sheriff’s orders that Yusuf was
    executed in Maiduguri on 30 July 2009. Shekau was presumed killed in the
    same battle and a corpse was identified as that of Shekau. Thus the
    remaining JAS leaders made it clear their intention was to kill Sheriff
    and so it is right that Sheriff claims he is a victim of JAS. The Boko
    Haram we see today is not the JAS that was operational under Yusuf.
    Shekau emerged in mid-2010 and publicly claimed the leadership of a
    reinvigorated JAS.

    Shekau formed Ansaru which he used for
    kidnapping and beheading victims. This behaviour was a major departure
    from the original mandate of the JAS which was to purify Islam and
    return it to the behaviour example in the life of the Prophet. Many
    among the JAS leadership are no longer active and others have been
    killed. This has allowed Shekau to take the JAS to more extreme action
    and expanded the kidnapping, bombing and slaughtering. The Boko Haram we
    have today is a much expanded Ansaru. What we see now is not the
    Yusufiya which wanted very much to settle scores with Sheriff. It is
    Boko Haram as a partner to ISIS and Al Shabaab.

    Now I will offer an opinion as to the motives
    of the sponsors of Boko Haram. The political sponsors of Boko Haram
    seem to think that they can use Boko Haram to terrorise Nigeria to
    demonstrate that the current government cannot ensure the security of
    Nigerian citizens both Muslim and Christian. Therein the sponsors assume
    they can undermine any efforts of the current government to be
    re-elected in 2015. Herein lies the flaw for the conflict and
    instability currently being fanned suits the aims of Al Qa’eda and the
    architects of terrorism. Should the sponsors of Boko Haram win
    government in 2015, they will likely find that they cannot turn Boko
    Haram off or that Boko Haram will demand control of at least Borno State
    in return for reducing their attacks. Borno State may be just the
    beginning of an expanding caliphate.

    Several Boko Haram commanders and other
    persons close to and respected by Boko Haram have told me the names of
    some of the sponsors of Boko Haram. They have also described how some
    funds are transferred and arms made available. I have made public some
    of that information. I have also been told by some commanders that if
    one of the sponsors is arrested, they will surrender, release the girls
    and give information on the sponsors. Not all Boko Haram commanders
    will follow this lead but it may be a firm step towards dismantling or
    at least isolating Boko Haram.

    • Otuoke

      You are just deluding yourself if you think readers on this forum are as gullible as yourself and hopeless as your Goodluck the Niger Deltan who finds reading a prepared speech as a challenge. Provide a single link to your fake story that Stephen Davis was not hired by the Dunce you are working for who thought he was buying time not knowing that time was already up for him and crooks like you.
      Wait till the NBA takes Ihejirika and Modu Sheriff to ICC to know if your sponsor and you are smart enough

      • the truth

        i challenge you f**l to google stephen davis denies been hired by nigerian government. abc, vanguard nigeria are some of the news outlets to carry it. i have tried posting links here but it is been blocked.. f**l u can post here but to google out a mere information you can’t.

  • sir Oscie


  • Greenfield

    I am still expecting the Hausas to tell us what happened in the Northern States. I know they will not. It is only the Southerners that betray themselves. That’s why the Northerners rule us. Period

    • Strong System

      What has injustice done by Ibom man to another Ibom man has to do with the Hausa man???
      If everyone in Naija was to be of the same tribe and religion, persons like you would still hide behind something to propagate hate and injustice

      • Greenfield

        Get my point! The recent election was massively rigged everywhere. The Akwa Ibomites cry foul; the Hausas keep mum. This goes to prove the age long adage, “Ibibio isimaha idem”. We are traitors of our own kind. The Northerners did every they could to take what they wanted, while we did everything to betray ourselves and give out what we have. Thank God for those who stood their grounds whatever the means to say, “NO”

  • Lizzy

    I can’t but feel what the man actually felt…..the trauma of denial of his own rights. The so called election has to be cancelled, justice must prevail….

  • Kenneth Eze

    It must be clear that injury to one is injury to all. Except we stand up collectively against such vices as witnessed in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria is doomed!

  • dave

    why, all this rubbish, i am from Akwa Ibom and i don’t know where you guys went to and claimed that there was no election in Akwa Ibom… And what is puzzling that this claims are from Yourba’s and people living in Lagos or Abuja. I live in ABAK and There was smooth elections and no problem what so ever! Quit trying to forcefully change our democratically elected Gov. APC wants Akwa Ibom by force because of the huge oil allocation? I don’t know your agenda but quit tryna oppress us through rubbish claims!!! “NEEDLESS TO SAY IF THE CURRENT GOV, IS REMOVED THERE WILL BE AND ETHNIC WAR BECAUSE, IT IS THE FIRST TIME, THIS PEOPLE (eket/oron people) HAVE PRODUCED A GOV.” as you probably know circulated that is why the APC’s guy was rejected in PDP and he jumped to APC nobody within Akwa Ibom wants this guy… Please, your APC media propanda is hypocritical as the where underage and dead voters in the north but yet there are no articles about it.

  • Aham Bu Chidubem

    after all the rigging,Killings & thuggery, Udom Emmanuel held the bible & was sworn-in as A’Ibom ‘governor’; his days are numbered

  • david agu

    all im saying is. Akwa Ibom State Has No Legitimate Governor,

  • okpe

    Master riggers thought they could get away with electoral heists in Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Delta.GOD is watching o

  • lucycyril

    It baffles me when I hear a few of younger generation speak good of the killings & extreme rigging that Akpabio & PDP perpetrated. It is with great shame that I admit that the politicians in my States are the grandmasters of election rigging AKWA IBOM

  • ndiana

    I am from Akwa Ibom State. There is a serious conspiracy by the yorubas and housas to reduce Akwa Ibom that has become the darling of the entire country to nothing,using some disgruntled elements like UOU and some of the Oro tribes Who feel that,since They where denied the Governorship slot,Akwa Ibom should be Sold out. We had elections in Akwa Ibom and may be while the election was going on, the poster of this rubbish was busy froliking with the one paying her to write this rubbish. Akpabio has been declared as our best Governor by performance,if you doubth that, why Then are people still talking about Him months after he has left office? This is a semblance of what happened to Jesus. Men dont like Good things.I dont need a yoruba pros. To tell me My Name, she night not pronounce it well.