Australian Davis’ Allegations: SSS to quiz Sheriff, absolves Ihejirika as Boko Haram sponsor

Ali Modu Sheriff

The State Security Service, SSS, has said it has invited a former governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff for questioning over his alleged sponsorship of the Boko Haram insurgents.

It however absolved a former Chief of Army Staff, Azubuike Ihejirika, over the same allegation.

The spokesperson of the service, Marilyn Ogar, disclosed this at a press conference Friday in Abuja during which some suspects of the Nyanya bombing were paraded.

An Australian, Stephen Davies, who was contracted by the Federal Government to negotiate the freedom of the abducted Chibok girls had alleged that both Messrs. Sheriff and Ihejirika were major sponsors of the sect.

They however denied the allegation.

On Wednesday at a press conference in Abuja, Mr. Sheriff, a former senator, described the allegation as “callous and unwarranted, and that those linking him with the sect were either ignorant or completely out for mischief.

He also threatened to sue Mr. Davies.

Ms. Ogar, a Deputy Director however said the former governor had been summoned for interrogation though he had earlier been quizzed twice.

“Sheriff has been invited twice and he has been invited again (over his alleged sponsorship of Boko Haram). Investigation is ongoing to review every aspect of Davies allegations,” Ms. Ogar said.

On Mr. Ihejirika, she said it would be “uncharitable for Nigerians to reward someone who laid down his life, to associate him with the sponsorship of the sect.”

“I would want to say here that it is absolutely uncharitable for us as Nigerians to reward somebody who laid down his life in pursuing this same people (Boko Haram) for us to accept that he can in any way be associated, be seen as sponsoring the same sect,” Ms Ogar said.

She added: “He together with this service, the military together with this service succeeded in bringing their activities in Kano, Okene and other parts of Nigeria to a halt and pushing them to Sambisa forest. Its the same man we want, because he is no longer in office, to say he is the one sponsoring the sect. I think its being wicked. That shouldn’t be the way we reward people who lay down their lives to provide a secure environment for us.”

Ms. Ogar described Mr. Davies as “a self-styled and self-appointed negotiator.”

During the briefing, the SSS spokesperson paraded the alleged mastermind of the Nyanya, Abuja bomb blast. Those paraded are Sadiq Ogwuche, Ahmed Abubakar, Muhammad Ishaq, Yau Saidu, Anas Isah and Adamu Yusuf.

She denied Mr. Davies’ claims that the CBN official, who coordinated the funding of Boko Haram, was an uncle to three of those arrested in connection with the Nyanya incident.

According to her, none of the six suspects in the agency’s custody had any blood link with one another.

She stated, “In other words, none is a cousin or nephew to any other and only two suspects namely Yau Saidu and Anas Isah have ever lived together at the makeshift clinic called ‘Kishi Clinic’ operated by Rufai Tsiga, a co-mastermind of the bomb blast who is still at large.”

She said the clarification was being made to correct the wrong impression being created in the media.

In a chat with journalists, Mr. Ogwuche, who was repatriated to Nigeria from Sudan, said he was not a member of Boko Haram.

He said he was in Sudan at time the incident occurred.

He however admitted giving the widows of some Boko Haram members N30, 000 through one Tsiga, who has since been declared wanted for allegedly participating in the Nyanya bomb blast.

Mr. Ogwuche said he left the army to enable him pursue a course in Arabic in Sudan. He however confessed that he received lectures and trained with a jihadist group in the United Kingdom when the incident occurred before returning to Nigeria.

“I am not a member of Boko Haram and I don’t know anything about the Nyanya blast. I deny it because I was studying in Sudan when the incident happened,” he said.

However, Mr. Saidu said Mr. Ogwuche regularly visited to Tsiga “clinic” where the plot to carry out the bombing was hatched.


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  • Ailz

    Politics why absolve one party and quiz another. God help this country

    • Easy

      What do you expect from the incompetent and corrupt security outfit. It’s really a pity for Nigerians.

      • Ailz

        My own is we should stop playing politics with the masses because if this ctry continues like dis I forsee Rebellion

        • Dan maikoko

          Mr. Ailz we are in a rebellion!

          • Ailz

            Not until the aggrieved citizens start demonstrating what happened in Liberia and Tutsi and hutu style of…..

          • Dan maikoko

            You are slow in catching the real going-ons in Nigeria today. As we speak three local governments in the north-east are not under the control of the federal government. This has happened only once in our history, during another rebellion in 1966!

          • Omo Oodua

            Thats exactly what we should eradicate! Imagine just a town being created as a local government. There are a lot of deserts like villages like that scattered in the North being named local government just to syphone and gather money for the so called local govt. Its a fight to finish. Nigeria is a failed state. The North should be destroyed or everyone goes their separate ways!

        • Easy

          I-jaw man with shit ogogoro brain.

      • laf

        ibo man with no brain

  • Nigerian

    LIARS!!! This is the hopeless Nigerian secret serurity.

  • redeem

    Madam Ogar tell your agency to stop this silly childish acts————-its madness of the highest order————–u have agents all over the globe———–go and quiz the said Mr. Davis—–in Australia—–THAT IS WHAT U ARE SUPPOSED TO DO—ASK THE NIGERIA AMBASSADOR TO AUSTRALIA PROVIDE U WITH THE DEATIAL AND CONTACT OF THAT CIA AGENT——any wonder why we have not been able to conquer boko haram—————-because of the regional fulani method u people often apply in handling the issue—–those being targeted by APC are Sheriff and Ihejirika——————–how can u interview a man who had his younger brother and cousin killed by boko haram——————————————for what————————–the solution to the boko haram crisis lies in the sack of dasuki–remove gusau who was alleged to be the master mind–behind the creation of boko haram——————badey is not worth the job he was given sack him—it been one lie after the other—-by the Nigerian army ——————while patriotic Nigerians sacrifice their lives for the country–sack dasuki—– he is a mole

    • endingNaija

      So PDP ati President Jonathan do not want Department of State security to probe Sheriff who is a member of your party, PDP? Ha wonder no go end for Naija. Remember President Jonathan the leader of your party PDP said there are Boko Haram members in his party PDP and in his govt. Right? So we now have the evidence yet, you do not want Sheriff to be probed. Now I see, your party PDP and Jonathan are using Boko Haram for elections and the re-election strategy of Goodluck Jonathan -PERIOD

      • redeem

        what are they going to probe him for that is madness of the highest order its an insult—–he was the first governor to proscribe boko haram—-had his blood relations murdered in cold blood by boko haram–that janjaweed jihadist organization was created long b4 he became governor————–those behind boko haram are the fulanis–buhari–elrufai —–sanusi—————-sultan of sokoto——————tambuwal—atiku–and co-

        • Shehu


          • redeem

            @wahala————–i am not asking u to take me serious—nigeria is simply saying APC is mad to have cooked up this story via el rufai–for the fulanis—-are the kanusris the ones killing the people of people state—u mean ihejrika–is now responsible for the oogoing killings by the fulanis in benue ati plateau abi

          • Shehu

            Do you have a second thought about it? You are drunk.

        • endingNaija

          So why does Goodluck Jonathan ati PDP want to prevent the probe of a member of their party-Sheriff- for being a member of Boko Haram? Are you afraid that Goodluck Jonathan’s knowledge and view that there are Boko Haram members in his party-PDP- (e.g. Sheriff) and govt will be confirmed by the probe? Just answer. I dey laaaaf sha for obodo Naija!

          • redeem

            why have u refused to probe the statement made by buhari on boko haram

          • endingNaija

            You have come. Eh? Okay, this is it. The DSS MUST probe all CLAIMS. So what should you do? Make public the claims on Boko Haram by all Nigerians. Let the rightful authorities probel all of them OPENLY-not the usual Goodluck Jonathan probe. I am talking about a probe with integrity. So under this explanation Sheriff -a PDP member like Goodluck Jonathan the PDP leader-MUST BE PROBED FOR HIS INVOLVEMENT WITH BOKO HARAM. See? Goodluck Jonathan used his own mouth to say there are Boko Haram members in his party-PDP- and in his govt. We have one now in the person of Sheriff-let us probe in PUBLICLY and put an end to Boko Haram. It is obvious that your president-Goodluck Jonathan does not want an end to Boko Haram because he is suing it for political purposes. That is why we must probe Sheriff and expose PDP and Goodluck Jonathan ( as a president who is willing to shield Boko haram people in his party and govt) on Boko Haram.

        • Wähala

          He was arrested in Cameroon for terrorism-related activities… just like Asari and the Cotonou Genderme. In both cases, Dr. Moron Dumbo pressed buttons to have them released… why? What the PDP afraid of in investigating the named kingpins is because the phenomenon of Boko Haram will finally be solved and placed at Wadata Plaza for all eyes to see… remember, Baba Tukur called them: “freedom fighters” – time for them to reel-in their thugs, made up of ND militants trained as snipers by Al- Mustapha, armed by Ihejirika, and finaced by Modu Sheriff ati CBN mamaging director who happens to be a senior PDP big wig. Party of evil thugs & thieves. Let the ICC investigate, Nigerians have lost faith in partisan DSS and certainly, ugly Mary Magdalene. Let The Hague decide!

          • redeem

            u as an ibo man has not brain-very sad–does what u have just posted make sesne to yr janjaweed APC head—————its yr semi tribes man that is being accused–financing boko haram——– that is why some allege u are fulani who grew up in the east—–i say no–ibo/Fulani–who cannot use theior mouths and head to defend the accusation of genocide—against them—-Nigeria is saying the ibos are not wanted———————in their midst———-sheriff is Kanuri ——are u now saying its the kanuris who are killing the boroms in Jos– or the ibos are the one murdering the indigenes of plateau—–u are sick period

    • Guttersense

      The man SAS-GAS made Buji Foi a BH kingpin commissioner of Religious Affairs… Are all of u from that place Dumb?

      • redeem

        go and sit down for dirty–they were nominated by the masses who did not know he was an agent of boko haram-

        • Guttersense

          Hahaha. So in ur place its masses that nominate comissioners?

          • kick ’em out

            Don’t mind the ogogoro drunkard. You know the ijaws have their own odd ways of doing things. Don’t you see how the Dumbo Ebola Jonaharam is doing things. Clowns!!!

        • Shehu

          L I A R!!!

          • REDEEM


          • Shehu

            But they have moral right to vote for your Dumbo.

    • Shehu

      Well, In summary you mean THE DUMBO JONAHARAM must go too. He has failed as the C-IN-C to provide the necessary security to the citizens of this country. You need to be taken to your brother THE AIG FORCE AMINAL BRANCH for keeping.

      • REDEEM


        • Shehu

          You have already been concocting lies about it. So what do you want anybody to say? How many has your Dumbo helped in killing due to his inability to provide security to the people. How many have been killed in the name of NIS recruitement exercise because of corruption.The only thing is for you to be taken away for keeping by your brother AIG ANIMAL BRANCH.

  • Adam B

    What this woman is saying unknowingly is that the only way to eliminate Boko Haram is for GEJ not come back in 2015. There was no time in the history of this country where security agents and political office holders are openly working based on ethnic bigotry, religious and regional sentiments than under this administration. It starts with GEJ himself where he absolved MEND from blame even after they claimed to have carried out the October bombing in Abuja. And now this heir-dresser is unprofessionally siding with Ihejirika before lunching any investigation on his alleged involvement!

    • redeem

      it has always been there-akaluka was not killed under Jonathan——————–Maitasine did not spring up from the bedroom of jonathan

      • Adam B

        One thing you failed to understand is that FG is not a personal estate of GEJ! He succeeded from his predecessor and tomorrow somebody would succeed him ,hence problems must be inherited in govt and whoever is the figure head must also be answerable to it as everyone aspiring for the position knows the challenges therein…

  • Dan maikoko

    “I would want to say here that it is absolutely uncharitable for us as Nigerians to reward somebody who laid down his life in pursuing this same people (Boko Haram) for us to accept that he can in any way be associated, be seen as sponsoring the same sect,”
    Ms Ogar

    After the september 11 commission submitted its report members were asked why did they not arrest and investigate individuals and corporate bodies that were known to have bought several million dollars worth of put-options against United Airlines and American Airlines. They answered that “there was no conceivable link between those individuals and Al-qaida.”
    A put-option is a bet that a stock price of a particular company will fall. The CIA monitors these put-options to predict events and/or catch insider trading and other frauds. The CIA recorded a very high spike in put options against the two airlines that were to be involved in the 911 attacks by certain highly placed individuals and Banks. They were neither arrested nor investigated.
    This Ms Ogah has shown clearly that the govt is involved in funding Boko Haram. Ihejirika even if he defeated boko haram must be investigated because there is motive and opportunity. The opportunity was that he heads the army the motive is that he stands to gain more than anybody else if Nigerian defence budget goes from a few hundred billion to 3 trillion. Further, when El-Rufai posted a link to what Rev. Davies said in an interview, Ihejirika had nothing to say to Davies but concentrated exclusively on attacking El-Rufai. A clear case of attacking the messenger instead of the message. This clearly is a sign of quilt.

    • checkmate

      Indeed it is. The man is quilty

    • Wähala

      If you consider the links between late NSA, Azazi, and MEND terrorists… your theory makes perfect sense. Not only “motive and opportunity” are there in Ihejirika’s case, the ‘reason’ is now blatant because he cannot afford to prosecute his Governorship ambitions with Army pension, he ran arms to the insurgents to accumulate funds for his political fantasies. Gen. Ihejirika is guilty as charged, as sin is guilt before God & man. I will continue to prove it and regardless ugly Marilyn Ogar’s assertions, the evil PDP are behind the Boko Haram. Dr. Davis is not done yet… stay tuned!

      • Bigzy

        Gullible prat! Now I am begining to see what your foe @redeem as been harping on about in spite of his inelegance in conveying he truth.

  • Maria

    Nigeria is finished.

  • Scalywag

    Please let Madam Ogar read the transcript of the Davis interview well. I think he says those three men related to the man at CBN are YET TO BE ARRESTED. The issue of Ihejirika is funny. He has not laid down his life yet. It may be a matter of bad english. But that a man served as Chief of the Army does not make him innocent at the whim of the DSS. The travails of Gen. Bamaiyi in our recent history are instructive. As it is turning out only the ICC can give justice to the dead, the widows, the orphans, the maimed and the displaced and other hapless sundry victims of the madness that has demonstrated that the state exists in Nigeria only to service the whims and caprices of our so-called leaders.

  • Kasarawa

    Sometimes I wonder what Mr Dumbo President, his various security agencies and advisers are aiming for? In order to prove to us that they have no hand in the BH lingering crisis, they should start by implementing Ambassador Galtimari’s report on the genesis of BH, by inviting Dr Stephen Davis to shed more light into his allegations, to ask SSS to invite the duos of Mr Sheriff and Ihejirika for questioning, to identify the said staff of the CBN who helps in transferring BH funds to abroad and most importantly to provide modern sophisticated weapons to our military personnel in order to face BH fighters.

  • Aminulahi Aminu

    Ihejirika is a relly sponsor of boko haram, Madam ogar u can not decieve us.

  • Olayinka

    What does mean by they have absolve him on the ground of him being an ex-service man. I can’t believe this, without investigation, this govt and its security agency just exonerated him.

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and where’s your investigation of Mr. Davis’s credentials? I don’t see you questioning that. Or you just believe him ’cause he’s white man and you’re a monkey?

  • Scalywag

    If Ihejirika is innocent, what about the Boko financier at CBN? Why was he not mentioned in Ogar’s briefing? Has he also laid down his life for Nigeria by being a staff of the CBN? Please Nigerians are not dunces. It seems some highly placed nigerians are involved in a satanic ritual of irrigating their positions with the blood of Nigerians. It is clear that our soldiers are also being sacrificed by sending them to battle with armaments that are inferior to BH arsenals. Witness the conflicting claims on the status of Bama, to the extent that hunters have now volunteered to fight boko haram

    • inki

      that person is sanusi—would the dogs in APC allow such to be tried–would they not use their media houses to chase jonathan —is tinubu in jail

  • wode

    Imagine a broad day light twisting of truth. This Government seems to have some hands in this whole BH problem. I can’t understand this hanky panky from the top security agency.

    As I have earlier said, the man, Davis has already briefed the Government about his findings, but Government decided to be irresponsible and insensitive to the plight of the masses. They’d rather exploit the political gain of the whole situation for selfish interest. That’s the reason why Davis has to blow the whistle. Unfortunately, nothing would happen at the end of the day unless the PDP government is chased out of power.

  • uckhalifa

    Marilyn holding brief for Ihejirika, this woman has never for once portray herself as a public figure, without calling in the retired General for any questioning all she could muse is that he is innocent of the allegation. By her comment she simply telling us that as a public officer even if u did any wrongdoing, there is no basis to try u cos u have served the MOTHERLAND!

    • redeem

      who killed dele giwa ati kudirat abiola—–ihejirika abi

  • Sunday

    What do you expect of a woman with smelly mouth. Try kissing her and you will get the jist… Marilyn Ogar is an incompetent, incoherent, inconsistent liar. She is probably one of Ihejirika’s mistresses…

    • Wähala

      “mistresses” – tufiakwa!
      Gen. Ihejirika may be a reputed skirt pusher, but I doubt he would take a second look at Mary Magdalene. Ogar has to be the ugliest security service woman on earth, worse than sh*t. Who kisses sh*t, biko? Stop’am oo! Gen. Ihejirika may be a terrorist kingpin but, no Igbo man would lift Ogar’s rusty skirts for all the rice in China… none!

      • redeem

        can u be nan enough to present us wit a picture of yxr mother–and father in army uniform—— at least

        • Wähala

          I darn sure don’t want to see a picture of your stone-dead mother otherwise, I would happily post momisco’s pics fpr all to admire… you will have to reciprocate and who wants to see a ghost? Dindirin!

  • Tonnero

    Ogar is after Olisa Metuh’s job o. Olisa had better watch out. Else, how would a PRO of DSS be waxing poetic and calling Nigerians uncharitable. Charity has nothing to do with this. As a professional organization, stay with the facts and leave the sentiments out. No one should be above investigation no matter how many lives they have “laid down” for Nigerians. If however, Ihejirika has already been investigated and nothing was found, she should just say so in everyday English. E be like say once someone is from SS or SE and in government under GEJ, one should wonder how objective they are when they talk especially when it concerns indicting anyone from that axis.

  • teddy

    I thank God Nigerians are seeing the falsehood in our government. How could the government be the one to exonerate one of the accused. She called Davies a self-styled negotiator and blamed Nigerians for saying Ihejirika was a BH sponsor, was it Nigerians that invited Davies or was it Nigerians that told Davies what to say. Pls leave us alone. Marilyn remains a disgrace to womanhood, she could at least learn from Akunyil to speak only for the truth. Moreover when did it become the work of the SSS to defend the accused even if that accused was the president. Until we are able to separate governance from politics, Nigeria is truly finished.

    • Alcindo Satori

      don’t worry, Nigeria shall continue to wax stronger.

  • John green

    Let us all see them pay for what they’v done to this country, the souls that have been lost due to their personal satisfaction in government and if truely we have a president in this nation which many of us doubts and which we still believe that it will be difficult for him to do because of his ambition comes 2015. And we all know that he’s contented with using people as sacrificial lamb for his own ambition and nigerians had known the truth. We will get there in the next few months and change the clueless and visionless. Change all the way

  • Wähala

    Is ugly Ogar still speaking for the DSS… or for Ihejirika’s Abia Governorship ambition? Now calling a Fed. Govt. hired, internationally acclaimed negotiator, “self-appointed and self-styled” is one of her unfortunate & blatant lies. Even Baba Iyabo could not negotiate with the BH without official permission from the Federal Govt… much less an Australian from Down Under! See why I hate this Ogar woman? Whenever she opens her mouth… sh*t falls out! Granted her client, Ihejirika is clean, how about the Boko Haram money bag still at the CBN… is he walking free bcos he’s a card-carrying member of the PDP, why not arrest and parade him make all eyes see and judge which Party has been slaughtering Nigerians for political capital? As-is, only an international, independent agency (i.e. ICC) can conduct a non-partisan investigation and prosecution of all the sponsors of Boko Haram, a terrorist outfit responsible for genocide. Believe Mary Magdalene Ogar and I am Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe!

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and you believe a white man spitting out a hearsay accusation? I mean without any hard evidence whatsoever? And you’re one of Nigeria’s “wise men”? I truly weep for Nigeria.

  • Mohstone

    OMG !!! Truly the entity called Nigeria is a HUGE JOKE !!! So DSS unilaterally absolve Ihejirika on the grounds that he was a former service chief??? Without investigations or probe??? Wow!!! this is hillarious. This woman called Orgar is trully having the Ogar gene in her (same gene as Shrek). No wonder she is as ugly as Shrek. How on earth could they brought themselves so low??? Nigeria is finished. If we dont change these bastards in 2015 then 2019 is ARMAGEDDON.


    The question Marilyn Ogar should ask Ihejirika is how did Late Major General Shua died ? and why were your soldiers ran out of bullets and Heartless Boko Hellram killed more than 200 soldiers. Rather than exornate hin , I hope you will also stupidly exornate General Bamayi for using$ 8million for 419 in KiriKiri prison , from recruit to retired general in Nigeria , no body could be vouch for except you thoroughly examine the circumstances sorrounnding the allegation . Nigerian civilservants , police ,judiciary and politicians including Marilyn can not be trusted except he or she proof so , with the daily occurrence of stealing & corruption.
    Ms Marilyn Ogar your job is not to be advocate for Ihejirika,but to interrogate him as you will do for Modu Sheriff, otherwise you will dent the already partisan & sinking image of your DSS

    • Alcindo Satori

      No Baba’baboon’. the real question is figuring out your true motive. Yoruba’s can never be trusted in anything afterall – even hausas are staring to realize that.

  • Hassan Garba Yaradua

    Australian Davis’ Allegations: SSS to quiz Sheriff, absolves Ihejirika as Boko Haram sponsor.

    Dr, Stephen Davies, as a father to three daughters and negotiator for the release of our Chibok daughters, has discharged his moral duty to humanity and the families of the innocent lives lost and displaced. Now it’s for Jonathan and the politicians to square up.

    However, from the claims by the State Security Services (SSS) Department, it appears that the allegations may soon be swept under the carpet, as is always usual in Nigeria. Otherwise, how and why should the SSS claim that he’s not hired by Government? Fine, the SSS should tell us how did Davis find his way to Boko Haram (BH) camp? Whether he’s hired or not, as a Christian, foreigner and a neutral person, he endangered his life and met face-to-face with BH and therefore in the best position to obtain information, no matter how imperfect, than any security intelligence outfit operating from office.

    Whether we agree or disagree with him, the truth is that the real BH are the sponsors, financiers and collaboraters and not the commanders and their foot soldiers at Sambisa camps. And if we sincerely and honestly want to end this BH thing, we must simply go after these sponsors, financiers and collaborators. Time is runing out before they link up to Al-Qaeda , Al-Shabiba ,ISIS and terror groups as Davies warned.

    On other hand, I absolutely concur with the Nigerian Bar Association (Maiduguri/Borno State Chapter) on its resolve to drag the alleged BH sponsors to The Hague.

    • dom

      are the kanuris the ones killing the people of plateau and benue

      • Alcindo Satori

        …good question. and let’s see how Hassan the clown answers the question.


    The SSS has given Nigerians another reason not to have confidence in it. On what basis is Ihejirika absolved? Is this not indecent haste? Truly, the SSS has been politicized.

    The opposition is right to have called for the suspects to be handed over to the ICC at The Hague.

    Good a thing, there is no status of limitation on crimes against humanity. Tomorrow will be a new day!

    • Alcindo Satori

      …and the SSS have spoken; Ihejirika is absolved. Eureka!!! Yoruba two-tongue

  • Scalywag

    Good evening Nigeria. I just saw Ihejirika on Channels tv defending himself now. This time he didn’t say el-Rufai is a BH commander. Well as we have all agreed ICC is the place to do that. Sometime in May this year a couple of soldiers granted interviews to BBC wherein they claimed they had encountered some of their instructors in battle fighting for BH. At that time it sounded incredible. But with Davis’s interview the whole scenario is becoming clearer and with the putative exoneration by Ogar, there may be more to it than meets the eye. So the Hague is the place to do that. Accusation does not mean guilt.

    • Wähala

      Not only soldiers, villagers often reported sighting helicopters dropping supplies to the insurgents, Ihejirika is a war criminal, Ali Sheriff’s faith is accomplished as their Father… remains the CBN money bag and bingo! Ready for The Hague!

    • Mohammed

      Nigerians should not worry, there is God oooooh! Time will clear all the doubts, assumptions, speculations n exhonerations by the special grace of God, my question is, is this similar to the Oga on d tops defending of MEND for claiming responsibility of d 1st October bomb, which South Africa later confirmed the mess of un guarded tongues.
      Fellow Nigerians lets always be optimistic n discard acts of selfish n sectional sentiments, what ever we do the truth will come out one day, God willing.
      God bless Nigeria.