Bankole meets PDP leaders amid rumoured Guber bid

Former Speaker, House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole

A former Speaker of House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, on Thursday met leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for what appeared the start of consultations amid his rumoured gubernatorial ambition in Ogun State come 2015 poll.

Mr. Bankole was at the headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, located along presidential boulevard, Abeokuta, in company of his supporters.

The party secretariat was adorned with Mr. Bankole’s posters, while his supporters sang his praises, calling on him to declare interest in the governorship race on time.

At the party headquarters, Mr. Bankole told the party officials that he came on a courtesy visit and to fashion ways of resolving the party’s prolonged crisis.

“I am a on a courtesy visit and not for governorship ambition. The purpose is unifying our party. I have come to report my own findings, I come to beg, to appeal. After diagnosis of what happened to us in 2007. Dimeji Bankole never takes any faction of PDP, last time I came to PDP secretariat was 2007.Today’s visit is about making sure we mend fences to give the opposition a good fight. I will continue to make such visits,” Mr. Bankole stated.

Mr. Bankole and party leaders engaged in another round of closed door meeting which lasted for over two hours.

He also explained the purpose of the unification drive, which was not only to bring all aggrieved members of the party back to the fold, but to as well give the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC good run for their money in the 2015 election.

“We are not the only party with issues, of course we’ve learnt our lessons in a very hard way especially with the result of the last election in 2011. We do not wish that to happen to us, that is why most of us are going round the state to make sure we reconcile as many members as possible and bring former party members into the PDP and that is what you see us doing,” he said.

“As we are uniting, as we are reconciling, we have much better chance than we did in 2011,” Bankole said.

At the end of the meeting, the former Speaker spoke to his teeming supporters, but kept mute over his rumoured governorship ambition. He asked them to start mobilizing towards the success of the party ahead of the general elections.

Speaking on the Permanent Voters Card distribution in the state, Mr. Bankole explained that the party was ready to mobilise the people to take part in the exercise.

Earlier in his speech, the party chairman, Dayo Bayo, explained that his executive members will provide a level playing ground to all the aspirants on the platform of the party.

He described Mr. Bankole as a prominent member of the party, though young, but has the potentials of an elder who can successfully lead the state.

He however advised Mr. Bankole to come up with a committee which will represent the interest of all groups within the party.

“I am going to be transparent and give all aspirants a play level field, when we are united, there is nothing we cannot do together for the greatness of ourselves, the party and the state at large,” he said.


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  • Goodluck_Nigeria

    He stole enough ………. !!!

    • Omo Ogun

      Yes this current Governor Ibikunle Amosun has stolen enough. He should just go on to enjoy his loot. Lets showcase someone who derives pride in his Ogun state people. Who will work with them to ensure a better life. Yes enough is enough. Lets all speak positively about Nigeria enough of these name calling. talk SOLUTIONs

  • Sofolahan Olawale

    Kabo se dada lode. atin reti re. Dimeji Bankole is a man of honour and that’s why the Establishment was against him. A rubber stamp Speaker will not get the kind of victimisation he went through at the tail end of his tenure. It is on record that the major function of oversight was really practicalized during his tenure. Power probe and several other probes, He ensured during his tenure that unspent Budgeted funds of over 1 Trillion Naira was returned back to the treasury. Dimeji was discharged and acquitted by a Court of competent Jurisdiction as the Judge realised he was wrongly alleged because he stopped some Big boys from sharing the over 1 trillion Naira. Get your facts right about him because he does not like propaganda and as a result a lot of his achievement are unknown by the people.

    • Wähala

      Are you a patient at Aro Mental Hospital… by any chance?
      Dimeji stole Nigeria dry. The worst disappointment in youthful leadership Nigeria has ever experience at Speaker level and you’re here marketing corruption. Dimeji mortgaged The House and shared the illicit preceeds with corrupt bank officials and some of his PDP cronies. Which court of competent jurisdiction? The very corrupt Nigerian criminal justice system cut Dimeji Bankole lose after frivolously dismissing his fat file for “lack of diligent prosecution”…after Bankole protracted his case with amoral legal technicalities… you dey smoke? Bankole was the reason then EFCC Czarina, Farida Waziri, said the kind of theft she witnessed calls for “psychological examination” for some Nigerian leaders… abi you no read’am? She said so during her cat-n-mouse game to arrest Dimeji Bankole for graft. As if to carry Naija for head, Bankole later bought his Official Residence in Abuja from this corrupt PDP-led Govt. only to turn around and lease it back to the Government! Who sells what he owns & needs… only to become a tenant in his former house? That’s how corrupt Bankole is… and, I did not mention his father!

      • concerned9ja

        Bankole was acquitted by the court, but would never be free from the People’s Court. The people you mortgaged their future are waiting for you. Ask Iyiola Omisore

      • Sofolahan Olawale

        Its obvious the kind of person you are. Just a word of advice for you. Always speak with facts as i wish you knew what Dimeji Stands for. You were in this Country when Dimeji stepped on toes by probing a lot of Government Expenditures and some were even aired live on TV. You dont expect the affected ones to just sit down and watch so they went after in repute with those false allegations. All the legislators were offered their quarters and i am aware Dimeji bought his official residence with a Mortgage Loan which he his still servicing as we speak. Stop spreading falsehood and put him in your issues and understand exactly how you feel if people spread falsehood about you.

        • emmanuel

          You are a proper barawo. Wn omo ale.

          What does Bankole stand for thievery?

  • Johnson Okiemute

    It is so so sad. This is why Nigeria will never make any progress. This small scallywag stole billions and evaded EFCC like all of them do. He it was who engaged the EFCC in a shameless hide and seek game as he sought to evade prosecution. But as usual he used the usual connections and everything was swept under the carpet. He then went underground…a period which would have permitted perfect divestment of the loot from UBA borrowings et al…and now, he has literally risen from dormancy and is back to once again deceive the people from who he has stolen.

    He is not alone. When we called Honorable Lawrence Anini a thief but failed to investigate the irregularities at ITT and call those involved by their real names, we had just set a precedent that would haunt us for life. Like I have said before, until we begin to place culpability where culpability belongs, crooks will continue to show up and have the effrontery to insult the sensibilities of discerning Nigerians.

    For goodness sake who is Bank-Ole? What else does he want? Bo Xilia of China is in jail for corruption despite his wealth and influence. Few days ago, Indonesia sentenced Ratu Atut (a woman politician) to 4yrs in prison for stealing about $45,000 ONLY…but in continent Nigeria, Farouk Liwan who stole $250,000 is still in office. He too will rise from limbo someday to contest for Governorship. What a shame!

    These political thieves will not stop until they are stopped…someone like Bankole has no moral basis to present himself for election. None whatsoever. This is why we urgently need to restructure Nigeria. The present federal system and useless ‘One country’ mantra breeds corruption. But Bank-Ole should know that whether now or later, he or his generation will have questions to answer.

    • Omo Ogun

      Mr Complainant General. You know all the problems- what are the solutions? Apart from free media like this what other quota have you contributed to Nigeria. I teach in a secondary school for 6 hours every week for free? what do you do—–

    • Tony Harrison

      Thank you. I agree with you wholly. It pains me when I see people put any of the politician we have in that country on a pedestal. I guess its true that we Nigerian deserves the kind of government we have.

  • TopeLamas

    Dimeji is d worst nightmare nt only nigeria has had in d legislative house bt a dis grace to youth who voted for dis man, thinking he cn mk a difference. He is a total failure looking for guber post den will go back to his self again he has stolen toooo much from nigeria nd we cnt avoid to v hin in govt nymore

  • Otitooro Igbayi

    Folks: it is okay if you don’t like Dimeji Bankole but lets be factual in our attack on his person. Did he steal any money? Did the judiciary find him culpable? The fact of the matter is many of us won’t believe how innocent this guy his. He’s not like other politicians guys… let me educate you a little bit more about Dimeji’s achievement and why the judiciary freed him completely.

    • True Nigerian Peppersoup

      You don’t need to say any more. The Judiciary did not find IBB guilty of any crimes. And what about Mohammed Abacha, James Ibori, Asari Dokubo, Goodluck Jonathan, Mike Aondoakaa, Femi Fani Kayode, Bola Tinubu, Femi Otedola, Sule Lamido, Turai Yaradua, and Atiku Abubakar? These are just some of the most dangerously corrupt Nigerians who have never been found guilty of corruption by Nigeria’s horrendous justice system.

      So, please kindly shut it and Spare us from your jaundiced intelligence and corrupted sense of legality!

      • Otitooro Igbayi

        You need to get your facts right. Dimeji Bankole did not steal a dime. He worked closely with the rest of right thinking legislators to ensure Ministries, Agencies, Parastatals to return 1 Trillion naira of unspent funds back to the federation account after year ends. You can go on and on about examples of folks you think should rot in jail but for sure Dimeji isn’t one of them. I guess he forgot to steal from 1 Trillion naira right? You’ve allowed propagandists politicians to block your right thinking mindset without redemption. Not all politicians are rogues as you may hope…..Some like Dimeji have human conscience and they are normal thinking people like you and me. However, folks whose lust for propagandist politicians believe anything they see on TV, read on blogs or newspapers, from politician’s henchmen and attack dogs etc. Please wake up from your “jaundiced intelligence” tales if I may use your words…….

    • emmanuel

      Just collect Dimeji’s money and visit all online forums to campaign for him, but he will not win primaries.

      Your life don spoil if you say he nor steal money. That guy should be in jail by now if not for the very corrupt judicial system and you have the seared conscience to ask if he stole money

      • Otitooro Igbayi

        I wanted to let your comment slip by but then I changed my mind. What’s the problem in explaining what you guys may not know? Give me facts about what he stole? I bet you are one of those who simply read “newspapers headlines” without reading the stories. I’m happy to campaign for the guy if he’s interested in contesting for office. However, my presence on this forum is to debunk the myths and falsehood that had been sown in people’s mind through various nefarious approaches all to blackmail the guy for showing courage to speak up against the “Nigerian untouchables”. How do you know he won’t win primaries? You already have the crystal ball “Mr Psychic”…………We’ll wait and see

    • Omo Ogun

      All Nigerian leaders somewhatly accrue to themselves largesse of office, but some do it with impunity. if you have facts share and stop saying did he steal?

      • Otitooro Igbayi

        The facts are: He does not have access to steal like the executives. Have you read the entire Appropriation Act during the years Dimeji was speaker of house? What are the details of revenue and expenditure? What was missing? Did he sign any borrowing agreement with any banks? Where are the copies of the agreement? How many contracts did Dimeji award? and to who? Dimeji Bankole is NOT the same as the Nigerian House of Representatives. He was a member and their leader at some point during the last administration. The above are some of the cold hard facts that will tell you his trial by EFCC was based on concocted fiction of some people who believed he didn’t give them what they want or deserve.

  • True Nigerian

    Ever since Bankole’s arrival on the Nigerian national scene, I have stopped applauding those who cynically question the value in the candidacy and aspirations of our septuagenarian Presidential aspirants who I’m sure are more youthful in their patriotism than horrendous youths like Bankole. Nigeria does not need even one more youthful leader made of Bankole’s stocks. Enough of silly jokes like the Bankoles of this world. It is time for this country to move forward, regardless of who takes us forward or helps us to take ourselves forward.

    • Omo Ogun

      True Nigerian did you just admit- you will ever succeed except the old people lead us again. What a shame? you shouldn’t be on this page looser

  • Ak

    It amazed me that a lot of you are not enlightened at all about Rt. Hon Dimeji Bankole saga. He was a child of political machinations. He was victimed due to his upright position taken during the time of our late president Yaradua. He stood firm on his conviction. I think he deserves to be accord utmost respect. He belongs to our generation and still have a lot to offer. A person of his standing should be trusted with higher responsibility. Enough of this!!!. DB, welcome to the gateway state, those that don’t know your contributions talk for the lack of knowledge.

    • True Nigerian Peppersoup

      You are using an expired template. It’s a template that Nigerians now know too well. Here is how it goes: a horrible politician like Bankole would make their move with one silly announcement or overture, and then they will unleash a few of your type to go on every new website and internet chatrooms to start banging our ears with useless explanations of the most obvious odium in public leadership and accountability. Apart from the question of missing funds and the humongous amounts fictitiously spent on renovations of the same official house that cost only a minute fraction of what was supposedly spent on its Satanic cost of renovation, what about the nearly 100 legisltaions which were initiated under Bankole, but never went past the process of being passed into law? What about the resolution that cleared Patricia Eteh and other co-travellers in Bankole’s legislatiive corruption and irresponsbility? What about the despotism in the House under Bankole which made him to cook up heavy-handed silly lies in order to suspend legislators who had divergent views on issues of corruption allegations against Bankole? Do you think that a despotic federal legislature would become a benevolent governor? You must be hallucinating!

      The Judiciary did not find IBB guilty of any crimes. And what about Mohammed Abacha, James Ibori, Asari Dokubo, Goodluck Jonathan, Mike Aondoakaa, Femi Fani Kayode, Bola Tinubu, Femi Otedola, Sule Lamido, Turai Yaradua, and Atiku Abubakar? These are just some of the most dangerously corrupt Nigerians who have never been found guilty of corruption by Nigeria’s horrendous justice system.

      Shameless Mike Aondoakaa might as well say that he is an innocent man
      who is being persecuted for his “patriotic” role during the saga of the
      late President Yaradua.

      So, please kindly shut it and spare us from your jaundiced intelligence and corrupted sense of legality!

      • Ak

        The game is on the field for the electorates to choose their leader not online haters like you. They know better what is good for them. A listening and humble person who will see to their plight not a Plc government. Ogun is patiently waiting for DB.

      • Omo Ogun

        You have spoken very well Mr Pepper Soup. This is a very correct template of how Nigerians have been conditioned to think. You have been tainted to think progress is impossible? To think that Nigeria has the biggest problem in the world? to Think that every success is corruption and worse off to think that NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT. Mr P- change your picture- change the channel…start thinking in a new dimension with brand new success stories in view. I used to be like you but thats all changed now. I will succeed and im going to do something about it.

    • colinas

      Senator Dimeji Bankole should have suffice – instead of the Rt. Hon ……

  • We are very good at character assasination. Ogun state governorship election will not be decided on any online forum. It will be decided in the nooks and cranny of Ijebu Ode, Odeda, Ipokia, Otta…..The people who live in these places will decide what is good for them. Not armchair critics who sit down behind the PCs and laptops (outside Ogun state and in diaspora|) to run their mouth

  • Pablo Ejire

    For crying out loud…what is all these half baked and very very myopic views on Bankole about? The contributors themselves are not doin justice to common sense assuming they have it..Pls enlighten us..Was Bankole speaker when money was spent on the renovation of the speakers official residence. .?.Was Bankole the one who initiated the policy of monetisation of housing benefits. .? Was Bankole the only NASS member to buy his official residence. .? Does a speaker pass a law like a memo from his office or there are procedures to follow including voting by members of the house. .? What evidence did EFCC/KEYAMO put b4 the court worthy of any conviction. .? People should learn to argue with decency n common sense when not in beer parlours ….If you have any new evidence against him please forward to EFCC OR KEYAMO and stop convicting him in your dreams

  • Omo Ogun

    I get confused when i see brilliant people with no form of intelligence let to say simple things like common sense, people have commented so well on this fora saying negative things about Bankole, So they say about all Nigerian leaders. There is no public official in Nigeria that is today celebrated because whether they steal or not once they are in government they are perceived as corrupt. Can these negative people list Nigerians that are in public service that are not corrupt- lets start from there……………………………I Went to schools in Yewa, graduated from OSU, I work in abeokuta. Im an Omo Ogun thru and thru and i know better. unfortunately the people of Ogun state are not on the social media like that to defend themsleves- The AMOSUN government has impoverished the whole people of the state. SAP is working like mad in Ogun state- but one thing for sure is that things need to change for the good people of OGUN state. AMOSUN MUST GO

  • AntiCorruCrusaders


    Clown Buhari is the godfather of CORRUPTION in Nigeria.

    Only DUMBOS know what Clown Buhari represents and still tag him an anti-corruption agent.

    For the records, Clown Buhari was one of 12 men who HACKED Nigeria’s political structure to skew it for Fulanis.

    Clown Buhari seized government to stop the probe of missing $2.8 billion when he was petroleum minister in 1970s.

    Clown Buhari served under Abacha, arguably, the most corrupt of all.

    Clown Buhari supported directly or indirectly the activity of Sharia by which non-Muslims are harassed and killed in northern Nigeria.

    Were it not for the Clown Buhari’s people’s SLAVES, YORUBAS, no sane Nigerian would ever vote GODFATHER OF CORRUPTION and expect him to stop corruption.

    TEST OF CLOWN Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Claims:

    1. If Clown Buhari wants to prove he is an anti-corruption, let Clown Buhari implement the National Conference resolutions or convoke a new one to enable Nigerians determine how hey want to b governed.

    2. If Clown Buhari is not for corruption, let Clown Buhari probe the missing $2.8 billion, Babangida, Obasanjo, Abdusalammi, & Jonathan

    3. If Clown Buhari is not a Godfather of corruption, let Clown Buhari probe all thieving governors starting from Thiefnubu who looted Lagos State taxpayers funds