Afenifere blasts Kwankwaso over comment on 1999 Constitution

Former Governor Of Kano State Rabiu Kwankwaso

The Afenifere Renewal Group, ARG, has described Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso’s comment claiming the immutability of the 1999 Constitution and called on all Nigerians to condemn it as selfish and unpatriotic.

In a statement on Sunday, the group blamed Mr. Kwankwaso and other “self-seeking” Nigerian politicians for endorsing the 1999 Constitution when it suits him and calling for its amendment when it does not.

In a media interview recently, Mr. Kwankwaso was quoted as saying that “any Constitution other than the 1999 Constitution should be rejected because anything less than that is an instrument by those who think it will help them.”

“Kwankwanso, one of those who believe the 1999 Constitution is perfect for Nigeria, has had two reasons to call for its amendment recently,” the ARG said in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Kunle Famoriyo.

“He changed his stance on the agitation for state police when his security aides were withdrawn by ‘order from above’ during the Kano Emirship commotion. He also called for amendment of the impeachment laws when a raft of impeachment wave threatened governors of his party, All Progressives Congress, claiming Nyako governorship in the process,” the statement said.

“These two calls for constitutional amendment, coming at a time that Kwankwanso was at the receiving end of the imperial and despotic powers of the 1999 Constitution, seem to suggest that the Constitution must exist only to serve his personal good and that of others with similar stance. It does not bother them if and when others are the victim of the Constitution’s despotic powers,” the statement continued.

“This selective philosophy from a man who wants to become Nigeria’s president is no less selfish and denigrating as the politics that currently dominates Aso Rock,” it added.

The ARG said that Nigerian politicians have not proved that democracy is indeed a better alternative to military rule, adding that “All Nigerian presidents since 1999 have found the 1999 Constitution handy in justifying dictatorial tendencies, with the current president claiming he is yet to even use 10 percent of the (despotic) powers of the constitution.

“This is a dangerous pointer to the fact that Nigerian politicians are still not faring better than military dictators who churn out decrees and amend them to suit their dictatorship ego.

“Neither Kwankwaso, nor any Nigerian politician, need be at the whipping end of the Constitution before patriotic sense prevails on all of us to fight to entrench true federalism in Nigeria. For Nigeria to survive, it must provide an equitable basis of existence for all federating units. The 1999 is evidently inequitable and needs, not piecemeal amendments, but a total reworking.

“ARG has no grouse against any politician but it believes that no politician’s ambition should choke national interest. ARG therefore calls on all politicians to learn to sacrifice personal interests for the promotion of an egalitarian Nigeria anchored on true federalism principles.

“Nigerians are not made for the law. Neither should law, meant to promote equality, promote class divide. We must ask ourselves: can we truly have democracy when some parts of the country feel less privileged than others?”

The ARG also said that the Confab report must not be tainted by political ambition and “Nigerians should be allowed through referendum to decide what happens to the report because they should have the primal right to determine how they wish to be governed.”

“Though, the report does not represent everything we want in the Southwest and we are still consulting on what position to take, it is unarguable that the resolutions represent a consensus of both political and apolitical Nigerians,” the group added.


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  • emmanuel

    These Hausa Fulani’s are frustrating this nation beyond acceptable level and I know they must regret it,

    Today’s Nigeria is way apart from the Nigeria of yester years. The earlier they know this, the better for them.

    Their complaint about the new Identity management is not really about the security challenges posed by it, but rather on the North perpetual fraud on this nation.

    • candid

      Even in today’s Nigeria people from your part of this country will never ever rule again.

      • emmanuel

        SS+SE+SW+NC = 2015.

        For your information, the Hausa Fulanis are not upto the indigenous people of the North who now hate you so much, so expect a shocker from them in all your states. They will give Jonathan the required 25%.

        • Factual

          Hahaha! You sound childish.

          • emmanuel

            I do really. Mark my word, you guys would not taste anything near the presidency until sometime around 2035 if Nigeria remains and your drop your arrogance which has no substance.

          • Jika

            Dear Emmanuel,I honestly feel that you have an exaggerated feeling of self worth and an over bloated ego.You accuse others of arrogance and here you are exhibiting same.Take it easy bro.

        • ayomi

          They expect to keep killing non Fulani in the Middle Belt and still dream of one North

  • Citizen

    This is a man planning to contest to be president of Nigeria. A morally bankrupt and selfish politician. APC IS FILLED WITH SELF SEEKING OPPORTUNIST. Not the alternative we seek.

  • Ahmad bello

    Those accused kwankwaso for selfish are the people want deprived his right to contest presidential slot,for their selfish reason.

  • redeem

    if an ethnic group like the fulanis can organize boko haram to murder Nigerians———after they had assassinated kudirat abiola and abiola himself and still seek for the presidency of the country via APC then we have not seen anything yet-the fulanis are a minority group–that is why they often add the hausa / fulani appellation to their tribe

    • Nigerian

      What of the I-jaw tribe? Are they the majority in Nigeria. If not for OBASANJO’S generosity and kindness, the INGRATE I-jaws wouldn’t have been known in the political arena of this country. The I-jaws should be grateful to OBJ for bringing them out of the creeks into the political scene. They should also be thankful to the Hausa/Fulani for voting Jonathan in the last election. INGRATES!!!

      • emmanuel

        I am not an Ijaw man, but the Nigerian bastards Hausa Fulanis should be ready for the new Nigeria which begins from May 29, 2015. The Ijaws should count themselves lucky right?

        You have just spoken the minds of your co enemies of Southern Nigeria.

        The end of the road is very near for Nigeria. I am very happy that the Yorubas now know they fan stand alone when the chips are now.
        We would know how powerful you Hausa Fulanis lazy lots are from 2015 when oil would no longer be pumped out of Nigeria.

        • Jika

          You can make your point without using derogatory language.It doesn’t portray you as a gentleman.By the way,do you think an average Nigerian(wether from the North,East,South or West),care if the Oil dries overnight?It is only the elites(who are in the minority) that are bothered about the so called Petro dollars.Threatening people about oil or any resource for that matter does not make any difference to so many people who are busy trying to survive.I humbly submit to you that as far as the majority of the ‘Hausa Fulanis lazy lots’ are concerned,Nigeria and it’s ‘oil’ can as well go to blazes.

      • rawsilkysmooth

        That is immaterial.

  • Dan maikoko

    Extrapolation and massive truncation. Just because Kwankwaso calls for the rejection of the replacement constitution that GEJ has concocted does not mean the 1999 constitution is perfect. A proper amendment through the proper channels of the legislature would have ironed out all the imperfections of the 1999 constitution. Nigeria does not need another self serving constitution as a replacement for a previous self serving constitution.

    • growthengine

      But the report has highlighted areas that are agreeable by the majority of the delegates which should be subjected to approval by referendum which I am sure 80% should become law. The local govt should be scrapped and become the responsibility of the states, they currently control local govts anyway, so why are we deceiving ourselves. If a state wants 10,000 local govts, they should have them and fund them themselves. There should be state police, if there was state police, Boko Haram would not have come up. If we continue with the current Abacha constitution, it will destroy us as a nation, we are heading for doom already, its too expensive, and not working, states are too lazy, everything is Federal govt, unleash the power of this country through the states, they should be responsible for more and do more.

      • Jika

        I agree with you on this one.

      • UYI111

        The day the real Nigerian Hausa will rise and demand what is theirs and push these Fulani ingrates out of their circle that is the day sanity will be restored in the North

    • Es3

      Is it in the same way it has so far “ironed out all the imperfections of the 1999 constitution” up the 6th National Assembly, or will during 7th”???!

  • Usman

    so what is the point the Afeniferi was trying to raise, nothing concerned them here, except they are working for the PDP, we all know that, 1999 constitution was a direct product of the military, they should better keep quite, everyone is looking for ways that GEJ will recognise him/her

  • Rocket_TV

    Hausa wake up and drive the fulani colonizers from you!

    • ayomi

      Hausa just need to know that they can be good Muslims without being under the Fulani emirs