Nigeria wants America, Spain put on list of Ebola-hit countries

An American Doctor survived Ebola after receiving treatment in the USA. Many others survived in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, on Wednesday accused the foreign media of exaggerating cases of Ebola outbreak in Nigeria while leaving Spain and America out of a list of Ebola-hit countries.

Speaking after the Federal Executive Council, FEC meeting, Mr. Chukwu said it is wrong for the foreign media to lump Nigeria with the three other countries –Guniea, Sierra-Leone and Liberia — worst hit by the
Ebola disease.

Mr. Chukwu said foreign media houses are playing games with their reports on the Ebola Virus in Nigeria.

“The foreign media are playing games with the world with the reportage of the Ebola virus. Out of the over 1,000 cases that died only five is in Nigeria, but they lump us together with Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia with higher cases because we are all in West Africa,” Mr. Chukwu lamented.

As at August 22, the World Health Organization reported that the four West African countries including Nigeria recorded 1, 528 cases of Ebola and 844 fatalities.

Of the over 1, 000 confirmed Ebola cases in West African region, Nigeria recorded 13 confirmed cases, out of which five people died, seven were discharged and one is still receiving treatment at the Ebola
Emergency Treatment Centre in Lagos.

In Sierra Leone, there have 804 confirmed cases and 353 deaths; Guinea has, 443 confirmed cases and 264 deaths; Liberia has had 269 confirmed cases and 222 deaths.

The minister also said the foreign media based their reportage of the outbreak of the disease in West Africa on Nigeria’s minute cases.

American based news outfit, CNN, had on its August 15 Ebola reportage, itemised Nigeria first on the list of countries with Ebola.

“Ebola has infected at least 2,127 people in Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone since the outbreak began this year,” CNN reported.

Mr. Chukwu, feeling dispirited about the mode of reportage considering the lower number odf cases recorded in Nigeria, said countries like the United States of America and Spain who have citizens infected with the virus, needed to be put on the list of Ebola –hit countries.

“When they want to report on the Ebola virus they start with Nigeria first. Why are they not including Spain and the United States that has two cases too?.” Mr. Chukwu said.

Nigeria was Ebola free until the Liberian-America, Patrick Sawyer, brought it into the country.


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  • Connecting the dots

    Sorry this is pathetic. Firstly this man comes out and says Ebola is almost eradicated in Nigeria. A few hours later 2 secondry contacts walks into a hospital with Ebola. He then turns softens his gloating arrogance. Yesterday he comes out stating only one case is left and Nigeria has curtained Ebola. A few hours later he come come back and down playes to arrogance as cautionary optimism. The reason is beacuase he already has been infromed that 3 more people are infected in Port Harcourts of which one is a doctor who has died treating a diplomat. This shows holes in his so called controlled Ebola cases. The Ebola in Spain and America was contracted in Africa. It means it is not openly spreading in America nor is it in Spain. Sir please be honest in your approach. You are on a self glorification path and this means very little to Nigerians. It means very little to Guineans, Liberians and Sierra Leonis that America or spain is place on the list as it does not affect the crises within their own country. Here we have a situation where the Americans who has their doctors on the front line trying to help be attacked for not being on a list. Stop devoiding from the point that your arrogant optimism supercedes each time exisiting cases. Stop trying take the attention off from you when you are the one that brought it onto yourself. Nigeria is doing a good job Sir but you are embasrrasing the efforts and strides made by the Nigerian people and health workers. Their is something very dishonest happening in Nigeria. You are not sharing the full information. Something strange is going on as the CDC the WHO and the UN has not reported the actual infections and deaths since the 22nd of August. I think you are all hiding something form us


      What the minister pointed out is right.
      News media should report the cases exactly the way it is.
      Just the way they mention the exact number of Ebola cases in Spain and USA.
      What’s too hard in saying the exact number of the cases recorded in Nigeria?
      Why make it look like Nigeria and the other countries are sharing the large number of cases and even putting Nigeria first in reporting the case?
      Talking about hiding something from “us”, please what is being hidden concerning the motive of Mr Sawyer that brought Ebola into Nigeria?
      Why can’t the USA media call him an America citizen that he was?
      Why didn’t they fly him to USA for treatment just like the two cases they flew to USA and treated?
      Why did his widow say that he came to Nigeria to seek a better medical treatment when he is a USA citizen?
      Why didn’t he head to USA for treatment?

      • Lorriane

        You should get your facts right before you print. Sawyer got Ebola while visiting his sick sister in Liberia. Liberia is in Africa. He flew to Nigeria..why no one knows but Nigeria does not have a cure.

    • Adewale

      It is immaterial if d Spanish and Americans contracted from Africa. Nigeria too was deliberately infected with d virus. The ministers’ point was that there should be fair reporting and not make it look as if there was outbreak that started out from Nigeria. And you note the diplomat being treated in PHC, which country’s diplomat and where did he/ she get infected? Is d west trying out some sinister moves on Africa again?

      • Connecting the Dots

        Read the articals. The diplomat was on the same plane as Sawyer. Where he is from only the minister will know. They are not releasing this information. Now based on him not releasing this information you make assumptions on the West being sinister. Deliberatly infected !!!! Are you serious. Have you not read the news on how Sawyer reached Lagos. You call this deliberate,,,,,Wow…. you truly think the world is against you

      • Connecting the dots

        You see Adewale now it is known to be a Nigerian Diplomate. What was that about the West sinister moves on Africa.

    • Ken

      You cannot see beyond blind criticism of government officials to know that the minister is correct on this one. Why do we Nigerians enjoy it when foreign media are disparaging our country unnecessarily, simply because we don’t like the man or party in power? The international media have been trying hard to damage Nigeria’s image with this Ebola crisis and we must recognise it and fight against it…otherwise we will ALL suffer the stigma.

      • Connecting the dots

        no they have not. Every artical I have read has praised Nigeria. Yes you are grouped within the mess of Sierra Leone and Liberia but the figures speak for them self. Most countries who has placed a ban on citizens traveling has excluded Nigeria of the list. So if the reporting was so negative why would the world respond in a possitive light. Yes some articals were negative towards Nano silver but that is to be expected. Even the Zmap drug got critisism from it own press

    • gymer

      Your long essay did not address the point the Hon Minister is making Sir. Try to appreciate his point and the biased reporting of foreign media toward us.

      • Connecting the dots

        I am also African, but let me say this. If you come with two contradicting stories to the press within 6 hours than what do you expect from the press. Yes the reporting on Ebola has been very poor from a reporting perspective. The International media however has not been biased towards Nigeria. In fact it has praised the effords made. As Africans we must stop this thinking that the West or the world is against us. It makes us look like we play the victome.

  • timt

    He is right, numerically spot on and correct. What is missing from commentary is the irrevocable fact that ebola has to be contained wherever there is an outbreak. Where there is one case there will be more and unless borders are “spit tight” it will spread beyond those borders. Secure borders do not necessarily have to those of a country, thes Eyam sacrifice should be an example where a local lock down prevented the spread of a deadly illness. Politics needs to be out of the equation, politicians usually f up and on this subject there is no room for error.

  • pastorakinleye

    Shelve your fake patriotism. Spain have recorded one Ebola death: that of a priest who ministered in Liberia. USA has none. These Ebba-plagued countries in the news are reeling because of weak health infrastructure and poverty. To complain about reports biased against Nigeria is crap talk. Any country that can not provide portable water/decent healthcare delivery system for her citizen’s has lost any respect in the comity of nations.

  • Harry Django

    The Honorable Minister is right in criticism of the foreign media on the unfair and incorrect biaaed reports. But he is wrong on including the USA and Spain ( and what about the UK?) In the list of ebola hit countries.
    He was also a bit premature in giving Nigeria the all-clear on ebola.
    But, I believe, he means well.

  • concerned9ja

    Again, it comes to the issue of credibility. Right from the unending handover of IBB and his ‘Insha Allah’ foreigners had developed this mistrust in Nigeria and since then successive governments have not done enough to give the country s clean bill. The present government is the worst when it comes to credibility. It has elevated lies and deceit to the highest pedestal. Take the case of BH, for many weeks Jonathan and his bigot government was still denying no one was ferried away until international searchlight was beamed on the issue.