Ebola is manufactured by Satan – T.B. Joshua

Pastor T.B. Joshua

Nigeria’s controversial preacher, T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), has declared that the killer disease Ebola currently ravaging West Africa is from ‘the pit of hell’.

According to Mr. Joshua, who, on Sunday, led his congregation in prayer for the nations and individuals affected by the disease, time was up for the ‘strange ailment’ and life would soon return to normal for the affected countries.

“The so called strange ailment coming from three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia… satan is the manufacturer, the source,” Joshua defiantly declared to the faithful.

“Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness,” the cleric then enjoined the congregation. “Command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of hell, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

“Because of Christ, people of Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea, you are released,” Mr. Joshua said, accompanied by the vibrant congregants in a service believed to have been viewed by millions worldwide through Joshua’s Christian television station Emmanuel TV.

The controversial pastor boldly declared that God had spoken to him to pray for the nations affected by Ebola as its reign of fear was close to closure.

The pastor, cited to be one of Africa’s most influential individuals, decried the toll Ebola had taken on society, especially in the areas of kinship and kindness.

“People are no longer their brother’s keepers because of this strange disease,” he lamented, adding that if someone publicly collapsed from any form of sickness, people would likely abandon the invalid as opposed to lending a helping hand.

“Once satan takes love out of people, he has taken life. Satan is not happy that we are one; he is against oneness. He knows when we are not one, we can be defeated,” he fumed.

“The weapon satan is afraid of is love,” Mr. Joshua continued. “Satan can fight anything but he cannot fight love.”

The cleric then cited a poignant question asked by Jesus in Luke 18:8: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

He added that the prayer Jesus offered for His followers’ faith not to fail indicated challenges would arise in the last days which would make many ‘abandon their faith’, Ebola being one of such challenges.

Mr. Joshua made headlines this week in local and international media for sending 4,000 bottles of ‘Anointing Water’ to the Ebola-stricken nation of Sierra Leone on the request of the government, alongside $50,000 in humanitarian aid.

Last week, Mr. Joshua debunked a rumour attributed to him that went viral in Nigeria claiming that bathing in salt water could prevent the disease.

With over 1.2million followers on Facebook and 90,000 YouTube subscribers,  the preacher has a huge social media following.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist.


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  • Ashibogu

    TB Joshua! TB Joshua! TB Joshua! How many times I call you? Be careful! We know what is going on. You can deceive some of the people but you cannot deceive all of us. Do not let us say what we know! For sure, una no go succeed, there is God!

    • CEO

      I’ve seen your type before. Ask your father and your elders, your identity will be revealed.

      • Ashibogu

        Why did satan not send ebola to Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc. They maintain clean environments. Cleanliness is next to godliness. We are dirty that is why sicknesses and diseases are dealing with us in Africa. Go to Old Testament and see all of God’s injunctions concerning cleanliness. He told Moses that he should sanctify the people, let them wash their clothes for he was going to appear to them on mount Sinai

        • tulonga

          My people perish for lack of knowldge. Thank you prophet Tb Josua. Let them say whatever they want to say. The time will come ……….. thank you. Be blessesd always.

  • Enyinnaya Marley

    Satan brought the sickness to us! White people brings the solution for medications. while Africans deem in prayers without work. All the entire Africans are poor in mind and spirit and we don’t want to ask questions and learn new things. And join the rest of developing world in Europeans and Americas and some part of Asians. God have given us power over all things under earth.. but we failed God and believe in follow human…only

  • dan

    God bless his prophet, Prophet T.B. Joshua, we haven’t been hearing of Ebola ravaging in Sierra Leone again, the people and Govt of Liberia should ask the same from the Prophet and Ebola will be gone from them.

    • uduakomiri

      You sef? How TB Joshua come know say satan manufactured Ebola? Weda TB Joshua done visit satan factory to know say na him dey manufacture Ebola? STDs nko abi heart failure, stroke, cancer, diabetes and all na who manufacture dem?
      Nna men some Nigerians will believe any shit so long as some bible waving dude says so. Ignorance is a disease. Ask TB Joshua where he goes when he becomes ill? I think those who believe in all the lies he spews out need to ask him where he went the last time he was ill? He visited a doctor, yet when people are ill he encourages them to come for healing yet when he finds himself in the same situation he travels overseas to meet a medical expert.
      God will surely judge a lot of things on the day of judgement. All of these fake prophets like TB Joshua, God will surely expose una on the last day.

  • Enyinnaya Marley

    Psychological! I disagreed from you. You will see someone living in darkness world of unclean environments.. how can you aspect that person to live in good health benefit? Ans is No No No… besides eat uncooked meat and live primitive life style! there’s no good health benefit! Sure of course all kind of unholy sickness will pay humble visits. clean your environments always.. stop calling Satan in some issues like these. i disbelieve your comments base on Satan matter..Let we Africans wake up from bondage of slaves! Many of us are christian/religious salves. if you like you believe me or not! Thanks and God blessed Nigeria!

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  • longben

    HEAVEN helps those who help themselves and not those who pray the most.

  • Jibril Idris

    This joshua is a joke

  • ferdyokwu

    The gullible ones are bound to swallow this Satan-Talk, line, hook and sinker! But wait a moment, why is Satan with his Ebola absent from: China, where Churches are brutally controlled and persecuted. Europe, where all sorts of abomination including same sex marriage have gone viral, and Christianity is virtually dead! I can go on and on. Please TBJ, limit your hypnotic messages to your gullible congregation.

  • Giganto

    Is there any bigger Satan around than TB?

    • Maria

      Not one that I know… TB is the human representative of Satan that we all know.

  • uduakomiri

    Di bobo done fear for hin life. This deceiver in chief that claims to heal diseases and is credited to performing wonderous miracles yet he ran away from Ebola?
    Ebola done finally expose TB Joshua as a complete fraud. I could remember when this guy started some years ago, he was as lean as crayfish. Now he has grown fat on tithes, church offerings and miraclr collections.
    Like other fake pastors, this guy is making cool money

  • collins

    It is very backward for fellow Nigerians to speak against someone whom
    God is using to help countless millions around the world. If TB Joshua
    were to be an American or European these worthless fellows , Udakomiri,
    Giganto, Maria, Ferdyokwu, Jibril idris here speaking here against him
    will literally be worshiping him and wished he come visit Nigeria/Africa
    but now that he is a Nigerian, our fellow brothers and sisters say very
    bad and hurting things against him daily. TB Joshua, i Collins Nwanojuo
    know that you are the ONLY true Man-of-God in Nigeria, God will
    continually empower and use you to help humanity. Do not be discouraged
    by what people are saying about you, remember that a prophet is not
    recognized at home by his own people. May God Almighty whom you serve protect and bless you ALWAYS

    • Quin

      May God richly bless you Collins.

  • Vadim

    ebola is a gift to muslim by satan ,muhammad command you to kill unbelievers while Jesus Christ commands you to love GOD first,then love your fellowmen,and also your enemy,for you are all the creation of GOD and from one blood…