Jonathan taunts cynics, pledges to implement National Conference report

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday thumped his chest for organising a successful national dialogue, saying the peaceful ending of the 2014 National Conference has put the prophets of doom, who predicted its failure, to shame.

Mr. Jonathan said he meant well for the country and promised to implement the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference, which officially closes today.

The president made the pledge Thursday at the National Judicial Institute, NJI, ‎during the closing ceremony of the conference, where he also received the 21-volume report from the conference chairman, Idris Kutigi.

Mr. Jonathan also said the successful conclusion of the conference have proved cynics, who never gave the conference a chance, wrong.

He said some of the recommendations of the conference will be considered by the National Council of State, while the remaining ones will be sent to the National Assembly.

Details later…

Read about the key recommendations of the conference here.


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  • Comfortkay

    Mr President with due respect what has been happening to others recommendations of the past? This is not what Nigeria need and it will not have any impact on the lives of Nigeria.

    • Tony

      Mr Comfortkay, please give this man a chance as he was not in charge when the ‘other recommendations’ were made. Enough of politics and hate on important national issue. Thanks.

      • True Nigerian

        Please come off it and say what you know. get facts right. UWAIS report, Aig’s report on subsidy scam, reports on the serial
        indictments against Diezani Madueke, and Nuhu Ribadu’s report on subsidy
        crimes by Jonathan’s sponsors and cronies. These are just some of the
        avalanche of reports that have been written under Jonathan’s presidency and they are gathering dusts in his rudely discarded files. And whilst they are there, Jonathan sets up new
        committees to investigate those reports after which another committee is set up to report on the findings of the other investigative
        committee. So stop spweing this utterly lopsided ignorance you are spewing here.

        Apparently, you don’t know the difference between hate and critical opinions backed with accurate facts.

        So you are the one who is not giving “this man a chance” if I should borrow your misapplied words.

        Get it straight! Blind patriotism doesn’t give a President any more chance than a constructive – even if harsh – criticsm would give him. You are the one who hates President Jonathan in the sense that your views insulate him from the reality and make him to live in a fictional world where he is the victim rather than the oppressor of his victims. He doesn’t need any more chance than he already has. If you don’t know it, know it now that Jonathan is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of Nigeria, his party has a far majority in both houses of the Federal legislature, he has a malleable National Assembly whose leadership are obsessed with regime protection even at the expense of legality, national interest, and public policy. He even had the wherewithal to withdraw charges against the culprit in one of the most heinous crimes against this country – Mohammed Abacha. So what other chance do you want an ordinary citizen to give Jonathan?

      • Comfortkay

        He was in charge, what about the recommendation of Ribadu regarding petrol saga? Stop kidding me, this President is not active,and no one hate him, progress is born out of criticism.

  • Ben Ikari

    Nothing to celebrate…if Jonathan truly understand the nation’s cores issues hence crisis or conflict he will not beat his chest because the status quo remains. Simply put: the conference failed! It didn’t or couldn’t
    address, resolve core conflict issues: proper restructuring using
    regional govt. model and dissolving current 36 states’ structure which
    permits cheating, gross imbalance that favors Hausa-Fulani (the north in
    general), Yoruba and Igbo. It also favors corruption. Resource
    generation and control in addition to regional contribution or payment
    of taxes to the center weren’t resolved, yet conference lied it approved
    true federalism. How can there be true federalism where more than 90%
    of the states depend solely on oil from Niger delta to pay common
    monthly salary; why create and continue to run states which can’t create
    their monthly budget, thus willing to kill oil producing community
    citizens if they demand what’s rightly theirs? Which real federation
    create states that sits to share monthly allocation from the federation
    account without contributing nothing; and how can anyone set up a
    company or business which only source of income is sharing money from
    other regions? No matter how the conference sees and interprets its
    work, which isn’t too different from previous, it failed hence opens
    door for the demand of another conference. Sovereign National Conference
    (SNC) the country dodges and repeatedly produce irrelevant remedies
    suitable for the upkeep of the tripartite ethnic groups above and the
    greedy, corrupt, ignorant and deadly political.class, is the answer
    where so-called national conferences have failed repeatedly. Outcome of
    this conference aimed to seal Jonathan’s electability in 2015, is a
    recipe for further marginalization, crisis and conflict since it doesn’t
    make way to curing the sicknesses which are responsible for the
    nation’s problems. It will not help the common man, the poor. I
    challenge anyone including conference delegates, Jonathan to honestly
    tell the public how these recommendations will solve the teeming
    marginalization, cheating, greed and corruption, even elections’
    malpractice issues when all eyes are on oil and gas from one region and
    little or nothing contributed by the rest of the country. Forcing
    different peoples to stay together like the rogue British colonialists
    did instead of allowing them to discuss whether they will continue to
    stay together and under what terms, makes the conference a bigger
    failure than not; it’s like forcing a woman to marry a man she doesn’t
    know, like or a chronic domestic abuser that is nigeria, and we can
    predict the result with time…

    • redeem

      The SS will continue to be the hewers of wood and drawers of water for another century—in 9ja—-regardless of the presidency of jonathan———–our woes as a nation has nothing to do with boko haram-ati corruption—we are together as a nation because of the awooooooooof oil—–blocks——–period———our unity very much relies on the crude oil resources from the SS——————that is why the tripod has been doing all within their evil reach to demonize the president——-only an insane Nigerian will come out to tell me that 9jas love themselves—–any elite from the country who claims that they are prepared to die fore the country–is only saying so because of his investments–the boko haram war is a living witness———where our soldiers pay lip service to the fight —sadly they have a president———–who is prepared to kill self to satisfy all the needs of the tripod———–once they mount their usual satanic pressure on him——-via APC————–no matter the outcome—–of the confab——separation is the only answer—we need to have resource control–and fiscal federalism—-yet we have settlers tell us in the creeks—–that might is right————and——giving the level of hatred we have for each other—–the only option open to us is separation————-yes those who control the lucrative oil blocks will say no–that the bigger we are the merrier–all na lie———–its better for the SS to be free in poverty than remain slaves under their riches-for another century————cheers

  • Good citizen

    Referendum is the best option. Subjecting any part of the recommendation to assembly men’s debate is like playing politics with that important issue. Those in the assembly are selfish and ethnic bigots who would do anything to settle scores with the report. Among those who will consider this report are APC puppets who carry out TINUBU’S instructions like zombies. Tinubu and APC chiefs had never hidden their intention to frustrate whatever outcome of the confab having opposed it ab initio.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Do your homework and stop abusing Tinubu. Your Goodluck is incompetent and currupt. He has failed to address problems he inherited yet created so many that has compounded our situation. Address the problem of the “drunken fisherman” and leave Tinubu alone. The report he recieved would go to national assembly and that is the end. Bishop Kukah said it.


    Too early to gloat, Mr. President. Many reports are gathering dust in your office. So hold your peace, sir!

  • True Nigerian

    UWAIS report, Aig’s report on subsidy scam, reports on the serial indictments against Diezani Madueke, and Nuhu Ribadu’s report on subsidy crimes by Jonathan’s sponsors and cronies. These are just some of the avalanche of reports that are gathering dusts as Jonathan sets up new committees to investigate those reports after which another committee will be set up to report on the findings of the second investigative committee. Hahahahaaha! Nigeria is a joke under Jonathan. Jonathan is a joke on Nigeria! Hahahaha!

    Reading the thoughts of Mr Jonathan as expressed in his chest-thumping views on the national conference, it becomes very obvious that Oga Jona does not know what success means. That explains his obvious failure. To call this conference a success? That’s a nutter! Success is not that they have produced a report. Success is that the reports have been implemented.
    The Electoral Reform committee headed by Justice Uwais produced far reaching recommendations. Where did they end up? In Jona’s rudely discarded files. And what is the consequence? Despite Nigeria having the benefit of such glowing recommendations from UWAIS Committee, Nigeria continues to have traumas, fevers and Diarrhoea in every election, even if it is just a local government election. Yet, Jonathan, supported by his band-wagon of blinded citizens, continues to hail himself as the man who has brought free and fair elections to Nigeria. I dey laugh in Efik. He and his millions of ignorant supporters do not appreciate that with the shallowness of his so-called electoral reform, all it takes to have another monumental earth-shattering fraud such as the 2007 election is simply for another horrible president to appoint another Maurice Iwu as INEC Chairman. Didn’t we have 1993 election before we found ourselves in the horrendous 2003 and 2007 election? How did we get there? Successful policies are built on strong institutions, not individuals. Yet, successful institutions are built by visionary, strategic, sincere, patriotic and intelligent individuals, but not narrow-minded fellows like oga Jona who thinks that the writing of 23 volumes of report is a transformational success when that report still has to jump through infernal hurdles before it ever amounts to anything that looks like an institutional implementation.

    Jona wants to give Nigerians a new Constitution before he loses or wins his obsessive 2nd term ambition. Let me see how he will achieve it whilst he trades every national interest in order to get his obsessive ambition realised.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    It is good that the conference is over because Nigerians would be saved from the rubish coming out from the conference on the daily basis. As for the report, it is not different from toilet paper as it was just used to settle idle politicians