Ebola: Nigeria Human Rights Chief says he was under watch, wants NBA congress suspended

Chairman, National Human Rights Commission, Chidi Odinkalu

The Chairman of the Nigerian Human Rights Commission, NHRC, Chidi Odinkalu, has urged the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, to suspend its forthcoming National Conference scheduled to take place in Owerri between 24 and 29 August, to curtail the spread of the Ebola virus.

Mr. Odinkalu disclosed Sunday that he has been one of those observed for possible Ebola infection having been treated as an outpatient by one of the doctors who had contact with the Liberian Ebola victim, Patrick Sawyer.

Mr. Odinkalu said he will not attend the conference where he is billed to speak.

He said despite the NBA’s claim that “adequate” safeguards are in place to check the spread of Ebola during the event, the union had no way of knowing he was under observation if he had not revealed the information.

He added that in the interest of public health safety, the conference, which usually attracts large number of lawyers from across the country, should be called off.

“It will be ill-judged to continue with the conference in the circumstances of the present public health emergency prevailing in the country,” the NHRC boss said in a statement released on Sunday.

Mr. Odinkalu urged the NBA leadership to take a cue from the World Health organisation and the Nigerian government, who have declared the outbreak a health emergency and have subsequently advised against the gathering of large number of people.

“In Nigeria, Government at Federal and State levels have agreed to extend the current school holidays while measures are taken to assess the Ebola threat and bring it under control,” he said.

Mr Odinkalu said the claim by the NBA leadership that it has taken adequate anti-Ebola for its members does not suffice since it failed to give details of what measures it has taken. He urged government to compel the association to suspend the conference if its leadership fails to take heed of his advice.

“The NBA Conference is usually a very large gathering. Its venues usually attract well in excess of 20,000 participants, traders and visitors. It’s an excellent market place for a virus in search of vectors,” he said.

The Nigerian government has placed over 140 people with direct and indirect contact with the index case under watch. So far, 11 positive Ebola cases have been confirmed with four deaths.

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State announced Sunday that 61 persons under watch for possible infection had been cleared a week ago.

The outbreak has ravaged the West African countries of Liberian, Guinea and Sierra Leone killing over 1000 people.


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  • Prince C Eze

    I would advise that Mr Odinkalu’s call be heeded.Although just like BH terrorism where people think that the country should not be perceived to have shut down(as in campaigning in Kano etc while the explosions raged) taking precautionary measures by postponing the gathering is a prudent decision.

  • Cc

    I salute your courage in coming out to disclose you were under watch, very few will be this sincere

  • MontyB

    Dr. Odinkalu, ever forthright.

  • 1MASK01

    to be honest it was my wife who draw my attention to the issue of Ebola and the conference. My response was that may be before the conference, the epidemic must have been contained. But here we are just one week to the date, Ebola still affecting people. I hope and pray that NBA leadership heeds the advice and postponed it by at least a month.

  • Gideon Orkar

    NBA which measures have you put in place to contain Ebola at the conference, Bible, Koran or Sango?


  • Tiwiex

    I just love this man (no homo) from the firstbtime I saw him on tv. This does not surprise me surprise me at all. He looked sincere and still does.

  • nnamdiosky

    @Dr.Dooba I won’t join issues with you thought but I will only advice you to come back home and see things for you self not to talk base on what is written the front of our daily newspapers or national television.

    • jallo

      We are seeing for him my friend.

      • masud

        yeah,the new 100 naira note,

        • pep NWachukwu

          Dat guy is a complete illiterate .He needs to be educated on what democracy is all about. Let’s not waste time on dt tyrant dt cannot even vote. Malaysia my foot

    • elnas

      If he was to come and see things the way they truly are, nnamdiosky I think he would be talking about killing anyone who votes for GEJ considering the extent to which he is willing to go now that he hasn’t even come to see for himself

  • maniac

    Mr. Doodo or whatever you call yourself i see you as a dictator for saying you will fire your employee if he chooses to vote who ever he wants. This is democracy. Your best candidate must not be mine.

  • zeon

    I sincerely doubt the “Dr” in your name. To be honest, you wrote like someone that did not pass WAEC and that makes you and GMB same – illiterates. Ranting from Malaysia with the only information you got from the Nigeria media which FYI is controlled by King Tinubu is very appalling. I think that you have been away for too long and really need to come back home.

  • Askance


    And you are an insufferable doobraite. You live in Malaysia, probably won’t vote and you have the temerity to preach. To compound your ignorance, you just turned yourself into an international criminal. Candidate for the ICCt, assuming somebody has your time. You would fire an employee for his political thoughts and orientation? That is pure evil. And thoroughly unconstitutional for breaching the citizen’s right to Freedom from Discrimination. Additionally, it is an especially egregious form of electoral violence punishable as a crime. This sub-human should be despised by all Nigerians of goodwill irrespective of party or other affiliations.

    Our Constitution is clear:

    42. (1) A citizen of Nigeria of a particular community, ethnic group, place of origin, sex, religion or political opinion shall not, by reason only that he is such a person:-

    (a) be subjected either expressly by, or in the practical application of, any law in force in Nigeria or any executive or administrative action of the government, to disabilities or restrictions to which citizens of Nigeria of other communities, ethnic groups, places of origin, sex, religions or political opinions are not made subject; or

    (b) be accorded either expressly by, or in the practical application of, any law in force in Nigeria or any such executive or administrative action, any privilege or advantage that is not accorded to citizens of Nigeria of other communities, ethnic groups, places of origin, sex, religions or political opinions.

    (2) No citizen of Nigeria shall be subjected to any disability or deprivation merely by reason of the circumstances of his birth.

    (3) Nothing in subsection (1) of this section shall invalidate any law by reason only that the law imposes restrictions with respect to the appointment of any person to any office under the State or as a member of the armed forces of the Federation or member of the Nigeria Police Forces or to an office in the service of a body, corporate established directly by any law in force in Nigeria.

    • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

      Because Jonathan is not from Lapai Niger State therefore it is no longer God that gives power to whom ever he desires. I am disappointed that some one like you is acting the script of Buhari the supremacist.

  • Stephen

    Thanks Brother. God be with you. Can’t tolerate such people myself

  • Joe

    Buhari is NOT and CANNOT be an alternative to GEJ. You are biased just like Jega.

    • elnas

      Hahahaa….if Jega would help you guys to rig the election by discarding the use of PVC and card readers that would make u so happy, wouldn’t it? Shameless people. Stop crying like babies!


    Are you sure your are not ISIL or BOKOHARAM. This is there antecedent .

  • Oluchi Chikezie

    This man is a mad man!!!

  • You need to be living in Potiskum, Yobe State to know that he’s not mad

  • Pause

    This guy has no value for his life, talkless of others’. Clearly he is suicidal. Police should put him under observation whenever he leaves his house to public places, especially markets and bus stations and polling booth, to ensure he does not hurt others while blowing up himself.

  • Republican in VI

    The only people that can support Johnathan are those going to min of petroleum and nnpc in queues to steal the common wealth of the country on a daily basis, e-rats they have on monthly stipend or narrow minded religious/ ethnic bigots who can never see anything good in any muslim or northerner. 130 villages and towns are under Boko haram control, a commander in chief that says ” I am not the chief of defence staff” implying he does not have the information the CDS is privy to, the economy is in a mess, naira is trading at 226 to the dollar, no savings have been made for a rainy day, there is stealing everywhere with no consequences and to make matters worse a president that not only says publicly he will not jail anyone (which in its self is a crime for not following the constitution and enforcing the laws of the land he swore to uphold) he goes on and on trying to engage in an asinine debate with nigerians that stealing is not corruption. What more does any serious minded person need as proof that this govt is a failed one.

    • Oke R Odhomor

      Yeah right. Like it wasn’t his oppositions that made sure he didn’t remove subsidy which was actually rent seeking taking place mumbled up with a lot of corruption and theft. If he successfully instead of we Nigerians used by the evil politicians would we be where we are today? Our revenue would have been diverted to even more productive channels similar to the ones he has instituted since his inception.

  • elnas

    this is kind of extreme and I wouldn’t go to such length. But he made his point logically and I understand

    • Oke R Odhomor

      There is nothing logical from those baseless unintelligent extremist statement

      • elnas

        I take it u mean YOU did not find anything logical in it. I did.

  • Al Mustafa

    WHO CARES? Please get off for better expressions.

  • John Echendu

    Please Die, You wont be Buried

  • katalyst

    So that’s why u and ur friends organised the abduction. To discredit d president? Did u call Boko haram criminally insane idiots a year ago when u and ur ppl tot they were aChieving the aim for which u set them up? Well u will die cos u have just one vote and ofcourse no diaspora voting 4 now.

  • Links

    Your article is too personal and therefore too subjecive. You have a chaotic title for starters, you are stating your views with nothing to back them and also your few quotes cannot be verified. This article cannot be for informative purposes due to the way you put forward your points and frankly I stopped reading your article befofe I was halfway through. I was bored and saw no need to waste my time reading this. I would rather watch paint dry than read this to the end.

  • jack

    You writing this article is the evil befalling Nigeria .Shame on APC.

  • Sekoni Adamu

    All of you below are paid servants of jona and the 40thieves. You’re just paid for yourselves alone while the future of your unborn children are being destroyed by jona and the 40thieves. I hope you know 1 Dollar is now 226 naira. The Ghanaian tissue paper now has better value than the Nigerian naira in the foreign exchange market.

    Just stay there and not face the reality of the state of the nation. You fools!

    • zeon

      …And what is your point exactly MORON. You did not make any point at all.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    What does this writer mean by choosing to die than voting Jonathan? Is this his own way of rejecting Jonathan? Okay, if he is compelled to vote Jonathan then we await announcement of his death!

    • begy

      That is delusion. Political induced psychosis.

  • Naija Man

    APC…..ISLAM……HATRED. there is enough hate in this country without u adding ur own. Die n go to ur heaven and start raping little girls

    • begy

      I am not a Muslim, but that comment lacks salt. We should not insult any religion or ethnic group, check out personalities of the politicians and comment on it. You may take on Obasanjo who has been behaving like a baby recently.

  • Stylcef Ussr



  • umartundefamu

    People with working brain do not need to be cajole because before voting. Normal persons would conduct genuine and honest assessment of any political party and their candidates before making choices. Jonathan spent 2 + 4 years as president of this nation and for me to vote him i need to see what he has done so far. Thank God, we are in modern technology world where facts checking can be conducted. So, Jonathan must be critically assessed before allowing him the second tenure. One thing we must be conscious of is that he would not ask for third term and so we cannot hold him responsible for not delivering in his second tenure. I see his six years in office as fruitless. A good product sell easily they say, if he has performed well, he needs not dolling out money to buy votes as he is visiting churches/mosques with packages. All dirty ways such as mudslinging, character assassination, etc his campaign organization embarked upon would not be necessary. I voted for Jonathan in 2011 without being bribed or given inducement, i honestly his government disappointed me and many Nigerians. Those supporting him now have rights to do so but it should not be base on ethinicity.

    • begy

      What has he not done and what do you want him to do? Don’t just join the crowd, be objective in your critics.

    • Oke R Odhomor

      Eyah. 6 years in which he built 12 schools, reduced taxation of the poor through the PAYEE bill, invested heavily on agriculture wherin 2 million tonnes are currently being achieved in production level, created a much more reliable banking sector with better measures to tackle money laundering and other forms of fraud, lighting equipments installed and awaiting steady supply of gas, implementation of TIN which reduces corruption in tax collection and implementation, high ways and bridges like third mainland got repaired or built out rightly, automation of the customs services, over 10 new airports, procurement of advance military artillery including war vessels, fighter jets etc, 6 years which he started of by trying to combat Nigerians number one economic killer, “Subsidy” as the system was flawed with corruprion, 6 years during which polio is seeing is end in nigeria after existing for decades, a record breaking achievement in combating Ebola, a six years during which entrepreneurship contest were held to grant financial supports to winners thereby encouraging entrepreneurship spirit, 6 years during which Nigeria started producing cars, a time where alliance between automobile giants like KIA and Hyundai entered into alliance with federal government to start producing cars in Nigeria, a 6 years during which ship and vessel servicing practically came into existence from within our shores, a 6 years wherin Nigerias Corruprion level is ranked much lower than past dispensations as reported by reporters of transparency indexes, a six years of no political assassination, a 6 years of complete freedom of speech, a 6 years of true democracy.

      • Raliah

        Why have you bothered to list these things? These are the basic things we expect from the President. (assuming he actually had a say in them)
        what else has he done for you? Is your life any better than it was 6 years ago? Do you think that your children will have better lives if we continue with an additional 4 years of GEJ and his associates?
        No.. me thinks not…
        so for the sake of the unborn children.. Vote to remove an ineffective leader…. the replacement isn’t all that better but I’d choose him over GEJ…
        I agree with the write.. I will unfriend any GEJ supporter.. In fact I unfollowed some one on IG for the same reason this morning…

        • ConcernedNigerian

          Compare with 6yrs of OBJ and publish the result.

  • Colonel Mariama(rtd)

    I have no doubt in my mind that you are suicidal.
    Just plan on leaving the country after the election.
    I will hate to see you die by taking your own life which is already miserable as it is.
    Remember that if you hang yourself your loved ones will have to live with the shame but if there is precedent for that in your family, then they can live with it. No major loss there anyway.

  • Gran puba

    Your wish is your command.!!!!

  • begy

    You better be dead, because when billion crosses your path, that decision of yours will be changed without blinking an eye.

  • Zubi Chijioke Muorah

    what are u waiting for,go and hug transfamer and see urself in hell,u are among the pple dat makes his goverment ungovernable,but thank GOD he has overcome ur evil plans

  • emmanuel

    You better come home if na Malaysia you dey? You guys are just wasting away in Malaysia.

    Back to your issue:

    1.) you are suicidal and must be allowed to take the path of honour – vote for Buhari

    2.) if the Chibok Girls were rich benefactors in those families, whose wealth will be inherited should they not return, will their relatives die on the account of such?

    3.) did Americans opt to take out Obama becaise of their people kidnapped across the world which he has not rescued yet or the Yemeni hostages that were evetually killed?

    Your position has underlying values other than the love for Nigeria, very likely ethnical.

    Your vote is just one. Please cast it and keep quiet. I hope you even have a PVC in Malaysia? Abi na cheap popularity you dey look for?

    Data scientist well done o. Where yiu able to cross over to a UK University like they promised you when you left Nigeria?

  • tdaniels

    I blame freedom of speech. You are contributing (I hope so) positively to the economy of another country and making noise about the country I live and work in? I shouldn’t vent my anger on you because it’s worthless. Can you govern your household properly neither to talk of governing over 150million people?

  • isaac

    Ota! Go and die. Dead men don’t talk.

  • Thebeloved

    Na wa o, but are you coming home to vote?

  • Snowden Mcckinon

    The writer gave his reasons…you that is/are making baseless comments just tell us what the present government has done that the deserve another tenure rather than sending pointless and insulting comments on someone’s faith…kudos: @ Oke R Odho.

  • Modibbo Adamu

    To add to your points same Jonathan said on Boko Harm quote: we can”t fight our brothers because they are bridging the constitution

  • Tade

    Many people will trivialize matters that concern their lives. if i have to support corruption because those before me were corrupt, then something must be wrong with me. If I fail to assess bad governance as bad it may because I do not know what good governance is. I may be pardoned, but my ignorance is not an excuse . And if my children fail to learn from my mistake in future they cannot be excused. Many years ago, during Shagari’s administration, when Awolowo then said he foresaw economic woes, challenged the ineptitude of Shagari’s administration in combating corruption and waste, Shagari wrote to tell Awolowo that he was hallucinating. Umaru Dikko, then Shagari’s Transport minister said that he did not see poverty as Nigerians had then not started eating from the dustbins. But today, Nigerians are not only eating from dustbins, they are scavengers globally. Richard Akinjinde was the Attorney General during the Shagari period, i wish to recall. Now nobody seems to link all these people to Nigerians woe today and even celebrate those people. If we trivialise and celebrate government failure at the altar of amnesia, it goes without saying that we are not only failure but our children would have no cause to be proud of us. it is because our values has not changed, that is why we are still fighting the same battle our fathers fought. History will not forgive us if we fail to choose wisely. Bad governance is never hidden but it is a matter of perspective.

  • justice

    This is to announce the death of Mr Dooba who died as a result of great Jonah’s victory at the polls. All are invited to a celebratory drink at the park. Thank you as you come.



  • Na U Biko

    I think the man is simply mad; possessed.

  • Michael Simon

    Dr Ibraheem Drooba you got it all wrong when you said you rather die than vote Jonathan? I suspect you could be an ideological amnesia victim, a one-sided critic suffering from gross intellectual indolence as not to know exactly what it is to be progressive and failure but I want to you to considers the following
    Railway transport status now and then, road constructed now and then, access to higher education now and then , freedom of speech now and then,

  • Michael Simon

    I am so sure of one thing, anyone who hates Jonathan does this because he either know very little or nothing about the achievements of this Government for avoidance of doubt let me list some of the achievements
    No president dead or alive apart from GEJ established 12 Universities in less than 5 years!
    A large country like Nigeria need an effective transport system please my friend trains are back now
    What about the incessant long queue in filling stations? this condition is no longer a problem in Nigeria
    We are presented with two choices one with a record of on going achievement that can be verified while the other brings message of change punctuated with violence a suggestion of blood must flow , intimidation blackmail, hate and lies, demonstrated by disrespect of the office of the President , I want to think that the opposition s weapon is primarily violence and negative propaganda what is more is that they seem to want the insurgency condition to continue indefinitely in order to score a point . I rather take the first choice Good luck Jonathan .
    Change is not as cheap as some many ignorant people will want us to believe their change mantra seem to be more on corruption and insecurity without demonstrating just how they can do it, at most it is vendetta and spurred by sentiments bordering on religion
    Wake up Nigerians, continuity is better than reverse gear speed to destructive change