Jonathan free to run in 2015 but …. – South East APC

Jonathan Goodluck, President of Nigeria

The South East Zone of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Sunday said it was not opposed to President Goodluck Jonathan running for presidency in 2015, saying he has the constitutional right to do so.

The party was reacting to the endorsement of President Jonathan as the Igbo candidate by some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) South-East political leaders under the umbrella of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) rally in Awka Anambra State on Saturday.

Notable among the PDP Igbo political leaders at the rally who joined in asking the President to contest include Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum, Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State; Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu; Josephine Anenih, who represented Nigerian women in the zone; billionaire businessman, Arthur Eze; former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha who spoke on behalf of the South-East caucus in the National Assembly.

But reacting to the rally through a statement by its spokesman, Osita Okechukwu, the APC South East said while it was not opposed to the inalienable and constitutional right of Jonathan to contest, it was “however opposed to the scant strategy adopted by “Ndigbo-Chop-Sand-Band” of politicians, who crave to put all our eggs in one basket, foreclose the chances of president of Igbo extraction and subject the hard working and enterprising Igbos to perpetual beggarly status.

“They overstretch the stereo-type of Ndigbo Chopping-Sand since after the Civil War, therefore Jonathan’s victory will compel our contemporaries, the Yorubas and the Hausas to join in Chopping Sand,” Mr. Okechukwu said.

The statement reads further: “Ndigbo-Chop-Sand-Band drummers are not interested in whether President Jonathan performed or not, whether he honoured the promises he made to Ndigbo during the 2011 electioneering campaign or whether his presidential slot impedes on the chances of our producing a president of Igbo extraction in the nearest future.’

“Otherwise, how come that up till date there is no Environmental Impact Assessment, no private sector counterpart funding, only N30b Sure-P-Fund taxed from the people and most importantly, why is the second Niger Bridge not captured in the federal budget, since according to the drummers Jonathan so loves Ndigbo?

“The Chop-Sand-Band thinks that Ndigbo’s memory is so short to forget that it was His Royal Majesty, the Obi of Onitsha, Agbogidi, Igwe Alfred Nnaemaka Achebe, who in February this year, woke our dear president from deep slumber over the promise he made on the 2nd Niger Bridge; upon which fire service approach of Public, Private Partnership was enacted.

“Or is it not amusing that Professor Chinedu Nebo, Minister of Power, one of the drummers, who talked of Grand Expectation Journey (GEJ), couldn’t tell Ndigbo why the coal project has not taken off and what happened to N927m, N1.7b and N1.1b budgeted for the study survey of Enugu and Gombe Coal in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively? The revamping of coal was one of our grand expectation journey, premised on the promise made by Jonathan at South East PDP Zonal rally during the 2011 electioneering campaign, yet he so loves Ndigbo!

“In sum, our fear is that the core ingredient of election, which is a referendum on the performance of the incumbent may not prevail, as the Chop-Sand-Band are constructing a scenario where President Jonathan, like in 2011, would be allocated millions of votes in the South East, without commensurate performance.”


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  • redeem

    Ibos chopping sand in Jonathan’s administration abi–name one ethnic group from Nigeria that the people of the South south where the wealth of Nigeria comes–from sat and negotiated with since 1960? We freely gave our support for more than 50 years to the Fulanis—————————today its the same fulanis who have decided to use boko haram to chase Jonathan—the government of Jonathan has favored Ibos more than his tribes men the Ijaws—-yet like Oliver Twist they ask for more—————————–the Yoruba nation have been after Jonathan because they accuse him ofneglecting them–and here we have an errand boy from the east—————–asking igbos to join APC to pull Jonathan down–its no longer about the developmental needs of the country——–but how much awoooooooooooooof oil money u can grab from the centre———-as for me and my people I am for separation———-no more no less-

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      Did you see how shallow your brain is. The APC south East is thinking of Igbo nation future. Did you understand the first paragraph that they are not oppose to GEJ second term bid but only concern about the future of Igbo presidency. Remember by calculation after GEJ, if under the PDP platform, the presidency is going to the north, then to south west, that would be 20 years down the line including GEJ 4 years unspent. They’re only thinking of their Igbo nation future and no more. Whether you like it or not Orhobo is not Ibo and Isoko is neither Ibo. I’m very sure an Orhobo man would never allow any one to call him an Ibo man and vice visa.

      • redeem


        • I Hate Sycophant Truly

          The president caused it, it has never been like that before but because of tribal politics, religion division that is on the rise every region has to fight for its soul.

      • Nwankwo

        And the future of Ndigbo depends on whether they get the presidency? Let me remind you – they haven’t governed Nigeria since 1966, but still have the likes of Innoson, Fidelity Bank, Emzor…

        It’s a few months to 2015 and APC doesn’t even have a single plan for the Southeast. They should focus on that, not this nonsense.

        • I Hate Sycophant Truly

          What is the usefulness of Fidelity on the political future of Igbo nation? You may continue to live in deceit of the reality.

      • JI

        Guy, the South West is not anything near the presidency until well after the next 20 years if you care. By which time Nigeria would have been long gone

        • I Hate Sycophant Truly

          Your write up as shown that you don’t know the political situation and arrangement of the country. Live blindly to reality on the ground.

  • JI

    I pity Okechukwu here, because he has commenced the South West APC campaign of calumny, which is intended to frustrate the long term strategy of the South East, to ensure the various political forces are balkanised, thereby giving the South West (APC) and their Hausa Fulani Muslim co-traducers early opportunity to head up the presidency at the expense of the South East.

    Osita is indeed what he calls other people. He is a lazy in dependent Igbo man who would cannot survive on his own, so he runs errand for the devil for pittance.

  • kinsly

    Nice article,thoughtfull and incisive.

  • Garden-City Boy

    This man just fell short of asking us be sorry and remorseful for standing by as the North dug themselves into the cesspit to become the “main victim of the SUPPOSED northern domination of Nigeria’s political terrain”. In his asinine judgment, Oriola would want us to go along with his absurd perception that the near 50-year streak of awusa/fulani brutal, exploitative hegemony is merely “SUPPOSED”….and never happened. He then backs it up with the absurd assertions that lack statistical basis: “…. The poorest 10 states in Nigeria are in the north; the richest 10 states are in the south……… a result of years of systematic pillage and shocking disregard for human life and dignity by some elites”. He must be the greatest dreamer…a mendacious one for that matter, or
    another compulsive Islamic liar.
    Will Mr Oriola then summon enough balls to define who these buccaneers, plunderers and pillagers are, and the elite that “show shocking disregard for human life and dignity” with raw impunity? Should he pretend not to know, I will tell him. It is Buhari and his band of awusa/fulani butchers, now jostling
    to be president. In all ramifications of the word, ‘Tope Oriola is one more of those robotic morons, one of those wretched scum of society whose psyche is infused with the crippling juice of the awusa-cattle brainwash. The man comes across as one of those whose initiative derives solely from the thwacking
    whiplash of the brutal awusa/fulani tormentor, and yet unable to wean himself from.

  • Garden-City Boy

    But, one wonders where this dreamer got the “mere presence” of a brutal butcher “can boost morale”
    when enthroned as Nigeria’s president from, or the root of his absurd impression. Whose morale will be boosted, one may ask? It has to be awusa/fulani morale, as their comfort and wellbeing has become the obsession for the rest of society…..all that matter for Nigeria. Meanwhile, Mr. Oriala
    exposes how misguided a he can be, and how he is “ENCOURAGED” by an expectation that a paranoid, hostage-taking, ransom-extorting terrorist called ‘president’ Buhari will quickly herd politicians into his prisons. Sounds very much like one lining up for imminent jail-building contracts boom that will trail Buhari’s enthronement, being an ex-soldier’s offspring.
    Inadvertently, this man tightens Buhari’s political noose by reminding readers of the botched UMARU DIKO hijack and the plights of Dr, Ekueme, Bola Ige, Pa Ajasin, Chief Awolowo, The Ikemba Nnewi, Sam Mbakwe, Ambrose Ali and a host of other Southerners he clamped in jail and forgot them there. He also reminds us of Bernard Ogedengbe, Bartholomew Owo and Ojuolape, three young men he murdered at the Kiri Kiri firing range. The families of the Youth Corpers brutally murdered in his vengeful rage to protest his election loss to President Jonathan demand justice.
    It is not strange that Buhari would not dare his rascality when he lost to Obasanjo or to Yar’Adua, and we all know why. They guy is a bloody coward who only shows bravado on civilians, especially Southerners of the S/S and S/E. As far as Buhari is concerned, Jonathan is the NYAMARI KAFIRI’N BANZA who has committed the sacrilegious overreach of presiding over the Nigeria territorial
    preserve of the Islamic awusa/fulani.
    Oriola roots for a maniacal, power-obsessed fraud that sees us as dogs and baboons to be soaked in blood following the next polls in March. He proudly extols Buhari’s unrepentant and unapologetic image as “principled person”. It is an uphill task to bring in a compelling argument to dismiss the absurdity in Oriola’s thinking that Buhari –a highly principled man- will drop his plans to soak dogs and baboons in blood. Oriola must then be a pathetic prevaricator that has lost touch with reality, fabricate a new definition for the expression: “principled person”.
    Buhari , a diehard advocate of the imposition of Islamic Sharia, had question the business of the other
    Nigerians with awusa/fulani islamists amputations and beheadings of sharia court convicts. He regards our concern and outrage as meddlesome intrusion into awusa/Fulani private, shared values. The question to this Oriola mutt would be this: when has it become our business to bother with mobilizing “the North for educational and economic development” and to reward “The Talakawas” and
    “ALMAJIRIS” of the North who “have unnecessarily suffered for too long”? This jackass, ‘Tope Oriola would have us go on our knees in deep sorrow and supplication to awusa/Fulani demigods to forgive us for the social calamities they brought upon themselves and for the wretched choices full-grown awusa elite made for their barbaric clan.