APC slams SSS for linking party with Boko Haram, to sue Marilyn Ogar

Marilyn Ogar, SSS spokesperson is under heavy criticism for being partisan

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has condemned the thinly-veiled attempt by the Directorate of State Services (DSS), alias SSS, to link the party with the insurgent group Boko Haram, without providing a shred of evidence to that effect, and called on the agency’s spokesperson Marilyn Ogar to resign or be fired.

In a statement issued in Ilorin on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party also said it has decided to sue Ms. Ogar for attempting to blame the APC for the series of bomb blasts in the country, to give her the opportunity to present whatever evidence she may have of the APC ‘s complicity in a court of law.

It said the DSS threw caution to the wind and exhibited its crass partisanship when the agency’s spokesperson, Ogar, said on national television that anytime the APC wins an election, there is no bomb blast, but that whenever other parties win, there is always a bomb blast.

“That this incredulous accusation could be made by the spokesperson of a security agency, without providing a scintilla of evidence to support such claim, has confirmed our fears that the nation’s security agencies have now constituted themselves into the enforcement arm of the PDP.

“For the DSS Spokesperson to echo the same capricious statement that has been made in the past by the spokesman of the PDP shows that the agency has dropped its toga of non-partisanship and has descended into the political fray. If the DSS has any professional ethics, if DSS is not an arm of the PDP, then the agency must publicly dissociate itself from the irresponsible and unfounded allegation by Ogar and disengage her from the service.

”Doing that will be the first step in restoring the credibility, or whatever is left of it, of the DSS. In the alternative, we challenge the DSS to present to Nigerians any evidence it may have linking our party to the spate of bomb blasts in the country. After all, it is trite that he who alleges must prove,” the APC said.

The party said since the APC won the election in Osun, Ogar has been struggling hard to discredit the party and its victory, including making a spurious allegation that the party offered the DSS 14 million naira as bribe and also tried to make a joke of the arrest of the party’s spokesman, Lai Mohammed, for no other reason than that he belongs to the opposition.

”Institutions of state like the DSS must know that their responsibility is to the nation, not to any political party that may be having a transient hold on power, that their loyalty is to the nation, not to any individual. This way, the institutions will keep their integrity intact and also serve the nation properly.

“Irrespective of the government in power, institutions of state must stay above the fray, in line with best practices.

”This is a lesson that should not be hard for the fellows over there at the DSS to understand, going by the antecedents of their agency. However, where they choose to play politics with their professionalism
and integrity, they will soon realize they are working in an agency that is not worth its salt, one that has lost the respect of the citizenry,” it said.

The APC called on the National Assembly to invite the Director-General of the DSS to explain if Ogar’s partisan stance represents the official position of the service on the spate of bomb blasts in the country; if indeed 14 billion Naira was offered as a bribe to the DSS and by who; and why the DSS has chosen to descend to the political fray at the expense of its professionalism and national loyalty.


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  • Okache

    Ms. Marilyn Ogar is a huge disappointment to the SSS. She should be fired or resign her position. In her interview, it was very clear that she is partisan and remaining as the organization spokesperson will not augur well for its public image. What a disgrace.

    • redeem

      There is nothing in her statement that has not been alluded to by Nigerians-Its not a hidden fact that every Nigerian knows that the janjaweeds in APC are all supporters of the jihadist Islamic sect group boko haram- period–let them APC go to court if they like—————-cause they have their Salamis there to award another Sanusi like 50m to them-

      • kick ’em out

        You don’t have any choice than to defend this rogue, Orgar since she is one of you.Shit!

      • Okache

        How much are they really paying you? I understand that you are yet to be paid for the unnecessary and blind commentaries for the past three months and you are still at it. Na wa o! You dey try.

    • Wähala

      She’s a bulldog for sh*t job…

  • Maria

    I keep wondering how this kind of a nonentity called Ogar got to that position.

    • True Nigerian

      Well, getting to such high position in Nigeria doesn’t require smartness or intelligence. It only requires being a dimwit, a nontetity, an ignoramus, and then knowing a lot of highly placed criminals and showing those criminals your readiness to be used in the protection of their vested criminal interests. That is why Nigeria is a sh*thole, regardless of how much money anyone may think he is making from such a decayed unsustainable society.

      • redeem

        Can u in your right senses throw some light into the reason behind APC hiring a PR firm in London to launder her jihadist boko haramic image for her?——————-some of u just post comments without giving it a thought abi———Ogar is right—if not why did APC hire the firm to rebrand her janjaweed image——?——————-Yipeeeeeeeeeeee—–read this———-APC, has hired Burson-Marsteller, a London based Public Relations and Public Affairs for an annual fee of $1.2 Million, approximately N200 Million.

        Perception and narratives that its members are Boko Haram sympathizers, trail the APC, an appendage that may likely affect the APC’s electoral fortunes in 2015. One of the main focuses of the P.R firm would be to change the narrative using the media among others.

    • redeem

      through a dint of hard workl

    • Wähala

      A dog will always find sh*t to swallow… ugly Marilyn is no exception!

      • redeem

        Lai Mohammed, National Publicity Secretary of the APC had wondered why the federal government would send DSS (Department of State Security) operatives “masked and clad in black” to harass innocent citizens of the state. “As widely reported, DSS agents, armed to the teeth and riding in over 50 trucks, drove around Osogbo and other parts of Osun State on Wednesday blaring siren and SHOOTING sporadically in the air, thus disrupting the normally peaceful life in the state,” he said.

        But courtesy of the PDP, apparently privy to the letter written by APC’s Osun governor, Rauf Aregbesola, to the Department of State SECURITY (DSS), it was the APC-led Osun government that asked for the security men. What the misinformation by Lai has showed is that there is either a disconnect, or it was mischief-intended.

        “Residents,” Lai Mohammed claimed in his tissue of lies, “who were visibly traumatised by the shameful DISPLAY of state power ran helter-skelter and wondered why their government has sent masked men, or ninjas, to terrorize them. They now understand that the masked thugs who have been following the PDP candidate around on his campaign trail were actually government sanctioned. This is a power show taken too far, even with the well-known impunity tendencies of the Jonathan Administration.”

      • redeem

        that is not the issue at stake–did APC governor Aregbeshola give DSS——14M———–YES OR NO–TIME FOR THE GOVERNOR TO SPEAK OUT ON THE ISSUE—————AT LEAST SHE WAS CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF ALLAH————————ATI MY GOD

    • redeem


      • Maria

        The face looks like that of a bulldog…lol!

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    With this type of a woman,clearly a hidden PDP party stalwart member who was installed in the DSS to serve PDP partisan interest,how can ever ther be fairness and plain-level-field in our national security agencies?Marilyn Ogar truly exposes herself as PDP moule in the DSS sent to Osun State to manipulate the gubernatorial poll but when things turned upside down and the goal was non-achievable,she embarks on revenge mission claiming APC governor Aregbeshola offered DSS N14million for DSS to rig the election for APC Aregbeshola.Does that sound normal from a sane gov Aregbeshola-APC?

    The mission of the deployed security agencies including DSS-Marilyn Ogar in Osun State were to aid and abet the rigging and manipulation of the poll for PDP Iyiola Omisore but when that plan failed,Mrs Ogar was unhappy and then the firvolous bribery allegation of N14 million naira offered.

    • redeem

      APC, has hired Burson-Marsteller, a London based Public Relations and Public Affairs for an annual fee of $1.2 Million, approximately N200 Million.

      Perception and narratives that its members are Boko Haram sympathizers, trail the APC, an appendage that may likely affect the APC’s electoral fortunes in 2015. One of the main focuses of the P.R firm would be to change the narrative using the media among others.

      • Wähala

        …and who hired Levick of Washington? Liar & Thief like you… answer me!

        • redeem

          Few weeks after the hypocrites in APC castigated Jonathan for allegedly hiring a foreign PUBLIC Relations firm, the All progressive Congress, APC, has secretly gone ahead-to rent Burson-Marsteller, a London based Public Relations and Public Affairs for an annual fee of $1.2 Million, approximately N200 Million.

          Perception and narratives that its members are Boko Haram sympathizers, trail the APC, an appendage that may likely affect the APC’s electoral fortunes in 2015. One of the main focuses of the P.R firm would be to change the narrative using the MEDIA among others//

  • Truth

    It is called freedom of speech. If you can’t stand the fire stay out of the kitchen. Sinners run when no man pursues. APC is not the only opposition but they make the loudest noise. Their relevance is in the level of noise they make.

    • e_orpheus

      “It is called freedom of speech.”

      Really? The spokesperson of your country’s No. 1 intelligence gathering & covert services organization throws some spurious talk in the wind..it hits your face and you do what? Invoke freedom of speech?
      That’s why some argue that Nigerians deserve the kind of leadership they have; because of statements like the one you made. Freedom of speech; and so your leaders can go off blurting whatever they pick from the beer parlor!

    • Omo Akin

      Have you ever heard of slander? The innuendo in her speech is slanderous. I hope you understand what I am talking about. But more importantly, in her capacity as the spokesperson of the Nigeria’s DSS, free speech will not cover this type of frivolous, thoughtless and crass partisan statement from this woman.

  • Funso Famuyiwa

    Her recent utterances have been reckless at best and unprofessional at worst. It is unconscionable that the Spokesperson for the Department of State Security will make such outrageous allegations without a scintilla of evidence. If there is any truth in all these allegations, WHY NOT ARREST THOSE INVOLVED AND CHARGE THEM FOR BRIBERY OR TERRORISM as the case may be ?
    Her diction is so bad and delivery so boorish that I have to wonder how she got to become the Spokesperson for DSS. By comparison, Mr. Mba, the Police spokesman in Abuja comes across as informed, measured in tone and easy on the ears. Ms. Oger ( no pun intended) is however grating to the ears , combative, untruthful and partisan. She is not helping the already tarnished image of the organization. But I expect her to double down rather than repent.

  • Omo Akin

    APC, please stop behaving like Jonathan & Co. You do not need to announce that will sue. Sue and then call a press conference to announce that you have sued. You threaten Fani-Kayode with court action but we are yet to see your summons and that is why the guy is still out there making noise. Do not threaten anyone with law suit if you are not ready to make good your threat. As a proud product of Ibironke’s Law school, this is what good practice should be.

  • abeem

    Most respected institutions have a code of ethic and professional conduct. I thought the DSS cannot be an exception, so I
    wanted to know if they have one and what it says before I rush to comment on the outburst of their spokesperson. This is what it says:

    “To upholds the highest standard of conduct…..to actualize its motto which is the search for truth that enshrines liberty and
    justice. ….is committed, loyal and dedicated to its mission and vision. It puts the nation first before all else.”

    My first reaction is “Wow” this is great! But we all know that is not what the public relation person of DSS has been
    doing. The spokesperson of an organization is the face of any organization to the public. He or she in this case, seeks to present their organization in the best light to the public as far as possible. That is the reason why they are called
    public relation officers.

    Ms. Ogar has not lived up to the tenets of the code of ethics and professional conduct of the DSS. As the official face of
    the DSS to the public, she has failed to convince the public that her organization is committed to the search for truth and the pursuit of liberty and justice. Levying unsubstantiated charges against the opposition do not show or portray the organization as one that is committed, loyal, and dedicated to its mission and vision which primarily is the gathering of intelligence for the ultimate protection of the Nigerian state. We all know that Ondo, Anambra and Ekiti elections have been conducted more than two months ago and evidence gathering must have been completed by now. So what is holding DSS from arraigning the suspects from the opposition since by her comments, APC is behind all bombings.

    At best it has shown that DSS is a biased and discriminatory organization. And it goes without saying that it is an extension of PDP because what is coming out of her mouth is not different from what Olisa Metuh and Fani Kayode have repeated in
    the past. That it takes instructions from Aso Rock is an indictment on the integrity and professionalism of DSS as an institution.

    No doubt Ms. Ogar has done a great disservice to the reputation of the DSS, which has been eroded over the years in the mind of most patriotic Nigerians. Of course sycophants, those who always see issues from the prism of ethnicity and religion, will beg to disagree. Not that the reputation of the DSS was a good one hitherto, because their past open display of partisanship and favoritism in handling sensitive issues when it involves the oppositions is common knowledge. You don’t need to second guess the DSS to know which side it stands on issues because of lack of objectivity. There is always a fine line between “putting the nation first before all else” and unpatriotic hounding of oppositions when you do not have any evidence to prosecute them except to humiliate and satisfy Aso Rock.
    Ogar is a disgrace and not fitting as a spokesperson for DSS!

    • redeem

      Did APC not know what they were getting their janjaweed Islamic party into when they leveled false accusation against the agency–that they were working for PDP? Meanwhile it was APC that tried to bribe the agency with 14m–till date the governor is yet to deny the allegation–how many days have gone by since the disclosure—All APC does is to use sharia reporters ati PT to harass the government–into submission—Line up governors from APC controlled states to disturb us with their outdated pictures—this time there is no going back–go to court and clear yourself of the bribery allegations–and stop teaching us the ethics of some profession u know little or nothing about-cheers

    • Wähala

      There’s nothing like code of conduct under this corrupt administration… anything goes!

      • redeem

        b4 Jonathan was the agency–created by obasanjo –

  • Usman

    even my 12 year old brother will not make such flimsy accusation, let you simply meet in a court of law

  • Wähala

    Ugly Mary Magdalene… see why I constantly rail against her? She lives to lie and lies to survive. She has no scruples, will lie down for anyone just to attract attention to her bulldog’s face bcos she has no choice… actually! Ugly piece of shit!

  • Don shex

    it is clear now that DSS is used to rig election.

  • Moniboss Omaliko

    Honestly I don’t see what the hullabaloo is all about. This woman security officer made verifiable declarations based on verifiable empirical observations. What should concern us is whether her empirical observations were true. That is to ask: Is it true that bomb blasts occur each time APC looses an election? Actually her empirical observations are true and matches APC’s notorious penchant to make inflammatory violence threatening outbursts. Pleas leave Mrs Ogar alone. If the witch cried in the night and the child dies in the morning, the witch should be suspect. If APC threaten mayhem before elections and bombs boom thereafter only when they loose, it is justifiable to suspect them. Period.

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    Marlyn Ogar is a ceritfy PDP-president Jonathan ethnic mole in the SSS,very partisan and an ethnic bigot who would go to any distance of efforts to discredit,label and abuse opposition political party in order for her ethnic-champion-clueless,incapable,incompetent and corrupt-ridden president Ebele Jonathan,to remain in office till eternity.
    Some ethnic morons in this forum claimed they are dumb,lacked-sense of reasoning and deaf that there is nothing wrong in Ms Ogar’s observation.Idiotic ass-hole.