APC attacks SSS over conduct in Osun election, debunks N14million bribe allegation

APC Chairman John Odigie Oyegun

The APC accuses the SSS of crass partisanship, says spokesperson unfit for her office

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Department of State Services (DSS), alias SSS, of crass partisanship and unprofessional conduct over its actions and comments on the recent election in Osun State.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party also said the spokesperson for the agency, Marilyn Ogar, should be properly trained and given the necessary exposure so she can speak with knowledge and facts, instead of making baseless and incautious statements.

”It is sad that a spokesperson for the DSS does not know there is no offence called ‘loitering’ under Nigerian laws. For her to now go on national television to say the APC’s National Publicity Secretary was arrested for ‘loitering’ in Osogbo on the eve of the state’s governorship election is the height of ignorance and constitutes a great embarrassment to the DSS.

”It is even worse that the so-called spokesperson, ever so glib, would make a joke out of such a faux pas by an agency that is supposed to be non-partisan and highly professional. How on earth can any human being not be disoriented when 15 hooded gunmen arrest him/her and point their weapons at his/her head as they did to me on that night in Osogbo?

”How can a spokesperson for such a sensitive government agency not understand that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for freedom of movement? On what basis is Ms. Ogar questioning what the APC’s National Publicity Secretary was doing in Osun, when the same fellow has not questioned the presence of Musiliu Obanikoro, Chris Uba and their likes in the same state. Or are those people from Osun State?

”Was it not publicly announced that the APC was moving its headquarters to Osun to give support for Gov. Rauf Aregbesola? Why didn’t Ms. Ogar question the presence of President Goodluck Jonathan or Vice President Namadi Sambo in Osun when they came too, if she was being fair? It is sad that Ms. Ogar has turned herself to the spokesperson of the PDP by echoing what that party said on the Osun election. This is unprofessional and irresponsible,” it said.

APC said by spearheading the mass arrest of its leaders and members in Osun before and during the August 9 governorship election in the state, and by preventing the rally planned by the NLC in support of Governor Aregbesola from holding, the DSS has decided to pitch its tent with the PDP instead of staying neutral.

The party said the questions to ask Ms. Ogar are: ”How many PDP leaders were arrested in Osun? If the rally by the NLC had been planned in support of the PDP candidate, Senator Iyiola Omisore, would the DSS have aborted it? Why must the DSS send hooded gunmen to police an election that is a civic matter? Does Ms.Ogar bother to read and understand the Nigerian constitution to know the rights of the citizens?”

It described as a tissue of lies the allegation by Ms. Ogar that the party tried to bribe the DSS with 14 million Naira before the Osun election, wondering why the DSS did not arrest the official who offered the alleged bribe.

”Apparently, Ms. Ogar has never heard of a ‘sting operation’ that is widely used by security agencies to catch a person who is committing a crime. The allegation by Ms. Ogar would have been sweet in her mouth had the DSS mounted a sting operation to catch whoever was offering the alleged bribe, and then prosecute him or her,” the party said, calling the allegation cheap blackmail by a conspiratorial organization.

APC said it is important to educate the likes of Ogar, and indeed the entire DSS, that election is not war, but a celebration of democracy, hence DSS agents should drop their hoods and hide away their menacing guns when next they are posted to police an election anywhere in the country.


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  • Mr. Abdin

    The politics of Nigeria is very interesting.

  • Easy

    Madam Ogar, the spokeperson of PDPigs.


    If Lai Mohammed were the spokesman for the PDP, would Ogar’s DSS have arrested and treated him like a common criminal?

    This is what we are saying. Nigeria needs to build strong institutions…that will stand the test of time. Flippant folks like Ogar do not belong to such institutions.

    The DSS should apologize to Lai Mohammed and investigate the statements credited to Ogar concerning Lai’s arrest as well as the alleged bribe. If she cannot substantiate the allegation, she should be fired!

    • Mosaku 147

      Who will fire an ijaw babe or SS woman under this dispensation? Have you forgotten she was promoted Deputy Director just recently. Instead they will promote her to a full Director. Goofing is her trademark and she owes nobody any apologies as long as her brother is the presido.
      Remember Apo killings by SSS and army? She defended it as been right.she even said they came under fire as they approached the building.but now we know the truth after the public hearing by NHRC.

      • Aminu

        The lady is simply unprofessional liar that found herself in a sensitive non partisan govt agency which requires no much publicity.But being in era of sycophantic dispensation she has to follow suit

    • prince

      Lai mohammed is not above the law and does not deserve an apology from any one, a man was picked by the operatives at an odd hour of the night, taken to the office and in less than 45 mins, the director released him to go. U said sss should apologize to him? For what? U can as well say that sss should be disbanded, then u see how this country will sink in less than a year.


        Why did the director release him? Because he realized those who arrested him goofed! Doesn’t that tell you something? The loquacious Ogar must go!

  • Hatejona Withpassion

    She is about to be relieved of her appointment. She was just being unnecessarily overzealous. Jonathan understands their likes. Oduah, Andoaka and their likes understands what I am saying.


      I really wish this is true. We do not need stone-age people like Ogar in sensitive positions in this country. Nigeria boasts of decent women and men who can hold their own anywhere in the world. Let’s use them to make our country great again.

  • Solaside

    You wonder why no continuity in our civil service. How would another Govt other than PDP retain this Ms Ogar? if govt changes likes of her get the boot surely. But I guess you cannot win in Nigeria because a more qualified guy than her insisting on doing the right will not get the job and if a lady and she refuse to be a mistress she cannot get promoted. It does goes that the first qualification to stay on your job as civil servant in Nigeria is to be a professional sycophant like Ms Ogar. Do you blame her?

  • Bankole

    Democracy can thrive only when there are strong and impartial institutions. A sensitive institution like DSS should not be seen to be political. It’s a shame to me as a security man to hear Ogar talking about the attempt to bribe an officer without establishing any fact. its a shame DSS, please change your tactics.

  • dudu

    Methink the education acquired by M.Ogar failed to pass through her, As a DSS PRO, she obviously doesnt know the objectives of the organisation she claimed to be representing, I hope she grows up.

  • Mosaku 147

    I gave up on Ms Ogar the day she claimed on channels tv that they had 100 top commanders of BH in SSS custody. She was all painted up with gold on her 10 fingers and neck for the live interview. I was still wondering why this woman was talking recklessly on tv when we heard the sound of a blast. Alas,BH had hit police force headquarters while she was still in the studio making mouth about the capture of her 100 TOP COMMANDERS.
    She should be removed immediately as she is an embarrassment to the DSS.

  • Larry

    The question is what was Lai Mohammed doing outside around 12 midnight when he knew there was a curfew from 6pm?

    • Moses

      There was no curfew sir…who imposed it? Was there a breakdown in law and order In any case there was no curfew. So a citizen cannot walk/drive freely at any hour of their choice simply because the security forces wanted to impose the “mind of the president”?

  • Tunde Jones

    I use to appreciate Ms Ogar until I heard her defend DSS over Osun Election security. It was clear from her communications and body language that she was partisan as her speeches were filled with emotions, sentiments and less of facts.I did not see what I expected of a professional PR officer of a sensitive organisation like the DSS.While I know she works for the Federal Govt, she should be less sentimental in her communications and face the facts without being seen to be partisan.

  • prince

    The DSS is one security organization I know that does not make baseless allegations. Even though, the SSS spokesperson did not specifically mention bribe in her allegation but an Offer from the APC, am sure before Ogar could open her mouth to say such a thing, the DSS may have got the recorded evidence of what transpired.. I personally dont take sss statement for granted….Besides, DSS as we all know is a secret organization, and has the right to hood themselves from the public, so who is Lai Mohammed to detect the mood of their operation.?

  • Musa

    The response i have seen here so far shows that we are all guilty of the same thing we are accusing the SSS woman of doing. we have all shown our biases and lack of objectivity in our comments. One thing is clear from the Osun election, No electorate has complained that they were harassed or prevented from exercising their franchise by the so called hooded SSS operatives. No life was lost.only the politicians are complaining. Maybe what we really need is a security agency that will quarantine all our politicians and allow we the poor masses to decide our fate. we all talk of revolution, yet we are afraid to let go of the past, to put aside the same set of people that have ruined this nation and left us where we are. diaris god o!

    • prince

      Lai Mohammed described the Osun election as a theater of war and yet no single electorate was hurt. Even though I look forward to seeing a time we shall cast our votes in this country without a single security operative on the street but as long as we still have these crop of insane politicians like Lai mohammed, we will appreciate the presence of our security officers, even the hooded ones.

    • darlington

      Sentiment is another cancer plaguing Nigerians that’s why we are far from the desire change we are clamoring for

  • darlington

    My simple questions is when did the deployment of Security operative to maintain law and order in an election become and issue, when did wearing of maske by sss operative becomes an issue cause i see them with masks almost everyday with masks in abuja here, especially during any function that their present is needed? Please politicians(APC/PDP) should not drag security agencies into their dirty and ungodly game oh, after the same sss operative are the ones providing Security to them,please APC should channel it propaganda toward PDP cause they are one and same set of rogues.I pray one day Nigerians will wake up and disentangle themselves from the blind sentiment that’s beclouding us.

  • Bitter truth

    Every time you read from Lie Muhammed it is either a lie, an accusation or a false alarm. This man is a professional town crier. He was in Osun to distribute Ghana must go donated by rivers and Lagos government. I just pity Rotimi Amaechi. He is wasting rivers money on failed project of APC. As for the voters in Osun it’s a matter of time because a leopard does not change its colour. Let’s see for how many months more Lagos and Rivers govts will contribute to pay the workers in Osun. Now that Aregbesola does not need your votes you are in for a rough ride with months without salaries. Then it will be time to regret.

  • zygote

    truly, I don’t know how she got hire. She is complete disgrace to DSS and Nigeria as a whole. Very unprofessional and ugly in every aspect.

  • Uzoma

    Please, stop being disrespectful. If you have anything of import to say–and clearly you don’t seem to have–, then say it and stop abusing people whom you barely know. It says more about you than it does about them.