Why I lost Osun governorship election – Omisore

The candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, at the just concluded Osun State gubernatorial election, Iyiola Omisore, has attributed his defeat to the “clearly partisan” acts of the former Resident Electoral Commissioner, REC, in the state.

At his first post-election briefing in Osogbo, Monday, Mr. Omisore said that by the time the electoral commissioner was removed, he had already done the damage.

Rufus Akeju, the Osun State REC, was replaced by ,Mr Segun Agbaje, a few weeks before the election.

At the end of the election, Mr. Omisore’s 292,747 votes was not enough to defeat Rauf Aregbesola, the incumbent governor and candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, who polled 394,684 votes to emerge winner.

“It was not a race we came into unmindful of the odds stacked against us,” said Mr. Omisore, a former Senator.

“For instance, we had a situation where a clearly partisan Resident Electoral Commissioner had opened the entire electoral system to our opponent from registration stage through data storage to personnel loading.

“Though the leadership of INEC eventually took him out of the state weeks to the elections, he already did a lot of harm in the system that would take years to rectify. In spite of this and the fact that all democratic structures in the state are in the hands of our opponent, our supporters still fought gallantly in every poling unit in the state to achieve the feat we posted in this election,” Mr. Omisore added.

The PDP candidate urged his supporters to remain calm as the party is still studying the election results to determine their next line of action.

“In the meantime, our situation office and party are presently analyzing the results of the elections against field reports. We shall be making public our findings and the appropriate steps accordingly,” said Mr. Omisore.

“I however appeal to all our supporters to remain calm, law-abiding and peace-loving. Our abiding guide is that Osun state must not be governed in the old ways anymore and August 9 has given the demography of the change-seeking people.”

Mr. Omisore said that his campaign strategy took him to the nook and cranny of the state where he saw the impact of “propaganda-led governance” on the people’s lives.

“We shared the daily experiences of a people traumatized and fervently hopeful of beneficial change that democracy has promised to them,” Mr. Omisore said.

“It did not escape our notice that many of the everyday people in our towns and villages who trooped to meet with us, valued our presence and the regard we had for them, yet they bore with courage and hope, the scars of neglect, extreme poverty, and excruciating suffering.

“We were bold to reject financial recklessness, deform of our education sector, scams that deployed technology for profit rather than for learning, bastardized empowerment programs that only deny opportunities to our young people, partnership that mean our artisans are jobless, significant capital flight from the Osun state economy and the lack of transparency in public procurement process.

“We have been successful in raising the consciousness of every one in Osun state to these issues, enabling them to demand accountability that will enshrine good governance today and forever.”

Mr. Omisore also said that the result of the election showed that the PDP is no longer a push over in the South West.

“The best man does not always win, but a winner emerges. We congratulate all the gladiators in this effort; everyone gave of their best,” he said.

“Collectively, we have achieved much more than our individual aspirations for the Office of the Governor of Osun state that we all contested for. Our achievements go beyond Government House in Abere, to the heart of the people and our followers. We in Osun PDP assert with great confidence that the business of governance in Osun state will be not be as usual again. The positive change we fought for in the Rescue Mission campaign has indeed started. We are all wiser.

“This is success we are thankful for. We must celebrate PDP leadership, its members and the extensive engagement of supporters of the Iyiola Omisore Organization (IOO) on all platforms, including the Omisore Youth Support Forum (OYSF) and the engagement of all media – print, digital and social. Everyone was awesome.

“We collectively with the citizens and people of Osun state will sustain the Rescue Mission from a campaign to what I note it has become, a socio-political movement for positive change in Osun state, a force for change that no one can deny or stop. We came into this race to make that difference in their lives and offer hope in the land,” he added.


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  • Anon


    • redeem

      How did Aregbe become governor of Osun state—via votes cast by Obama-abi? See—-that is Nigeria for u–very unthinking in their approach to national issues—————-if its them-ati theirs-its OK————–anything short of their special colored regional boko haramic views———means u are not a human–fit enough to align with them-if PDP had won the elections in Osun——-Jehovah God of Niger Delta———Nigeria would have by now been—–on fire———— turned into Rwanda or Central African Republic——by the janjaweeds in APC—–u hear——Jonathan rigged the elections for PDP–the soldiers were brought-in to rig the elections–Lai mohammed–was bitten by a snake–that Jonathan imported from BRAZIL–HIS WIFE Dame POISONED THE PURE WATER SACHET–Tinubu drunk—-victory belongs to Omisore—-given the number of votes he even scored despite the rigging machine of APC—————the votes cast by the people of Osun——was d highest in the history of the country’s election scheme–None was killed—–no riot———Omisore got more votes than the one the good people of Ekiti gave fayose—————-meaning–Omisore has a very high level of acceptance—in Osun state–for the jihadist—————rigging methods—it was a landslide——————–for him——–Aregbe came via the courts——why is APC scared of having another do same————————–arrive government house via the courts also—————?

      • ode

        U are all full because, all this people you are siding are killers, it is because they are green snake under the green grass can Aregbe boldly say is fighting for the interest of the people of Osun, OMISORE HELPED MANY PEOPEL when he was a senator, how many people aregbe help?, aught, anyway, butsa you are all the same.

        • Omo Omisore

          Yes oooo! Omisore bought alot of airline tickets and hotels rooms for girls and runs girl when he was senator. He bought three houses for babes that wrestled him well in bed during is time in Abuja. Oga Ode i fully agree with you joor. Omi lo danu Aregbe no break.

      • OLOYE

        Omisore got more votes from Ife axis. This clearly confirmed his game plan with Uncle Jona military machine that was allowed by permissive Ifes on the spirit of ‘omo wa ni e je kose’ but rejected by other Osuns. Aregbe became governor of Osun State by his performance in the office during the first four years despite the sliding allocation from Uncle Jona. We are sending him- Uncle Jona- back to Otuokpe after 14th February to continue his drinking binge. This is a salvage mission for our Nation from collapse by PDP misrule

  • Ashibogu

    Laugh wan kill me! Even Bola Ige dey laugh at his frustration. D man is in grief and the first stage of grief is denial. Dem kill Bola Ige now God don kill their their ambition. Make I’m try again for 2018. Yeye dey smell! Make somebody give an Sapele Palm Wine make I’m take cool down.

    • redeem

      Is Funsho Williams who was killed by Tinubu-is also crying in the spirit world———————


        Thank you, that is what you do not want to listen to because of blind politics you are playing. If Tinubu was the one that killed Funsho Williams, definitely God will judge him accordingly. Same thing applicable to Omisore. Please dont side any of the two. Let them face God judgement. Thanks

      • MathewBabs

        Mumu, Was Tinubu alleged by anybody of killing Funsho williams or any human being? unlike Omisore that spent years in prison before he bribed himself out of prison with the help of his co criminals in Government

      • 10/110

        @ redeem simply you are senseless old man!!! why are blackmail innocent person? the spirit of innocent person you are blackmail and poor nigerians will suffer u & you will sweep away by Ebola

    • redeem

      @wahala————————did Omisore not win elections into the senate–while in jail————–where was the spirit of bola Ige then———————-thought—————-u will say he lost cause of the progressive ideas of drug barons like tinubu—————ati the jihadist visions of aregbe—————–instead u invoke the spirit of bola ige–when tinubu ati buhari has more blood in their hands–than Omisore———————————–cheeeeeeeeeeers


        redeem, but Omisore was also supported by GEJ by given him security men, mass arrests of Apc members and intimidation all over. What else ?. Only God helped Aregbe nothing more. Let us stop playing religious and ethnic politics in this country for that is the way forward please.

      • Ayo

        @redeem, why do you always talk through your back side? anyone with common sense know that Omisore did not win the election into the senate and that the whole was arranged to compensate Omisore for being party to getting rid of uncle Bola (a thorn in the flesh of PDP) so redeem please stop talking rubbish

      • 10/110

        i didn’t understand why some people are senseless? they cannot think for themself, Mr redeem are saying omisore is a better candidate for the job of osun state? if your thinking has no base that’s to say you and omisore are political ignorant……bastard son of the land , may ebola helps us sweep una away

  • Mr. Abdin


  • Enemona

    Bla! Bla!! Bla!!!

    You have already over-achieved by roaming free on the streets of Osun. How you did that is an open secret so enjoy your ‘ill-gotten’ freedom.

  • Ay

    Chai! This man no get sense at all. Upon all the money and soja that Jona used to support you, you still fall yakata! Abeg go siddon

    • redeem

      Its not over until its over


        redeem, when is it going to be over?

        • Naijagogoodagain

          When Jonathan is disgraced out of Aso Rock!


    Osun people know better!

    • redeem


  • Okodoro

    Ekun Omisore (Lamentstion of Omisore )

    • redeem

      why should a man who scored more votes than APC in Ekiti not be grateful to his Creator

      • ayobama

        In that case, I hope he will be declared as Ekiti Governor!

  • 247don007

    Some people on this forum commented as if they didn’t study comprehension while in secondary school. I think Omisore should be commended for his show of statesmanship. Hear him “I however appeal to all our supporters to remain calm, law-abiding and peace-loving. Our abiding guide is that Osun state must not be governed in the old ways anymore…” Let’s be sincere, if Aregbesola had lost the election, would he dare say a thing like this? I can still remember what the APC national chairman said before the election.

    • redeem



    “For instance, we had a situation where a clearly partisan Resident Electoral Commissioner had opened the entire electoral system to our opponent from registration stage through data storage to personnel loading.

    From the above quote, I don’t see why Omisore should be complaining if truly PDP had no intention of rigging. If the man was a partisan resident electoral commissioner then I will commend him for being patriotic. The data storage revealed would have made it impossible for anyone to add to what is in the data. If APC had access through the “patriotic” man then PDP also had access because how did Omisore and his group got to know that the “patriotic man” has revealed this information.

    Ogbeni, go on soun. You are the man. What has PDPdone in 15 years for Osun State.

  • Rommel

    Omisore lost the election because the people perceive him to be a criminal

    • Dan Arewa

      If no so, only him ( Omisore go wakan go ). Na only him waka com !!! First Engilishi !

  • Ayemi

    Why did you need to fight gallantly to become a governor of a state, if truly you wanted to serve the Osun people? These people rejected you both in heaven and on earth because of your past records as a criminal. Not that Aregbe is a saint, but your criminality records stood up against you to defeat you woefully. Even with all your backing from Jonathan and ooni of Ife, you still failed everywhere. What is this telling you? No state wants a criminal to be its governor. For the fact you were able to contest for the gubernatorial election was even a problem for our nation. there is God ooo!!!! na only you go waka go prison again ooo!!!

  • Moore-Coker

    Can this discussion now have an answer – Who kill Bola Ige?

  • Pause

    May God punish this JONNIE CARLSON for calling on BRITAIN to come and help……may be we should also call KU KLUX KLAN to go to help JONNIE CARLSON……..JONNIE CARLSON is an example of what an affirmative education does to the mind……”a mind is a terrible thing to waste” rings bell here

  • Ayo

    This is one mile long and one inch thick!