Osun Election: Nigerian government floods Osun with ‘masked’ security operatives – APC

All Progressives Congress

APC says totally irresponsible and unacceptable for DSS to turn their guns on taxpayers.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has raised an alarm that the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP-led federal government has flooded Osun State with thousands of masked operatives of the Department of State Services, DSS, ahead of the August 9 gubernatorial election.

In a statement issued in Lagos, Friday, by Lai Mohammed, its National Publicity Secretary, the party wondered why the federal government would send DSS operatives “masked and clad in black” to harass innocent citizens of the state.

”As widely reported, DSS agents, armed to the teeth and riding in over 50 trucks, drove around Osogbo and other parts of Osun State on Wednesday blaring siren and shooting sporadically in the air, thus disrupting the normally peaceful life in the state,” Mr. Mohammed said.

”Residents who were visibly traumatised by the shameful display of state power ran helter-skelter and wondered why their government has sent masked men, or ninjas, to terrorize them. They now understand that the masked thugs who have been following the PDP candidate around on his campaign trail were actually government sanctioned. This is a power show taken too far, even with the well-known impunity tendencies of the Jonathan Administration,” he added.

The APC said that information at its disposal showed that 5,000 more DSS men were being dispatched to the state before the election, on the basis of an orchestrated petition alleging that certain APC leaders are planning to foment trouble during the election.

”The real purpose of this fake petition and the consequent deployment of thousands of secret police to Osun is to harass, intimidate and arrest the leaders of the APC in the state, in a repeat of what transpired in Ekiti,” Mr. Mohammed continued.

”Flooding Osun with irresponsible DSS officials to terrorise the residents is another low for a government that is notorious for abuse of power and federal institutions. It is no longer news that the military, the police and other security agencies are working for the Jonathan Administration, rather than for all of Nigeria. What is new is that the security agencies have now been unleashed on the citizenry. What rankles even more is the constant assurances by President Jonathan that the election will be free and fair. How can we have a credible election in an atmosphere of state-led gangsterism? How can we have a credible election when the FG that is supposed to protect the people and ensure violence-free polls is the same one that purveys violence? Where else in the world do secret police announce themselves by firing to scare away harmless citizens? When did masks become part of the uniform of the State Security Service agents?” the party added.

It reminded the DSS officials that the guns they were using to terrorise the people of Osun were given to them by taxpayers, and that they were indeed trained at the expense of taxpayers, hence it was totally irresponsible and unacceptable for them to turn their guns on the taxpayers.

The APC called on local and international election observers to take note of the pre-election intimidation tactics of the PDP/Goodluck Jonathan Administration which, it said, were designed solely to scare people away from the polling booths and provide the necessary atmosphere for electoral malfeasance to favour their candidate.

The party said it would not accept the same “hear-no-evil, see-no-evil disposition” of President Jonathan, who on one hand assures the international community of credible polls under his watch while at the same time looking the other way as his cabinet ministers, other appointees and the security agencies under his control break the law with impunity and become agents of terror.

”Mr. President, you are responsible for the actions of the men and women you appoint into your cabinet. You are the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces,” said Mr. Mohammed.

“You bear the ultimate responsibility for the acts of omission or commission of this category of public officials, as well as the security agencies. You must call them to order if indeed they are not acting under your orders,” he added.


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  • Obafemi Adamula (Abeokuta)

    “Everybody in Yoruba land is looking for a way to liberate themselves once from
    these (APC) pretenders who claim to be progressives but are the opposite of
    anything progressive. They say they are ‘progressives’ – but they admit all the
    corrupt people from the PDP and bring them together to form the All Progressives
    Congress [APC]. What is progressive about ex-Governor Murtala Nyako, for example?
    Now that the Yoruba people have known that the APC is worse than PDP –
    in corruption, impunity, and, lack of internal democracy – we have to vote against APC”.

    …………………Senator Femi Okurounmu

    (Yoruba Afenifere Leader and Coorodinator of on-going National Conference)
    [July 26th, 2014]

    • B. Thomas (Apapa)

      Only a probe can reveal the whole truth about Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

      The informed guesstimate is that not less than 40 billion dollars

      was paid to Lagos state government as official revenue since 1999.

      That entire money is gone today. Where is the money? Another $2.7 billion
      dollars was then borrowed officially as Lagos’ debt? Where is the money?

      Nobody – and i mean nobody can point to $40 billion worth of public service
      delivered in Lagos state between 1999 and now.

      That makes Bola Ahmed Tinubu a financial crimes suspect, immediately,

      along with his satrap – Raji Fasola, both of whom must be
      brought to justice to acquit themselves of swindling the people.

      • Robert

        “Before it can qualify to reform the polity, the APC (party) needs first to transform itself.

        The tide of South-West politics is moving inexorably against the APC.

        Many Lagosians are increasingly fed up with the APC.

        Babatunde Raji Fashola’s marauding brigadiers have become a terror to
        the people. They seem to be maliciously intent on squeezing the life out of the
        man-in-the-street. The APC government in Lagos state is likely to be swept away
        by the same politics of “stomach infrastructure” that it derides to its cost in Ekiti.”

        “Instead of harnessing its much-vaunted strength, the APC is showing new weaknesses,

        even in its South-West strongholds. The APC is an amalgamation of strange bedfellows

        with conflicting political agendas – all desperate for power at the centre. This explains why
        APC even welcomes former PDP opponents. This marriage of convenience is likely to collapse

        sooner than later on the very altar of its internal contradictions, the nearer we get
        to the elections. Should APC lose Oshun state in the forthcoming gubernatorial
        election in August, then Bola Tinubu is toast. There is no doubt that Nigeria
        deserves a strong opposition to the government. Unfortunately, that strong
        opposition cannot come from the foolishness of the APC. As presently
        constituted, the APC is a very good guarantee of another four years of the PDP,
        in spite of the ruling party’s many inadequacies.”

        ………..Femi Aribisala

        (July 15th, 2014)

        • Socratis


      • Chijoke

        Please, please, please. Let’s take a deep breath here, shall we?
        Yes, APC Governors are stealing, nobody disputes that as fact.
        But does it mean that because APC Governors steal they also tell lies?
        Ha, ha, ha, i beg i dey come……yeye dey smell.

        • Socratis

          Haba! Is it not DUMBO that said STEALING is not CORRUPTION. u no fit re-write history o. Diarizzz god oooo. APC stealing? How then do we qualify DUMBO, DIEZANI IWEALA AKPABIO ORJI ODUAH MIMIKO YUGUDA WIKE

    • Anthony Sawyer


      Raji Fashola last year issued a diktat that Lagosians
      were not entitled to know the public accounts of Lagos state. Elsewhere riots
      would have ensued for that atrocious official statement. But not in Lagos. The
      majorly retarded people instead jumped up for joy. “Oh, thank God!” the daft Lagosians exulted.

      “If only we can continue to have somebody like Fashola,” the foolish said in unison.

      Which means Lagosians want corrupt and un-accountable government,
      and, prefer to live in poverty – with giant rats in their bedrooms – signalling a
      degraded environment trapped in stasis. If therefore Lagosians accede to
      financial crimes against themselves, for lack of knowledge, what has Raji
      Fashola done wrong to take advantage of the mentally retarded people?

      • Socratis

        Fashola is daft? Why are u quiet abt Akpabio if u re what u claim to be, an anti corruption campaigner!

    • Audu Dakas

      You evil imposter

    • Socratis

      What will the senator say of Agbongbo Akala, Dani Elebo, Igbinedon regimes? History has destined his type to be the country nemesis.

  • Fijabi

    Any means by which Islamic Jihad can be forestalled in Yorubaland is acceptable because Islamic Jihad is worse than evil. The ACN/APC party has NEVER presented a Christian as its governorship
    candidate in Yorubaland. ACN/APC was formed and registered last year
    with 100% Muslims as the party’s national executives. These two facts
    are the proofs that ACN/APC is an Islamic party.

    Yoruba Christians
    are naive to assume that Boko Haram is just a Hausa/Fulani murder
    machine. The Yoruba Christians do not seem to understand the dangerous
    concept of global Islamic jihad now underway. Yoruba Christians do not
    connect the dots that since Yoruba Muslims are active cells in Al Qaeda,
    those cells are invariably allied to Boko Haram – whose stated aim is
    the ‘mass killings of Christians’.

    • Audu Dakas

      You can’t use religion as usual to divide the people that are more informed than you. Your game strategy will soon be over and you’ll run for your dear life (if you really value it). 99 days for the thief and 1 very important day for the owner that will be far useful than the 99 of the thief. Your days of evil deeds and propaganda is coming to a devastating end soon.

    • Socratis

      Ekiti gov and deputy are Muslims? Despite that 35% Ekitis are Muslims? In the same vein PDP is a xtian party and hence MUST be rejected by all Yoruba Muslims! Why? The party never fielded a Muslim governor in a Muslim DOMINATED yorubaland? Save for Ijeshas, ondos , Egbas and Ekitis excl Akokos etc, majority of Yorubas are Muslims! So that is not and will not help PDP.

  • Kunle Anjorin


    The All Progressives Congress [APC] which pocketed Nigerian journalists

    since 1999, and got branded ‘a progressive political party’ in return for bribes,

    has now entered a panic mode as the APC governorship aspirants in Lagos state

    outdo themselves on Twitter to announce they’ll reverse and change Raji Fashola’s

    (brainless) policies. If Raji Fashola’s policies made any sense, as Nigerian journalists

    had depicted it – to name Raji Fashola ‘the best governor’, why would the APC party

    aspirants now be struggling to distance themselves from it?

    Both Babatunde Gbadamosi and Akinwunmi Ambode – two of the APC governorship aspirants –
    announced they will cut down LASU tuition fees, and according to Babatunde Gbadamosi,

    “the maximum fees to be charged in LASU [under him] shall be ₦20,000 only”.

    Care must be taken in Nigeria for journalists not to be branded as ‘enemies of the nation’

    and hounded down for reprisals. Honesty is fastly deserting journalism profession in Nigeria.

    The journalists in Lagos and Abuja are widely believed to be the most corrupt.

    They are said to accept payment as bribe to either keep quiet, or, write and broadcast lies.

    • Moremi

      Oh, dear, this is funny. It means even the APC
      members themselves were just queuing behind Raji Fasola, and deceiving him all
      along, just for what they’ll get or probably steal away with impunity. They
      never believed in him. What will the praise-singing journalists now think of
      themselves? They’ll hate themselves I’m sure. But shame is good for journalists
      who have no spirit of truth. Lagos state is almost under the bus as a result of
      utter mis-management and financial thefts. Lagos earned 21 billion dollars in
      the last seven years with no enduring, completed and functioning project to
      show for it. All there’s left on ground is a stunning $2.8 billion in debts –
      an amount equal to three years of the future income of Lagos state.

      • Socratis

        Pls ask MIMIKO what he has done with the 13% derivation allocation! Monthly, That is many times what Osun will earn in 2 years! The gov and his deputy are selflessly slaving as commissioners for works and education, to save Osun millions and all you could be mouthing are nauseating Ariara talks! Has PDP poverty touched ur soul and brain?


      I haven’t read a more irresponsible and frivolous commentary than this in a long time.

      The APC pockets Nigerian journalists? How did it do that? If the APC has had an upper hand in media battle, it is because it has a thinking man as its Spokesman. Take the time to compare the media interventions of the APC and the PDP, and you will marvel at how wide apart they are in terms of quality, clarity, logic and accuracy.

      Has it occurred to you that if Lai Mohammed had been the spokesman of the PDP, God forbid, the party would not have been in the dog house now?

      No amount of money can sway all the journalists in Nigeria in favour of the APC. Besides, are you telling Nigerians that the opposition has more money, more freebies and more patronage to dispense than the ruling party? In other words, if all the journalists want is money, they know the PDP is the party that has it in abundance.

      You can come to an anonymous forum and insult all Nigerian journalists all you can, but these same journalists fought for the democracy that you are now enjoying, the democracy you are now abusing by misusing your freedom of expression.

      Accept the fact that your party, PDP, has failed where the APC has succeeded. Sorry oooooo

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        Indeed, the scale of his recklessness and irresponsibility is breath-taking!

      • Socratis

        Recklessness? Are you not dignifying a pure nonsensical sophistry?

  • Siyan Adefisoye

    Raufu Aregbesola cannot win re-election in Oshun state by
    playing the victimhood card. He is too fierce-looking to be pitied as a victim.
    He publicly promotes violence too. He cannot be an incumbent and a victim at
    the same time. Shouting that federal police is arriving ostensibly to keep the
    peace but indirectly to intimidate APC voters doesn’t make sense because he
    cannot be taken at his word. Raufu Aregbesola is instead required to run on his
    records in the past four years. He has to show voters why he could not pay
    civil servants’ salaries and pensions for several months but was able to buy a
    surveillance helicopter and buy several armoured police patrol vehicles.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Siyan Adefioye:Must be a PDP paid internet-rover that his two eyes have been fully blind-folded with intentional hate against APC-governor Aregbesola whose social developmental programs have impacted Osun State indigenes,a legacy governor Aregbesola can boldly campaign upon as evidence of his prepared plan to improve the lots of Osun State people if re-elected on August 9,2014.

    • Mobolaji Ajenifuja

      Dr. P.K Awosan:

      I agree with you. Anyone complaining here about Oshun state purchase
      of helicopter without paying civil servants’ salaries or complaining about
      Islamic state in Oshun must truly be a PDP internet-rover agent sent here to
      confuse issues. We all know that APC is a religion. Anyone opposed to APC in
      Yorubaland must be a PDP agent who commits the sin of apostasy. Yoruba people
      have no choice. They must vote for APC, whether they like it or not. Bola Ahmed
      Tinubu – the Islamic Caliph of Yorubaland – has ordered so.

      I was wondering why folks cannot be objective. APC
      is so clean that they don’t steal anything. In fact all public accounts are regularly audited
      and published in all APC states. Not so? Even workers’ salaries that they are
      complaining about, what is salary? Oshun state workers are just not patriotic.
      If they are patriotic they will not even mention their salaries at all. No sacrifice
      is too much to protect our ‘nascent democracy’ under APC. And then they talk about Islamic rule. What is
      wrong with Islamic state? Have Christians ever complained of feeling
      un-comfortable under an Islamic state created by Raufu Aregbesloa in Oshun state?
      Christians in Oshun state want Islamic state, so, what is all the fuss about?

      • Socratis

        Your sophistry is too much bros. Can easily be confused for a satire, but for the not too subtly embedded metal logics. Simplify issues pls. what are the xteristics of a serving govt? On a comparative basis, how do APC states of Osun Ekiti Lagos Edo Kano Rivers Ogun Oyo fare against Ondo Akwa Ibom Ebonyi cross Rivers Bayelsa? How are Osun Oyo Ogun faring now compare to when under PDP rule? No govt even in a functioning countries can satisfy all, not to talk of Nigeria where PDP use poverty as a weapon and glorify stomach infrastructure over all. COME CLEAR PLS, TO BE LITERATE OR PSEUDO EDUCATED IS DIFFERENT FROM BEING EDUCATED.
        The religious dimension shd then brought in, reveal ur inner mind and thinking, more so from a Yoruba! CHEAPEST OF ALL BIGOTRY

  • Femi

    I wonder why this people are wearing masks about?

  • Mr Igbo Sanity

    Jonathan remember that if you make peaceful change impossible you will invariably make a VIOLENT CHANGE INEVITABLE!


    Mask security Operative in a civil election , not military, all these are supposed to be paid for by the people to protect them , If PDP lead Federal government is bringing Masked men for election No doubt PDP is the party producing Boko Haram , they are bringing them from Borno to supervise election . If they are not Bo ko Haram they should unmask for people to see their face.
    President Jonathan is scoring 1st in all evil thing happening in that country , first to use BH/ masked men for election.
    1st to have suicide bomber in his tenure , worst female suicide bombers are pumping up every where.
    Nigerians your security is in your hand.

  • The following is from my article “Islam’s Jesus”:

    … In Islam, hiding the intention to expand Islamic territory is a virtue. When
    Muhammad didn’t have enough soldiers, he agreed to be peaceful with
    Mecca (Peace Treaty of Hudaibiya), but after he gained more followers,
    he sneaked-up on Mecca and took it during Ramadan (a pre-Islamic pagan
    fasting month). Following the example of Muhammad, Muslims (even today)
    advocate and follow Quranic and Hadithic verses that speaks of making
    peace with infidels when Muslims are the minority in a society. Examples
    of such verses are: Surah 2.256 “Let there be no compulsion in religion …”

    … The Qur’an and Hadith doesn’t limit the expansion of Ummah
    al-Islamiyah, the lands over which Sharia’s Theocracy must be
    administered; in comparison to the Torah’s Theocracy over a specified
    land: Eretz YisraEl. …