Nigeria govt planning to deploy military to hospitals, senior doctors say


The doctors say the Nigerian government also intends to proscribe the Nigeria Medical Association.

The Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria, MDCAN, has alleged that the Nigerian government was planning to deploy the military to take over health care services and guard medical institutions, an allegation the Nigerian government has denied.

MDCAN, in a statement by its president, Steven Oluwale, also said the Nigerian government might also be planning to proscribe the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, for embarking on the current strike.

The association warned the federal government against taking these ‘drastic’ actions, saying it would only have negative effect on the already fragile health sector.

The MDCAN said it has information that the government had mapped out modalities to end the strike and also proscribe the NMA.

“The attention of the MDCAN is drawn to the purported plan of the Federal Government to take drastic steps to end the current NMA strike. Unnamed government officials have leaked to the Press that the Government is considering proscription of the NMA,” Mr. Oluwale said.

“In the event that the Federal Government tows this course of action, the military will be deployed to guard the medical institutions with military and para-military medical professionals rendering services in the mean time.

“All public health institutions will be privatised. Then the ‘no work no pay’ principle will be enforced, doctors who are interested will be protected to resume duties while new ones will be employed to take their place.”

The MDCAN warned the government not to politicise the issues in the health sector.

Mr.Oluwale said the “propositions of agents of government should deeply worry anyone fairly familiar with the organisation of multi-tier health services for a country.

He said, “Before the NMA declared the strike the MDCAN implored government to look professionally, but not politically at all the issues. Unfortunately there is little evidence that such had been done.

“Are there no laws that establish the tertiary health institutions? Will privatisation of Teaching Hospitals fulfil the objectives for which they were established? Private hospitals are for profit rather than for training and research. Will they serve the primary functions as defined in the Acts that established the hospitals?

“Will the Ministry of Health find suitable replacement for all specialities in Teaching Hospitals, from unemployed doctors and retired doctors? Will the Ministry of Health reconstitute the entire health system even if it is intended that foreign doctors will be imported? The assumption that MDCAN members, who are currently restrained by Court order, will capitulate is erroneous.”

Responding to the allegations by the MDCAN, the Minister of Health, Onyebuchi Chukwu, said the federal government has no intention to proscribe the NMA.

Speaking through his Media aide, Dan Nwomeh, Mr. Chukwu said the government is ensuring that the issues behind the strike are resolved amicably.

He said that the government has fulfilled part of its bargain with the NMA and is expecting the NMA to call off the strike in the interest of Nigerians.


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  • NazirJos

    I think it is part of the Anti-Christ agenda to wipe out our populace. If I understand the assertion “Privatize” well, it means the bill of say N1000 health service will be expected to be around N20000. This to me is just another words of saying: “hey we are tired of you, just die and give us place.” May God deliver us from all evil.

  • Omo Akin

    My comment is not about proscription or otherwise of NMA. Why are there all these incessant strikes in Nigeria? Nigeria pays lip service to the word federal. NLC wants a federal arrangement, yet it wants labor matter to be on federal exclusive list. Why shouldn’t each hospital hire its own doctors and contract with the doctors; same thing for the universities and their teachers. It is the poor masses who suffer all these strikes. As for the politicians and their friends, they go abroad for medical treatment and check-ups, their children attend schools abroad.
    There have been over-centralization of everything in Nigeria. Government is the only source of money and that is why election is a do or die affair, and of people jumping from one party to the other every week.

  • Bagaha

    Had it been ur article is more politically inclined I would have commented more. Politician likes u try to justify thier argument by all means. It is good to know that in many of your comparison you haven’t factored in a lot of key parameters that will explain why kano will have more population than lagos. For example while it is true that Saudi is polygamous like kano it would be good for you to know that the polygamy in Saudi is more of a theory than practical- hardly you see a Saudi arab with more than one wife not talk of two or even Four. Where as the reverse is the case in Kano where most people strive to have Four and one wife polygamy is even seen as a sign of weakness. More over consider the practical marriage age btween the two and u will see that unmarried lady aged 40 and above is very common in Saudi while in kano it is very common to see a lot of married ladies with even kids under 18. All these will make ur comparison irrelevant.
    Also taking census figure. I happen to be a supervisor during the 2006 census in one densely populated Areas and to my surprise none of 10 enumeration Area meet up with the targeted 500 people. In fact there was even an E A with population 380 people. This is in a local Govt that was divided in to three local Govt by tinubu. You should Kno that all the enumerators were born and grown up indigene of Lagos and therefore can’t underestimate the population figures. Am saying this to u show that the much talk population of lagos is more of an imagination.

    On why people migrate from coastal area to deseart Areas. The Igbos are the best to answer you. Infact help us with answer when you find one because this question has once come up to my mind when I saw a lot of Igbo taking a bus from Kano to Maidguri..
    Finally about Voter registration it will be good for you to know that there are people like me who have never and will never be enrolled on any Inec registration and in Kano alone we are more than 2million. Yet most of us were enroll in census. This alone can explain the difference btw census figure and Voter registration.

  • “Everything turns upside down in Nigeria. Logic becomes illogical. Wisdom becomes foolishness. Two plus two becomes seven..” Incidentally, these too are the personal qualities of the man called Aribisala. He’s just what he described above. Right on point!

  • Innocents

    Aribisala would have made a better argument if he had facts.

    • King Carlos

      Abi oo… it is a good issue to write on, but trust Aribisala, he doesn’t get facts before writing

  • King Carlos

    What is wrong with this man, Fani kayode’s twin brother. Out of everything happening in the country, this is what he has to say. Even Though He’s talking about an important issue, his delivery is more of noise making than a write up.

    Aribisala why don’t you want to talk about $9.3 million, the beating of a judge in ekiti and Atiku’s declaration. This writer has built a reputation for himself as a joker. His articles are more of vituperations than intellectual write up.

  • Samuel Idakwo Abara

    It is clear from the write up that the writer has probably never been to the north or understands anything about the demographics or culture of the north. It is a known fact that there are more southerners residing in the north than northerners residing in the south even in Lagos state. Using the internally generated revenue of a state to justify its population claim is another dumb way to look at the situation because we all know that Lagos enjoys this revenues because of it being the former seat of government and so has a lot of infrastructures in place that it benefits from. Why is rivers, delta & akwa ibom states which are coastal States not enjoying the same IGR’s and population claim as Lagos? We all know that the population of Lagos is actually”Transit” not stable. Most of the people you see on the streets of Lagos daily are just in the city temporarily to do business due to its strategic location and potentials and are not permanent residents. That was why when the country shut down for the census the true population of Lagos was revealed.
    This does not mean there was no falsification of the census figures which every state government engaged in with the purpose of getting increased allocation. Mr Femi just know that there are more of your state indigenes (likewise Southerners) living in and enjoying the benefits Kano & Kaduna states (in fact the North) have to offer than the other way around!
    Anyone who has really lived in the north will understand this better.

    • bagabashe

      Mr. Sam it is very clear that some people are just not imaginable, if in the situation we are in in Nigeria a “fame-looker” joker like Femi’s brainless work has nothing for the country except the self-devastating noise-making of his. God forbid!

  • D.A

    This writer sprouts out some curious arguments. A number of factors account for population growth. Birth rates, mortality rates and migration. Firstly, Nigeria is a heavily ethnicity centric country. Northerners will prefer to stay at home than migrate to “hostile” places. Secondly, how many Northerners have the skill set to get white collar jobs in Lagos and Port Harcourt?

    Additionally, the writer fails to take account of the massive migration of Nigerians from Nigeria from the 80’s (most of whom are southerners). Lagos alone has lost many people to the west of the last 30 years. There are more than 10 million Nigerians resident around the Europe, Asia, North America and South America. 99% of this number consists of southerners. The remittances from these diaspora Nigerians each year exceeds the GDP of all states bar Lagos and Rivers. How many Northerners emigrate out of Nigera???

    The voters numbers is a silly measure of population. The Yoruba seem to be unwilling voters. Very few of them bother to vote. Of all zones, the SW had the lowest voter turnout in the 2011 elections!!

    One then need to take account of the fact the the mortality rate between North and South is roughly the same whilst Northerners marry off their daughters extremely young (12 years old and above) whilst southern girls get married from the age of 25. Northerners also have significantly more children.

    If Mr Aribisala were to put 10 people in a one bedroom house, that house will look over populated. If those 10 people are placed in a 20 bedroom house it would appear like hardly anyone lives there. The southern states are smaller and more densely populated. The Northern states are by comparison much larger!

    Comparing Nigerian states with neighboring countries is silly. Is the population of southern cameroun, southern Ghana and southern Togo combined the same as the population of Lagos??? Why are southern Nigerian states more densely populated than southern parts of Cameroun, Ghana, Benin, Togo and Ghana?? Is your logic consistent Mr Aribisala??. Lagos alone is bigger than the population of Ghana (which includes southern Ghana which is by the coast)!!

    It is Mr Aribisala’s article that lacks logic.

    • Mr. P

      Thanks for this beautiful analysis. But need you know Aribisala is suffering from delusion of grandeur and I’m serious about this. Next time, you need not bother yourself about the shams he writes.

  • Shaka zulu

    Thank you for this beautiful piece of work. However, you would have included elementary , secondary schools, WAEC, NECO, JAMB and other school stats to further cement your argument. The northerners are living in a lie, that’s why the place would remain underdeveloped. The falsehood has only helped them to create unimaginative fat cats, but do not worry, everything that has a beginning has an end. Once oil disappears in Niger Delta, every body would answer their fathers’ names.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Pythagoras Theorem awusa version: 2+2=22.

  • gwobezentashi janinjaka

    Mr Aribisala is exposed here as a non intellectual and an irredentist. He is a throw back and a sad reminder that you can take a man through school yet the school may not pass through him. His arguments are pedestrian and unscientific. If he wishes to disprove the numbers, he can simply do his own count and come up with contrary numbers. Instead he relies on his deep seated prejudices to make irrational arguments. The man is a joke. He writes well though. Shame it is all clap trap.

  • Rommel

    Statistically,the northern parts of Nigeria monopolizes illiteracy,maternal/infant mortality,poverty,etc yet when it comes to government,they want to prove that they are more educated than everybody by manipulating all manipulable,that they even brandish unashamedly those population figures says something about their state of mind, in the end,the federal government spends more in statutory allocations to the north than the south receives combined,this is their military legacy even when their population is only a fraction of what they claim yet they are not satisfied,who the hell are these people? why have we wasted our country to accommodate these people?

  • Abufati

    So, this old man who had been in several govt organisations for long had never knew the difference between Kano as a city and Kano state. Kano city comprises 6 local government while if you are talking of Kano state it had 44 local govts. I.e 38 local govts are not part of Kano as a city, u have to travel several Km to reach them. Therefore the population of Kano city = 6/44= approximately 14% of the population of Kano state. whereas the population of Lagos state= population of Lagos as a city because the population is not scattered over some distance as in Kano State (not Kano city pls). So mentioning Lagos is more popular than Kano does not even arise here. Simply u can’t take population of Kano city as a population of Kano state. Are two entity different things.

    • Alhaji Sani

      After reading through your post I could only come up with one fact, YOU ARE A COMPLETE DUNCE!!
      Your analysis of Kano city versus Kano state as being 6/44 or 14% of the entire Kano population should be based on the fact that exam of the 44 LGAs are of equal population and you and I know that this is clearly not the case. The entire population of the remain 38 LGAs would not even make up to half of the 6 LGAs in Kano city. DUNCE.


    most of the northern part of nigeria existed for thousands of years and flourished in history of trans-Saharan trade. how will you compare nations set up by colonialist hardly if existed for a century to nations that existed earlier and continue to exist without restrictions brought around by the advent of colonialist, monogamy, catholic faith which restricts a man for only one wife. the southern nigeria people embraced the catholic faith and western culture for over a century now how will you expect them to be more than the north Muslims.

  • sonilamb

    WONDERFUL! this clearly supports my age old believe that even the 170m people attributed to Nigeria is nollywood fiction. The rest of the gullible southerners will sulk when and if the nation eventually breaks away, when the Northerners will expose the idiocy of the south and how the north managed to tame the acclaimed “intelligent” people down south.
    Funny thing is prominent southerners in government are aware of this anomaly but will say nothing in order to be “politically correct”, unlike Mr. Festus

  • Alex

    Femi Aribisala purports to talk about the North (Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nassarawa, Niger, Plateau, Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba, Yobe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara) and this is all he manage?

    He could have titled his post specifically with reference to Kano and Zamfara, but if there must be any inflation at work here, it must be by Mr Aribisala’s demagoguery.

    By his logic, it’s a freak of nature that arid, less-developed Mali has a larger population than the contiguous, wet, coastal, more-developed Senegal. Whatever it is that Mr Aribisala’s arguments are based on, it’s neither physical nor human geography.

    INEC ratiocinates, Aribisala ratiocinates, but it is clear what falsifiable evidence INEC’s position is based on. To what evidence does Mr Aribisala appeal?Anecdotes? Unsupported parochial claims?

    The man then says, ‘This does not tell us how many of the remaining names are fictitious’.

    I suppose someone didn’t register the last time round or they would know it’s not merely names that are in the register. The verified register Mr Aribisala spoke of contains the fingerprints of at least four different fingers to go with every name.

    Mr Aribisala, bluster won’t cut it and your prejudices won’t suffice.