Update: Panic in Kano as second explosion hits city

Rabiu Kwankwaso , Governor of kano state

There is panic in the city of Kano.


The Nigeria Police say a second explosion has rocked the ancient city of Kano.
The police announced the fresh explosion via its twitter handle.

The explosion came less than five hours after a blast tore through the Hotoro area of the city, killing no fewer than five persons.

The police say the second explosion was also detonated by a female suicide bomber just like the first.

“One female suicide bomber about 18yrs died, 6 persons injured,” the police announced.

There is panic across the city and sorrow is etched on the faces of residents, our correspondent says.

The spokesperson of the Police in the state, Magaji Majiya, told PREMIUM TIMES that the suicide bomber targeted people going into the Trade Fair Complex along Zoo road.

“Because of the high security alert in town, everyone going into the complex is thoroughly searched,” he said. “When she approached the security men carrying out the search, she detonated the explosive device on which she hid under her Hijab.”

Mr. Majiya also said the explosion also injured six persons including two policemen.

The first female suicide bomber detonated her device at the NNPC filling station, targeting people queuing to buy kerosene.


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  • Okey

    We must take a security decision and measure towards wearing hijab to public places. The male bomber caught after the bombing of Gen. Buhari’s convoy was masking in a hijab. In this same Kano State female bombers have always masked themselves in hijabs. Must we sacrifice our security on the alter of religion ? We must limit the wearing of hijab to family premises and not to public arena.

    Meanwhile, private organizations in Nigeria have and can exercise their security rights by adopting security measures not to allow any person, man or woman, to enter their premises in hijab or in any other masks.

    • larry

      As a muslim ,i am peaceful ,but during Eid celebration we need innocent
      blood to celebrate ,you know in islam we love blood just as profet
      M0hamed (saw) loved blood .islam is the fastest growing religion in the

      • Irritated at larry

        Oh, shut up!

    • Wähala

      You make a lot sense to me…

    • yaji

      Even Mary the mother of Jesus (may he be blessed) wore hijab, so all the catholic Nuns should also do away with their proper dresses because you want to see their nice legs. there no point covering yourself in front of your non marriageable family members, the hijab is to protect your modesty. Security should not in any way hinder anyone from practicing his religion, so because a bomb went off at a church should we stop every lady from carry handbags?

      • Okey

        Many Arab nations do not permit hijab in schools which are public places. This is to prevent exam malpractice carried through hiding “expo” in hijabs, which is even a minor reason compared to the mortal danger we face here in the hands of “soldiers” of religious cum political bigots. Egypt is one of such nations. And you can NEVER be more Islam than any Arab person or nation.

        In any event, whether you are a nun or a muslim, your choice of dressing should not endanger my life. Henceforth, if you wear your mask to my office or house, you will not be allowed.

        • yaji

          I agree that many arab nations like turkey and egypt have secular governments. At a time turkey banned the use of any religious symbols (cross, beards, hijabs etc) to impose secularism. As for the egyptian exam matter the ban was on niqab (mask covering face) not hijab. There is no reason why anyone can’t be searched whether you wear hijab or not. After 4 years of this carnage are you now saying banning Hijab would stop Boko haram? please
          So because I am black I can NEVER be more religous than an arab? very funny, its like saying you can’t be more christain than jews. Piety is in the heart and only God knows what’s inside. Let us pray God exposes and disgraces everyone involved in this evil.

          • Okey

            The Jews are not Christians. Still, none can be more Catholic than the pope. Ours is an environment where, if an industrial complex will not accommodate a worship centre, then the project is cancelled or abandoned. Go to govt. depts. or even hospitals, you see giant mosques and churches with the cost of running them (whether from individuals or govt) outweighing the cost of providing drugs to those hospitals. That is our type of “holiness” in this clime. That is the length of our religious hypocrisy which you mistook for piety.

            You said “Let us pray God exposes and disgraces everyone involved in this evil.” I agree with you in that regard save that in Nigeria, we expect and wait for God to appear physically and solve our problems. That is neither worship nor piety, it is grand ignorance. The ban of masks in form of certain religious apparels in public places will reduce drastically the new dimension (engaging women in bombing) or even eradicate it totally. If Arab nations could take this measure, it is foolery protecting its allowance in the face of this new dimension of Boko Haram in Nigeria.

    • Gbolade Animashaun

      @ Okey,

      You see yourself. You are now doing the job for the National Security Adviser, Colonel Dasuki (rtd), who has been clueless since he was appointed. Tell us a sensible step you can recall that was taken in pre-emption of soft target attacks since Colonel Dasuki took office. There’s none. President Jonathan must therefore take responsibility for appointing Colonel Dasuki under whom national security worsened to daily bombings nowadays. In a normal country Colonel Dasuki will be released and replaced with someone else with initiatives.

      The new Defence Minister, likewise – Lt. General Aliyu Gusau – has made no impact since he too was appointed. The only thing he’s done so far is to ask for one billion dollars – on top of the national defence budget – to buy armaments. But why one billion dollars to fight a militia group which has no airforce or armoured tanks brigade? Suppose Nigeria came under external invasion from a foreign country, with full airforce bombers, will General Gusau ask for the entire federal budget? Something is fishy here. Care must be taken for Boko Haram not to become an excuse to rob Nigeria’s treasury.

      • Okey

        Bros, take it easy. It is not cluelessness. The Boko Haram philosophy and method are an entirely new dimension in crime commission or our national life. Recall, we have sacrificed IGPs Ogbonnaya Onovo and Ringim and other military chiefs in this blame game. But the fact is that we were never prepared for the day a Nigerian would take his/her life together with those of innocent citizens, just “to make a statement.” Now that they have engaged soft targets (women) to destroy soft targets (women and children queuing for kerosine), my advice and advocacy is that ” the guarantee of our worship mode or appearance should be secondary to the guarantee of security of lives and property” in Nigeria.

  • Glover33

    Nigeria is turning upside down. There was a time, in the fairly recent past when we didn’t have anything like suicide bombings. We could always boast that no matter what, a Nigerian would never take his own life and that it was only the Arabs who could do such a crazy thing. Now we even have females carrying out suicide bombings in Kano. Where do we go from here? What a shame.

    • Dan maikoko

      True! As an assignment I will want you to dig hard and find out what happened to the husbands of these suicide bombers if they are married and their fathers if they are not. You might just find the answer. In Hausa language we have a saying ” what drove the mouse to a lit flame, must be hotter than the flame.” Just before the former leader of boko haram was executed he was asked by the police officer interrogating him “why do you allow your followers to survive on dates and water and look at you, you eat good food, dress well and drive fancy cars?” To which Yusuf replied “everybody lives according to his means”. The lesson here is beyond the comprehension level of leaders like GEJ. Even when I explain it GEJ will find it hard to accept today. But it is true some or most of these guys live on dates and water. Their sojourn in the Sambisa forest is a welcome upgrade for their lives the likes of which they will never dream of if there was no Jihad. THink of it they have spaghetti, rice, maggi cubes, goats, lamb, even cows, salt sugar etc. The captured food stuff in sambisa proved my point here. Then they have the most important thing power, power from the nozzle of Kalash and trigger of a bomb laden car. And the best part is when they die they will go to heaven.
      So what are you calling them to if you convince them to lay down their arms? Its the status quo ante. A life of corruption, inequality, injustice, police brutality, kidnapping, joblessness. A life of dates and water for food!

      • Chinxx

        I see your reasoning, and i totally get the point you are trying to make.

        But so it doesn’t appear like you are supporting or glorifying these murderers, you need to add at least a paragraph that says the root cause of the status quo ante you mentioned, which is uncountable. poverty. Joblessness. lack of morals. breakdown of the family unit. Illiteracy. gullibility. etc.

        The terrorists may not want to return to that status and so will fight to the death. We need to appeal to our government to embark on a massive reorientation programme and let them know that “paghetti, rice, maggi cubes, goats, lamb, even cows, salt sugar etc” is not worth dying for.

        Oh, and they should also provide jobs for them

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Political Boko haram has been left to unleach terror on people of Kano to punish them for the sins of kwankoso and LSL. Ali Sheriff and GEJ are distroying the North.

  • Wise Head

    If the Northern elite want to end Boko Haram, it will end tomorrow! They will, for instance, reveal where Abubakar Shekau is hiding, because, I doubt, if the Shekau fellow has ever slept in Sambisa Forest for once! That is, if he ever goes there. He must be hiding in the luxury of one mansion in the North East or even outside the North East and surrounded by dainties and tender, beautiful women and swimming in boundless pleasure, while the idiots he has callously brainwashed are blowing themselves up in the hoping of getting 72 virgins! The Northern political elite cannot swear that they do no know where the Chibok girls are being kept. They should tell themselves that terrorism as political tool is no longer working; it has instead become counter-productive, and painting them and their religion in very bad light, which they would never be able to remedy. Who knows who the next victim may be? When you unleash a bloody-thirsty, barbaric creature like Shekau, no one knows who might fall into his net.

    • redeem

      Its really sad—that the fulani elites rather than find a way of talking to their boys—in boko haram–often play the blame game–u hear them say silly things such as–Jonathan is using boko haram to reduce the population of Muslims-in the fulani North–haba malam kura–I mean I do not know how some of these-childish assertions by emirs and sultans has any relationship with the cold blooded murder of Nigerians-by the janjaweeds in boko haram–I have said it severally that the fulani north lost the socalled leadership role they alleged Lord Lugard handed over to them the very day they murdered abiola ati kudirat- Boko haram or no boko haram–its over-Nigerians do not want any of the present fulani leaders parading themselves as the chosen ones–from buhari–Nyako atiku–ribadu–ciroma– dasuki–lamido and co—–they should all pack their kaya and get the hell out the race-we now want to see Nupes Gwaris Tivs native northerners from the nook and crannies of the North come out to conterest elections-the era of the fulanis is over and done with-

    • yaji

      it is common knowledge that shekau has been dead for some time now. So who’s deceiving who? Let the state continue playing with our lives while you sit there brainwashing yourselves that its because we don’t like the president we would kill ourselves to discredit him or to sleep with virgins. May God expose and destroy those behind this carnage. The NNPC station is surrounded by 2 police and 2 Military checkpoints so why where they not attacked? why blow up poor people buying kerosene when you have an army checkpoint just before the entrance gate?

  • redeem

    Join Redeem aka Deri–to Fight for Your Rights toConnect and Communicate–The open Internet is central to people’s freedom to communicate, share, advocate and innovate. But powerful interests in sharia reporters ati punch-want to censor FREE speech, block the sharing of information, hinder innovation and control how Internet users get online. say no to the janjaweeds in APC now.

    • Shehu


  • Suralab

    Jona welcome, we understand it is coming from you and we wont ever make the mistake of re-electing you because SLS we no more on your side you think this is the best way to respond

    • Shehu Monguno

      Really? soon you will also blame the Maitatsine riots and bloodshed on Jona

      • Suralab

        sure brother

  • GoodCitizen

    Another puzzle for intelligence community. The fear of hijab wearing ‘saints’ is now the beginning of wisdom for those who want to avoid untimely. Aregbesola the apostle of hijab and co you have seen the danger in allowing them in public schools. Be careful of what you wish for. Women wearing hijab are targets of terrorists now. Beware of anyone wearing hijab in your environment before you become roasted like suya meat. Young teenage girls now suicide bombers.

  • Abugu


    This shows all Nigerians one thing, very clearly. The National Assembly must vote to REFUSE and REJECT the request by President Jonathan to borrow a whopping one billion dollars to fight Boko Haram. The truth is now obvious. Jonathan does not need to have one billion dollars to fight women. The one billion dollars request is a fraud. It must be rejected by the people of Nigeria through massive street protests. President Jonathan does NOT need one billion dollars to fight women. These female bombers don’t need one billion dollars as deterrence. Otherwise, how many billion dollars will President Jonathan need to fight men?

    • G4

      Stop reasoning like an infant, the govt needs all the tools it can get to fight this scourge. They cannot tell you they need these funds and you refuse them, when the attacks get worse you have no right at all to blame them. Grow up. Everyone has to support to govt to fight this insurgency and not resort to the easy criticism and obstructionism.

      • Lad

        Shut up G4. You wont taste a dime from the one billion dollars

    • Dan maikoko

      Look at it from another angle Abugu. There is the saying “follow the money” and there is another called the Hegelian dialectic (action, reaction, solution). Who stands to gain from these bombing? Who will make money or profit strategically from these attacks? One thing Kano people will see more of is checkpoints. Each checkpoint has a price, you need to feed the personnel, build barricades, sandbags, allowances for troops, ammunition e.t.c. The people in the defence and security establishment including civilian security contractors will benefit the most, unless you believe that boko haram will get more recruits from the innocent civilians they bomb, or if by bombing civilians boko haram will get more donations from the people who fear for more attacks.
      Next if you are GEJ standing before the senate requesting for only 1 billion dollars to fight boko haram, suddenly there is this multiple attacks, do you think the senators are more likely to grant his request or not?
      If you want people to do something that they will otherwise not obliged then you simply create a problem who’s solution is what you want them to do anyway! Brilliant! Create a problem, wait for the people’s reaction, and then propose a solution.

  • Yiljap Abraham

    May God comfort the people of Kano, shield them from further attacks and give them the spirit of unity against every form of evil and manipulation.

  • Oluwo

    APC is the champion of compulsory Muslim Hijab in Baptist School, Iwo, Oshun state, and, in all other Christian schools in Yorubaland. Yes, Boko Haram can be militarily defeated on the battlefield. But APC must firstly be deterred and defeated in all states of multi-religious Yorubaland to avoid Yorubaland getting sucked into this type of ‘female-bomber mass killing’. To be forewarned is to foreamed. Islamic parties breed violent Islamic Jihad. Prevention is better than cure. Yorubaland must be protected against this sort of mass killing going on in Kano. The only way to do so is to vote AGAINST the APC as an Islamic party. Only then will the Yoruba become united to deter and defeat Boko Haram militias advancing from northern Nigeria.

  • olamide

    What would be the gain of a female martyr? 77 able bodied- young men. What a messy affair?

  • Farouk Ankpa

    Unfortunately the Nigerian elections referee is a toothless Bulldog, infact HE / THEY are already being blackmailed and shall certainly give FREE votes when the time comes.