PDP will not disappoint Nigerians – Atiku

Atiku Abubakar
A former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has assured Nigerians that the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP, will not fail them.

Mr. Abubakar returned to the PDP last year after about three years in the All Progressives Congress. He is expected to run for the presidential ticket of the opposition party for next year’s general elections.

According to a statement signed by Jacob Onjewu, spokesperson of the Atiku Care Foundation, Mr. Abubakar who was speaking through the chairman of the foundation, Aliyu Ibn Abbas, said the PDP is the only party that can transform Nigeria and take its economy back to prosperity.

He said this in Kaduna on Sunday when one of his supporters, Zainab Pindar, organised a reception for him at the Arewa House to welcome him back to the PDP.

Mr. Abubakar further urged his supporters to spread the message of PDP’s good plans to the people at the grassroots.

“PDP still remains the only national party in Nigeria. It is the hope of the common man to be free from the fraud called the APC,” Mr. Abbas said at the event.

He praised Miss Pindar for committing her resources to funding the reception, adding that Nigeria needs such patriotic youth in good positions to contribute meaningful ideas that would move the country forward.

Earlier in her remarks at the gathering, Miss Pindar vowed to do every thing within her capacity to project and campaign for the success of Mr. Abubakar and the PDP ahead of 2019.

“We will use our time, resources, energy and contacts in ensuring the PDP and Wazirin Adamawa is successful in the 2019 election. #AtikuCareProject2019,” she said.

The programme attracted dignitaries which include Ibrahim Wusono who is the PDP Secretary in Kaduna State, A.A Yaron Kirki, who represented former Governor of Kaduna State, Mukhtar Yero; Yusuf Dan Bala and the PDP chairman for Igabi Local Government Area of the state.


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  • monnie uwa

    Your 8 years as vice president and 16 years of the pdp, what story do you have deceit, people deceived people with your ibrahim dismantle (mantu). Pls go and rest

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    This joker might have more listeners in South East Nigeria than in Adamawa & Taraba States his home base.
    To elect PDP government is to legalise looting of public funds and say goodbye to the repatriation of our looted money.
    Only Buhari/APC can guarantee the continuation of the War against corruption and repatriation of our looted money in the next 5yrs. God bless Nigeria.

    • share Idea

      Please punder of the quote below from the article…“PDP still remains the only national party in Nigeria. It is the hope of the common man to be free from the fraud called the APC,”

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        That is corrupt PDP members playing with your intelligence.
        I will agree with you if you describe Buhari as irresponsible to Nigerians being terrorised by armed Fulani herdsmen because he is a Fulani.
        Buhari is fighting corruption, smuggling, armed robbery and kidnapping that PDP ever did or could be trusted to do in the next 12 years.
        They need to remain in opposition and atone for their sins. Many of PDP current members and a few in APC belong in Kirikiri.

        • share Idea

          Please define to us what you understand as corruption, and extend your definition to include practical ways demonstrated by Buhari to fight it.

          Buhari is not elected to fight corruption but to obey the relevant rules (laws) of the nation, and where an existing laws does not fit into his narration (or policy …if he has any), he should suggest alternatives to NASS for repeal of existing one or enact a new one.

          There are statutory bodies empowered to fight crimes ( which corruption is part of). Hence, those institutions are supposed to be given appropriate resources and independent to function.

          Is recalling of Maina part of corruption fight? Signing of billions of contract while on sick bed in UK another form of fighting corruption. Nigeria is not supposed to be a nuclear family where the head of the family dictate to other members and expects his orders to be obeyed without questioning.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            No one is denying that corruption is still going on, and some of the perpetrators have immunity or are stealing right under the nose of people with immunity.
            Please allow Buhari to hight corruption the way he chose. APC will not rule Nigeria for ever. Crime has no status limitation.
            Thieves of today should know that their turn will come, even if they are not caught by APC.
            Maina’s case is ongoing, you people are too impatient.
            UK have been investigating Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke for almost two years new, yet to be charged.
            You want people charged without proper investigation and when the lose the case, you cry foul. Things don’t work like that.

          • share Idea

            Are these comments from you, the definition of corruption & the practical ways the administration is using to fight it?

            I do not expect any human to be perfect (Buhari inclusive). However, what I detest is holier than thou attitude of the administration even in the obvious cases of grand corruption going on under them. I prefer someone that acknowledges the existence of corruption, and proffers solution to addressing same.

            Let me give you practical example.

            During GEJ time, He empowered INEC to cleanse the voters register through biometric means. Hence, when INEC was recording/registering people, they did not discriminate against PDP controlled states when applying AfIS (Automatic Finger Identification system), the application was applied across board to remove or eliminate double registration. Same thing was used on E-WALLET for checking people involved in diversion of fertiliser.

            Another practical example was when people indicted for fuel subsidy abuse during GEJ’s time where charged to court, two former PDP chairmen sons were charged without discrimination – PDP did not tell us to wait for another party to probe indicted PDP members. I shed tears when some of you people postulate some unorthodox solution in tackling obvious law infraction as if the leader (President or governor) is allowed under the constitution to cherry pick which laws to obey and ones to disregard.

            We can either apply the law as prescribed or disregard applying it at all. To selectively apply laws to select opposition members would breed more impunity.

            In my opinion tt is the selective application of laws of the country that is the main problem of the country and not corruption.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            I am aware that a governor, who left PDP, for New PDP and APC with his 2 sons were charged with corruption under Jonathan. The case is still in Court.
            Jonathan neglected to fight boko haram, just as Buhari is neglecting to fight armed fulani herdsmen today.
            Johnathan was corrupt wasteful and incompetent.
            Buhari is doing a better job fighting corruption and recovering our loots than anyone before him.
            I voted for Jonathan in 2011. I now think he is not fit to run my local government.
            I support Buhari for 2019.

          • share Idea

            Lamido is still a PDP member and never left PDP even when his sons were charged to court. Please get your facts right.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            My point is that Jonathan encouraged corruption, he was corrupt wasteful and incompetent.

            Buhari is fighting corruption and recovering our loots, at home and abroad more than anyone before him.
            He has 2018 to build on his modest achievements constrained by ill health, drastic fall in oil price from $140PB – $28PB and Ijaw pipelines vandals who reduced our oil outputs by 60%.etc.
            I have said enough.

          • share Idea

            From my little understanding of things. You can either apply preventive or corrective measures in tackling issues especially corruption.

            Hence, under GEJ, he applied more of preventive measures which are not readily visible to undiscerning people – these measures where scientific in nuture and yielded dramatic results. He applied corrective measures which is visible to all. However, he did not apply corrective measures as so many people would have wanted because he was not a hypocrite.

            Nigerian society as it was/is constituted breeds corruption because of lack of strong institutions and culture. Hence, he preferred blocking access to the till while strengthening institutions. Unlike Buhari who have not studied the Nigerian society and decided to fight corruption without thinking through which institutions he would use to fight the corruption and that have resulted in no convictions of PEP since this corruption started.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Jonathan encouraged corruption and protected Deziani Alison Madueke from being questioned by the national assembly.
            He sacked Sanusi from the central bank for crying out about corruption at the NNPC.
            Over $2.2billion meant to fight Bobo Haram were diverted for ‘PDP campaign funds.
            Jonathan belong in kirikiri.

          • August January

            God bless you for your well thought-out posts. I think you should just leave “share idea”, because by their fruits you shall know them. He’s one of several Nigerians who take pleasure in corruption!!!

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            The way the minds of some Nigerians works beats me.
            God help us.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            I respect your patience in whispering into the ears of a deaf man.

            I would have lost it a long time ago.

            I cannot suffer phools so gladly.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Thanks I am obliged for your kind words.
            God bless.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)


            I wish I was being kind.

            It’s just the simple truth that I had to respect your patience.

            Seems you are also humble. An unusual trait in my people.

            Respect, Sir.

          • August January

            I think Izedomi Ohirein should just leave you!!! As the Holy Book says, “By their fruits you shall know them”. All your posts already show you’ll be far worse than Jonathan, the “stealing is not corruption” president, if you’re given the opportunity to come near the presidency! While the Buhari govt is not perfect, only corrupt individuals like you will make a strong case for a quick return to PDP. Frankly you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

          • Boss

            Scientific measures that resulted in Dansuki withdrawing 43 Million dollars in cash from the Central Bank with a note! Scientific measures that let revenue generating agencies remit only 25% to Federation account and keeping 75%! Scientific measures that kept Mrs. Allison-Madueke from taking any money from NNPC!
            Are you Reno Omokiri?

          • babajide Balogun

            At least PDP prosecuted its own members of corruption. Tell me one APC chieftain PMB has prosecuted? Or are there no thieves in APC – including the ex-PDP this and that in APC?
            Let’s face fact, PDP has a better record of fight against corruption than APC can claim. I will take that fact to the polling booth in 2019.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Saraki is a member of APC, he is being prosecuted. Babachir Lawal SGF is in court. etc.

          • babajide Balogun

            Pls what’s Babachir’s case file and which court?
            Saraki’s trial is nothing but a whipping rope. It’s to keep him in place politically.

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Respect ✊

  • Suleiman Alatise

    You can live on in your fools paradise.

    • Joe

      I better vote a swine as president of Nigeria than buhari. At least, with a pig in aso rock, our wives, children and pregnant women with unborn foetus will be safe.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        You forgot to mention you’d also be among your family.

  • Mercy John

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  • Abu-Mu’awiya

    PDP will not disappoint Nigerians – Atiku
    For how many times mr. Dead horse?.
    You can’t win any election anymore because you are now irrelevant politically.

  • Truth Hurts

    Below is the full text of what the Atiku said in 2014 before embracing the APC.

    Press Statement by Atiku Abubakar, GCON, Turaki Adamawa and former Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria on his Resignation from the PDP and his Joining the APC.

    In 2006, as a result of my firm stand in defence of our constitution and our democracy, my supporters and I were pushed out of our party, the Peoples Democratic Party, a party that we worked tirelessly with other compatriots to build as a vehicle to restore democracy to our country.
    We later returned to that party in 2009 when a new leadership of the party and the country promised a new direction, a direction of inclusiveness, of internal democracy, of an end to impunity, adherence to the rule of law and respect for the dignity of members and Nigerians.
    Sadly, however, those promises have not been kept. In addition, the PDP continues to be beset with many crises, mostly leadership-induced crises. It has since lost touch with Nigerians and efforts made by many well-meaning members and stakeholders to bring it back to the vision of the founders have been rebuffed.
    To demonstrate the seriousness of the challenges and bring public attention to it I and some other leaders and stakeholders staged a walkout during the party’s last convention in Abuja.
    As I speak, most of the issues that led to that walk-out are yet to be addressed. Many founding members of the PDP, I included, continue to be marginalized and excluded from the affairs of the party. For instance as a former Vice President, I am by virtue of the PDP constitution, a member of the party’s Board of Trustees and its National Executive Committee. However, I am not invited to the meetings of those organs nor consulted on their decisions, apparently because I dared to exercise my right to contest in the party’s primary election for a chance to be its flag-bearer in the 2011 elections. We have, therefore, concluded that that party cannot be redeemed. In short the PDP has abandoned Nigerians, the very people who gave it life and many electoral victories.
    More worrisome though is the danger posed to the continued existence of this country by this culture of impunity and arbitrariness. We continue to have threats from officially protected political extremists. Increasingly our people are recklessly being divided along the lines of religion, ethnicity and region for political gains. Our history and that of many other countries in Africa and Eastern Europe ought to teach us that this is very dangerous and must stop.
    We can and we must do better. Our people deserve better.
    It is against this background that we should understand the visit by the leaders of the APC and their invitation to me to join hands with them to save the country. Consequently, I have been consulting my supporters and associates, my family and friends for the past few weeks. My decision may not satisfy some of my friends and associates. In the end, however, I have to put the interest of our country first. This country has done so much for me personally and it deserves all that we can do to help rebuild it and serve our people better.
    Following this extensive consultative process, I have, therefore, decided to cast my lot with the APC, a party of change committed to the improvement of the lives of our people and to the continued existence and development of Nigeria as one indivisible country. My resignation letter as a member of the PDP will be delivered to the party tomorrow.
    This is the right decision. As in 2006 it is the struggle for democracy and constitutionalism and service to my country and my people that are driving my choice and my decision. Let me emphasize that this is not about me. We have to have a country before people can aspire to lead it, but as it is today we may be losing this country. That is not acceptable.
    I encourage my political associates and friends to register andjoin the APC once the registration exercise commences, so that together we can change this country for the better.
    The process of building a nation, of securing and deepening democracy is indeed difficult. And it is not a lineal process. There would be alignment and realignment of political forces. There would be ups and downs and zig-zags, triumphs and challenges. Amidst all that, patriots must remain focused and do what has to be done to save and build the country and serve our people better.
    That is what I have decided to do. I will do all within my God-given powers to help the APC win elections all over Nigeria and bring true change to our country and its long-suffering people.

    Thank you and God bless Nigeria.
    Atiku Abubakar, GCON
    (Turakin Adamawa)

  • Du Covenant

    Mr. Corruption, ‘once beaten twice shy’ is the way to go if Nigerians want to ever see light at the end of the very dark tunnel of corrupt leaders!.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Allow PDP to disappoint Nigerians for the second? Once beaten, twice shy. Never again!!!

  • Saleh Ngaski

    Yes ooh! PDP will not disappoint Nigerians! “You know for 16 years, they did not disappoint, they served the people well, managed the economy well, they did not steal anything and ofcourse they were very humble” Atiku, tell that to the birds please. Nigerians are wiser now.

  • Boss

    Atiku Abubakar was the architect of the Saraki’s emergence as Senate President as well as Dogara using the PDP which effectively put the National Assembly under PDP. Buhari was not politically sophisticated enough to see the plan but that action had been an obstacle that Buhari administration has not been able overcome. The bill to create special courts to try corruption cases was never passed. Judges who were all appointees of PDP in the last 18 years have been presiding over these trials and have set the culprits free. Abubakar never allowed the APC to blend and work as one Party; he used PDP to hijack the National Assembly. He was behind the absurdity of not allowing the APC caucus in the Senate and Reps to vote the leaders. But he does not know that Saraki has his own agenda. Saraki’s next gamble now will be for the presidency. Abubakar created the biggest problem for the Buhari administration just because he wanted to carve an area of influence for himself, but those people have their own agenda. The result is that he could not control Saraki and also lost the trust of the Buhari administration.
    With Buhari now healthy and calculation that he will contest in 2019, Abubakar needs to leave APC. But Saraki can wait for the presidency to rotate to the south and position himself to go for it when it rotates back to the north.
    It is almost certain that Abubakar will never be the president of Nigeria. With the massive support Jonathan got in South East and South South, he lost the national election. Abubakar cannot get the type of votes Jonathan got. In fact, it remains to be seen if Abubakar can get the PDP ticket.