Managing ethno-religious differences: Other regions can learn from Southwest – Buhari

Buhari 2
President Muhammadu Buhari

For Nigeria to move past the restraints of ethno-religious colouration of its political space, citizens of other regions should take a cue from the South-west, President Muhammadu Buhari urged Monday.

The president’s admonition was part of his New Year nationwide address to Nigerians, during which he touched on economic developments, power generation, restructuring, security and 2019 elections.

Mr. Buhari said the South-west, which is predominantly inhabited by the Yoruba, has become the cradle of religious and tribal tolerance in the country.

“As the electioneering season approaches, politicians must avoid exploiting ethnicity and religion by linking ethnicity with religion and religion with politics. Such must be avoided at all costs if we are to live in harmony.

“In this respect, the rest of Nigeria could learn from the South Western States who have successfully internalized religion, ethnicity and politics,” Mr. Buhari said.

The Yoruba are believed to have managed, arguably more than the other major ethic groups, to absorb as many Christians as Muslims, although there are no definitive statistics about religious spread within the region. The integration has made it common for households to have both Muslims and Christians.

As 2019 approaches, the president hopes the ethnic and tribal sentiments that often get in the way of social cohesion in other parts of the country would be minimised.

“Political discourse should be conducted with civility, decorum and in a constitutional manner,” he said. “We all have a collective responsibility to strengthen our democracy and entrench the rule of law.”


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  • Arabakpura

    I don’t know why Buhari would begrudge the homogeneity of the SE! There was no reason to mention the obvious! The SE is 100% homogeneous; the SW is 50:50 in an even split and they have found a way over the years to accommodate themselves while the North may be like 70:30 or 65:35, but there is no reason for a President to sneak that in a New Year message! It shows that he is highly afraid of the SE! He started it with his 97:5% ratio!

    • Mufu Ola

      Why should any politician be afraid of SE electorally? We already knew they are dispensable as it happened in 2015 unless they’re fooling themselves as usual. And where do u get d Yoruba 50/50 homogeneity?

      • Bassey Frank

        They are a people of decent, firm, strong and one-minded characters. They are not “beriberis”. They are not COWARDS!!!

        • loye

          Actually they are cowards, Ojukwu ran away after promising to fight to the last drop of his blood, only to come back and serve Fulani party.

          Kanu also was busy boasting only to run away and just like the first time they gave up after their cowardly leaders fled.

          No yorubas leader ever ran away

          • Arabakpura

            The Hijab will determine where we will place you soon! Don’t mind that speech written by Femi Adesina!

          • loye

            Is Diya a Yoruba leader? Yorubas where against Diya and his boss. Diya till today is a nobody in yorubland. Diya is like Ojukwu Zik and every single igbo leader who joined the enemies of their people for personal gain. The only difference is in yorubland we relegate and reject cowards and traitors whilst you igbos worship your cowardly traitors who keep selling your birthright.

            And because cowards are your leaders and they keep selling you, you remain where your leaders sold you. Political slaves with no direction. Go read yoruba history, when a war commander or leader loses a war, he either commits suicide or is banished from yorubaland. Yorubas don’t follow losers that is why yorubas have never lost any war. No way ends in yoruba defeat otherwise the war will drag on because yorubas never accept defeat.

          • Arabakpura

            I think Diya is an Igbo leader!

          • loye

            Do you know the meaning of leader? Can you be a leader when nobody is following you? Who was Diya leading, he might be leading Nigeria, he certainly wasn’t leading yorubas because Yorubas where in relentless struggle and campaign against Diya and his government.

            It’s just too bad that as a sociopolitically primitive igbo man you don’t know the difference between a yoruba man and a yoruba leader.

            A none entity in yorubland that can’t even talk talkless of being obeyed can’t be a yoruba leader.

            I can understand your confusion, since your leaders and people who sold you to your enemies and formed alliance with the north in return for posts and appointments… Eg Zik ekweme, okadigbo, ojukwu, nwobodo etc are your leaders. It’s difficult to understand why a traitor and selfish sellout like Diya who is like your useless leaders can’t be a yoruba leader.

            It’s too difficult for primitive igbos to understand yoruba political sophistication.

          • Ezekiel Akintola

            You get mouth bros

          • david

            Diya is still alive but totally inconsequential in Yoruba politics. We Yorubas have a way of Ostracizing the fools and greedy amongst us.. If u are in doubt ask Ebenezer Babatope (Minister for transport under Abacha) he remained inconsequential until his death

          • Arabakpura

            That’s fine! Like we have said elsewhere, man is a product of his environment and the Yoruba have done well to manage their cracks well over the years; I don’t believe the Yoruba had options and they chose well! Buhari is the cause of religious and ethnic strife currently raging and he has become rather irritating!

        • Mufu Ola

          Bassey from Calabar is talking about about “cowards” & “beriberi”. Wonders will continue to flourishing!

          • loye

            Honestly that was my shock! Calabar man fa? Calabar man that can’t even compete sociopolitically with igbo losers is talking about politically astute Yorubas

      • Arabakpura

        I wonder why the President will keep having sleepless nights o because of them to the extent of putting in his new year broadcast, I just wonder o!

    • Adam A

      U d SE are inconsequential in today’s Nigeria’s politics; u saw it in 2015 & will c it again in 2019 and beyond

      • Bassey Frank

        Nonsense. Do you think you are referring to the Cowards of the 90s? Have you forgotten IBB, Abacha blows? Have you forgotten that those roving around today as kingmakers actually went into exile when they could not withstand the political fireworks? Shameless Cowards!

        • loye

          Who are you and what is the achievement of your tribe? Is your tribe know for bravery, opposition politics, pro democracy activists, human rights activism, media activism. Who is this nobody from a fickle tribe with no political clout, pedigree or direction talking about the most politically sophisticated tribe in Nigeria?

          Please introduce yourself and your primitive tribe?

          • Arabakpura

            You don’t know that the President just described you as a coward tribe by his definition but you guys have chosen to call it sophistication! You can’t afford bravery or you will kill yourselves! So, you have no option but be diplomatic!
            If you doubt it, get on your street and abuse Mohammed!

          • loye

            Since you are Braves why don’t abuse. Mohammed? So you can show you are braver than yorubas
            You guys are so senseless that you don’t understand the difference between bravery and destructive pride and arrogance.

            Your so called bravery had always led you to destruction, shameful capitulation and servitude to your enemies nothing more. You have become wailers crying all over the country. The last thing yorubas will be is cry like igbos. Igbos cry for marginalization, cry for federal presence, cry to be allowed to be president, cry to be made service Chiefs, cry for Biafra, cry about fuel scarcity being targeted at igbos, cry Lagos close their market, cry that fasola deported igbos cry for 6 state

            Yorubas fight for their right, stand up against any political power and eventually trigger events that will destroy anybody against them. They never give up. Unlike igbo leaders that either runaway or end up serving the enemies of igbo. From Zik to Ojukwu to okadigbo to ekweme to date every igbo leader is Fulani slave.

            All those abusing apcas Fulani janjaweed party are the biggest defectors to APC of all regions.

            You call that bravery? I haven’t seen bravery in igbos just cowardly bullies who believe they are wiser and stronger but quick to surrender when they see fire

          • Arabakpura

            I am glad that you understood my point!

          • Bassey Frank

            Brave man! Human right activis koo! Media activist nii!! You are a tributary of nonentity and crudity. Where was BAT during the Abacha era?
            We easterners fought the entire Nigeria head-on for 30 gruesome months and returned to a tumultuous welcome back to Nigeria. But for the role of Britain and other Western powers, Ojukwu, who fought the battle from Enugu of then Eastern Nigeria, up to Ore in present Ondo State, would have defeated the entire Nigeria. So, Ojukwu was a brave man.
            MKO Abiola won a presidential election that was adjudged the freest and fairest in Nigeria’s political history, one man annulled the election; you guys went into ROARING, AND ROARING.
            When you roared too much, IBB gave interim government to a lame-duck of your extraction, you continued roaring. Sani Abacha stepped in, sacked your lame-duck brother and seized power; when you roared too much, he grabbed MKO and imprisoned him. You roared and
            roared. Abacha gave him TEA, you roared and roared. After his
            death, and you continued to roar, someone finished MKO’s wife; again you roared and roared.
            He grabbed OBJ, you roared and roared. At the
            point of wasting him, Commonwealth Secretary-General, Emeka Anyaoku, an Igboman, led the diplomatic move and OBJ was rescued.
            In 1994, Ojukwu challenged you: “You are murmuring “Ce-Ce-Ce..”, expecting me to pronounce ‘Cessation for you; I will not …'” You raised OPC … Roared and Roared. They compensated you with OBJ, you roared and they forced him on you, you lowered your voices. The rest is now history. And you come here to brag you are in power. The Igboman will fight, even if it causes him his life … COWARDS!!!

          • loye

            Civil War was not a war, it was just a suicide mission. Not only was your so called fighting the shortest war in Africa, 2 million igbos useless souls died for for nothing..

            Igbos have become wailers. You cowardly bullies thought was is video games and started making empty boast by the time you saw fire you have become forever shy.

            What you now do is wail and told childish tantrums accusing everybody. You guys make noise and you are told to shut up. You are frustrated and embittered because you know you can’t do jack. If you make too much noise all your son’s simply become practice targets for Nigerian army.

            You cry to UK, trump, UNO the Europe, you keep crying all over the world nobody gives a damn. You have become perpetual cry babies with victim mentality.

            Gush is that bravery? What has your delusional bravery fetched you?. Yorubas where aggrieved they waged a relentless struggle that stagnated Nigeria economical, politically, international for over five years and it never ended until yorubas where compensated for what was stolen from them. Indeed some yorubas where imprisoned and killed as is true in every conflict

            Igbos tried to address their political issues, they lost 2 million useless souls, they where not even compensated, they are treated as conquered people. Nigeria destroyed igbos and igbo land for nothing and Nigeria did not even feel any loss, no recession. In fact party utomi said nobody felt anything was happening in the East during the civil war..

            You call that a war? And you call yourself brave loser? Guy I dont need that kind of senseless bravery

            Yorubas have proven time and time again that you don’t mess with the west. Each time the anybody messes with Western politics they get consumed by it and Nigeria slips into political crises.

            Each time people mess with igbos you guys just wail. Gush let anybody mess with yorubas and see. Even ijaws they have been compensated severally. But igbos are told to shut up because you are cowardly bullies who make noise that they can’t sustain.

          • Bassey Frank

            A small tribe, held combination of large tribes on for 30 years you say it was not war? My friend, some tribes would melt before they take that “suicidal” step.

          • loye

            An even smaller tribe called Eritrea held Ethiopia one of the strongest armies in Africa, the only army to defeat a European power ie Italy, the only country not colonized by and European power, further backed by Russia, Eritrea fought the same Ethiopia to a 25 years war and eventually won independence.
            Ditto South Sudan fought against Sudan the biggest thing country in Africa backed by Arabs for well over 22 years and won independence.

            Those cowards called igbos fought a senseless war for 2 and half years after boasting only to surrender and forever give up on Biafra and resort to wailing. Such a feeble struggle which all of them including their war leaders gave up on in just 2 years ain’t worthy of being tagged with bravery.

            Of course for a miniscule tribe like yours with no history of fighting wars and building empires like the great yorubas, you will be impressed with such losers as Biafrans

          • loye

            See this calabar man who are merely know as dog eaters, and stewards, houseboys and housegirls and laundry men. Mention any calabar man known for courage or fighting any worthy cause? Just one?

            The only calabar man who pretended to fight a useless cause was that the Phillip effiong the errand boy to the Biafran coward ojukwu whose only recorded activity during the war was tendering a shameful surrender in defeat .

            Until your tribe produces the likes of of fearless yorubas like, Fela, Gani, Soyinka, Solarin, Red Herbert Macauley, Benjamin Adekunle aka6Red Scorpions, Alani Akinriade, Alabi isama, great political leaders like Awolowo Tinubu etc you better stay in your league.

            This is a tribe that knows nothing other than vote and form alliance with northern political party. You can’t even survive as opposition party much less fight against military dictators. Houseboys like they insult the great yoruba people. The bastion pro democracy struggle in Nigeria

          • Bassey Frank

            You are a dehydrated lizard. Son of Babalawo; Juju-makers and Diabolical.

          • Citizen

            Why do we always refer to an unfortunate period in our history to prove that a tribe is brave? What is the benefit of the civil to anyone in Nigeria? In fact, why do we need to always stand truth on its head to justify our false claim? Did Ojukwu really performed the miracle you claim? Who led Biafra soldiers to capture mid-west and marched toward Ore, was it an Igbo man?
            We must let go of the past so that we will be able to see out ways clearly.

          • Bassey Frank

            Nations identity is permanent.

      • Arabakpura

        Then the President should stop worrying about them inconsequentials! There is no reason to!

    • Fada4Life

      Where did you get your fake ratio,

      • Arabakpura

        Make your own! Don’t be like your fake-bodied President!

        • Fada4Life

          I don’t need to use fake statistics to backup a claim but The last I checked Eboyi state and Rivers state was made up of 30% Muslims where did you get your 100% homogeneous Christians SE……

          • Arabakpura

            Thank you for reminding me! Ebonyi state is made up of 100% Muslims and Rivers state is that additional state promised the SE! If we want to replace one mumu with another, we will replace Buhari with you!

    • loye

      Igbo homogeneity is false. Igbos are deeply clannish and sectarian. Catholic Anglicans strife is every present, clannishness is endemic so bad that Mbaise Catholics rejected Anambra Bishop in absolute insolence to the Pope.

      Ebonyi igbos is treated as inferior igbo, I can go on and on. Ikwerre Anioma reject igbo etc etc

      • Arabakpura

        You don’t even understand your geography well! I think we have to start by ensuring that you know what you are talking about! The Igbo are homogeneous culturally and religiously and God Has made it so; there is nothing you can do about it! When the chips are down, you see them stand together! Remember you still have the ife and the modakeke people but I can’t use that as an example!

        • loye

          Year right when the chips are down you elevate your clannishness and sectarian strife within your meaningfless homogeneity to tribal conflict with others.

          Everything about igbo man is about looking at others from selfish point of view, then clannish, then sectarian then tribal then materialistic point of view nothing else. Any wonder why you losers sociopolitically?

          Seeing others as human beings is just not possible, the other person is either somone to cheat and exploit in Business, or someone from another clan or denomination or someone from another tribe, or someone you are stronger than or someone you are smarter than or someone that can’t survive without you, or a coward, and or traitor or somethin less of a human being.

          It’s just too hard to see others as equals or human. What a sociopolitically primitive and backward tribe. Any wonder why you are politically frustrated and hopeless? Any wonder why you have to a victim mentality? Any wonder you want your enclave of Biafra to practice your clannishness because you just don’t have the wisdom, ability and diplomatic sense to relate with others as equals?

          Yes you are right you only all become all igbos when the chips and down and you have to relate with others from your atomistic prism otherwise you are Just a gathering of clans and religious sects

  • Patriotism

    The main reason why Nigerians will never have an igbo President. They region is politically dominated by ethnicity. Unfortunately for them, they cannot produce a President without the other regions. After PMB, presidency will shift to SW. SE are not civilized politically and Nigerians will never have an igbo President untill they change their ethnicity. A bitter truth!!!

    • Arabakpura

      They are no longer interested in that having seen that the other Nigerians have ganged up against them! By the way, I hope that the President from your place has brought gold to your place; you are indeed very lucky to have a President from your place; can’t you see that nobody is hungry again in your place?

      You can zone the President to Cameroon, the Igbo don’t care provided there is justice and equity; that’s the only way you can avoid trouble!

      • loye

        Year right wailer, loser cry baby they ganged up against you. So give already like the loser that you are.

        You think life is about money and gra gra. Unfortunately their certain things that requires wisdom, diplomacy, tact, virtues that igbos can never posses. So like you always do for all your loss blame it on the rain

        • Arabakpura

          Congratulations on your victory! Let’s see how you can enjoy motherfucker!

    • Citizen

      This assertion does not form part of the President’s speech nor does it reflects his intention. Please repent and change from opinions that divide us. Let us seek for a Nigeria where justice and peace will reign.

  • Sir Demo


  • Arabakpura

    That’s why we want to free ourselves and leave you all to escort him home!

  • Arabakpura

    One day, the ship will behave like that carrying illegal migrants from Libya to Italy! Then there will be obsequious event beside the sea!

  • Arabakpura

    Personally I have escaped but I can let my people suffer!