Traffic Offenders to pay N100, 000 fine, says FRSC

Pic.24. FRSC launches additional vehicles for Operation Cobra exercise in Abuja
Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Dr Boboye Oyeyemi, launching additional seven vehicles for the Operation Cobra exercise in the FCT in Abuja on Wednesday (20/12/17). 06945/20/12/2017/Harrison Arubu/BJO/NAN

Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Boboye Oyeyemi, says plans are underway to compel traffic offenders to pay N100,000 as penalty for a traffic offence.

Mr. Oyeyemi said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sideline of the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Nigeria Road Safety Strategy on Wednesday in Abuja.

“You cannot arrest somebody for using a phone while driving and he pays N4,000 as penalty. And almost immediately he goes back to commit same offence.

“Fines are supposed to serve as deterrent, which is why I said that I am in support of what the National Assembly is doing presently amending the Act of the FRSC to make the fines go up.

“I was not the one that initiated it, it is the National Assembly that initiated it and I am in support and I will make sure that before the middle of next year this is pass into law.

“I believe that by the time traffic offenders’ start paying between N50,000 and N100,000 for a single traffic offence, they will not want to commit such offence again,” he said.

The FRSC boss reiterated that penalties for traffic offences were to serve as deterrent adding that the present regime of fines and penalties do not serve as deterrent, hence the need to increase the fines.

“Look at Lagos, the minimum fine is N50,000 and people are complying. I am not a revenue generating agency but again we must ensure that those fines serve as deterrent for people not to do it again

“When an offender pays N50,000 or N100,000 fine, he or she will think twice before committing the offence again.

“What is the essence of a person disobeying traffic light and pays four thousand naira only. In fact, some of them insult us saying ‘is it not N4,000?

“They will go to our office and use the POS to pay and walk away and you will see them entering their cars and using the phone again,” he said.

Mr. Oyeyemi explained that aside fines, the FRSC also take traffic offenders to health facilities and court of law.

He stressed that court usually gives its own penalty, “but the court is always liberal a bit; we appreciate them.”

He said also that the corps was proposing community services as a punishment for traffic offenders.

“This punishment is also in the amendment now; when you are convicted, in your suit and tie you will go for community services.

“People think that the fines are high but they seem not to understand what we have been stressing; fines are to serve as deterrent.

“If you don’t want to pay the fine, then don’t commit the offence,” Mr. Oyeyemi said.



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  • Du Covenant

    Please include those driving against traffi where they are not supposed to, using full light at night in towns and populated areas and those with auxillary headlights!. No decent society drives the way Nigerans do and acause senseless deaths and injuiries onour roads!!.

    • Who will pay for traffic offenses being committed by Potholes on the road? Who will pay for the damage the potholes are causing vehicle owners? FRSC should look into this.

      • Cub

        Seconded my bros

  • Olugbenga Roberts

    Charity, they say begins at home. Officers of our security forces and FRSC will first need to comply and ensure their own vehicles and public conduct meet the required standards. If you seek to remove the mote in your neighbour’s eyes and leave the log in yours. How righteous are you?

  • wazobia decomposition !!!!!!

    get ready to be rammed too …………..

  • tsunami1earthquake

    And 200,000 Naira fine on any FRSC official who collects ‘toll’ from any driver on all the nation’s highways.

    • DJA1804

      No that is dismissal. It is not a traffic offence. It is bribery and corruption and is a criminal offence.

  • laki

    FRSC is not reasonable. How can they charge somebody a fine that he cannot pay for. First it was psychiatric assesment which is not done anywhere for traffic offenders. Now it is a fine of 100,000. even when people are fined, 45000, who said that they are happy paying it and it is not a deterant. Most times we make laws that are not considerate. I am not saying people should not be fine but it has to be reasonable.
    Also they should start fining police that drive against traffic.

  • Stanley

    The role of a safety officer is to ensure safety. This he does through training, peptalks, safety signs, slogans, etc. Our Road safety officials are none of these. They hunts for offenders, ignore high risk areas and pick corpses. Now they seek for draconian laws even wanting to pick up arms. They must drop the word safety from their name when they pick up arms.

  • Otile

    This kind of punishment is unfair to my people in SS SE. When they rob our drivers of N100,000.00 per ticket some of them may be tempted to relocate to the North or Yorubaland, then critics will complain that my people are leaving their places for the North or West. How can they charge N50,000 in Lagos, N10(sometimes pardons) in the North and N100,000.00 for SS SE? A few months ago, a Northern leader and his SW counterpart were planning how to charge Igbo people from the East and South South this kind of ruinous fees for import duties, now they are coining a way to implement it. If not for crude oil why do this people insist that we remain in one Nigeria?

  • DJA1804

    How I wish the FRSC is sincerely concerned only about the people’s safety. How can someone say community service is not enough deterrent? The time and inconveniences associated with paying the fine is another deterrent. What categories of offences would attract this much fine? If you like go ahead. But you must enforce the fine on all commercial drivers whose passengers and themselves do not use seat belts, whose tyres are expired/worn, trailer drivers who drive against traffic, big men who commit any of those offences including policemen and military officers.If a FRSC officer fines a diver for an offence. the driver should have the privilege of checking the papers of the vehicle of the FRSC and confirm that all its tyres (including the spare tyre as I was once fined for expired spare tyre when nothing else could be laid against me) are compliant, that it has reflective strip and every other requirements. I was once booked for reflective strip only to get to their office and see many of their vehicles without it.