What Nigerian govts must do to stop Libya migration – Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar . [Photo credit: Guardian Nigeria]

A former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has advised governments at all levels to create the enabling environment that would attract and sustain investments that would create jobs for the army of unemployed in Nigeria.

A statement by Atiku Media Organisation on Sunday in Abuja reported Mr. Abubakar as making the recommendation to mark the United Nations International Migrants Day holding on Monday.

He said that creation of jobs and opportunities with inclusive government that did not engender crisis would help to stem the ill-fated migration of Nigerians.

Thousands of Nigerians seeking greener pastures are stranded in Libya despite over 3,000 being flown back home.

Mr. Abubakar said that the major driver of migration, which at times were ill fated like in the case of Libya, was the search of a better life and opportunity.

He said that the current situation in the country where three million jobs, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, had been lost annually in the last two years, had rendered millions jobless.

He added that no prospects of opportunities were compelled to take the suicidal flight.

“The chances of a young person with a job and opportunity at home taking a suicidal flight in search of a better life will become an exception and not the rule”, he said.

He also attributed the cause of migration to poverty and insecurity in the original countries of the migrants.

Mr. Abubakar noted that it was imperative for governments in Africa, Nigeria inclusive, to govern in such a way as to create an environment conducive for economic progress and employment generation.

He added that a fair and inclusive government would spread available opportunities to all citizens.

This, according to him, will also encourage those with entrepreneurial inclination to start businesses and factories to absorb the teeming population of the unemployed, thus making unbridled migration unnecessary.

The former Vice President stated that citizens did not choose to be migrants but unpleasant social, economic and political conditions in many countries forced them into migrants, seeking new homes, security, employment and a better future.

He opined that all hands needed to be on deck to deal squarely, and in a humane manner, with the challenges thrown up by the reality of migration in the contemporary World.

He said that one of the worst forms of maltreatment, which a migrant could experience, was the large scale enslavement of young and helpless Nigerian and African migrants in Libya which recently drew global attention.

“To prevent the recurrence of unbridled migration as we have today among Nigerian youths, the authorities at federal and state levels should endeavour to discourage potential migrants.

“This should be done through public enlightenment and information about the down sides of poorly conceived overseas travels.”

He urged the international community to ensure that the international code of treatment of migrants was strictly adhered to.



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  • Roland

    Nigerians should ATIKULATE their objectives come 2019. Buhari is a TRIBALIST. Nigeria deserves good leadership

  • Annabelle

    It didn’t start yesterday, what did you do for Nigerians when you had the opportunity as VP? All you thieves?

    • Joe

      VP is a figurehead!!. Local government chairman can do better in improving the life of people than VP. Atiku is sound, visionary and can deliver at anytime and anyday. We voted for buhari that knows nothing apart of soldiering and when he was retired he has never improve himself or improve the lives of people around him apart making dangerous sentimental statement that could tear the country apart.

      • August January

        You see yourself!!! He never improved the lives of people around him? It’s only a liar like you that would say Northerners will die for Atiku as much as they will be prepared to die for Buhari. Why?

  • shola

    Mr. Atiku and Co, make it compulsory for all State Governors to pay their workers salary at the end of each month. With this done, these potential migrants would think it twice to leave their love ones that always care for them for an unknown. I wonder how your State Governors can sleep well, knowing fully well that their workers, married or single, but certainly not alone are not paid at the end of the month. I need not tell you that a typical African has an extended family. His monthly meager salary doesn’t even cover his monthly needs. This is a big sin against humanity. This is modern time slavery from the privileged to their subordinates.

  • Mr. Abdin

    Well said Waziri, jobs creation will really check the level of youths exodus in our country.

  • Jo Elue

    Government does not create jobs but enabling environment for business to thrive, fight corruption and stop capital flight. Atiku please return our money in your possession and tell your friends too. That’s the first step towards creating internal dynamics of economic engineering.

    • Joe

      You and your likes are ignorant. Atiku became rich after he left customs and became a businessman. Go to Adamawa state and see for yourself the number of people that are working in his factories and companies. The problem with your kind of person was that anybody that is rich is corrupt which is not true. OBJ came out of prison with N20,000 in his account, today he is $20billion richer just for being president for 8years and nobody accuses him of corruption because people are afraid of him. Atiku did not stole Nigerian money. direct your frustration to the appropriate quota please.

      • Jo Elue

        You are just as corrupt, myopic are self centered as these workers of iniquities

      • August January

        Atiku’s heart is suddenly being consumed by the fire of love for Nigerian youths!!! For 8 years as VP I never heard him speak once that Nigerian youths mattered!!! Now he’s the champion of their cause, because his political strategists have told him he would make it to the presidency in 2019 if he can win the hearts of young voters. Fraudulent tactics of a fraud!!!

  • Jaybanj

    Atiku, talk is cheap, action matters – Even the agbero on the street knows that enabling environment and employment is key. What do you plan to do about corruption, what do plan to do about senators pay, where exactly do you stand on security vote, what is your view on the looting that has taken place to date? What should happen to the looters? Who owns intels and is it a monopoly? Why exactly do you think you are not allowed in America? How did you go from a civil servant (ie customs officer) to become one of the richest men Nigeria? and tell us EXACTLY how you will creates an enabling environment? You see we haven’t heard you say where you stand on critical issues all this time or what your plans are so excuse us if we dont believe you are capable.

  • August January

    Atiku’s heart is suddenly being consumed by the fire of love for Nigerian youths!!! For 8 years as VP I never heard him speak once that Nigerian youths mattered!!! Now he’s the champion of their cause, because his political strategists have told him he would make it to the presidency in 2019 if he can win the hearts of young voters. Fraudulent tactics!!! Nigerian youths, be vigilant!!!

  • objective

    Wonders shall never end! Atiku??????