How APC lied, dashed the hopes of Nigerians — Ekweremadu

Arrivals of DSP, Ekweremadu and Raymond Dokpesi to Eagles Square
Arrivals of DSP, Ekweremadu and Raymond Dokpesi to Eagles Square

The Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, has scored the All Progressives Congress (APC)- led administration low on security, economy, job creation, and national unity.

This was even as he described the 16 years that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was in power as glorious years for the country, noting that “good men and women who left PDP for the APC are eager to return to join us to build a better Nigeria”.

Mr. Ekweremadu spoke on Saturday in Abuja at the national convention to elect new leaders of the PDP.

He said: “the PDP worked out Nigeria’s debt forgiveness and paid up our remaining debts, but today, we are getting indebted more than any other time in the history of Nigeria.

“We groomed and bequeathed the fastest growing economy as well as the largest economy in Africa. The story is different today.”

The senator also maintained that whereas the PDP years saw to job creation and improvement in agriculture and consequent low food prices, Nigerians have lived under dire realities of insecurity, unemployment, and hunger.

He said: “Millions of our people, who lost their jobs in the last two years and those who struggled through higher institutions of learning to receive education, but could not find jobs in the last two years, but who believe that when PDP returns, there will be hope for them.

“Our brothers and sisters from the North-east, who were liberated by the PDP government, but who are now suffering under attacks and threats by Boko Haram believe that they will be safe when PDP returns to power.

“Our people, who are struggling everyday to leave Nigeria to the so-called Eldorado in Europe, but who either end up in the Mediterranean or trapped in Libya and other places because of the hardship in Nigeria believe that this convention will mark the beginning of the end of their problems, as they see hope for Nigeria in 2019.”

He ecried the level of disunity in the country today unlike in the PDP years, which, he said “showed Nigerians, in true sense of it, that we belong to everybody.”

“Former leaders of the nation are worried about the disunity in our country want to see a PDP government that will reunite all of us once more.

“In 16 years, we saw justice done to the people of South-west of Nigeria when they were deprived the presidency. The PDP provided them with the platform to be part of this country when they made one of their sons, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo the president of Nigeria.

“PDP, within the 16 years, showed the minorities in Nigeria that they are part of us when the party gave one of their own, Dr. Goddluck Jonathan, a platform to be elected the President of Nigeria.

“PDP gave amnesty to those struggling in the creeks and oil production continued because we applied dialogue instead of force and confrontation. Today, the beneficiaries of that amnesty are doing well in different sectors,” he added.

Mr. Ekweremadu stressed that Nigerians had witnessed darkness in the past two years, but were now eager to see the light again under the PDP.

He, therefore, urged delegates to elect good and competent party faithful as leaders to fulfill the high expectations of Nigerians who now looked up to the PDP for recovery from 2019.


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  • Yusufu Abdullahi

    He has come again with deception.

    • Otile

      Who is deceiving who?

    • Edward

      Know the truth, accept it and it shall be well with your soul.

      • Yusufu Abdullahi

        Which truth Edward? From a fanatic serial deception individual? You and Otile below have not been following the flow of discussion of this individual from the previous administration to date, no national value but divisive contributions in the polity.

  • Ken

    Apc is just a lie. Nothing has come out of it

  • Suleiman Alatise

    You are only deceiving yourself.

    • Otile

      Can you point to any tangible positive thing Islamic APC did since the past two and half years Buhari took power?

    • Edward

      You are the real deceiver; you know the truth. Just accept it

  • tundemash

    And yet this cl0wn is sitting as deputy Senate President under same APC govt.
    Mor0n Ekweremandu, after 16 years of APC rule, we can compare and contrast !

    • Edward

      Clown? You are the real comedian. Probably, you are among those telling Buhari that he is the best to have happened to Nigeria. What a disaster!

  • Screw-em

    That this hideous ape Ekweremadu is given a platform to spew his vomit over anything Nigerian beats my imagination. Here is a biafraud that should be chained to the floor in kirikri for treasonous offenses but for Sai Buhari, he remains relevant politically, here speaking about PDP “achievements”. He is known to have crawled and prostrated before Buhari to save him from Magu’s Efcc handcuffs now bragging like a peacock with stained plumes. Take it from me folks, Buhari is yet to declare to run, but l swear his silhouette will win hands down against these clowns on the other side of the divide.

    • Oghenemaga

      Why are you this petty. Can you point to any project commission by Buhari in his years as military ruler or now as a democratic president, except going to kano few days ago to commission the release of 500 Boko Haram suspectso.

      • Concern

        Our refineries were built when President Buhari petroleum minister, within 2 years of his administration he implemented TSA which has saved Nigeria billions of naira from our kleptomania civil servants and their collaborators. Abuja airport runway became a death trap despite several billions allocated by the previous administrations to upgrade it but the monies were stolen but PMB reconstructed within six months. What else do you want is it JAMB that realized N8 billion within 9 months under PMB and less than N40million under all the PDP administrations. You can do a fact check, under GEJ there was no clue on how the girls were taken by boko haram from Borno State and there was no strategy on how to rescue those girls.

    • Rev

      Wow…Are you dreaming? Look PDP may not be the answer. But Buhari has clearly proven to be the problem.

  • Oghenemaga

    Thank you Ekweremadu for speaking the truth all the time. God bless you. It’s not about party but Nigerians should be able to ask themselves some simple questions. Is life better or worst under APC government? How much was dollar to naira when APC took over. What was debt profile of Nigeria? Today, joblessness on the rise. Never again will Nigerians fall for this falsehood.

    • Concern

      Ekweremadu is not been truthful yes Nigeria repaid her debts largely due to substantial portion of the borrowings written off by the lenders but under the same PDP administration Mrs Okonjo Iweala said we started borrowing to pay salaries in 2013. GEJ gave NSA $2.1 billion to buy arms for the military we all know what happened. Before TSA every agency collected money on behalf of government which was stolen by those who collected and they went to town spending like drunken sailors and you thought the economy was booming that life was better. During the same PDP administrations our economy remained a mono economy largely dependent on oil exportation but we never used the resources wisely and when oil prices dropped drastically it affect our exchange rate of the naira to the dollar and you still believe the PDP administrations did well. Please I will appreciate it if you use this medium to educate Nigerians what you mean by falsehood by the APC administration since they are not perfect but far better than what we have experienced from all the PDP administrations.

  • Al

    Ekweremadu from all indication you are not truthful, you are hypocrite. The seat you are currently occupying in NASS deputy senate president is a product of buhari/apc genuine and sincere leadership, under Atiku or obasanjo can you dream it?

    • Maverick

      Rubbish! What has it to do with economy, job creation, security and national unity as Ekweremadu mentioned?

      • Al

        Father of all rubbish! Is it buhari that cause all the nonsensical you mentioned? Or is it in just two days he will fix all your imagination?

  • Tess

    “Saint” APC thinks that their deception of 2015 is still going to work in 2019. That drum is broken.You PDP must sit up if anything good must come out of you. You messed up big time, that’s why a lying lot like APC was voted into power. You gave APC power.

  • Kenny

    Nigerians expect economic turnaround vis-a-vis job creation from an intellectually unwashed fascist dictator called Buhari? Stop daydreaming! There’s absolutely nothing in that bald head!!