2019: Group declares support for Atiku

Convener of the Concerned Citizens For Atiku, Adebowale Taiwo Jante and head media and communications for the group, Henry Oqua, presenting the group's address

A group known as the Concerned Citizens for Atiku, CC4A, has declared support for a former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, to run for president in 2019.

Although Mr. Abubakar is yet to formally declare his intention, the group asked him to do so, saying it would mobilise Nigerians on his behalf.

Members of the group led by Adebowale Jante stated these during a courtesy visit to the media office of Mr. Abubakar in Jabi, Abuja.

According to a statement by Mr. Jante, the group was received by the head of Mr. Abubakar’s Media Office, Paul Ibe.

Mr. Ibe while receiving the group noted that Nigeria is in dreadful need of a competent leader like Mr. Abubakar. He said the visit by CC4A “was one of hope, especially in the light of Nigeria’s current level of poor governance.”

He commended the group for its make-up, saying it was a step in the right direction for young Nigerians to be actively involved in politics at all levels.

“The CC4Atiku visit and its intentions are in tandem with the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign,” Mr. Ibe said while encouraging members not to relent in their efforts.

“The beauty of this group is its constitution of young people who are not sitting back and expecting things to be handed to them.

“Your visit has given us hope, hope that indeed our situation isn’t irredeemable, and for that we thank you”.

“Your visit and intentions lend much credence to the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign. If you must run, you must be able to rally together and that is what you have done today, and I’m truly impressed with you,” Mr. Ibe added.

In his reaction, Mr. Jante said his group believes that Nigeria is in dire need of Mr. Abubakar’s service to urgently rescue the economy of the nation.

 “Your Excellency, it is an honour and privilege to stand before you not just as a group of patriotic young people of like minds, but also as citizens under the umbrella of Concerned Citizens for Atiku (CC4Atiku) whose common interest is not limited to the total reversal of the unfortunate under-development of Nigeria, but also ensuring her speedy climb, up the ladder of economic growth and prosperity, as well as the wellbeing of its citizens irrespective of all sentiments.

“The formation of this progressive pressure group, which has Coordinators in the 36 States of the Federation as well as in the diaspora, was borne out of the need to create a platform for sustained dialogue towards finding better alternatives for resolving many of the multi-faceted challenges facing our beloved country, Nigeria.

“No doubt, our country is at a crossroads and urgently needs rescue. Nigeria is in dire need of a leader with a track-record of credibility and empathy, a leader with vast political and administrative experience, a focused and detribalised leader with friends across our geopolitical borders, a leader with memorable antecedents and a man of unquestionable character,” he added.

Mr. Jante provided more reasons why his group believes Mr. Abubakar should be Nigeria’s next president.

 “For us in this group, having decided that you are the only man who can rescue this nation, our involvement has gone beyond appealing to your good self. We see this project as a mission of compulsion, a commitment to dragging you into the 2019 presidential race as an urgent and necessary step to save this country from an imminent catastrophe,” he said.

Mr. Abubakar served as vice president under President Olusegun Obasanjo from 1999 to 2007, on the platform of People’s Democratic Party, PDP. He is currently a leader of Nigeria’s ruling party but has complained of being side-lined in the governance of the country.


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  • Suleiman Alatise

    Different different madness na in dey.

  • August January

    Really unfortunate you’re growing up becoming everything but persons of integrity, otherwise you won’t be supporting a fraud like Atiku, an unstable and unreliable element with no ideological convictions!

    • Tunsj

      Couldn’t agree more.

      • nikoroorire

        The young men are looking for money; very dishonest fellows.

        • Tunsj

          Agreed. They look like Yahoo boys.

    • Frank Bassey

      Please, mention ONE personality that is more suitable than Atiku, one that is not a fraud, unstable and unreliable element with ideological convictions. Mention just One.

      • FineBoy

        Tell me what qualifies Atiku

        • Frank Bassey

          Atiku is intelligent, exposed and innovative. He is pan-Nigeria and acceptable in all the states. He is not section, tribe-conscious and religious bigot. Atiku will not apply selective justice and cannot be North-focused. Atiku cannot approve something like this:

          1. Shaibu Musa – MD, NNPC Medical Services
          2. Ibrahim Birma – Group General Manager, Audit Division
          3. Ahmed Katagum – Group GM Shipping
          4. Kallamu Abdullahi – Group GM, Renewable Energy Division
          5. Dr Bola Afolabi – Group GM, Research & Development
          6. Adeyemi Adetunji – MD, NNPC Retail Division
          7. Usman Yusuf – Group GM, NNPC GMD Office
          8. Bala Wunti – in charge of Corporate Planning & Strategy
          9. Umar Ajiya – MD, Nigerian Products Marketing Company
          10. Muhammed Abah – MD, Warri Refining Petrochemical Company
          11. Malami Shehu – MD, Port Harcourt Refining Company
          12. Adewale Ladenegan – MD, Kaduna Refining Petrochemical Co (dormant)
          13. Diepriye Tariah – MD, Integrated Data Services
          14. Rland Wubare – GM National Petroleum Investment Services
          NOTE: Maikanti Baru – still GMD, NNPC.
          Isiaka Abdulrasaq – GMD Finance & Services
          Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari – Petroleum Minister

          • FineBoy

            Keep celebrating Atiku. Hope you can explain how he became super rich?

            On appointments, I have always asked for this information to enable me comment objectively:

            1) How many Political appointments are available for the President to make?

            2) How many have been made to date?

            3) How many have been retained from inherited past regimes.

            4) How many openings are still to be filled.

            With this information, I can speak with a clear conscience.

            I don’t want to join the club that interchange North with Hausa/Fulani thereby subsuming other ethnic Nationalities in the North.

            I also don’t want to conclude that every Musa, Mohammed, Haruna etc is Hausa and Muslim.

            Waiting on you Sir

          • Frank Bassey

            I have told you about Atiku’s ability to rule this country. If you have a contrary opinion, please supply the FACTS – about how he made his money.

            About appointments, your questions are totally irrelevant. NNPC is the nation’s cash cow. That is where the goldmine is. PMB knows that, and that informed the concentration of kinsmen in the place. Do not pretend you are not short of knowledge here. Musa, Mohammed, Haruna etc are from the South – Akwa-Ibom in particular.

          • FineBoy

            Bassey I am tempted to conclude your village has no oil.

            On NNPC management, I speak for no one. But don’t waive my questions away with emotional outbursts.

            1) How many management positions are there in NNPC. Please provide detail breakdown if all

            2) Did recent reposting in NNPC bring in new recruitment or same people in the system? Did Buhari employ them or they are staff he met on ground?

            3)Apart from Kachickwu, who are the outsiders PMB brought to NNPC.

            Conscience remains an open wound, only truth cab heal it.

            I fear no man, but I dear God. Don’t speak convenience, speak truth.

            Waiting for your response with data not outburst

          • Frank Bassey

            You are only being clever by half. When you cede the strategic and juicy positions to the North, tell me what remains there for the South. Akwa Ibom is an oil producing state. We are nowhere close to the circle. This is too bad. Just look at the portfolios; what remains of NNPC outside these?

          • FineBoy

            Here u go again.
            We see offices only in the eye of looting and stealing. Government offices are now seen as lucrative and non lucrative.

            What LGA are u from in Akwa Ibom?

            I do know only Ibino, Let area had oil. There is no oil in Itu and Ikot Ekpene. I perceive that u come from there and like an ostrich wants to claim Akwa Ibom

            By your observations, PMB would have sacked all existing career officers and promote junior officers to Executive levels.

            How many positions are available in NNPC is yet to be answered

          • Frank Bassey

            If those positions were not juicy, why is there no Akwa Ibom, Imo State Bayelsa man or woman there? You think PMB does not know what he is doing? Give those positions to non-Northerners and give the NNPC “Management” to them. Yam head?

          • FineBoy

            I believe you are from Its-Anang.

            Better go continue your human flesh feast and stop hate post.

            Do you know all the Mgt Positions in nnpc?

            Provide all details and who occupies them.

            Flesh eater

          • Frank Bassey

            Makanti, Contract, Appointments … on my mind. So, only a section of the country has a body that is allergic to looting and stealing? Hallucinations.

          • Frank Bassey

            You are dodging the argument. This is not about girl-marriage, promiscuity and homosexuality which thrives over their, under cover of religious sanctimoniousness.

    • babajide Balogun

      we often criticize Atiku because of the way he moves along party lines. But take the case of this failure called APC: if you are a man of conviction like you claim, would you stay out in a system that is dysfunctional?
      If Atiku is not afraid of government big stick being used against him, tell me what you mean by convinction then.

      • August January

        Our problem in Nigeria is that when we’re not so pleased with something, we fall for anything!!! Otherwise by now you would have known that someone that moves around like Atiku will be a disaster as a president, because he’s unstable, unreliable, and lacks any ideological convictions he can die for, like Zik, Awo, Balewa, Bello & co. He’s presently only saying things he knows lots of Nigerians want to hear, things he’s not convinced of. Big time fraud!!!!

        • babajide Balogun

          You know why I won’t buy that argument? It’s not straight. Politicians who think for themselves don’t play the hard ball. They go for self survival first before anything else. During Obasanjo third term bid, Atiku hit the ball hard. Remember, he had the option to play the soft ball and play along.
          During the reign of GEJ, he didn’t spare him too. Now PMB, he keeps playing the hard ball. For me, that’s convinction. You may call it desperation. Well, I know people who live by convinction are also tough, desperate people.

    • Lami T

      It’s rather unfortunately we lack the ability to recognize truth from lies. If asked to give an instance that will justified you calling Atiku all those names, you won’t be able to give a factual instance. You say Atiku is unstable and unreliable because of his cross carpeting, how come up till date Nigeria don’t have a stable and reliable political party? Wouldn’t the problem be the parties and power hungry politician who usually hijack the system? For me, Atiku is the golden egg amongst eggs. FYI, the first time Atiku left PDP was because him and his members were diregistered, and the second time, the party became a ghost of itself as the inexperienced refused to listen to the words of the wise, we know what happened there after. So honestly Atiku has been vindicated by being true what he believes.

      • August January

        “For me, Atiku is the golden egg amongst eggs.” A personal opinion indeed! So, I don’t think I should be angry that you hold an opinion. Be that as it may, I doubt if any man would trust a woman that moved from one husband to the other multiple times as Atiku has been doing in his political career in his desperation to be president of Nigeria. Honestly, our problem in Nigeria is that when we’re not quite pleased with something, we fall for anything!!! That was in fact the kind of mistake America made with Trump & they’re already regretting it, as polls show his ratings among his supporters are fast going down. They’re fast realising they’ve been 419ed!!!

  • Frank Bassey

    I would have preferred a totally new generation of leaders to replace all these older ones. However, in the absence of any, for now, Atiku is more suitable than what we have at the moment. He is not a pretentious character, he is not a sectional leader and he is better exposed, more imaginative and more intelligent.

    • August January

      More intelligent! Really? Maybe, maybe not, but someone who is intelligent but unstable and unreliable is a tragedy! And that’s Atiku!

      • babajide Balogun

        I disagree with you. Men of honour are not slaves to circumstance. You must be able to stand firm and walk away from pretence. Atiku has done that since 2003 – standing firm against powers that be and that says something about the man.

      • Frank Bassey

        Unreliability is common with Nigerian politicians.

    • Usher- Join The Revolution

      No to Atiku please… Any other president other than Buhari means the North will rule for another 8 years!!! No no NO!!

  • Solomon Brown

    Here we go again limiting our options to the lesser of two evils, it seems to me we are acting out some script by falling for the same trick every darn time. By now we should know, these guys do not have our best collective interests at heart, they are simply seeking these offices just so they are granted access to the nation’s treasury, and the rest becomes history…… PDP has a chance to redeem its image by fielding a candidate who isn’t considered a member of the “old guard”, it is insane to expect different results when we keep doing the same thing.

  • FineBoy

    Competent Thief

  • Mr. Abdin

    This is very interesting.

  • princegab

    Which ever way it’s looked at, Atiku is the less of two evils.

  • sirOscie

    Waziri Adamawa all the way

  • Iyanda

    This is the tragedy Nigeria is in. Young boys looking for an “un-convicted” looter to loot from.

  • Sir Louis

    Atiku Abubakar loves Nigerians and Nigerians love him. This declaration of support is a manifestation of the that love.

  • Baba Jada

    The reward of hard work is success, Anyone can make it by the grace
    of God Almighty. Atiku is a true visionary who believes in One Nigeria, He has
    both the determination and experience to move Nigeria forward. Atiku isn’t
    sectional or tribal but accommodating and uniting of all Nigerians. The country
    needs your leadership. #Nigeriaforall2019

    • david

      Which Atiku? Ill vote Buhari a thousand times again and again. Atiku kwa… Mind you I don’t even like Buhari. What we need is someone who can fight corruption head on. I wish someone like Femi Falana or Magu can run or Itse Sagay can run. Atiku ke.. Ole nla

  • Pluti

    Why is PDP and APC their brothers keeper when it comes to destroying Nigeria? Atiku and Buhari 2019?? Expecting us to chose from the lesser evils! No young politician like Donald duke or somebody young enough below 55? Why Nigerians Why?