How I got car gift from typist – Osinbajo

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, on Tuesday narrated an inspiring story of how he got a car gift from a typist, whom he said he assisted in his career-upgrade.

Mr. Osinbajo shared the story on Twitter through his personal handle @ProfOsinbajo.

“I turned 60 early this year. It was one of the greatest surprises I ever experienced. One minute I am 21 years old and the next, I am 60 years old. Permit me to share with you the story I shared at Lead City University a few days ago on some lessons I have learnt so far,” Mr. Osinbajo said.

The vice president said as a young law lecturer then at the University of Lagos, Lagos State, he was dependent on the services of the departmental typists to get his academic materials typed because laptops and personal computers weren’t common as at that time.

He said there were three typists – the chief typist, the senior typist, and the junior typist.

“When there was work to do, what I discovered was that the chief typist would disappear. He works only till 4 p.m. The senior typist would be nowhere to be found. But the gentleman Adereni the junior typist, who only had his school certificate, was remarkably hardworking. Sometime I would drop him off at his home at 1 a.m.,” Mr. Osinbajo said.

“Years after I was working as an adviser to the then Attorney General of the Federation, Hon. Bola Ajibola, who later became a judge of the World Court at The Hague in the Netherlands, one day he called me and asked if I could recommend a good secretary who is hard working and could do long judgments.

“I had three options, the chief typist, the senior or the junior typist, but the junior typist at a time had only school certificate, he didn’t have any other qualification but I chose him.

“He got to The Hague, and typically worked hard and diligently. Every judge in the court wanted him to work with them. He later moved his family over to The Hague and got degrees and made a good living for himself. One day he remembered me and actually sent me a car,” the vice president said.

He didn’t mention what brand of car it was.

Mr. Osinbajo, a renowned law professor, is a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG. He is also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN.


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  • pheliciti

    I read the full speech and it’s full of lessons for all. I can say the full speech is more interesting to read than the slant given by Premium Times. From recent experience, I dare say some class of journalists are part of the problems of this country.
    It’s disingenuous focusing on an excerpt to click bait without telling the full context.
    Anyone interested can google Osinbajo speech to Lead City University. The least PT can do if there wasn’t an intention of mischief is to embed the link to the story.

    • So oju abe niko

      Madam, I actually upvoted you, then took my votes back a few seconds later. Why. The PT storied did not come from the speech at the Lead City University, but from twitter account of the VP. The twitter also made a reference to the LCU speech. All in all, PT didn’t do anything wrong here.

    • Malik Isah

      Don’t mind gutter journalists and gutter journalism. They write for their fellow haters

  • Atunde Adeola Yusuf


  • chinedu

    I urge the vice president to declare the vehicle and the tax he paid on it. This will help us kick off the new wonderful kemi Adeosun tax policy.

    • Julius

      He should deport you back to “Congo”…Urge for that !

      • chinedu

        Maturity teaches objectivity rather than fowl language which is the hallmark of garage touts.

        • Julius

          Where is the fowl language ?

  • Alex

    Liar! Atypical cock and bull fictitious stories of people that are once or still in that scam profession call pastor

    • share Idea

      All these liars that parade themselves as pastors does not know when they implicate themselves. Can he tell us when the car gift was made, if it was when he was working under government, did he declare it, and does he know that it was against the law to receive bribe?

      • Abdussalami Yaro

        It is unfortunate, people tend to make themselves fools and downright dude. How could you call what transferred between the VP and his former typist as “bribe”. Did the typist gift the VP the car before or after he got the job at the Hague? Again, did the typist requested the VP to help him with the job? Let not our sentiments becloud our sense of reasoning.

        • share Idea

          Please can you tell me why EFCC will be prosecuting or witch-hunting someone like Patience that did not have any political office on account of her receiving gifts from people.

          You should ask VP to answer when the gift was actually given? Bribing or Gifting whichever one you prefer does not have any timeframe. Your Buhari also gave gift of 50K to judge that was handling his WASC case. Crime is a crime regardless of the magnitude. We should agree that a crime is a crime before we can now rationalise which one is less evil.

          What Osibanjo said would have caused him his job if Nigeria were advanced country, as people would have digged deep to ascertain when that gift transaction happened, and if they were other benefits that he did not disclose to the public.

          • Owejah

            Hahahahaaaa! I bet you are feeling like a super hero now, after rubbishing our VP with your caustic write-up! Did I hear you say Patience received gift? From who …? Who is that mortal that can give such humungous gifts to someone? Gift of such magnitude to Patience …? For what purpose? And you think this is comparable to Osinbajo’s case? To you, Osinbajo has suddenly become a criminal! Haba! For once Mr Share_Idea, even if you must disrespect any human being – VP inclusive – kindly give due respect to this innate gift that God gave to you – the faculty of conscience!

          • Malik Isah

            You are very brilliant

      • okpada

        A bribe from who?

      • Malik Isah

        Hater, go home. There is no one and can never be anyone in your family than can ever measure up to Osinbajo in the eyes of God. Go back to your evil forest where you belong and take a nap

    • 45Degree

      I think he is saying SOME truth. Most likely it is “Tokunbo” used car. And then “Tokunbos” are of different grades. IF someone helped me jump from a “Naira” typist to a “Euro” typist, This kind of gift would be within any reach.

    • Malik Isah

      Hater, go home. There is no one and can never be anyone in your family than can ever measure up to Osinbajo in the eyes of God. Go back to your evil forest where you belong.

      • bruce uba

        Malik, I know your kind! You speak and fight for God? Oh no!!!!! The only god you know is the one that will give you 72 virgins when you blow yourself up! Did you get your vest yet from Sambisa?

        • Malik Isah

          Still does not relieve you of your pain. Paracetamol will not help you untill you purge yourself of hatred

  • bruce uba

    Wow!! Osibanjo is very revealing of the reason why “patronage”, “nepotism” and “god fatherism” persist in Nigeria! He studied at UNILAG to become a lawyer. He was helped by three poor and barely educated typists. He graduates, becomes a “big time” Lagos government lawyer and gets an opportunity to recommend a legal typist to the UN, he presents one of the three, who accidentally does well, gets educated and raises a successful family. This guy then “rewards”, gifts or “remembers” him with something he didn’t need: a car. He keeps the car, rather than donate it to UNILAG, The Lagos State Government or some other charitable organization, but sees it as a just, if not humble recompense for his good deeds!

    • So oju abe niko

      You are so fixated on rubbishing the VP to the point of not reading the story properly. The VP was not a student when he knew the typist. He was a lecturer. And the point of the story is to show that conscientious hard work pays. The poor typist, through his hard work became fortunate to be recommended for a better job, and became well-off enough to be able to afford a car-gift to someone.

      And he didn’t tell us what he did with the car, so your speculation on what he did with the car is reckless.

      • KELLOGGS

        True, but the gentleman plugged all the holes properly. The VP has become a tall tale teller, pardon the alteration. And his anecdotes are becoming annoying. There’s virtue in hardworking, but you CANNOT bypass academically qualified professional typists because they would not be your boy-boy that will be taken home at 1 a.m every night for your Goddamned ass, Osinbajo!

      • bruce uba

        So oju abe niko, I am sorry to disquiet you, I have no interest in rubbishing the VP as you claim, if anything, I wish him success! Also, excuse my surmising that he was a “student” rather than “lecturer” at UNILAG when he met the “typists”. You admit he didn’t tell us what he did with “the car”, but that was the crux of my post. He should have told us that part, because it will allow us to see how his generosity benefited someone else without “personal gain”!

        • So oju abe niko

          Thanks for the gracious response. To be honest, I wish the distracting car-gift part was not part of the tale, so that we could concentrate on the core message.

          • Malik Isah

            There is nothing gracious about this hater’s response. He should accept his loss and go home. Its been since march 2015

    • Malik Isah

      Bruce, you and your kinds are too stoned by hatred. How about retreating into your evil forest

      • bruce uba

        Bro. Malik, I am not stoned with hatred, neither for you nor our esteemed VP, nor for anyone else. There is also no evil forest where I live. The only evil forest I ever heard of is the one where you and your Boko Haram brothers live. Thank you.

        • Malik Isah

          Of course you have evil forest , dont pretend you dont know where your ancestors were banished to. Dont force me to call you your proper title. The fact that you are hiding your identity in the sea of people in town does not change anything.
          I dare you to go to your village and sit among elders.

    • Saka Pena

      Sick comment from a sick sick mind.