Buhari’s Govt has created seven millions jobs – Minister

Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chris Ngige

The Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chris Ngige, says the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has created up to seven million jobs so far.

The minister stated this on Thursday while briefing State House correspondent after meeting with Mr. Buhari in his office.

“We promised jobs but what has happened is that people tried to quantify jobs in terms of white collar jobs for graduates from universities and polytechnics, but they don’t want to look at the blue collar jobs.

“ Agriculture and agric value chain alone have created more than 5-7 million jobs,” he said.

Mr. Ngige said such jobs were created in rice farming.

“From rice tilling, harvesting, sending to the paddies, mills, and even where people are making the jute bags, transportation, people are getting jobs.

“So, that value chain alone from agric is enormous,” he said.

The minister also said the government has created “ millions of jobs from the N-power scheme.”

He said agencies of government such as the National Directorate of Employment, NDE, have also created jobs through skills acquisition.

He said under the NDE, the government gives beneficiaries tools to earn a living through being “plumbers, electricians ,cosmetologists, shoe makers, tilers and several other areas. We have created several jobs,” he said.

The minister said he was at the State House to brief Mr. Buhari on the “ harvest of strikes in September.”

Several workers’ unions especially in the health and education sectors recently went on strike over various demands or inability of government to fulfill promises made to the workers in the past.

The Labour Minister also said he discussed the issue of the review of national minimum wage. He, however, said contrary to belief, the government did not undertake to quicken the pace of implementing a new minimum wage.

“When we came to power in 2015, there was a minimum wage Act in situ, and by May 2016, we now had a deregulation in the petroleum industry and prices of petroleum products went up and we started discussions with the Organized Labour.

“One of the agreements was that the issue will be addressed. The old law expired last year August and we are now in the process of empanelling a new national minimum wage committee.

“I have cleared the appointments with the President today and as soon as the Labour people come back from the Labour Governing Board meeting in Geneva, we will take a consensus date with the governors because it is a tripartite committee involving federal and states, the private sector, NECA, MAN, NACCIMA and SMEs. These are the arms that will be involved.

“ NLC, TUC their affiliates have done their nominations. What we are now trying to fine tune is the date for inauguration,” he said.

On whether the N56,000 minimum wage being asked for by the NLC is possible, Mr. Ngige said he could not confirm that for now.

“I can’t say whether it is possible. The tripartite discussion will decide that. This is what we call the social dialogue group which will produce the CBA, Collective Bargaining Agreement on what should be the national minimum wage,” he said.

He also said Section 34 of the Nigerian Constitution which deals with the issue put it under the Exclusive Legislation list. Meaning it is only the federal government that can legislate on it.

“When they complete their work, their decision will go to the National Assembly to legislate on,” he said.

Mr. Ngige assured that the government was willing to fast track the process by working very fast.

“The committee will have terms of reference that will set the time frame for them to conclude the work. I am sure the President will ensure that the process is completed in time,” he said.


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  • Anonymous

    Shut up there u this liars, government of lies, that is the highest lie, the Nigerian Bueau of Statisics has published their receont records and for the ninth consecutive quarter, since the inception of your woeful failure government unemployment has been rising, manufactrung rate of closedown rising, if indeed it were true that u have created more jobs than u have lost, + and – the data from NBS would sjow increased emp.oyment, but the data shows opposite, bunch of liars. Feeding a presidnet with lies, false data cus he is a mkron, semi-illiterate andmdullard who doesnt know any better, hunger and poverty has increased exponentially cus of ur mishandling of our currency and u all are talking thrash, that have increased food when ur mnisters are still importing but u dont want peolel to kmow

  • A Aminu

    This man should be ashamed of himself. He should not be wearing that beard if only he knows the value of it.

  • bernarddoro

    What a lie! They have no shame, worrisome!

  • emmanuel

    This government is know for lies, invectives and utter disrespect for common sense. They ply numbers as if they relate only to ignorant people
    It is unfortunate that we have some followership who do not question leadership and whose brains are only subject to what a leader says.
    Today, our exchange rate in the alternative market is at par with the Official alternative market – black martket versus CBN black market. Most people think that is supposed to be an improvement or a sign of getting out of recession. Unfortunately it is neither of the two, but an indication that the economy is neither producing or importing, so economic activity is grossly caught between national survival and well being. Meaning that nothing takes place except within the physiological needs of man.
    Coming back to Ngige, peasant Rice and Yam farming is not an indicator of progress.
    The greater part of Indian where the Peasant farmers are engaged, represent the poorest part of that country and that part has drawn Indian backward.
    The implication for Nigeria, is that the assumed numbers employed through Peasant farming by Ngige and APC have taken Nigeria away from progress into poverty. So people just recharge their phones to communicate or play betting game with, follow up with UBER cabbing or some menial things; eat food and commute.
    Nigeria’s lower wrong of the upper class and middle class have turned beggars already, with major needs as survival. What a disaster.
    Yet we have a dreamer in the name of Buhari still trying to convince the ignorant folks of intention to continue leadership

  • Really

    Is that not the change you claimed to have cherished and voted for?


    Disoriented BMC

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      The problem, and the difference between you and most who support Buhari like me, is that our loyalty is to Nigeria first, and yours is to your paymasters.

      Whereas you defended your paymasters blindly, we are not afraid to call it as it is.

      Please stop farting from your mouth as usual. It stinks.

      • Moses Stone


  • Tunde

    HOW NOW! WHERE ARE THE RECORDS! For goodness sake! why are you guys so thick?! Why! Do you think the only people that vote for you are illiterates!? Even they are more educated than you lot now! They may not have degrees but they are educated with the advent of the internet and radio!

    With this kind of speak, you humiliate your APC and PMB! Haba!

  • thusspokez

    “ Agriculture and agric value chain alone have created more than 5-7 million jobs,” he said.

    Dear Readers,

    Can you spot the lie in the above statement?

  • Isyaku Muhammad

    Where are the millions Job?

  • Kelly

    Please Nigerians should forgive Chris Ngige, he is still suffering from the curse of reneging of vow at Okija shrine, so whenever the spirit comes up he can say any rubbish and will regret after he regains consciousness. I guess the reporters asked him this question at this unfortunate moment in his life. You can meet him when he is normal and he will deny he ever said such a thing….. try and meet him now and hear what he will say!!

    • Moses Stone


  • Moses Stone

    Chineke !!! Even Lai Moh go doff his hat for this FAT lie.

  • forestgee

    Those jobs were created in London hospital! NBS has stated they are losing jobs but the propaganda and lies government is saying a different thing.

  • JasV

    This may be true but let the Statistics Agency led by Kale whose job it is, give us this data

  • stackCrawler

    We believe in this Administration so much

    • front man


  • 45Degree

    Is this a White Lie or Black Lie?

    • dele20

      The Minister for information said the great things this present government has done, , the critics condemned , this is another minister saying the fact of what PMB’s led government has done, you still find it unbelievable.

      • 45Degree

        Because PMB Ministers say something doesn’t mean they are truth. I guess we have to accept whatever comes out of PMB govt as the gospel truth

    • dele20

      Mr. Thomas, what do you believe?

  • front man

    Thank God NIGERIA is in safe hands

  • front man

    God bless Nigeria

  • chinedu

    I have been a farmer since 2008. I was inspired by the activities of the Obasanjo administration in this direction. Presently, I have expanded my scope from livestock to crops farming not because of the activities of this present regime but as a result of natural business progress and interest. By this we have been able to employ more people. I can also testify that a lot of people were recently driven into agriculture having lost their jobs and businesses during the last recession. So I agree that we produced a lot of agricultural goods recently. But the sad part is that a lot of those emergency agric businessmen have lost their investments. In other words they are not going to continue. This means foreseeable drop in farming and by extension harvest. Ultimately we will soon witness the next round of jobs and businesses lost. I am almost sure that the government doesn’t know this because they are not grassroots based. Furthermore since the Fulani herdsmen are at the receiving end of anti grazing laws in states, one can also guess what impact that will have on their economy. I think our government need to get close to the grassroots and avoid sycophancy.

  • emmanuel

    The APC is a bastion of cheap liars, who whose cognitive domain are very shallow. the other day, Osiibande the cerebral liar told Nigerians that this fraudulent government had released $2 billion about N800 billion for second Nigeria bridge project this year. Meanwhile the budget for that bridge in 2017 is only about N21 billion. What a crap.
    Who will rescue this inglorious men and women of the APC from their fallacious lives? Who then can rescue their followers whose over 99% are semi-illiterates?
    Ngige has come up with silly lies again. What a waste, what a waste, Nigeria has fallen and may never rise again.


    A tyranny which dwells on falsehoods and propaganda….the jobs were created in the air-waves first of all , there is no scientific data anywhere on the Nigerian territory to support such a lie.

  • dele20

    This PMB’s government is really working

  • dele20

    Seven million job, PMB has positively reflected to this great nation “Nigeria “

  • dele20

    God bless Nigeria

  • Fernando Luis

    Well story will always surface to brainwash Buhari and APC illiterate and naive supporters. 2019 is near. Smart and learned Nigerians can never be surprised in your lies. Is much expected.

  • Otile

    The devil is a lair. Even Mohammedans and Yorubas know that this Buhari representative is lying his head off.