SGF: Ohanaeze Ndigbo flays Buhari for refusing to appoint an Igbo

John Nwodo
The leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo

The Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for not appointing a South- easterner as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF.

Mr. Buhari had on Monday named Boss Mustapha the new SGF to replace Babachir Lawal, who was sacked for corruption allegations.

Mr. Mustapha hails from Adamawa State in the North-east as Mr. Lawal.

The President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, John Nwodo, in a statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, frowned at the refusal of the president to appoint an Igbo to the position “even after the ruling party (APC) zoned the position to the region.”

The South-east region comprises Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi and Abia.

Mr. Nwodo said the president’s action “has further denied the people of the region a strong place in the executive arm of the administration.”

“It also shows the President’s insensitivity to the over flogged issue of marginalisation of Ndigbo by his administration.

“We had thought that the recent meeting of South-east leaders with the President at the Aso Rock Villa opened an avenue for a new relationship with the zone which appointing an SGF from the area would have helped to cement especially as the ruling party originally zoned the position to the region,” the group said.

The Ohanaeze urged the president ”to open his mind and have a positive attitude about Ndigbo whose contributions to the socio economic and political development of the country is not in doubt.”


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  • Ndidi

    Oh stop it Ohanaeze! You and I know that RESTRUCTURING (or split up) is the only thing that will give Ndi-Igbo freedom to turn our Zone into our shared Igbo vision, and that even an Igbo SGF means absolutely nothing at all to our development. Come on Ohanaeze, stop this! I thought you had told IPOB that if they back off from demanding secession, you and our SE leaders would push for Restructuring! So where is sincerity? Where is integrity? Where is faithfulness to Ndi-Igbo?

    • Jon

      I share your thoughts.

  • Mamman

    Abeggiii!!!! This is a constitionally mandated multi party democracy. Ndigbo went ( or, still is) with the PDP. APC won.(still winning) & u assume they’ll hand over the VERY SOUL of their VERY EXISTENCE to you!!! Dream on.

    • duwdu

      Don’t mind “them;” “they” held the SGF position hostage during the immediate past regime of Jonathan, and “they” still want to commandeer it in the present dispensation? Chai.


  • Frank Bassey

    This is nonsense. By now, you ought to know Buhari government is not for all Nigerians – APC or no APC. It is government of the North, for the North to the North.

    • Eluba Inas

      They can vote APC next election and the non-mandated positions by the constitution will be shared with them.–that is politics 101.

    • kinsly

      Just shut up and go back to sleep.

      • Frank Bassey

        Return to the burrow-pit. Silent looters.

  • Netanyahu

    What the heck do you guys want to do with the so called SGF? Will you guys stop embarrassing us? Leave the skeleton alone. The worst case scenario is he stays till 2023 or he dies. You should not be in a hurry to return to government. Allow those that destroyed the country since 1970 to fix it. Then you can come in.

    • princegab

      Good comment, thanks.
      Power is transient.

    • Absolutely Sane

      I like your statement that “You should not be in a hurry to return to government.”. It indicates that you have once been in government. Sincere question now are:
      (1.) Can you point to one thing you did when you were in govt to develop South East or any part of Nigeria?
      (2.) Anyim Pius Anyim was SGF during Jonathan’s regime, what was the development he brought to the South East as SGF? Did Anyim Pius Anyim, son of the soil, hate Ndigbo?
      (3.) What meaningful development has Ekweremadu attracted to your land despite being Deputy Senate President for years?
      (4.) What exactly do you want, development or position?
      (5.) If position, what has your people being in position done to help your land?

      (6.) You have Governors that enjoyed good relationship with your ‘Hero Nero’, Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan and received allocations for your states, have you asked them for what they did with all the allocations received and the good relationship with the then President?
      (7.) South West Governors except the 2 PDP states (Ekiti & Ondo) were able to build bridges and roads despite being in opposition party and they were denied ecological funds unlike their PDP counterparts. Have you asked how come from your Governors? Even with the bridges and roads we see in Ogun and Oyo states, we still call our Governors thieves because somehow they stole.
      The problem you Igbos have is that you are too tribalistic to ask yourselves some sincere questions and tell yourselves some bitter truths. Your unmarginalized Governors are getting richer and you are busy shouting marginalization. Rather than give you meaningful development with allocations received, they gave you hate history and propaganda to run around with. They settle the few Elders of the land to tell you hate tales so that while you are busy fomenting troubles you won’t remember to hold them accountable for all the money they received on your behalf.
      This is the difference between Yorubas & Igbos and that is why there is more development in the South West than South East despite your popularity in Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan’s regime.
      If truly your agitation is for development, demystify yourself of hate and open your eyes to infrastructural developments going on in the South East right now under the administration of President Muhammad Buhari.

      • ray

        My brother I own a bottle of champagne for your sincere write up.thanks

      • Screw-em

        Just succinctly Brilliant!!….The intellectually deficient and politically naive igbo’s need to look hard at the mirror to find the whole TRUTH.

  • Sam

    You want the president to be seen to rewarding thuggery and stupidity? After all that you allowed conman Kanu to cause Nigeria?

    • Kallah Bature

      Politics is a simple game.You rub my back I rub yours.Ask Igbos to vote for him in 2019 like you gave 100% of your votes to Goodluck Nnamdi Azikwe Jonathan in 2015.You are lucky to get Ministerial and other appointments now.Be thankful.

  • mbewalu ogodo

    Ohaneze ndi oshi. Nkita lachaa unu anya there

  • Screw-em

    I keep saying that the only functional reason this okija cult camouflaged as an “organization” is solely to disgrace igbo’s. Please explain how is it that Ekweremadu, the treasonous rogue from PDP is the current deputy deputy to Afonja the Babanla Ole of APC. Dine with Nwodo with a long spoon.

  • Dan Arewa

    They don’t deserve it. The one`s they got in previous administrations squandered their chance by not puting machinery in place for the well being of their people. They only cares for their close love one’s.

    • Justice Equity

      And the ones you got breaded almajiri imbeciles ,poverty, diseases and boko haram,yet you deserved more.
      Buhari will never be president forever, after the rains,the sun shall rise.
      How had buharis nepotistic, unjust ,clannish, cunning crafty ,corrupt government faired? ,the verdict is that it is the worst misfortune that ever happened to Nigeria.
      You can’t cover the sun with your leprous fingers.
      Abacha did worst ,but where is he today,very very soon,another history shall be made, highest in 6 years time ,after the rains ,the sun shall rise. It is not yet over until it is over.

      • Dan Arewa

        And you think after Buhari, it will be somebody from South when you held sway 16 years democratically elected president. After Baba Buhari, it will be someone else from the North, May be North East. If you have the majority vote in Nigeria, you can change the system.
        Democracy is a game of numbers.

      • ray

        Hatred! Hatred! Hatred will kill you so kill it before it kills you

  • Agba

    Because of position you sold your blood,KANU,good morning Ohanize Ndigbo.Awon onijekuje.

    • princegab

      Don’t mind him bro, thanks for your observation. Pmb is that proverbial leopard and it spots. The old man is doing more harm than good.

      • ray


        • princegab

          Lopsidedness, adamant to corrections and unrepentant dictator.

  • Justice Equity

    John Nwodo,you disappointed me greatly with this statement, you are such an intellectual ,you are such a star,how come you are expecting to see rivers in desert places, how come you are expecting to see Angels in bottomless pit,how come you wanted to see a gospel preacher as a stake holder in shekaus boko haram emirate council, what shall be the benefit of Angel Gabriel supervising the secretariat of the Jezebel kingdom, nwodo please allow the dead to bury their dead ,stand out before you get your self afflicted with leprosy and become leprous. After the rains, the sun shall rise. It is to the glory of the people of the land of the rising sun that when the history of how Nigeria was ran aground is told, their names shall be missing in the chronicles of the destroyers of Nigeria.
    Honestly this era is the worst assemblage of low level leadership characters that can be found in Africa,it is very much better for us not to be found on the seat with imbeciles, hollow minded misfits, cunning crafty chameleons and myopic pretenders.
    It is not good for the offsprings of the lion to be in the same bed with goats,camels and millipedes, nor to be the gate keeper to snails ,tortoise and idiots,that must surely be an error.

    • Idris Aliyu mahmood

      …….just as it was error when you shamefully migrated from Israel into Nigeria for greener pasture and now u want to control our land. Go home. Nigeria is for Nigerians. Come to think of it, why would you want to serve in a Boko Haram government?

      • ray

        Hahahaha, hahahaha

    • marcos avelino

      Sick animal

  • Yego V

    Nna don wory sebi una governors don return Buhari unopposed for 2019. una no c noting

    • ray


  • Ignaze

    Hear him, APC zoned the position to south east. When was the zoning arrangement done. Was Babachure lawal from south east. How can someone who ought to be a father be lying. Too tribalistic and creating hatred against the Ibos. Continue .

    • ray

      Can you be realistic?

  • OJpo

    Greedy Race. I BEFORE OTHERS.

  • Holy truth

    U only reap where u sow sir. Ibos should go & learn how to play politics without hatred. With ur hatred 4 APC u guys lost d chance of number3 seat, if u guys had voted Dr Chris ngige instead of Stella oduagate by now an ibo man will be d senate president but bcos of ur hatred & lack visions way of playing politics u lost d opportunity & now u are crying wolf. U guys always play d politics of hatred & putting ur eggs in one basket. U guys need to change ur mindsets, embrace politics of open minded & inclusion. D south south are more advanced than u guys in playing politics. U need to go back to d drawing table & strategize constructively & not d politics leap b4 u think dat u guys are playing. Be calculative & be constructive.
    Stop hatred towards anyone who does not share ur views, learn how to learn 4rm opposing views stop being abusive & rude to others who does not share ur views.

    • ray

      Wonderful point you have made.We need to learn and learn fast. Thanks for the holy truth.

    • Jon

      Check the records of your President is:

      Check the records: $2.1 billion stolen or missing when he was Petroleum minister in 1977. $1.1 billion stolen or missing when he was chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund in 1997. Now, under his watch, $26 billion stolen or missing under the guise of contract award. Are these not a pattern of bad behavior that should have been punished in Western Civilized Societies? Look again the pattern of ethnic cleansing under his brutal and tyrannical regime.

      • Holy truth

        U are off d points sir.

  • Moses Stone

    Big mouth … Big Rubbish

  • Dan arewa

    What a dumb niggers

  • JasV

    The problem with these people is greed. Which zone is Oyo-Ita from? Is it not the same South East zone?

    • Oskirin

      olodo ni eee…ita is from south south.e.g.calabar

  • marcos avelino

    What else do you tribalist want. The new SGF is fully qualified on merit so why make a point about his tribe or section , this is crass primitive attitude.

    • Jon

      If qualification is the issue. Is Buhari qualified to be President, having not met the school certificate requirements?

      • marcos avelino

        Always diverting the issue to irrelevance is the new SGF qualified or not ? that’s the question here. As for Buhari he is over qualified as been General in the army is more than a PHD certificate talk-less of mere secondary certificate which most of your dishonest tribesmen get by well known crooked means . There is no doubt that your people Mr Jon are the most dishonest and criminal minded group not only in Nigeria but the whole world !! What a shame

        • Jon

          Pre-requisite for Presidency is NOT Army General but school certificate. Thanks for telling me who my people are. I think am supposed to tell you. Jon can be someone from Hausa/Fulani christian community or from Middle Belt or from SE or from SS or from SW. This shows how idiotic you are.

    • Jon

      This is your army general with no prerequisite for the office of the President of Nigeria according to your constitution.

      Check his records: $2.1 billion stolen or missing when he was Petroleum minister in 1977. $1.1 billion stolen or missing when he was chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund in 1997. Now, under his watch, $26 billion stolen or missing under the guise of contract award. Are these not a pattern of bad behavior that should have been punished in Western Civilized Societies? Look again the pattern of ethnic cleansing under his brutal and tyrannical regime.

  • curseless

    Me Nwofo should just chill out for a moment and cut Buhari some slack. Buhari have every right to choose anyone best suited for him as the secretary and the only time Nwodo’s comment would have been fair is if the President fail to appoint Igbos into his cabinet which will be a violation of the constitution. Anyim Piius Anyim was SFG for Jonathan by the way and Nwodo never complained for once and besides Pius did not leverage that position to help Ndigbo as he was just concerned for himself. Ekweremadu is the deputy senate leader in a government where APC is in control . The President will soon elect many more Nigerians into ministerial position and we need to wait and see. If I were to be Nwodo I will be more concerned about the completion of the Niger bridge among other things. Most political office holders always pad their own pockets first and could care less of their home base. Anyim and Jonathan are the best examples