Groups blame Nigerian govt for illegal importation of GM food


The Health of Mother Earth Foundation has attributed the illegal shipment of 25,750 metric tons of genetically modified maize worth an estimated $3.7 million into Nigeria to the attitude of the federal government towards genetically modified foods.

Nnimmo Bassey, the group’s director, said in a statement on Thursday that the discovery is an indication that more GMO foods and products may have slipped into the country undetected.

“We are worried that this incident may just be a fraction of other undetected arrival of unauthorised foods into Nigeria, including those of the genetically modified varieties,” Mr. Bassey. 

The National Biosafety Agency on Wednesday raised alarm over tons of GM maize imported into Nigeria through the Lagos ports without approval.

According to Rufus Ebeagba, the agency’s Director General, the government discovered the shipments through an intelligence report.

It was learnt that a second shipment from a vessel named Zola had berthed at the Lagos ports, after the first ship, with 42,900 metric tons of maize valued at $6.1 million.

“Nigerians should be alarmed at these incidents because whoever imported these illegal shipments may have done so due to the preponderant attitude of government that Nigeria is open to GMOs and that there is nothing to worry about GMOs,” said Mr. Bassey.

The HOMEF is one of the civil society groups at the forefront of the campaigns against the introduction of genetically modified foods into the country. The group argues that Nigerian farmers have the capacity to meet the food needs of Nigerians if they are supported with extension services, processing and storage facilities as well as adequate rural infrastructure. 

“What happened to Nigeria’s pre-shipment procedures?” asked Mariann Bassey-Orovwuje, Chair of Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa.

“These GMOs should not have been authorized to head to Nigerian ports in the first instance.”

The groups urged the NBMA and the Nigerian Customs to ensure the illegal consignments are impounded and destroyed. 

“NBMA should equally conduct market audits to ensure that crops, foods and feeds that have genetically modified traits have not been sneaked into the country,” Mr. Bassey added.


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  • thusspokez

    The National Biosafety Agency on Wednesday raised alarm over tons of GM maize imported into Nigeria through the Lagos ports without approval.

    This is a very serious matter for Nigeria. The European Union do not trust GM crops hence it is banned in every country except in Spain but confined to a small area. The US is the sickest nation on earth and a lot of people would associate it with eating GM crops. Just look at the size of Americans today even in comparison to three decades ago. They are obese and extra large!

    With no decent medical care, what would happen when the effect of eating GM crops manifest itself in serious illnesses and diseases, not to mention its effect on DNA and future generations of Nigerians. Yet Nigerians are nonchalant as usual.

    If the National Biosafety Agency doesn’t already have powers to cease and destroy GM crops, then parliament must grant it such powers immediately. Like the police and SSS, it too should be made a first-class law enforcement agency.

    Nigerians, with GM crops, you are putting not only your life at risk but those of your own children, grandchildren and indeed, all future generations of Nigerians at risk. STOP GM CROPS NOW!!!

  • Watch man

    I have written severally on this forum about the dangers of GMO. My concern is that most Nigerians are not paying attention to the dangers of this products; people are more concerned about consuming food without recourse to the poison they are eating. Govt of Nigeria has been compromised due to their alliance with global elite and their organizations (eg. Bill Gates financed Monsanto). That is one of the reasons why they do not care much about regulation of these products. I wish to repost a submission I made on PT sometime ago under the caption “Nigeria deploys genetically modified cotton, maize despite safety concerns” to draw the attention of the public to the dangers of GMO. Please read and pass on the information.

    I knew that it was just a question of time before Nigeria authorities would bow to corporatocracy. GMO is never and can never be good for human beings. U.S., right from Reagan administration has been in the forefront of encouraging genetic modification. As many may know, genetic modification of a plant or organism involved a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one specie are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal to alter their genetic makeup in such a manner that is not possible through ordinary plant or animal reproduction.
    The most important foundation that has been responsible in financing biotechnology has been the Rockefeller Foundation. Without passing through the parliament, George Bush, in a 1992 executive order, ruled that GMO plants and foods were “substantially equivalent” to ordinary plants of the same variety, such as ordinary corn, soybeans, rice or cotton. With this ruling, the Bush administration and successive ones treated GMO or bio-engineered foods as “natural food additives”, and therefore not subjecting them to any special testing. In most cases, govt agencies took data provided them by GMO companies in order to judge that the new product was fine.Now, it is important we site an example of the hazard poised by GMO. The first GMO food marketed en mass was milk that contained a recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone known as rBGH and was patented by Monsanto. The FDA approved it without testing to know how healthy it was. It was sold under the trade name of Posilac and Monsanto claimed that cows would produce up to 30% more milk if injected with this hormone. While stimulating cows to produce more milk, Posilac stimulated the production of another hormone known as IGF-1, which began to unnaturally regulate the cow’s metabolic processes. Dr. Samuel Epstein of University of Illinois’s School of Public Health, a recognized authority on carcinogens was among the first vocal scientists to warn about scientific evidence that IGF-1 was linked to creation of human cancers. In addition, farmers began to report (after using Posilac on their cows) that their cows burned out by as much as two years sooner; this is in addition to the hoof or udder infections that came upon the cows as a result of the usage of rBGH. But FDA suppressed this info by presenting the data they got from Monsanto. More info from scientists even countered FDA position. A scientist from University of Vermont in 1991 leaked to the media the evidence of severe health problems affecting rBGH- treated cows to include mastitis, inflammation of the udder, and deformed births. You see, GM companies have had their way in this matter due to their collaboration with govt. For instance, George Bush’s Agriculture Secretary, Ann Veneman, came to Washington in 2001 from a job as director of Calgene, a biotech company that became a subsidiary of Monsanto. Defense Secretary Donald Rumfsfeld was CEO of G. D. Searle. Searle is the subsidiary of Monsanto that produces GMO-based artificial sweetener and carcinogen known as Aspartame. Rumfsfeld had also been the Chairman of Gilead Science, a California biotech company that had patent on Tamiflu. Mickey Kantor, former U.S. Trade Rep and lawyer to Clinton, left govt to pick up a position on the board of Monsanto. There are many more and this had been the trend till date. This is why it has been difficult to check the activities of global corporations.
    Like I commented elsewhere, this kind of science fits into the depopulation effort of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation and Syngenta Foundation who are mopping up over one billion types of natural seeds and depositing them in a seed vault close to the North Pole (Svalbard) and dishing out GM seed to the world especially the developing countries. Bill Gates, who has spent $30m on this project since 2006 said, “The world today has 6.9 billion people and that’s headed up to about 9 billion. If we do a really great job, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent”. The idea is to deprive the world of vital seed necessary for procreation and healthy living. GM seeds have sterilization capability and so it will serve the globalists well in their effort to bring down population. This is just an aspect of the manifestation of the horseman of the apocalypse, which I would not have time and space to write on in this forum. However, what I have outlined above is not only available in documented works but also just one little example to show the harmful effect of GMOs’. The same goes for plants resulting in a lot of health hazards. It is therefore important that this type of technology be sanctioned/discouraged because of its unimaginable capacity to subtly decimate human beings through the generation of all manner of terminal diseases.