Let’s Ignore IPOB Provocations – Northern Youth Group

Arewa Youth Leaders Forum [Photo: FIDES Communications]
Arewa Youth Leaders Forum [Photo: FIDES Communications]

The Northern Youth Coalition has called on the people of Northern Nigeria wherever they live to henceforth ignore the activities of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in the South-east zone of the country.

The coalition had earlier in the year issued a quit notice on the Igbo in the North over the activities of IPOB but later withdrew the notice after it drew widespread criticism.

At a press conference at the Nigerian Union of Journalists’ Press Centre in Kano on Wednesday, the group said it had realised that the whole essence the activities of IPOB was to provoke reactions from Northerners and make Nigeria ungovernable.

Spokesman of the group, AbdulAziz Suleiman, said: “all the violent activities playing out are well planned to escalate by 2019, and starting from 2018 to prevent a successful conduct of elections and eventually the collapse of this Buhari government and democracy in Nigeria.”

He added, “In this situation, it is essential that the north and northerners remain restrained and refuse to be provoked into reprisals which is the ultimate hope of the conflict instigators.

“The agitations and disturbances that have been ongoing ceaselessly since the coming of Buhari/Osibanjo administration are aimed at rendering the country practically ungovernable and ushering in of anarchy and instability, thereby occasioning a change of government by whatever means.

“And the singling out of Buhari for attacks is a tactics to cause inter-regional crisis possibly leading to general unrest,” he said.

Mr. Suleiman, who spoke at the briefing alongside other leaders of the group, including Yarima Shatima and Mastura Sharif, commended the Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, for declaring a curfew on Aba.

He also applauded the interventions of the Nigerian military in the South-east zone.


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  • Agba

    Don’t ignore him,you gave quit notice and wax audio calling for Biafrans head,am not Biafran,but let call a spade a spade,as yoruba man,if the country is ungovernable,my ODUDUWA REPUBLIC can emerge on other side,am tired of this useless one Nigeria.Ti iwaju o ba se lo,eyin a se pada si.Marriage is not by force,only in Nigeria is by force because hausa fulani are cheating other region.

  • ijelejames

    Very good development. Ignore the goat. Let the soldiers show him the other side of midnight. He is not worth your sleep.

    • Julius

      He is hiding…after all the noise and threats…see Igbo man so. Everybody knew that’s what will happen…lmaoooooooooo !!

      • ijelejames

        Of course the imbecile is a coward

        • Julius

          Yes indeed. What the reasonable ones should do is push him in front of the police or the army and let him and his druggies security idiots defend him.

          • ijelejames

            Yes o. I am sure the goat is in panic mode now. Trouble has moved to his front door. Let’s see how he handles it. They will show him the other side of midnight.

    • 0tile

      Dull Mohamed Buhari must be very f᷄᷄óolish to think that if he murders Kanu Biafra will be over. The murder of Imam Yusufu was the beginning of Boko Haram, dull Buhari and his fulani goons can’t learn.

      • ijelejames

        You and Kanu are free to kill yourselves for an illusion called Biafra. The rest of the reasonable Igbo people will be alive and still remain in nigeria. Rubbish!

        • Julius

          Hahahahahaha, c’on bro, you know otile in his shemale high heels can’t fight a 10 year old talk less of the army. He is a coward too…an internet strong half biafraudian. No mind the fag.

          • ijelejames

            Ok bro, I won’t

  • share Idea

    I wish the the Northern youths can retaliate by calling for referendum as that has been what the IPOB and other similar groups have been saying.

    It is strange that Northern youths can claim that IPOB asking for referendum to determine Biafran state is a big ask or akin to disestablishing Buhari’s government.

    • Julius

      But, they did as well and they were even trying to help the biafraudian by telling them to go home because that’s what they are lying about that they want..separation and a brand new country. Right ?

  • 0tile

    Murderous Buhari is the one making Nigeria ungovernable. You cannot force a person you hate so much to cohabitate with you in peace simply because you are feeding fat on his oil. Dull Buhari apply commonsense.

    • Mr Integrity

      whose oil? do Igbos have oil?

      • Julius

        lmaoooooooooooo…he is one of the riverline fools that thinks biafraud is their home.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    NYC, you have made a big mistake. The current political narrative is not a joke. What I would have advise is to call for a total dismemberment of the country through mutual and peaceful dialogue. Your thought on the reason for the Igbo agitations for Biafra is now late and belated. This country will never be the same again, no matter how it is restructured. Our political and religious elites have already planted the dangerous seeds of discord in the country which can hardly be uprooted now. We should face the true reality, and accept that the unity of this country is already done. We should negotiate how the country should disintegrate peacefully, with every nationality living within the domain of the other nationality, going back to his father’s house, and let international treaties apply on how to interact with each other. I can’t not imagine how the country will be restructured according to the wishes of the advocates of restructuring, in which the there will be 100% resource control and still people are free to live and own properties and businesses in any part of the country. Despite this provision in the constitution, it an open secret that Northerners are presently not accorded that right in most parts of the country. I can proudly give an example of my State, Kano, where there is now an area or even areas within the Kano metropolice, apart from Sabon Gari area, where Igbos have acquired lands and built houses of their own. The places are totally occupied by Igbos and no body has complained, because of our accommodation of people from where ever they come from. This is my take on the current national issue.

  • Mr Integrity

    What i learned is Igbo youth and even their elders are seriously begging for war… They dont know what they are calling on themselves.. Anyway let them ask Maiduguri people abt the sweetness of violence…. From the look of it they can never feel satisfied till they have it and destroy their region completely.

    • Julius

      They are banking on Trump to save them…You done laughing ? I’m not !!.lolz


    It all ultimately comes down to Christian versus Muslim when it comes to Nigeria. The battle must happen.

    The only question is when? Who will win is not in doubt. Christians una mumu don do! It’s time to defeat these people. All that’s needed is international diplomacy work to get USA to stop Britain, Saudi and ISIS from interfering, and getting the job done. Enough is Enough!

    Many of these people think what’s happening is Igbo versus hausa-Fulani, no! It’s Christians versus muslims; civilized people versus terrorists; indigenous people and farmers versus foreign invaders and marauding violent herdsmen; and the defeat of the latter must be ensured.

    Even if these people turn into saints today, they MUST be conquered in Nigeria. Christians from all over the world, especially Trump and Rome, must make Nigeria muslim’s Waterloo. They must be stopped here. After all, Buhari and his tribe has pledged allegiance to ISIS, so what’s stopping their defeat, Mr. Trump? Don’t be like Obama who supported the muslims in 2015 elections, against a Christian democratic Jonathan.

  • knowledgeman

    Arewa has now changed into Northern Youth Group? Why didn’t you
    exercise this sensible judgement when you issued your quit notice in

    Please stop blaming IPOB for Nigeria’s problems. IPOB is a symptom
    of what’s wrong in Nigeria, not the cause of it.

    Looting by public officials, lawlessness, IPOB, Niger Delta Avengers
    and other groups springing up are all a reflection of Nigerians fighting
    back against the insatiable Northern domination of Nigeria.
    It wouldn’t be bad if those clamoring for power are visionaries who have
    a heart for public service.

    Sadly for Nigeria, the opposite is true. Nigerian politicians are spineless
    hooligans and rogues who will do anything to get in power in order to loot
    the country blind.The ruling elite in Nigeria doesn’t have a clue about how
    to run the country. The dregs are running the country.

    This is why the country is in such disarray, the looting goes on and ordinary
    Nigerians continue to suffer in the midst of plenty.

    The cat is out of the bag and it’s now glaringly obvious that whether we like
    it or not, Nigeria will break up eventually. We can come together and do it
    peacefully, or we can bury our heads in the sand and take the slow, painful
    slide into the abyss.