Hate speeches caused Nigerian civil war – Jubril Aminu


A former minister and educationist, Jibril Aminu, has said that hate speeches in the polity and fake news spread in the media were the main causes of the 1967 Civil War in the country.

Speaking in Kano, alongside the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, during the 4th annual conference of the Association of Communication Scholars and Professionals of Nigeria, which held in Kano on Wednesday, Mr. Aminu said Nigerians should be wary of being drawn into the same trap that led to the civil war.

The professor also asked the media to be proactive in its reportage and avoids acts capable of further dividing the nation.

Earlier, the minister of information said the government was disturbed by the trend of hates speeches from various individuals and groups which he described “as worrisome.”

He said the government is geared towards addressing the issue of hate speech, fake news and misinformation.

According to him, the “enemies of the government are responsible for the mischievous speeches” which he said was aimed at causing unnecessary distractions and heating the polity. He, however, said the government would not gag the media or free speech.

He also linked Nigeria’s recent exit from recession as an indication of the success of the economic policies of the present administration.


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  • Alkeyz Ironsi

    Avoids acts capable of further dividing the nation!! What is your brother buhari doing? If hate speech caused the first war, Then imagine what marginalization will cos!!

    • Iweka Okparaocha

      When did Northerners start lieing and deceiving people by saying hate speech caused civil war, not accepting the responsibility of killing Igbos in the North, 1967 as the cause. I believe there is another secret agenda to start another secret civil war by refusing to restructure and listen to majority of peoples demand. Instead, President Buhari is doing whatever he wants antagonizing the people of Nigeria by dis-uniting them even more and more to great opportunity for genocidal war to finish Igbos since Gowan a Christian did not want to carry it on. I fear Buhari’s hate for Igbos might be real and should be checked. This is one thing I like Nnamdi Kanu looking after his race just like Chukwuemeka Ojukwu but in a different way of performance. A lot of Igbos should open their eyes and observe what is happening and for what reason Buhari is treating and continuously marginalizing them without consideration. The only solution for Igbos is to unite, prepare and challenge the Fulani and Hause for whatever it takes with cushion.

      • Oladele

        Iweka, they killed Igbos as revenge for (1) The loss of their own leaders Igbos killed mercilessly. Sadauna did not resist arrest so there was no reason to kill him, his security had already been immobilised so what more can he do (2) Igbos in the north were singing and dancing and holding parties and glorying that they defeated their enemies (3) Hausas and Fulanis expected Ironsi to expeditiously prosecute the coupist but he stalled. So they took revenge. Not that I support revenge but we must situate our anger, you dont go killing people anyhow and not expect retribution. But sometimes retribution is not fair. Buhari marginalising Igbo; how? Have you Igbo gone to any market to buy a tin of beans and saw a Yoruba or Tiv buying two bags of what you are struggling to buy so little of? When some igbo buy two tins, Idoma may possible be able to buy one, they are not shouting, we are going through the same things. If your roads are bad, did he dig them up? what happened when you were in government for six years with our Dr Jonathan? You are shouting because you are now supposed to pay right duties at the port unlike before, you are been stopped from contraband and that to you is “marginalisation”

        • Tony Z

          So let me get your point correctly….Some military guys who is led by mostly Igbos but has some Yoruba, middle belt soldiers too with them, killed their leader and the best response is to kill an Igbo woman selling akara on the street?petty traders?ordinary citizens?, are you serious? So I wonder why Yorubas did not kill all the Northerners in the West when MKO and kudirat was murdered by the Northerners..
          Your Second point is baseless with no evidence.
          On your last point…simple, our President is nepostic in nature, deal with it.

          • Oladele

            Guy, stop been emotional, one event led to the order. A coup is not an association of equal friends. Different people are co-opted. I believe you were old enough to witness Okar coup. If you read Col Nyiam, he gave an insight into the modus operandi of an average coup for those of you without any form of military training. He confessed that Gideon Orkar was not the leader (Gideon never said he led a coup but as a soldier it is what it is; get involved and get killed). Only seven of them were the leaders but they all escaped, all seven (they were all from SS), did you ever hear Col Nyiam deny that it was SS even though its outcome was to benefit the south and the middle belt). So stop calling the coup national coup, it was purely Igbo coup. Gideon Orkar was brought in because they needed an Armoured officer. Nzeogwu also confessed that the boys that followed him to effect the arrest of Sadauna didn’t know about the coup. He was their instructor and in a way their commander. Igbos had at least 50% of all officer corp at that time and none of them died. But at any rate Ironsi took over and Igbos on the streets were jubilating while the locals were mourning their dead (now I call that indiscretion); the rest events followed. The people didn’t start to kill immediately, they were prevailed upon by their leaders to wait for justice, but it never came….. so young man, that was the sequence of events in all honesty. Sad as it was, I think those of you should not get emotional: if a dad murdered someone and he was lynched, bad as the lynching appears to be, it will be really bad for his children to always ignore the fact that their dad murdered first.

  • 0tile

    Any government that goes to war because of speech call it hate speech or criticism of bad government is a government ruled by immature people. Such a government is a government of dogs. If hate speeches caused the first genocidal war and hate speeches are about to cause another genocidal war it means nothing has changed in the people that rule Nigeria, the bad situation still remains, in order words it is still government of dogs.

    Anyone foólish enough to go to war because of speeches is a complete idiót of no redemption. In any multi-ethnic society the only thing that can cause war is injustice, cheating and bigotry. Any country cursed with bad leaders exhibiting bigotry, cheating and injustice is doomed to fail no matter the human and natural resources available for that country. Nigerians must think hard and know that something is terribly wrong with their leadership.

  • Jon

    Man, forget about hate speech. Talk about Restructuring Nigeria. Anything less than Restructuring is bunch of bull.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Not only did hate speeches cause the civil war, the same intensified and multifarious hate speeches propagated, intensified and kept the civil war going on! Like petrol aiding fire, these hate speeches caused screaming acts of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes!

    That is the crystal fact!


      like mr. jubril and lai, can you propaganda tool give example of the so-called hate speech you mean, or just playing by buhari and osinbajo’s book? jubril aminu, an educator as he is described, former education minister, i suppose, can make bogus hate speech rant without pointing to one example to convince his audience as an educator that he is sure and have evidence of what he meant? just talks, insinuations without evidence? no wonder this criminal british evil and failing empire can not generate steady electricity and clean tap water or develop and create other necessary amenities that could better the lives of citizens 57 dark years after unlawful and illegal independence, which deny precolonial and free, independent and legitimate ethnic nations older and legitimate than her, their natural and fundamental rights to exist, generate and use their resources to develop accordingly and not share oil money and kill, pollute and poison, makes poor oil communities. meanwhile, many if not most of those called educators and who have held public offices, especially national public offices are mere stooges hence have no independence in their thinking; they can not exploit, innovate and share real knowledge except blood oil money. imagine those called educated people—lawyers, philosophers who do not philosophize to better citizens’ lives and doctors, scientists who discover nothing and other academics allowing the uneducated to think for them and rule them and still thinking and dictating falsehood for them…that is how bad the issue is!!!

  • Folahan

    So all the lopsided appointments are not worse than the hate speeches. Nothing ever starts out of nothing. Why didnt we hear this during Yar’adua’s tenure. The problem is that the president is appointing northerners every where and wants us to keep silent and even threatening us with arrest if people criticize or complain. I do agree that some comments that some people have made have been a bit extreme but the President as the father of the nation has failed in his duty of uniting all the children.

    • Oladele

      Give example of lopsided appointments please.

      • Folahan

        All the Security Outfits of the Country.
        Police – North
        Customs – North
        Prisons – North
        DSS – North
        Immigration – North
        Civil Defence – North
        Army Chief – North
        Air Chief – North
        Minister of Defence- North
        Minister of Interior – North
        Navy Chief – South
        Defence – Chief South

        • Oladele

          Thanks bro, now see it for what it is:
          Police – North (Niger state – Middle belt – NUPE)
          Customs – North (Bauchi state Fulani)
          Prisons – North (Kebbi State Fulani)
          DSS – North (Katsina State Fulani)
          Immigration – North (Jigawa Fulani)
          Civil Defence – North (Niger State Hausa)
          Army Chief – North (Borno State Kanuri)
          Air Chief – North (Bauchi state Hausa)
          Minister of Defence- North (Zamfara state Hausa-Fulani)
          Minister of Interior – North ( Kaduna state Hausa Fulani)
          Navy Chief – South
          Defence – Chief South

          When this guy took over, it was from war of attrition and ethnic polarization so you need to watch your back like Dr Jonathan also did (Army – South, CDS – Christian, DSS – South and Christian etc) in actual fact all signals and communications top officers were all Igbos (and for good reasons, he also was fought hard and almost prevented from emerging as our president ). OBJ didn’t have to do this as Ebora of Owu kingdom (and I am sure you know what that means). Now PMB with similar circumstance as GEJ but lot worse. You know what it means for your certificate to get taken from your file at Army board? So he needed to surround himself with close people in the security services. Is he the first to do so? Check King Saul and Abner (first cousin of king Saul as his head of army) Kind David with Joab (head of armed forces) Abishai (younger brother to Joab and head of Chelethites and Pelethites (equivalent of your DSS), Also Asahel with plum job, all three sons of Zeruaiah. Who was Zeruaiah? Older sister of King David so all three of them are his nephews. So my good friend aye n’se ru e! – joking!

          • Guest

            You did your research, thanks

  • Folahan

    I have two sons, if i keep giving gifts and rewards to one son and totally neglect the other son, would should expect the natural reaction to be. These politicians should stop trying to deceive people, they should tell baba the truth and correct him on his errors

    • Oladele

      Well it means one of them is not a good child. No one short change a child that will bring glory. But the one that goes about throwing stones at people and fomenting trouble will not get gifts.

      • Folahan

        Which then means the father has failed in his duty as being a Father

        • Oladele

          My friend, let’s start by checking the DNA so as to determine paternity of the bad child, how about that for starter?

          • emmanuel

            Do not go near that. Some slaves and bastard even do better than riotous princes; who set themselves up for self destruction and that is what this failed government exhibit.
            Folahan did ask if there were hate speeches during Yar Adua’s tenor? Please answer.

          • Oladele

            Ooh that! There was none because the North agreed that South was wronged and so we can do rotation 8yrs in the North and 8yrs in the south but for the perceived wrong let us start from the South, so OBJ commenced and as expected handed over to Yar’Adua then he died and the North kicked but OBJ, PMB, Soyinka and the rest of us insisted our constitution is inviolable so GEJ was sworn in as acting. Then the North brought their check when UMYA died and we didn’t give effect so wahala started. If GEJ left and allowed them the single term with Igbo as VP we will not be where we are today. Now PMB: All Ndigbo needed to do is visit Aso Villa (two or three Igwe’s and President of Ohaneze and secretary, with Senator Nnamani plus Dr Ngige), just seven people and in a closed door meeting let PMB know that election has come and gone and Ndigbo are his people and even cut some deals. You guys do not know how to do deals. If tomorrow an Igbo is president, we (Yorubas) will come and greet you and tell you we will work with you and that we are brothers. In politics, my brother, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interest. If na you dem thief your certificate, na that person you go make COAS? Enh?

      • M

        Don’t you mean that it is the dull one being rewarded, while the able one is being neglected. Of course there is going to be bad blood.

  • Jibril Muhammad Aminu is an acclaimed professor of cardiology and an astute politician. He has been in the Nigeria political scene for a while. It is therefore totally being economical with the truth and smirks of fake news for him to suggest that the 1966 Nigeria civil war was caused because of “hate speeches” The causes of the civil war have for over three decades been documented by eminent historians, both in and outside the country. It is difficult to decipher what “hate speech the Prof. is referring to. It was not “hate speeches” that led to the massacre of the Igbos in Northern Nigeria. Hate speech was not remotely mentioned in the famous Aburi Conference to diffuse the tension when Col. Ojukwu tasked the surviving Igbo people in Northern Nigeria to come back home to the East. I can bet my six months’ salary arrears that Prof. Jibril, apart from working on our hearts as a Cardiologist, also knows one or two things about history. The only similarity between 1966 and 2017 is the methodology being applied by the North to cause disaffection and murder at will. We have not heard Professor Aminu condemn in a clearest term, the QUIT NOTICE given to the Igbo in Northern Nigeria by the AREWA Youths. The AREWA Youth is working under the umbrella of the AREWA Consultative Council to which the Prof. is a prominent member. It is often counter-productive for the makers of history to attempt to distort it. History should be preserved as a reference point and for those involved in it to learn from it.

  • emmanuel

    Band of Liars; who would always manipulate Nigeria to their advantage. There is no where, hate speech leads to war. Oppressions lead to several ugly ends and wars. The massacre of Igbos before the civil war did not lead to pain and the need to leave?
    If you stop people from voicing out their pains, they go under to plan and execute dastardly payback and revenge acts.
    Let then keep exhibiting their evils and assume that the people will wilfully submit to such.

  • Invictus

    The deceptive and nepotistic fulani government is responsible for chaos in the forced country called Nigeria. A country where they contribute little or no resources but claim the largest share of what other regions generate while still cornering and dominating all government institutions and security agencies to themselves. Response to injustice and large scale corruption that the people can no longer tolerate and now voicing out their displeasure that some dubious elements are calling hate speech when they clearly reject every voice of reason. Enough of the hypocrisy and blackmail!