Fayose, clad in Islamic attire, causes stir at Eid-el-Kabir prayer

Governor Fayose urged Islamic clerics to always tell leaders the truth and preach the values of justice and equity.[photo credit: naij.com]
Governor Fayose urged Islamic clerics to always tell leaders the truth and preach the values of justice and equity.[photo credit: naij.com]

The Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, on Friday dressed in an Islamic regalia and joined other Muslims at the Ado Ekiti central praying ground for the Eid-el-Kabir prayers.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Mr. Fayose, who is a Christian, was received by Muslim leaders and other faithful.

Mr. Fayose, addressing the faithful, said it was not his first time of identifying with Muslims in the open, promising to maintain the relationship.

He said such actions were needed from leaders as a way of preaching peace, unity and tranquility to the led. 

Mr. Fayose also promised to look into the requests of the Muslim faithful as best as he could do.

He advised the Islamic clerics to always tell the leaders the truth and preach the values of justice and equality.

Mr. Fayose, who said that religious clerics wield more influence on the people than government officials or political leaders, urged them to use such influence to re-orientate the people toward maintaining  love, peace, justice and equity for all.

“Muslims are very peculiar people and Islam, their religion,  is not known for violence. I therefore urge all Muslims to abide by the doctrines of Islam and ensure that they live in harmony with everybody.

”We have the same blood flowing in our veins and we are,  first of all, human beings before we chose our religion. So, God in us is more important than the religion.

”The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I therefore enjoin you all to continue to live in peace for the collective growth of our land, our nation,” he said.

Earlier, the Chief Imam of Ado Ekiti and the President-General of the League of Imams and Alfas in the South West, Edo and Delta states, Alhaji Jamiu Kewulere- Bello, applauded the governor’s dressing as a Muslim in his sermon.

He said it was in obedience to Allah’s instructions and biblical injunctions.

“This dressing shows that the governor is not discriminating against any religion. Your Excellency, your dressing is even in line with Biblical injunctions.

“The book of Zechariah 3:3 in the Bible says: ‘We removed unclean clothes from Joshua, we washed him clean and he was dressed in a clean turban on his head and God’s angel stood by him.’

”Our governor, as you wear the turban on your head, the angel of God is already with you and that is why you are succeeding in all that you do, against all odds,” he said.

He advised the governor to consider producing a Muslim as the governorship candidate of his party for next year’s gubernatorial election, saying no Muslim had been elected the governor of the state since it was created over 20 years ago.


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  • TDaniels2

    Clear example of a lunatic in power, not only intoxicated by power but also insaned by it! What a mockery but why should it be a surprise ? For all we know, he has a mallam or marabot on the mat for him 24/7!

    • Frank Bassey

      If Gov. Fayose is lunatic, what would you call Gov. Aregbesola?

      • TDaniels2

        Aregbesola is already besides himself and no longer partake in the realm of the sane! Fayose is closely following behind.

        • 0tile

          Talk of the Devil, what therefore do you call Imam Mohamed Buhari?

        • Frank Bassey

          Fayose is brave, courageous, firm, open-minded. He has no room for pretense. But for him, Nigerians would have been buried in the burrows of Aso Rock Rodents and Rats. If you call that lunacy, then you need to re-examine yourself.

          • TDaniels2

            If that is not lunacy, what is it ? When a whole CEO of a state descend so low, how do you de



    • Frank Bassey

      This sounds very nonsensical. How, in your sanity would you say that? Are you sure you live in this country?

  • Konkolo

    Preaching peace,unity and tranquility by leaders can be achieved by providing them with dividends of democracy not by imitating some religion that they don’t really believe in. Fayose is only playing on the intelligence of the people of his state. What a moronic clown!!!!

  • Frank Bassey

    Gov. Ayo Fayose, Why? This is very dangerous. No Christian leader wears this demonic road and goes free. You need prayers. GEJ never did.

    • PolyGon2013

      OBJ did. And, so what!

      • Frank Bassey

        Look at him; he became confused and took the dangerous step of a third-term. Look at the stories surrounding him and his family members.

  • curseless

    Fayose is certainly playing 419 this time around and the people can see through the smoke screen. Wearing turban is an attempt to hoodwink the Muslims to vote for him. The Imam quoting the Bible have also upended the truth of that verse in Zechariah for there is no mention of turban anywhere there

    • The facts

      What is wrong in what he did? Did Buhari not wear suit during the last presidential campaign? Did Buhari not wear Igbo attire during the last campaign? I beg park well!

      • curseless

        Sir, there is nothing wrong in wearing a culturally different attire. I’m from the western Nigeria and love Babanriga , the South/south attire etc, but for God sake when did Fayose become an Imam? It is like Shekau wearing a cassock.

        • The facts

          One thing is to like other cultures attires, another is to wear them just to mark and occasion. If Buhari can wear Igbo dress for campaign purposes, there shouldn’t be a problem for Fayose wearing a Muslim robe to mark a Muslim occasion.

  • Dan maikoko

    This bandage Fayose is using to wrap his head will scare even the godfather of boko haram , shekau. Is he sending a message to Buhari ?

  • Damina Humphrey

    Fayose won’t cease to amaze me. Just whenever I think he has reached his peak, he draws another joke from his sleeves. The stern look on the face of the guy beside him explains the feelings of his people.

  • realist

    All in the name of politics, to secure the votes of the Muslims in the next election. The man Fayose seems wiser than his enemies.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun


  • Dan arewa

    This man is confuse, I consider this a mockery to Islam, you want peace and unity then stop insulting our President who has done nothing to you.

    • The facts

      How has he insulted the President? What is an insult in claiming the President is sick? Are you telling us the President is not sick?

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        No, we all know that Mr. Fayose has done more than proclaim that the President is sick.

        There is nothing wrong with being sick, but the constant heckling and proclamations about being brain dead, bla bla bla is beyond saying someone was sick.

        He has always wished President Buhari as much evil as he could.

        • The facts

          when he told the whole world during campaign that Buhari was not healthy you’re one of the people who said he was talking rubbish. But we now know he was right then. Also when he said that the president was on life support machine there was no evidence to the contrary.

          • daygea

            And from the rubbish he (Fayose said), it is obvious that PMB wasnt on any life support. Fayose just keep trying to portray a negative image of this government but God is on PMB’s side. The country is moving forward.

          • The facts

            ‘The country is moving forward ‘ keep on deceiving yourself.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, I agree with you that what the clown did is possibly in mockery of a religion that he clearly doesn’t understand.

      However, I am not sure I agree with you that his continual insulting of a President Buhari is because the later is a Moslem.

      Please correct me if I have interpreted you wrongly.

  • daygea

    Fayose is a complete joke. I only pity the people of Ekiti.

  • The facts

    I’ll rather believe Fayose than those clowns in the Presidency because they were the ones who told us nothing was wrong with Buhari until he came back saying ‘I have never been this sick’