Fayose hails South East governors, Kanu meeting; says Nigeria too late to break

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

Ekiti State Governor on Thursday lauded the south east governors over the meeting they held with the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, saying it offered a fresh platform for all Igbo people.

He also said the meeting highlighted the need for the Federal Government to allow political solutions to agitations by Nigerians as against the use of force employed by the Buhari administration.

Mr. Fayose who gave his views on the meeting in a statement signed by his Special Assistant on Public Communication and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said “the meeting has provided a veritable platform which all Igbos must key into otherwise they will remain guinea pigs as long as this country exists.”

He also said he remained committed to the call for full and total restructuring of Nigeria through dialogue and negotiation because it was “too late for Nigeria to disintegrate.”

“I am particularly glad that Southeast governors have come to the realisation that they cannot ignore their own in times like these as agitations are normal and must not be ignored, although the approach should be handled with caution,” he said.

He however blamed the actions and utterances of President Muhammadu Buhari for the agitations going on in the country.

“The father figure of this country is President Buhari and if his language does not represent unity, there will be agitations like we are witnessing now,” Mr. Fayose said.

“A father figure rallies even the bad boys in his house. The utterances and actions of the when he became President were against the unity of this country.

How can a president say that he will only attend to the needs of those who gave him 97 per cent vote and neglect others who didn’t vote for him.

“For Nigeria to move forward and in unity, there must be no sectionalism, there must be no oppression and there must be justice and equity.”

The governor commended the northern leaders for ensuring that the Arewa Youths’ quit notice against the Igbos in the north was withdrawn without necessarily arresting and detaining anyone.

“I am sure that the same can be achieved by the Igbo leaders as arresting or re-arresting Kanu may be counterproductive as it may be perceived as vilification of the entire Southeast Region, not necessarily Kanu as a person,” he submitted.

“I remain committed to the call for full and total restructuring of Nigeria through dialogue and negotiation. Even though it is too late for Nigeria to disintegrate, we do not need APC kind of restructuring.

“Once again, I salute my brother governors from the Southeast for their historic meeting of yesterday and I urge them not to relent in their efforts to bring lasting peace and harmony to their region.

“While I also commend the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu for his display of humility and commitment to peace by attending the meeting, I enjoin him to cooperate with leaders of the region going forward.”


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  • PolyGon2013

    Igboyose had spoken.

    • Justice Equity

      You hate truth and love lies,may God bless ayo fayoshe for standing up against buharis hypocrisy and deceit.
      Although to an average Yoruba who is suffering from acute igbophobia and fear of Igbo succeeding syndrome, buhari is a Messiah for marginalizing ,cheating, and unjustly treating igbos,but for a God fearing ,good Yoruba man,truth must be told no matter what Yoruba seems to gain from buharis hypocrisy, deceit and unjust treatment of Igbo.

      • Julius

        I hope he stands in the way of the government arresting kanu when the time comes. Wonder why he wasn’t among the SE governors at the meeting with kanu.

        • Justice Equity

          KANU and his misguided ipob are not worst than gani Adams and opc.for the record, opc and gani Adams hands are stained with the blood of thousands of innocent citizens of Nigeria whom they have murdered in cold blood, but till date the only sin of KANU is saying that he is fed up of Nigeria of injustice, unfairness, inequities, marginalization and hypocrisy ,but with an unclean words and vulgar languages. So comparing KANU and ipob with opc and gani Adams, Fulani herdsmen, boko haram and even buhari government, I and every sincere peace loving Nigerian shall prefer the noisy KANU , fayoshe have shown that he is a sincere citizens by supporting the less evil.

          • Julius

            No I do not prefer noisy kanu to anything or anybody. As a matter of fact, I do not like anybody that calls my people lazy animals and wanting to wage a war against my country. You can have him, I don’t want him and he can have his own damn country for all I care. . Remind me when opc was calling Igbos names and insulting them daily thru some damn radio.You either never listened to that trash or what he was saying was and still okay with you. I want him locked up like a common criminal that he is. I stand by my word that I hope Fayose will stand in the way when the FGN is arresting him. Somebody need to beat the craps out of his mentally unbalanced ass anyway. I can’t wait to see that day. Ain’t nothing sincere about a thief which is what Fayose is. Duce dude !

          • Justice Equity

            Let me remind you that in 1998,opc murdered more than 500 northern citizens at idi araba,agege and ijora etc ,just few months ago they also did same at mile 12 and ife.
            Now do prefer the murderous opc to the noisy KANU.
            As we are talking now ,opc have cells all over every community in Lagos where armed Yoruba thugs are holding sway perpetuating every kinds of evil,including murder and arrest and detention of citizens .
            It is hypocrisy for you to condone a murderous evil band like opc and be going for the jugular of KANU simply because he abused people.
            Can you compare the hate speech of Radio kudirat ran by wole Soyinka and co ,to radio Biafra.
            Please always be sincere and straight on issues concerning Nigerians .

          • Julius

            ‘Can you compare the hate speech of Radio kudirat ran by wole Soyinka and co ,to radio Biafra.’

            No, I can not…thanks for bringing that up. You made my point. Bye !

          • Justice Equity

            Thanks for quitting ,you know that some folks hate truth, you like talking about others sins while covering your unrighteousness with handkerchief.
            That’s hypocrisy my guy.

      • PolyGon2013

        What is your problem? I am not against Kanu and his people. If you feel that you have been marginalized in this government, then, prepare for the next one. Yoruba was marginalized in the last government (GEJ), and they prepared themselves for the following election. Do the same thing kid. Don’t you have NASS members from SE? Don’t you have governors from SE? What have they done for you Ibos lately? Because for the first time in the history of Nigeria politics, you do not dominate at the center. This sort of pissed you off. Take a chill pill for once. And if you want to leave Nigeria, please go ahead and use any means (other than violence and war) to achieve your aim. After all, at the end of the day, if you eventually leave, we still want to be a good neighbor.

        • Justice Equity

          Guy you are preaching your gospel of hypocrisy to the wrong listener, I hate men whose conscience is dead.
          Go through my comments, you may well understand my view about KANU,ipob,Biafra and buhari.
          Just for your take home, I don’t believe in kanus type of Biafra,I am an Igbo man,I believe in ojukwus Biafra of the heart and not Biafra of a territory.
          I have been constant and consistent in proving to KANU and his ipob that though they are right under democracy to pursue whatever visions and aspirations that they may chose to have, but their methodology of hateful language against Hausa Fulani as a people and others ,to me is reprehensible, immoral and uncalled for.their resort to using uncultured, vulgar and unclean words against those who doesn’t share in their methodology and aspirations is childish and irresponsible to say the least.
          Having said that ,I believe in the Biafra of wealth must reach home, that the land of the rising sun must be developed .that’s my own biafran philosophy.
          Again hold the view that your gospel of hypocrisy is irresponsible and a class display of f00lishness ,first it is like turning the truth on its head for Yoruba to claim that Jonathan marginalized them,it is in the nature of an average Yoruba to tell lies,backstabb and peddle falsehood to justify the act of their Judas kiss,if you are a man of conscience, you would know that Jonathan’s two spokes men are Yoruba,his chief of staff is a Yoruba ,at least one of his service chiefs were Yoruba, the NIA chief was a Yoruba, his former IG was a Yoruba, if you said that Jonathan gave more position to Igbo than Yoruba ,you may be correct, but to say that a man who gave Yoruba no 4 man the speaker and which Yoruba through tinubu rejected and instead mobilized his Yoruba brethren to give the position to tambuwal ,marginalized Yoruba, then you are far from been sincere and truthful.
          Again buhari is setting a very bad precedent in Nigeria, buhari is laying a foundation of continued hate,acrimony, bitterness, discord and discontent in Nigeria.
          Can you think or imaging how Nigeria is going to be tomorrow if an ijaw,Yoruba or Igbo become president and maltreat northwest and North east the same way buhari is doing to the south east particularly and south south of Nigeria.
          An old man like buhari should not be found doing such an evil and sowing such wickedness in Nigeria.
          It is a shame that some Yoruba who claimed to be educated,enlightened and intelligent shall resort to such a primitive irresponsibility by supporting buhari in such shameful acts.
          What a shame ,what a pity.

          • PolyGon2013

            The problem with you Igbo is that none of you is in Buhari kitchen cabinet. Otherwise, you get your fair shake of allocations and positions. When GEJ was there and you all held sway, what did your people do with it? Deal with being in opposition for a while, and see how it feels. Maybe it will teach you and your people some lessons. Meanwhile, I don’t give a hoot the kind or type of Biafra that you want in as much as you do not veer into our territory in Yoruba land. Have we at any time give you any problems in Yoruba land? Nope. But guess what, you blame Yoruba for your woes. You kiss up to the Hausa or Fulani who have been killing you from day 1 in this country. Go away, if that is your problem. Shame on you. You Ibos have become the crying baby of the land. Why don’t you pack your stuff and leave Yoruba land. We the Yoruba are the most accommodating people in Nigeria and probably on earth. We did not mess with your business, we left you alone, but your shithead still have the temerity to call us names.

            It is all about positions in FG. Let me tell you, each state in the country gets enough allocation to turn their territory into Japan or USA. The problems is that each state with the exception of Lagos lack continuity. See how Tinubu did with Lagos. He proved that without FG allocation, Lagos can survive. That was what happened during OBJ time. He handed off to Fashola who did a wonderful job, and Fashola handed over to Ambode who is improving upon what Fashola did. That is how government function instead of wearing red-hats and keep running around crying marginalization. Shame on you. Fix your zone and turn it to Japan or USA. You are receiving enough money to turn your zone into paradise. The same is true of other zones in the country. Once again, shame on you. Leave Yoruba alone and face your SE.

          • Justice Equity

            If yorubads should mind their business and stop backstabbing ibos, what have we with Yoruba,we don’t see Yoruba as a threat to ibos but Yoruba’s treacherous mischievous cunning craftiness and Judas Iscariot kiss is our problems with Yoruba. Let Yoruba stop being mischievous in matters concerning igbos, and we shall leave you alone.
            Take for example kanus agitation for his Biafra, Yoruba had made itself the most disgusting opposition to a matter that does not concern her.
            Your envy and jealous of igbos business and wealth in the south west is your problems,otherwise why will you always dreaming of disturbing a peaceful people going about their business peacefully without obstructing you from doing your own businesses.
            You are cunning and crafty,hateful and jealous ,otherwise you will not be dying in silence because of igbos prosperity in south west particularly Lagos which is not even a Yoruba land.
            Again tinubu did well no doubt but stole more than he gave to Lagos,fashola did his best and ambo is striving to make his own impacts.
            But do you sincerely think that the success of Lagos,judging from Nigeria primitive standard ,is as a result of the sagacity of tinubu,fash and ambo?,no on the contrary, it was as a result of well crafted Hausa Fulani oligarchy and Yoruba to kill businesses in the old eastern region for fear of what I call igbophobia ,will concentrating development in Lagos and abuja and kano.
            It was for this reasons that the sea ports activities in the old eastern region was maliciously and painstakingly stifled till this day while making seaports activities in Lagos seamless.
            It is for the same reasons that international airports in the old eastern region are made obsolete to discourage international airlines from the international airports in the old eastern region for Lagos ,abuja and KANU airports to blossom.
            It is the activities of the airports and seaports in Lagos that is fueling its development through more igr generation.
            If it was as a result of the sagacity of tinubu, why is he not replicating same in other Yoruba states,are the yorubas in control of Lagos more Yoruba than others.
            It was for all this injustices that nnamdi KANU is fighting for because with his own type of a Biafra,the old eastern region shall take up their destinies in their own hands without the obstruction of the malicious connivance of Hausa Fulani oligarchy and Yoruba against the development of the east.if Nigeria restructure today and allow the old eastern region to control her affairs from international seaports to airports, to building of infrastructure and securing herself and planning and execution of her development programs, within 5 years the old eastern region shall compete with Dubai,Singapore, Taiwan ,Japan etc.the present structure of Nigeria is a great impediment to the land and people of the land of the rising sun.

          • Ade Omowest

            If you are so unhappy about the Yoruba race, why don’t you support Nnamdi Kanu’s philosophy of separatism, move on and form the modern “Dubai-Singapore” in the East. Saying Lagos is not Yoruba land exposes your deep hatred for the tribe, and that is unfortunate.Try to have a deal with the people of the S/South and see how the minority tribes will accept you and not forcing them into a Biafra Republic without previously negotiating and sort their approval.If that works, so be it. I wish you the best in the proposed Biafra.

          • Justice Equity

            The same Oba who promised to throw my brethren into the lagoon and you clapped and danced to his ‘sweet music’, sang another song that Lagos is not a Yoruba land and instead of you to put up your dancing shoe and komole as usual, you are getting hot on me an innocent by stander for echoing the relics of the sweet music.
            What a hypocrite that you are ,what a pity ,what a shame.
            Lesson to be learned: Always hate injustice, evil,lies and wickedness but support truth,goodness and righteousness,no matter whom the victims are because tomorrow it may be you. are very happy that indigenous Igbo territories were maliciously carved out by your fathers and Hausa Fulani oligarchy and merged with minorities to deny Igbo the blessings of the oil wealth and access to international waters,but when it comes to your side ,you start vomiting from your under.

        • Frank Bassey


    • Julius

      lolz you meant Fayoweed has spoken !

    • Tunsj


      • Frank Bassey


  • Agba

    Fayose i disagree with you on too late to break,tell me the importance of one Nigeria?We are living animal live,no security;Am only waiting for the outcome of the grand rally by the YORUBA leaders on 7th of september 2017,then i will know if the ODUDUWA still have future or not,because as of today oooo,hausa fulani have distroyed our future including our proud educational system.YORUBAAA ROONUUUUU by Hebert Ogunde.

  • obiora

    Fayose is a Governor in Nigeria so he can not call for break up of Nigeria but we the people know what is Good for us. Enemies can not build a Country and succed. All the Biafrans Killed by Nigeria must be accounted for and there must be punishment for their Killers.

  • Buhari and this APC gangsters have irreparably damaged Nigeria. We will as we must pick up the pieces and rise from the ashes. We’ll live with the scars forever. We don’t want a disintegration of Nigeria. On restructure we STAND.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Restructuring is familiar vocabulary in the dictionary of Nigerian politics. So, only the younger generation now realised its existence.

  • JOHN

    Why is that it is only Fayose that is sincere and bold enough to say the truth about Buhari’s misgovernance among the political elites in this country. It is a shame for others to be timid, selfish, irresponsible and unpatriotic. Fayose, thank you.

  • Wetin Naija

    Now I know that we need Fayose as president

    • Tunsj

      Keep on dreaming my friend. This is the same pathological liar running his mouth that President Buhari was on life support.


        Fayose is 100 times more pragmatic and more intelligent than Buhari.

        • Tunsj

          Tawanda, you know that is not true.


            I swear by God, that is my humble assessment , Buhari lacks what it takes to be a democratic leader, in fact the man is a disgrace to democracy, his too biased, vindictive and sectional to govern any democracy.

          • Tunsj

            I disagree with you but at the same time, you are entitled to your opinion.

      • Frank Bassey


  • Bright Ezeh

    Fayose your wrong nigeria is not too late to break, if you don’t believe on our course why were you in the court, your a betrayal