Ageing Arthur Nzeribe’s photo goes viral

Arthur Nzeribe
Arthur Nzeribe

The photograph of ageing and possibly sick Arthur Nzeribe, sitting languidly, with medics around him has gone viral in the social media.

It was not clear who broke into Mr. Nzeribe’s private home in Orlu, Imo State, to take the photograph of the former arms dealer, maverick politician and a man believed to have been used by the Ibrahim Babangida military regime to scupper the 1993 presidential election.

The photograph is now being shared on many WhatsApp platforms, with commentaries short on sympathy, but replete with lessons on the vanity of life and the enfeebling capacity of old age.

Mr. Nzeribe, 78, had vanished from the limelight since he was defeated in the 2006 primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party to elect a senatorial candidate for his Orlu Imo State constituency.

Obviously struck down by illness and enfeebled by it, he has not been a factor in the Nigerian politics for close to a decade. His voice had been in silent mode since then.

The man who once ran for office as president and was elected a senator in the short-lived Babangida military-Civilian rule experiment and in 1999 and 2003, re-emerged in the last 24 hours in dispiriting, shocking circumstances.

One comment largely shared along with the photograph says: Above is Author Nzeribe living like an invalid at his country home in Orlu, IMO State. At the height of his life, he lived in Nicon Hilton Hotel Abuja Presidential Suite for over 20years. So also Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. He rode on Rolls Royce cars in London and Lagos. Had Mansions in major cities of the world. Had private jets. Was one time an enfante terrible of Nigeria’s Politics. He helped to lead IBB to June 12 imbroglio and Late Abacha’s attempted transmutation to Civilian President in 1998.

“Today, he lives a pathetic life at the mercy of aides and Nurses. Life is moving on in Nigeria and the world without him. Money, cars, houses, private jets, and jet life are all Vanities upon Vanity. May God Almighty continue to bless us with Good and sound health, peace of mind and contentment today and forever, Amen”.

But another commentator chipped in:

“Francis Arthur Nzeribe’s body physique today is the natural consequence of ageing, which all of us, if God blesses us with old age, will have to pass through. It has nothing to do with his infamous role as ABN leader. This is also a lesson to all, that in our journey through life, we should remember that there is God almighty and that one day, we will give account of our stewardship. “.

Another Nigerian wrote: Let those who have ears to hear, eyes to see learn from Arthur Nzeribe’s case. Vanities upon vanity all will end one day. Who inherited all of ‘Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia properties?

But it appears the commentaries may have gotten things wrong on the state of health of the old politician. According to a statement by Collins Ughaala, who identified himself as Mr. Nzeribe’s chief press secretary, Mr. Nzeribe is hale and hearty and not struck by stroke as being suggested in some quarters.

“The attention of Chief Senator Francis Arthur Nzeribe has been drawn to the hateful speeches going on against him in the media, especially the social media, including the unfounded runour that he has a stroke.

“Chief Nzeribe should have ignored this hateful rumour, but “to set the record straight”, this brief response is offered to the effect that “the rumour is false as I don’t have a stroke.”

“At 79 years old, I am hale and hearty and not suffering from a stroke. I am not in my community, Oguta, in Imo State. I am resting in my house in Abuja. And I thank God for keeping me healthy and allowing me see old age.

“Life and death are in God’s hands, and God willing I will remain hale and hearty and not suffer a stroke until such a time when God calls me home. And no amount of hateful speech can change or alter God’s plans for me or anyone else.

“I am not suffering from stroke and I cannot wish anyone to suffer stroke. But to those manufacturing and spreading this hateful speech against me, I wish them the best.

“God has deemed it fit for me to see old age in good health, and there is nothing more to ask from God.”

Mr. Nzeribe was born on November 2, 1938, in Oguta Imo State.


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  • Sam

    Even if the man is dead (at God’s appointed time), you will still see media release like “our dear brother is not dead, but resting in his house”, shame to those spreading rumours of his death”.

    If the picture above is not photoshot, then everybody can see that………..

  • From that picture, the old man has left-side hemiparesis…..a stroke. A denial is uncalled for and an evidence of ignorance on the part of the handlers. Nothing is shameful about this clinical condition. The man looks good for his age.

  • Julius

    The Igbos should apply the same vile and uncivilized utterances to this man as they do daily to Buhari. As for me, I wish the old man peace and to getting better health wise after all its old age illness.

    • Frank Bassey

      But he is not President. His absence from political leadership is not creating a vacuum like PMB’s.

      • Julius

        So they are correct wishing him dead because he is the President unlike the con , greedy , shameless Nzerebe who was at one time a who is who in the wicked, cesspool of the Nigerian political space?. Gotcha !!

    • vince

      is he [Nzeribe} holding public office?. I think you should have your head examined because is obvious you are even more sick than Arthur and Buhari put together. For crying out loud. there are several people sick out there but you need to go home and manage your health and spare the public the gory as Buhari is subjecting every decent Nigerian. What stops him from resigning knowing that he is no longer capable of holding that office.? he waste our money and he is a ghost worker which the government frowns at But the Executive President of a country is a chief ghost worker. . Buhari is simply wicked. For him to see the precarious situation he placed the economy he inherited as No 1 in Africa and 22nd in the world yet he is deliberately wasting our forex so recklessly is the worst thing any meaningful ruler will subject his citizens to. cost of presidential jet alone parked in London is 93 days x 5000 pounds x480 Exchange rate in Naira, please be generous enough to tell us the answer. Is a global shame . This is the most unpatriotic human being to ever rule a country.

      • Julius

        Sorry, your poem to Jonathan is lame and too long. Can you tell me what policy and government actions that has stopped because Buhari is sick ?

  • Obaeze

    I am surprised to see him wearing malams caftan or has he converted to Islam?

  • Spoken word

    karma is a bitch.these are the fools that helped destroy Nigeria.Now they cant even pee by themselves.

  • PolyGon2013

    That is life. But I think it is wrong to send his picture all over the Internet. Yes, we know that he was an arm dealers and involved in all sort of shady deals, but this does not mean we should mock him.