Respondents in 25 countries endorse EFCC Chairman as Nigeria’s anti-corruption rating improves — Poll

EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu
EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu

Nigeria has officially moved out of the Transparency International 10 most corrupt countries index, few days after the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) chairman got an endorsement from 25 countries around the world in an opinion poll conducted by United Kingdom based Global Peace Movement International.

In the latest transparency index released by global anti corruption watch body, Transparency International on Thursday, Nigeria for the first time in over a decade, moved up in the global anti corruption and transparency index, a move analysts said is directly related to the ongoing efforts of the nations anti corruption body, the EFCC.

According to the report by Transparency International, the corruption perception index ranked 176 countries on a scale of 0 (perceived to be corrupt) to 100(perceived to be clean).

In the report released, Somalia was ranked the most corrupt country in the world for the tenth straight year.

Chairman of TI, Jose Ugaz, said the report that 122 of the 176 countries ranked finished with a score below 50, which TI identifies as having serious corruption problems.

Speaking on these development, President General of Global Peace Movement International, Mike Uyi, said the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, had been endorsed by 25 leading nations of the world in his bid to combat and eliminate corruption from the country, even before the release of the TI report.

He explained the decision to conduct the poll by Global Peace Movement International was based on the need to conduct an international survey to be carried out by an independent body, pointing out that the EFCC Chairman secured more than 96 percent endorsement by respondents, with the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, China and Belgium all responding positively to the survey.

According to the report of the survey by Global Peace Movement International, the United States of America lead the list of countries that endorsed the EFCC chairman with 92 percent responding in favour of the work Magu was doing, while 7 percent responded in the negative.

The United Kingdom respondents with a 96 percent affirmative, while 4 percent responded no. In France: 85 percent of respondents affirmed, while 11 declined.

Other results of the polls by Global Peace Movement International showed that Germany 90 percent in favour of the EFCC chairman, while 9 percent disapproved. Russia had 62 percent in favour of Mr. Magu, while 29 percent disapproved. Greece was 73 percent in favour, with 22 percent the other way.

Malta had 80 percent in favour with 17 percent disapproval, Sweden, 85 percent approval, and 7 percent disapproval, Belgium, 85 approvals and 8 disapproval. Switzerland had 76 approval, and 11 percent disapproval, Norway, 85 approval and 8 percent against, Austria, 81 percent approval and 6 percent disapproval, while India had 53 percent approval and 26 percent against.

Others are Brazil with 65 percent approval and 27 percent disapproval, same with China having 65 percent approval rating for the EFCC chairman while 22 percent disapproved, Denmark had 84 percent approval and 4 percent disapproval, while Canada had a 91 percent approval and 3 percent disapproval.

Japan was 92 percent approval and 3 disapproval, Luxembourg, 83 percent approval and 4 disapproval, Mexico, 83 percent approval and 7 disapproval, Portugal, 68 percent and 22 percent, South Korea, 74 percent and 16 percent, Principality of Monaco had 80 percent approval and 11 percent disapproval, The Netherlands, 82 percent approval and 5 percent disapproval, while Lithuania had a 72 approval and 13 for the EFCC chairman.

Pointing out that Global Peace Movement International will continue to be in the lead in the promotion of human rights, dignity and good governance around the world, Mr. Uyi, said the results of the survey on other public elected or appointed officials in Nigeria will soon be released to the public.


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  • Alpha

    Headline in the Dailies on Monday, “Despite TI rating, Senate insists Presidency Remove Magu as EFCC boss. Bunch of thieving morons.”

    • Frank Bassey

      Try to understand what you are talking about. Senate acted on the indicting report on Magu by DSS. Who is the moron here, you or Senate?

      • D’analyst

        Mr Understanding…same DSS gave two reports about Magu, one endorsing him and the other disapproving him. Why did the Senate select one and ignored the other? A fair Senate would have ignored DSS on the basis of inconsistency and unreliability, especially as thier main function is oversight. But they have their mission well cut out.

        • Frank Bassey

          The reports were written at two different occasions. Assuming there were inconsistent reports ab initio, what about the second time? Was the second report inconsistent too?

          • Alpha

            Oga, the DSS can produce an indicting report on anyone. Let’s not try to make that agency look any different from what they are, civil servants who will do the bidding of the DG, who remains in his position today because he is related to the president. The fact that the crook from Kogi is the conduit through which they keep getting the reports into the Senate is enough for any reasonable person to pay no attention to it. EFCC is coming after all of them named in the Panama papers. Let’s see what their next move is, bunch of thieving crooks.

  • Frank Bassey

    Premium Times, you try-o. Week-end PR for discredited Magu. Go and show the 25 countries the damning security report on Magu. Nonsense.

  • Höly Wähala

    Nigeria is currently suspended by the Egmont Group because of Magu’s abuse of information they passed over to our EFCC which ended up in the press, that was why the Senate rushed to pass the NFIA Bill which removed a critical part of the source of Magu and con Prof. Itsa Sagay’s stealing of funds raised by foreign bodies to help Nigeria fight corruption. Magu is wasting his time paying fringe groups like Dr. Dumbo did to sing his song-of-praises, it won’t change anything… Magu must Go! the NFIA under his and Sagay’s mgmt should be probed, that is what all this propaganda is about, nobody endorsed Magu because nobody knows he exists outside Nigeria… @Premium Times, no names of the countries? Brown envelope…

  • Muga keep up the good work, don’t forget to go after the crooked senator themselves.

  • As far as we’re concerned Mallam Ibrahim Magu is a former acting efcc chairman.

  • share Idea

    Is it now clear what Nigerian are going through under this administration and their friendly media. Transparency International (TI) is known for releasing the ratings of the country. However, this APC media paper is claiming that Nigerian rating has improved in the ranking without showing us where it sated by TI, and our current ranking.

    How else can someone can discerning mind not understand that this article is just sponsored by EFCC and their collaborators.

  • Du Covenant

    This is an indictment of the current Nigerian senate why can’t we recall all those in the senate that think differently?.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    Does this mean that the DSS was telling us lies about Magu?

  • Galantman

    Kai. No wonder the enemies within are fighting tooth and nail to reverse the gains made in anti corruption. This is a refreshing news.
    Fighting corruption may be selective, but it’s better than the slogan of stealing is not corruption. God help Nigeria

  • So oju abe niko

    All along I wanted Magu over the Senate objection. It appears Magu is willing to do anything including LYING in order to hold the EFCC post . Below is the last 11 transparency international index since 2006. There is clearly nothing spectacular about 2019 result. Also, 2016 report has been released since Jan 2017, but EFFC is trying to make it look like it just came out.

    Year Score Rank # of Released
    – – – Nations Date
    2016 28 136 176 25/1/17
    2015 26 136 168
    2014 27 136 175
    2013 25 144 177
    2012 27 139 176
    2011 2.4 143 182
    2010 24 134 178
    2009 2.5 130 180 17/11/09
    2008 2.7 121 180 22/9/08
    2007 2.2 147 180 28/09/07