‘Good Christian’ Jonathan approved controversial school curriculum – Minister

Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu
Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu

The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, on Thursday said the controversial basic curriculum amendment that raised dust in recent weeks because of its religious contents, was approved by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr. Adamu, who said the furore generated was not necessary, said the former leader was “a good Christian and cannot participate in Islamizing Nigeria”.

Controversy recently erupted over the bundling of two key subjects, Islamic Religious Knowledge, IRK, and Christian Religious Knowledge, CRK, under one subject: Religion and National Values.

The minister made the statement at the ministerial session of the National Council on Education meeting in Kano on Thursday.

He said the curriculum was introduced in 2012 and was implemented in 2014.

“It is very absurd that anybody would think these officials wanted to Islamize Nigeria,” the minister said.

He said the minister in charge of basic education during the Jonathan administration was Nyesom Wike, now governor of Rivers State, while the chairman of the board of National Education Research and Development Council that approved the curriculum was Godswill Obioma, both Christians.

Following the controversy, the federal government ordered the policy be reversed.


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  • FreeNigeria

    he didn’t know what he’s signing, they gave him a bill, he didn’t read it, he just signed it into law. He’s too busy looting the treasury to read anything.

    • amazing2012

      ….and the other two officials ?

    • raji

      What of Wike the minister and Godswill Obioma the chairman Board of NERDC. The question this mischief people could not answer is since 2012 why didn’t they raise question on the said curriculum or is it because they could not achieve their sinister motive that is why they are now raising the question in 2017.

    • David Puff

      U go wound person with laff here oo….!!

    • DTaj

      God bless you! Jonathan was just a major mistake.

  • Gary

    “Good Jews” pressured Pontus Pilate to crucify Jesus Christ. That didn’t make it right.
    Whatever the Sultan told Jonathan, Jonathan did to placate the North. And he still failed to gain their votes. Boko Haram is waging Jihad on behalf of Muslims who say they didn’t send them. Christians too did not send Jonathan to kill our faith.

    • Malik Isah

      hatred is very toxic to self

    • muhammad nasir muhammad

      Gary I think you suppose to go through the proposed curriculum before making this comment. We are all same when it comes to Nationality, either Muslim or Christian, Northerner or Southerner, we are all Nigerians aiming to achieve same goal. Jonathan was never a president just to destroy your faith, never. He was neither their to promote Northern wishes. I chose to reply you because you satisfied your comment with something that caught my attention. Like you said in the last three lines of your comment that, “Boko Haram who is waging jihad on behalf of Muslims who say they didn’t send them,” and “Christians too did not send Jonatham to kill our faith.” Just look at your judgement here, you never want to believe that Muslims never send those idiots on behalf of them, but at the same time you are telling same people that you (Christians) didn’t send Jonathan to kill your faith. I as a Muslim, I know that Jonathan is just a Christian but not someone dancing with their tone, he served his presidency on his own belief and base on the idea of his allies. I do research about Christianity and I also read Bible, because I do not compare Christians with what is in the Bible. We are all humans, we defy the teachings of our Religions. If a Christian rob me, I won’t be going around saying that it is Bible that teaches them to rob. Therefore, the same case with Boko Haram. I dare you to get yourself a Qur’an, read from cover to cover, you will never come across where Islam asks them to do what they are doing. However, I’m not saying that they are not Muslims, of course they are, but they are just doing what they think is right. And those people, they blast both Churches and Mosques down here, they don’t segregate. As your Christian brothers who settled here not those who just come partially, they will tell you that both the Christians and Muslims lives are at highly risk, infact Muslims lost their lives and properties more than Christians did. Why would Muslims ask for something that would surely destroy them? Have you ever ask yourself such question? Go and read the Qur’an or ask questions about Islam, Google it if you like, it won’t do any harm to you. Untill then, stop talking about something you have no knowledge of. If I make mistakes or offend you in any way, do forgive me please. I just write to clarify things in here. Thank you.

  • Ado Abdul

    There exists a category of individuals who have nothing to offer to the country following their tract record of failure. Such people hide under religious guise to gain recognition. Now that the origin of the purported “Islamization”agenda has been revealed and the principal actors exposed, one can only expect another nonsensical response from a group of disgruntled elements who have lost bearing in the affairs of the country.

  • Chika Moses

    Don’t teach religion in schools.
    Keep it in your places of worship.
    Certainly don’t bundle two different religions in one subject unless you are looking to teach students the historic and current imapct of said religions in our society.
    Other than that, we can’t be out here teaching two conflicting doctrines in one class. Our educational curriculum needs far more important additions and amendments on Science, Technology and other advanced subjects. We have enough churches and mosques. Let schools focus on their priorities.

  • Aragon

    Keep looking for excuses. Jonathan approved it indeed. Jonathan approved nothing. It was proposed under his tenure but he did nothing about it. Buhari came and he decided to secretly sign it and then they implemented immediately while they kpt telling us that nothing of such was happening. They kept lying that the religious curriculum had not been changed till House of Reps insisted it must be separated. Government of liars by liars for their own selfish lying ends – Lieocracy.

    • Sunmonu Tiamiyu

      Are you Jonathan? or is the trio of Jonathan, Wike and the Executive secretary dead that they cannt come out and deny it? I salute your hypocrisy and stupidity.

      • SS Khalid

        Your likes make me see reason not to lose hope on critical commonsense among Nigerians.

  • Edoka Amuta

    What do Goodluck Jonathan and Nyeson Wike, and of course, so called Christian politicians know about the Christian faith? They were ready to allow anything for political correctness and it failed them. Whoever wants to placate Muslim Jihadists for anything does it to his doom. I am proud of Ekiti State, Benue State and Taraba State governments for courageously signing anti-open grazing bill into law.

  • Hah!

    Those parading themselves as Christian elders / Politicians who always shoot without taking aim should be ashamed with themselves. Now that the Education Minister has clarified the matter and we await to hear another twist from these political pastors. God will surely punish all mischief makers and slanderers one way or another.