2014 Confab recommendations ‘unrealistic,’ Falana, others say

Femi Falana
Femi Falana [Photo credits: Newsbreakers]

A group of Nigerians led by human rights lawyer, Femi Falana, has said that the recommendations reached at the end of the 2014 National Conference are unrealistic.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the group said that an enforcement of the fundamental objectives enshrined in Chapter 2 of the Nigerian Constitution would foster national unity.

“On the latest agitation for restructuring of the country that has gained so much debate, from even least expected quarters and dominating the media, it is our respected submission that the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference cannot be wholly adopted due to their unrealistic propositions,” the group stated.

“Whereas the country is unsuccessfully grappling with 36 non-viable states as federating units, the Conference recommended 54 states for the country.

“However, the most important recommendation adopted at the Conference is that the fundamental objectives enshrined in Chapter 2 of the Constitution be made justiciable.

“We wish to emphasise that where education and health are made accessible to all citizens, a living minimum wage is paid as and when due, unemployment benefits and pension are paid promptly, housing is provided for all, the right of citizens to live peacefully in any part of the country is guaranteed as envisaged by chapter 2 of the Constitution the threats to national unity will disappear.”

The statement was signed by Mr. Falana, who was a part of the Conference; Jibrin Ibrahim; Lanre Suraj; Anwal Musa Rafsanjani; and Y. Z. Yau.

Others include Idayat Hassan; Ezenwa Nwagwu; David Ugolor; and Chris Kwaja.

The group described as “self-serving” the decision of the National Assembly to alter parts of the 2017 budget which had led to the face-off between the lawmakers and Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Power, Works, and Housing.

“However, since neither the amended 1999 Constitution nor the Fiscal Responsibility Act has empowered the National Assembly to increase the national budget through the insertion of constituency projects and other items in the course of debating the Appropriation Bill, we call on the Executive to approach the Supreme Court for the interpretation of the provisions of the relevant laws.

“The interpretation cannot afford to wait as the 2018 Appropriation Bill will soon be prepared and laid before the Joint Session of National Assembly by the President.”

On the decision of the Senate to suspend further confirmation of appointment by the Executive arm until Ibrahim Magu, the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is removed; the group advised the executive to seek a judicial resolution of the stalemate.

“Meanwhile, we assert that the Senate cannot annul his acting appointment, since his appointment was without consultation or confirmation from the Senate,” the group said.

“The second resolution was in reaction to the moves by the electorate in the Kogi State West senatorial district to recall Senator Dino Melaye from the Senate.

“While questioning the decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission to attend to the demand of the electorate the Senate threatened to frustrate the move to recall the Senator.

“Since Senator Melaye has approached the Federal High Court for legal redress the Senate should not have discussed the case as it is sub judice in line with its Rules of Procedure.”


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  • Justice Equity

    Falana is a despicable human being, to me ,he is utterly irresponsible.
    He is a hypocrite of no mean degree, falana is a good example of the negative aspect of an average Yoruba man and woman.
    Cunning and crafty, reprehensibly deceitful, backstabber, chameleon and treacherous.
    Can any sane citizen imagine that this fake hypocrite was a full fledged member of the 2014 conference, was party and signatory to all the conclusions reached, did show objection in any way regarding any conclusion contained in the report, was amongst those who praised the report of the conclusion of the conference as one of the best documents for the way forward for Nigeria.
    3 years after, falana is now playing treachery ,betrayal, Judas kiss and backstabbing to the report that he jointly agreed to and helped to prepare. That is yoru for you.a generation who are neither hot nor cold,a people who can change into any color at anytime.
    To falana and his co bewitched f00lish jesters,paying salaries and providing free health to citizens is enough to deal with the danger posed by Fulani herdsmen to southern and middle belt Christians, it is enough to deal with fulanization of national security architecture, it is enough to correct lopsided structure militating against Nigerian growth and peaceful coexistence, it is going to deal with the clear danger of islamization ,it is going to stop the over centralization of power that breeds corruption and inefficiencies in running of Nigeria, is going to deal with the issues of policing at our communities, is going to solve the issues of marginalization of some parts of Nigeria in government.
    It will never be well with a human right activist who did not see any wrong in a state Governor spending billions to higher criminals ,touts,and foreigners to falsify registers and signatures of even dead men and women in his bid to malicious recall an elected senator, simply because the senator is demanding accountability from his Governor.
    It shall never be well with a human right activist who did not see any wrong in fashola kidnapping citizens of Nigeria and after dehumanizing them at ikorodu gulag for 6 months, loaded them in open trailer in dead of the night and deport them to Onitsha and dump them under river Niger bridge,an evil act that claimed the lives of three citizens.
    Falana is a rabble rouser, a hypocrite and a deceitful reprobate. No body should take him serious.

    • Abdussalami Yaro

      Wo! Woo!! Woo!!! Justice Equity, hold your fire. You seems not to deserve the name you Christened yourself. What is wrong with a person like Falana to hold and express his personal opinion? Why should he deserve your vituperious outburst? There is no justice and equity here.

      • Justice Equity

        My brother it is still Justice and equity in given to every man according to his own measure of contribution to the peace, progress, unity and positive development of Nigeria.
        For those who through treachery, mischief, cunning craftiness, inordinate ambition, deception, hypocrisy, backstabbing, betrayal and selfish interest, continue to hold Nigeria and Nigerians under the bondages of a status quo that have stunted the growth of Nigerians development, wasted millions of her citizens, made Nigeria a sick big elephant with elephantiasis legs,breeded corruption, discord,enmity, wars and rumors of wars ,such people like falana ,obj, udeogaranya etc ,deserved insults and reprehensible descriptions .but for others who are sincere, who does not elevate their personal interest over and against the national interest of Nigeria, to such people like atiku, ibb,adebanjo etc peace and love and commendations.
        That’s why it is called justice and equity.

        • Uche

          Yoruba pass us make we no lie

        • omobabalemomu

          You have forgotten to include your new hero Fayose. You aint seen anything yet. We are in this country when The IGP was Solomon Arase, a christian, Chief of Army Staff, a christian from Rivers States, Chief of Defence Staff, a christian from adamawa state, chief of Air Staff also a christian. Nigerian Muslims never cried of christianisation of Nigeria even when the same 2014 confab was unfairly dominated by christians to the extent that Jonathan himself had to apologise later without making any attempt to correct the imbalance. the list is endless. I am very sure, if muslim generals were to shout marginalization and threatened to react just like danjuma, lekwort, dongoyaro etc.had threatened last week, hell would have been let loose. the fact is that muslims dont play hipocrites, when we mean to do anything we go ahead. Just to also remind you, Jonathan was President while the senate president was a christian, SGF was a christian, Head of Service was a christian, Chairman Fed Civil Service Commission was a christian, The CME and Minister of Finance was a christian etc. Let me conclude that you have developed a new hatred for yorubas and combined it with your deep hatred for Islam. go ahead and rant the more. You cant even remove an hair from any one of us other than this your ranting. Useless yibos whose stock in trade is to accumulate wealth by crook or by fraud.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


          • Osiah Chinedu Ojukwu.

            But now Nigerians are enjoying because of the good leadership abilities being demonstrated by the present Government, abi?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Definitely! You need to understand where we are coming from. When last have you heard the kind of reckless impunity being experienced in the immediate past government? In just two years of a government, you expected the wrongs of about 30years to have vanished? Common let’s be sincere.

          • Osiah Chinedu Ojukwu.

            Who and who led Nigeria to this condition?

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Jonathan and CO

          • Justice Equity

            When Jonathan was in charge, he made sure that every religion and geopolitical zone is represented in his government and appointments. You have presented the names your treacherous mind chose to display, from security to economy, but to show how satanic myopic and hypocritical that you are ,you engaged in point and kill instead of presenting the whole page for sincere people to judge. Check out this list
            President, Jonathan SS,VP sambo NW,SP mark NC,Speaker tambuwal NW,SGF Anyim SE,CDS bade NE, COAs minima ,SS,CAS Amosu SW,CNS Ibrahim NE,minister of defence Mohammed from NE ,NSA dasuki NW,IG arase SS,Custom abdulahi ,NW, Immigration ,Mohammed NE ,NSDC Yoruba,CJN NE, etc now compare with buharis fulanization and islamization ,president NW,vice SW,SP NC,speaker NE,IG NW,COAS NW,CDs ,SW,custom NW,immigration NW,SSS NE,NSA NW, MOD Nw.etc compare this two lists,if you are a sincere person, tell Nigerians the differences.

          • princegab

            Either way, no good leadership was demonstrated. It’s a big shame.

  • Why didn’t GEJ implement the recommendations of his administration conference.

  • Femi Odere

    @Justice Equity. Seems Yoruba as a nation is the primary target of your angst and not necessarily Femi Falana. He’s just been used here as your cannon fodder. Good luck to you on your hatred.

  • Gary

    Sadly but hardly surprising, Falana and the rest of Bola Tinubu’s ACN brain trust are now showing their hand in driving the policy direction of a looming Yemi Osinbajo interim Presidency.
    In one fell swoop, they want the Supreme Court to cast logic, convention and precedent aside by ruling that the Executive is under no obligation to submit its appointees for Senate confirmation. Especially, after such an appointee like Ibrahim Magu has been twice rejected by the Senate based on adverse reports twice submitted by the relevant security agency of the same Executive branch.

    Now, Falana to nobody’s surprise now finds it convenient to disavow the recommendations of a National Conference in which he was a notable and paid participant. He’s belatedly echoing Tinubu’s politically expedient position of backing away from the long-held position of the Yorubas on true federalism aka Restructuring from the days of Awolowo. Interestingly Afenifere Leader Chief Ayo Adebanjo fortuitously granted an interview that now serves as a stinging prebuttal of the self-serving politics of the new Asiwaju of the Yorubas.

    Let’s see how they think this gambit will help Yemi Osinbajo succeed in the current perilous political climate in Nigeria.

    • Obafemiakintola

      They drew first blood

      • Gary

        We dey look dem. No be only Youruba go school or get sense.
        Tinubu’s alliance politics is money-driven, not advancing the corporate interest of his people, the South or democracy.
        He’s now gunning for the Port Harcourt Refinery. We shall see.

        • Osiah Chinedu Ojukwu.


  • George

    Very conning people just trying to out done GEJ for his good deed.

    This is how they gap up against him but we all see where we are now.

    Fanala is only Southerner in that wicked conference the rest are HAUSA. Wickedness is a occupation in YORUBALAND.

  • suleiman

    I used to respect Falana as a smart human rights lawyer but now he has shown himself as a con artist and a money monger. I have long trashed him in my trash bin. He is of no relevance to Nigeria. The love of money is the root of all evil and we have seen Falana and his friend Prof. Segay play to the gallery in this government. They’re of no consequence now, so all sane people should stop listening to them. The only human rights lawyer who lived in this country is the late Gani Fawehini.

    • Agba

      Very very correct.

  • Tunde

    Well Well at last the voice of common sense in the mix! for goodness sake! 54 states?!!!!! How did they come up with this? May be to be better than the United states???! These elders have to be put aside, their reasoning is one for “geriatrics” WHERE IS THE MONEY FOR 54 STATES! No wonder the likes of Fani and Fayose and their like support it! this confab report must now be classed as a “use with caution” document as i wouldn’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water! We surely need a good town hall debate before we embark on this restructuring as it looks like the most pragmatic approach. We need to DEFINE what we want first, look at the “military constitution” and come up with a peoples document! NOTHING LESS! or there will be trouble! No doubt.

    • Gary

      Stop with the convenient red herring you are pushing here. In a federation (such as Awo, Zulu and Sardauna agreed on at Independence), the states will be no more than provinces of a Regional Government. Get it? Falana and others who signed onto the new “states” had that in mind as a means of granting some political autonomy to the ethnic minorities of the South and in the North.
      Or you would prefer that the peoples of Southern Kaduna, Southern Borno, Kebbi, Gombe, Bauchi and the Middle Belt be trapped in a region dominated by Islamists who are even now using the violence of Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and state actions under Buhari to push for an Islamic state? Are you blind?
      Or simply giving a dog a bad name in order to justify the latest act of treachery by sections of the Yoruba nation?

  • Frank Bassey

    Agreed. Let’s begin with the REALISTIC ones. Fifty-four states should not be where to start. Your problem is your ambivalence.