Insistence on Magu as EFCC boss violates democratic principles – Former State Attorney General

Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu [Photo: Channels TV]
Acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu [Photo: Channels TV]

A former Attorney-General of Ebonyi, Benjamin Igwenyi, says the Presidency is undermining the principle of checks and balances by insisting that Ibrahim Magu must be the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Mr. Igwenyi, a constitutional lawyer, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja.

He said the statement credited to the presidency on the issue violated the constitutional mandate of the National Assembly to confirm nominees.

The presidency had on Thursday said that Mr. Magu would remain the EFCC boss even with the refusal of the Senate to confirm his appointment.

Speaking through Gov. Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State at the inauguration of EFCC zonal office in Kaduna, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo said Mr. Magu would remain in office for the tenure of the present administration.

According to Mr. Igwenyi, the presidency’s statement was in the wrong direction because it undermined the practice of checks and balance, the foundation of every progressive democracy.

“He should have been more polite in saying what he wanted to say.

“The law was made that the chairman of the EFCC should be cleared by the Senate.

“The law made provisions for the appointment of the chairman and that law was affirmed by the president in accordance with the Constitution.

“Somebody’s name was submitted pursuant to that law; he was rejected the first time by the people. The second time, he was also rejected by the people, which by implication means that Nigerians have rejected the man.

“And, the president in his personal wisdom feels that that man must be there. Why must it be Magu? Don’t we have other officers who can serve? There are so many of them.

“The three arms of government should have respect for themselves because in law, nobody is bigger.

“The national assembly has the power of confirmation.

“If a public officer has been turned down twice during screening, even if the person is in acting capacity, it means you need to bring a replacement for that individual.

“I think what the acting president should concern himself with is posterity, because whatever you do, are for the upcoming generation to come and see.

“We should avoid laying precedence that will have capability of consuming us as a nation,’’ Mr. Igwenyi said.



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  • Justice Equity

    Does it therefore mean that if Ibrahim magu drops dead today,Nigeria shall disband the Efcc for want of qualified and competent citizens to hold the office of the chairman of efcc. Sometimes I cry for Nigeria my country, I weep for this nation, a nation ruled by double faced hypocrites and peopled by lazy minded tribal and ethnic irredentists.
    This is a nation where a SAN like falana shall use padlock to lock up his tongue, use cement to seal up his ears while watching the atrocities of Fulani herdsmen against innocent Nigerians, while watching some weed and gum overcharged Fulani almajiri imbeciles give quit notice to Nigerian citizens and threatening to murder them and steal their properties if they do not comply.yet falana shall always deceive his miserable life that he is a human right lawyer and advocate.
    Can you imaging the cunning craftiness in hopeless myopic falanas view on magu,why did buhari send magus name for confirmation even with all the avalanche of legal minds surrounding the presidency ,if there is no reason to do that in the first place, had the Senate confirmed magu while overlooking the volume of clear cases of corruption hanging on his neck,will falana have exhumed this mental imbalanced opinion.
    What is the meaning of ratification or confirmation, does it me to rubber stamp the opinion of the executive?, buhari have badly undermined Nigerian nation with impunity, setting a terrible precedent and yet hypocrites who call themselves experts are busy urging him on and commanding Nigerians to venerate a clear clueless incompetent ,as a god.may God forbid.
    When buhari could not provide any certificate to qualify him to contest for presidential election, some deranged hypocrites said that his NEPA bill can do,when he scorned the federal character principle of our constitution and fulanized all our national institutions in an orgy of nepotism never seen in Nigeria, the same hollow minded deceitful hypocrites told Nigeria that he can appoint only the members of his family .buhari have trampled on the hallowed Chambers and the myopic gullibles told Nigeria that he is fighting corruption, he undermined the judiciary, and they said that our judiciary is corrupt.
    Buhari brutally murdered innocent defenseless protesters and they said that the protesting youths were trouble makers.
    By the time buhari finish dealing with Nigeria, Nigeria shall regret the error of judgment that unleashed a buhari to damage Nigeria.

    • princegab

      Keep your cool, until PMB comes back

      • Gabriel Olasebikan


    • Sword of Damocles

      Your nom du guerre is “justice Equity”??? The irony is PROFOUNDLY delicious. Like Nigeria, day is night & night is day. you talk about tribalism/parochialism, but yet by your very words it is apparent what part of the country you are from.

      • Justice Equity

        Simply because I stood on the side of the truth?. Please show yourself clean by pointing at any line of my argument that is not factual.

        • Sword of Damocles

          “had the Senate confirmed magu while overlooking the volume of clear cases of corruption hanging on his neck”

          the above is not factual. The Executive looked into the matter and cleared the acting Chairman. This is a fact

          • Justice Equity

            Very factual, the report of the Senate on magu is hinged on the letter written to the Senate in respect of magu,where the DSS clearly stated with substantiated evidences that magu is overburdened with corruption baggage hanging on his neck and shoulders.

          • Sword of Damocles

            you must be hard of hearing or logical thought. President Buhari tasked Attorney General Malami to investigate the allegation. Malami submitted his report, The President gave Magu a clean bill of health and re-submitted his nomination. It is amusing to me how some Nigerians with no shame will come out to be supporting thieves and looters. I really wish there would be a public forum where people can physically appear to debate and make these same points they make anonymously online. then we will know if they have the COURAGE OF THEIR CONVICTIONS. Abject lack of character and morals like animals, and yet they are not animals , but human. truly a wonder

        • Sword of Damocles

          “he undermined the judiciary, and they said that our judiciary is corrupt.”

          “Justice Equity” please, oh please ELUCIDATE

        • Sword of Damocles

          “Nigeria shall regret the error of judgment that unleashed a buhari to damage Nigeria.”

          Compared to lucifer’s agent disguised as a blackman(Goodluck Ebele Jonathan), aka fortunado, aka market thief who cannot live in his village(otuoke), cause he did NOTHING for them, Buhari is Nelson Mandela. You hia me, you damn people say nothing about this wicked man called Goodluck yet you have the hubris to speak about his successor? look let me tell I am not sold AT ALL on Buhari, but you people say nothing about Jonathan or his muse Diezani who bankrupted Nigeria. Granted they are all ruling elites, but you wont catch me DEAD playing that, “he is from my village card, so it is ok if he is an armed robber looting the country dry. And you have the NERVE to use the words JUSTICE and or Equity in your name. do you know what those terms mean, or how sacred they are in the fight against human oppression? let me just shut up

          • Justice Equity

            Again you missed the point very badly, you said that Jonathan is ineffective, you promised Nigerians change ,then you brought buhari whom you promised that he will change Nigeria.
            Now why should I be talking about Jonathan again after 28 months of his leaving office for buhari to bring the change, and make Nigeria better.
            Now check out the change that buhari brought to you and Nigerians.
            1. Fulani herdsmen killing spree all over the southern and middle belt of Nigeria with impunity.
            2.increase in pump price of PMS and diesel from 86 to 145 naira per litre,increase in food prices, eg rice from 7500 per 50kg to 20,000,oil from 7000 30litre gallon to 25000,
            Fertilizer from 4000 a bag to 15000 .
            3 .recession, 4 dollar 400 naira from 198 ,5 .97%+5%, 6 ,hatred,enmity, anger in Nigeria arising from buharis discriminatory ,hate,myopic, clannish ,religious bigoted policies against some sections of Nigeria.
            Now finally quit notice on Nigerian citizens by mentally deranged almajiri imbeciles.
            Buhari is a calamitous ineptitude and a deliberating evil affliction against Nigeria.

          • Sword of Damocles

            let me guess if fortunado were hausa, you WOULD BE talking about hime. Let me tell you something, 28 months after worthless simpleton left office Nigeria is still suffering the consequences of his misrule. this disciple of satan was signing memorandum to the CBN Governor to loot our money, with no legislative approval. This man connived with deizani to divert monies accrued to NNPC, and you are quoting commodities prices without any thought that the prices you quote have a DIRECT correlation to the misrule of that man from Otuoke(absolutely the worst mistake Nigeria have ever made to date). You guys make me laugh, i know why you wanted fortunato to win re-election: you know that Nigeria would have ceased to exist to as sovereign nation due to bankruptcy(which is what you people want anyway. But our Creator will never let that happen. To be candid, i find that your kind are the most clannish, tribal and ABRASIVE of all of Nigeria’s people. With all the lamentations it is still WAY BETTER than having that smelly thief(Fortunato) as the leader of Nigeria(a country he doesn’t even love or respect).

          • Justice Equity

            Now let’s agree with you for the sake of this discussion that your fortunato did all as you accused him even without any shred of evidence except what the axis of evil party and your integrity deficit lying government told you.PMS price was increased from 70 to 87 naira per litre by Jonathan and a kolade committee was set up to manage the savings from that increase, called subsidy funds ,this funds were deployed in the most transparent manner with the accruals shared every months between the three tiers of government, it was part of this funds that was used to build so many FG roads,bridges, educational ,health infrastructure and Nigeria became a construction yard with every geopolitical zone smiling with infrastructural development by Gods gift Gej,with about 17 naira difference of PMS price, so much was achieved, buhari increased the same product price from 86 to 145 ,a difference of 59 naira per litre, yet for 2 years no accountability, no infrastructural development, nothing ,nothing, absolutely nothing ,only lies,falsehood peddling and mindless deception.
            Buhari made himself minister of petroleum, till date billions of dollars are yet not accounted for from that ministry according to NASS reports,no accountability ,nothing.
            More than 28 states can not pay salaries today because their faac receipts had become almost nothing ,yet buhari is fighting his own shadows in the name of corruption, many of Nigeria foreign missions are closed down for the first time because buhari have starved them of funds,the naira became like a tissue paper against the dollars from 198 to even 520 to a dollar because buhari and his cabals were sharing our scarce forex with some exchanging 10 naira to a dollar in an orgy of fraud never seen before in Nigeria.
            What is the direct link between your fortunato sending of memorandum to CBN, which even the CBN official testified before the federal high Court in the case between metu and efcc ,that it was a standard practice that even this same buhari government have continued with,and buharis 97%+5% satanic evil hate policy that had heated up the temperature of Nigeria to a boiling point, how does the Alison madueke alleged looting relate with the empowering of murderous Fulani brothers to murder Nigerians from other tribes and take over their land and community, how does it relate with babachar cutting grass with 300 million when idps are dying of starvation, how does it relate with the fact that buhari have done two full budgets with billions of padding, how does it relate with farmers now going through buhari boys to get fertilizer that they previously get direct at 4000.00 now at 15000.00,how does it relate with the fact that buhari have made Nigerians to pay double of electricity bills with more darkness and zero megawatts provided to them,how does relate with buhari refusal to disclose what he is suffering from for which Nigeria is paying unending bills,how does relate to lying that buhari have defeated boko haram when the same boko haram are murdering innocent citizens and Nigeria soldiers every day ,how does relate with buhari refusal to abide with the constitution and rule of law that made him to always disobey the courts and ridicule the NASS,how does relate with wanton insecurity that made kidnapers now boldly kidnapping school children in Lagos and holding for weeks without any challenge from buhari .does it relate with buhari killing hundreds of innocent un armed citizens protesting against buhari wicked yokes and burdens that had made life unbearable to them, while buhari have no qualms with armed Fulani brothers who are killing thousands of Nigeria citizens with impunity and occupying their lands,communities and farms .
            How does it relate with buhari Fulani brothers issuing quit notice to Nigerian citizens and threatening to kill them and loot their properties without buhari doing anything to stop them.
            I can go on and on ,what about plunging Nigeria into avoidable economic calamities called recession because of buharis myopic ,clueless, malicious, vindictive, hate policies.
            Buhari is a disaster ,buhari is a terrible plaque upon Nigeria.he has destroyed the economy, peace, unity, development and prosperity of Nigeria and put Nigeria into grave danger of disintegration.
            No wonder that God had kept him in other room in London to teach with severe pains and up to blood transfusion as revealed by buhari ,to show him that all powers belonged to God.
            May God never allow anything like a buhari to ever come near our presidential seat again forever. Amen.

          • Sanssouci

            So what does it say about ur Buhari that 28 months in, neither Jonathan nor Diezani have been brought to book?

    • bulus

      Piss off prick…save your lousy intellectually deficient lecture for your kids.though I’d feel sorry for them…

  • Sword of Damocles

    Mr Igwenyi needs to go and find himself a good PRIVATE SECTOR job, and stop acting like an ashewo because he is out of government & and there is no money to chop. Scoundrel!

  • serubawon70

    The Senate does not speak for Nigerians .They speak for themselves. Eventually, if a Senate is elected which speaks for Nigerians, they will condemn this Senate for sure

  • Opekete

    There is nothing that scares the looters in the senate like Osinbajo’s presidency. They are so scared they want to make sure that he is kept away from becoming a substantive president if the unthinkable happens. The next few months is going to be interesting and delicate at the same time.

    • George

      That Tokenism will never be full president mark my word. The North are free to represent another Dog among themselves to continue where buhari drop out.


        Token?. IBO LOSER

  • Tunde

    Dear Mr ex-AGF! He was not rejected by the people! He was rejected by the senate! The people have rejected this senate regardless of how you see it. The people have rejected this senate! So please whoever you are representing we reject both you and them! MAGU STAYS! PERIOD!

    • Sanssouci

      How clean is your Magu who drives past Dino’s 1.3 Billion NGN acquired overnight with no legitimate source of funds mansion, en route to his crook buddy Air Commodore Umar Muhammad’s (another first class crook erstwhile member of Presidential commitee on Arms) house in the heart of Maitama. I hail Magu for one thing, convicting the masses like you that he abhorres and fights corruption… the joke of the century

      • Karl Imom

        You seem to be Mr. Corruption fighting back on behalf of Mr. Saraki. Mr. Magu has come to stay. That Former AGF has comprehension deficiency is NOT Mr. Magu’s problem. The ignorant notion that the Senate must confirm all presidential appointments explains how ignorant the Former AGF is about the Nigerian Constitution. Let the fagot ask someone who has NO comprehension problem explain section 171 of the constitution for him.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Over the years, the Nigerian senate has functioned as a self-serving chamber for rogues disguised as servants of the people. Our infantile democracy need not adopt the robust nature of western democracy that has stood the trials and tribulations of hundreds of years. Our Constitution makes it clear that the EFCC Chairman can function in acting capacity at the behest of the president. The evidence on Magu produced by the DSS was not just petty but amounts to a storm in a teacup. Besides, Falana brilliantly produced sections of the law (1999 Constitution) that names the positions, which require confirmation by the senate — and EFCC Chairman was not listed as one of those. The fact that a separate EFCC Charter exists does not override the original letter of the law of the land. Even if Magu were to be fired, what guarantee do we have that the senate would ever confirm an incorruptible and dedicated candidate? Second base, ojire!