Biafra: Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria urges dialogue

Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has advised Nnamdi Kanu and Pro-Biafra groups to settle down and work on dialogue rather than engaging in activities that could continue to “heat up the polity’’.

The chairman of PFN, Enugu State Chapter, Godwin Madu, a Reverend Pastor, gave this advice shortly after a special prayer meeting for peace in the country on Wednesday.

The special meeting was organised by the PFN at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Province of Excellence), Enugu.

Mr. Madu cautioned the IPOB leader and his group as well as other pro-Biafra organisations to settle down and work on dialogue rather than engaging in activities that could continue to “heat up the polity’’.

According to him, PFN is opposed to the radical approach being used by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in its agitations for the South-East.

“Nigeria is good as a country. Anywhere we feel aggrieved, the matter could be addressed amicably instead of heating up the polity and creating unnecessary tension in the entire country,’’ he said.

The PFN chairman also urged the northern youth to work for peace, saying violence and crisis would not benefit anybody.

“Nigeria has no particular landlord,’’ he told the youth, saying no tribe is empowered by the Nigerian Constitution to issue quit notice to any other ethnic group or people.

A founding member of the body, Obi Onubuogu, said the need for dialogue as the main key to solving the nation’s current problem.

Also, former Secretary of the PFN in the state, Joseph Ajujungwa, said the prayer meeting became necessary because the PFN was against AREWA youths’ quit notice.

While emphasising the efficacy of prayers in matters like the current tension in the country, he said, he was opposed to the quit notice given by the northern youths to the Igbo residing in the north.

“A lot of souls had been wasted through needless hostilities as the blood of the innocent is crying to high heavens,’’ Mr. Madu said.

He called on the media to be agents in uniting the country, rather than dividing it.

“I would advise the media to be useful instrument for the promotion of peace in the country,’’ he said.

Earlier during the prayer session, 36 persons representing the 36 states of the federation were called to the podium, to offer fervent prayers to God for peace to reign in the country.



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  • ita ekpo

    Restructuring so sweet pentacoastal how good. But hide to warn buhari to call on his agent forces to stop killing innocence biafrans protesters.Are you telling ipob to give up when this life died because freedom. How would you people will think. Is it because the cursed of their dying does not matter to you people. But them too were born by mothers. For we to be free biafra land from curse. Their quest must be fulfil. You can not said because they are gone. What can they do. You people have to make second thought who to say that to.

    • Mike Onokan

      I beg you in God’s name, KEEP OFF SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS.

      • Fidelis Onwuzurike

        Though I haven’t peruse vividly his article to ascertain a well articulated constructive correspondence, nevertheless, telling him to keep off social media in alliance with arewa youths’ quit notice. Rack your brain before penning down any article.

      • ita ekpo

        Are the one who can tell me to stop media coming. I don’t think you have the right to say that. We biafra we don’t condole bad. We said it as it is. If you don’t want so. Is your palaver.

  • Abdussalami Yaro

    Interesting! “No tribe is empowered by the CONSTITUTION to issue quit notice to any ethnic group or people”. “PFN is against AREWA youths’ quit notice”. I read you well. Now, dose the constitution empower any ethnic group to threaten secession and in the process, abuse and call other ethnic groups with unprintable remarks? PFN dose not say whether it is against secession or not. But the constitution is clear on that, it is treasonable felony, period! I believe

  • Fidelis Onwuzurike

    I will advice PFN to keep mute over lingering sensitive matters at hand.Reason, since the inception of IPOB/freedom seekers,the government focused on annihilating them against fundamental human right edict, PFN never opposed all the humiliation & attended hardships,denial of legitimate rights killings,jailing,incarceration,many still in Nigeria prisons,etc.He even said Radical Approach,what an ignorance on constitutional right. Those that issued quit notice are treated lightly but those agitators stringently thriving through International laid down presidencies for self determination are addressed with total disdain. The real committed men of God knows the best method of resolving complicates amiably.. I believe the wise knows when & how to speak. I must also affirm you’re already treading the path of criticism against your good office. Anything dialogue must be premised on Referendum.

    • Malik Isah

      The youth only ask you to go to where you have threatened to go for over 2 years. What is the problem ?.

  • Emeka Ndukwe

    His proves my position on the Arewa declaration right. Biafrans live in U.S., Ghana, CAR, DRC, China, Portugal, Brazil, and almost every parts of the world. Noone in these countries has ever asked us to leave their country because we do not belong there. Here, in this case, the Hausa-Fulani are asking Biafrans to leave their country because we do not want to be joined with them in a single country. It is simple then to compare this Hausa-Fulani or Arewa nation with the rest of the world. It is either they have something that the rest of the world does not have or they lack something which the rest of the world has. The conclusion is simple: they do not have something that the rest of the world has. And that something is civilization. They are simply not civilized. But then, is it them or the Nigerian government that made the threat? The answer is that the threat was made, instigated, fashioned and executed by the Nigerian government. The wanted to achieve four things: (1) Cause internal wrangglings among Igbos who they believe will be in turmoil because of properties (2) to make it look like there is another comparable movement from the Hausa -Fulani, and therefore a face off between the Hausa-Fulani and the Igbo. The wanted to create a situation of two warring parties needing to be settled.. This is the lecture they got from their British masters. You can see how the little man called Vice president has been running around in the name of settling a quarrel that never existed. He wants to say, “okay, both of you IPOB and Arewa, back down.”,” IPOB, give peace a chance” – Nigerian Language, “as you can see, Arewa has backed down, so you do the same”.(3) Their third plan was to get the other stake holders to follow suit and make the Igbos the public enemy even more, a tag with which they have stigmatized us and almost pushed us to extinction. But they got the reverse as every other party rejected the Hausa -Fulani call. This is because everyone is fed up with the Hausa-Fulani view of Nigeria as a property in dispute in which the most brutal gets the yoke. (4) Finally the fourth is that they created the Arewa declaration so as to turn around and say “Now everyone back down, whoever does not, will be taken out with extreme brutality”. This is already there is the statement by their VP that he will throw us into Jail. But he is mistaking. Biafra agitation has gone beyond whatever he and his soldiers can form now. Remember, we still have court cases all over the place – within Nigeria and beyond. IPOB is not interested in Arewa and,indeed, has nothing to do with Arewa or no Arewa. IPOB has problem with Nigeria and not any one thing on earth. Neither Arewa nor Odua nor middle whatever mean anything to IPOB. This is the simple truth. Recall that even though they approved of the activities of Niger Delta Avengers, IPOB did not work with them. So even when Niger Delta Avengers slowed down, IPOB remained unaffected. IPOB is the resolve of the entire Ibo race; so those threatening to jail people should be prepared to take in over 40 million prisoners

  • Malik Isah

    Now educated people are talking. I am just wondering where they have been all along when Kanu and co have been threatening to reduce the country to nothing .

    • Fidelis Onwuzurike

      Normally, I do not respond to every dick & harry,but try rating some on their status, because ”there are three kinds of people in the world; those who don’t know they think they know (2) those who know but they don’t know that they know (3) those who know & they know that they know. Their sense of reasoning, sense of evaluation, & sense of judgments are determined by their reputed status. You quoted ”reducing your country to nothing?I recollect vividly before the mention & reiteration of same, the court ruled an unconditional release on IPOB leader, but your brothers rebuffed at it & revolted vehemently-the Genesis of the country’s retrogressive trend,She disobeyed court order on three occasions.The action that repudiated her before the world. I think you cannot contrast between ”Civil disobedience that’s legally exhibited to register a displeasure”& judicial statement that’s prone to punitive action. Remember, the people in question are still being incarcerated till now without any trace of treasonable felony. It’s a shameful thing to deliberate on. You do not comprehend the gravity of Nigeria’s action & portrait before the world at large on fundamental human rights She disdained & trampled under foot.Hence, consult a truthful legal adviser to confirm same. Thanks.

  • Emmanuel Chidozie

    It seems to ne that the pentecostal fellowship and these so called prayer warriors are naive about goings on in Nigeria. If you do not know, or are just pretending not to know, there is agroup of people for whom Lord Frederick Lugard concocted this place called Nigeria. Quit notice or no quit notice, the so called leaders of thought in Igboland appears to have long sold their birthright and have capitulated to begging for positions and contracts at the expense of their children of current and previous generations and the generatios yet unborn. Of course, it is not in the character of the black African to think for the long term and that is why instead of initiating steps radical and otherwise to address the burning issue s that border on the fate and progress of humans that live in this country, they become more comfortable with political prostitution. Biafrans ate not interested in any church group , whether evangelical or pentecostal or tradition@ or othodoxy. We have have seen their handywork over the years and the falsehood that has contributed in purperization of our people as well as weakened even their resolve to stand up and fight for a better future for themselves and their offsprings. I hope you and other church groups will not pretend to speak for Biafrans and Igbos as a whole.