10 factors working against Nigeria’s unity – Senator


The senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, has listed 10 factors he believed are working against the unity of Nigeria as a nation.

Mr. Sani in a facebook post on Sunday listed the factors as:

1.Dependence on one major source of revenue from a section of a country, which logically profiles and categorises other sections as parasitic.

2.Fading memory of the tragedy of secession and war: Lost lessons of history.

3.Manipulation of sectional, religious and ethnic sentiments and sensibilities of Nigerians by the political class.

4.The slow death of the nationalistic and patriotic spirit in the hearts and minds of Nigerians, evidenced with the perennial indifference to October 1st Independence Day celebrations.

5.A succession of failed governments, economic paralyses and widening gulf between the have and the have nots.

6.The rise of a new restive and angry generation without value for, interest in or sense of history.

7.Retention of a national political and socio economic culture which emphasises on sharing of national cake as against the baking of national cake. A bogus federal structure of largesse.

8.Deliberate or negligent suffocation of institutions established to promote national unity e.g. NYSC, Federal Government Colleges, etc.

9.Narcissistic and forlorn ideas and fantasy of chauvinists and ethnic champions dreaming of carving out mini nations along tribal lines.

10.Inequities of a pyramid economic structure; a rich few over a poor many.


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  • Justice Equity

    Shehu sani you did well but to me the most important of them is the greediness of the Hausa Fulani oligarchy who see Nigeria as a conquered territory and who are insisting on winner takes all syndromes.
    The inordinate desire of buhari to fulanize and islamize all the institutions of Nigeria to the utter exclusion of the old Eastern region, the refusal of the northern Hausa Fulani oligarchy to accept enthronement of a justice,equity and fairness in Nigeria.
    The insistence of buhari to marginalize some sections of Nigeria because they did not vote for him
    These are the most important causes of friction in Nigeria today.

    • yahay

      You called yourself justice? With these views? All is needed let’s each region govern it’s region

      • Justice Equity

        You guys hate the truth with passion, to you all Nigerians should be turned into almajiri imbeciles who shall gladly accept night as afternoon so long it is said by alhaji.
        Friend look at those facts that I have stated and let’s argue them out if you have superior view .
        If you gladly accept restructuring, and allows every zone to administer herself, Nigeria shall surprise the world with the level of positive progress and development that will occur to her within the shortest possible time.
        The unequal yoking of zones of Nigeria together in a nation where there is Senior and junior partner is the root of all the evils we have in Nigeria.
        The senior partner is passive, retrogressive, myopic, immoral, greedy,and chained himself with the fetals of religion, immoral culture of born throway and false sense of pride and a haughty spirit.

        • George

          You have killed them all.

          Thank you bros, relax and thank your God that you weren’t born among the almajiri imbeciles

  • George

    Sani Shuhu is a callous man as expected of every Muslims iiiiidioticcccccc fellows in the backward nonentity group of vagabond.

    He refused to mention their greeds aspect which is worst that demonic actions and their quest to make the nation a Muslim country.

    The governor of Borno state in his telephone conversation accused Igbos of dictating to be a Minister in Abuja as wrong as dictating to Lagosians who will be their governor but your brother cows followers called Herdsmen are all over other states dictating where their cows will stay and eat even if its another man farms.

    God please punish these people much harder as you have punished their forefathers.

    • thusspokez

      From your response, I can safely assume that you are Igbo. Some of you Igbos on the Internet show nothing but first-class stúpidity. You demonstrate low intellect and an inability to debate issues rationally without injecting vile and hatred into every debate. And you wonder why other Nigerians ethnic groups find some of you repugnant.

      You wouldn’t say what you disagree with in the 10-factor problem analysis or maybe you don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to do so, hence you resorting to what I call the ‘Igbo argument’, namely using insults — every time — as substitute for real argument.

      • George

        I’m not Igbo and I will NEVER be one in Jesus Name.

        I know you are aboki from the pit of hell who hate truths no matter how many times he heard it.

        This half a token called Sani has become a thinker as well as your Mr. Integrity ole Farouk Lawal, or you forgot him so soon because I still remember how you camels were clapping for him when he was leading equally blindfolded house of rep.

        Because you can spell your name you are qualify to talk among decent human being forgotten where you belong with your backward cow followers.

  • Tony

    This Senator is trying to be claver by half…what ever happens to Justice, Equity and Fairness, that should be number one in his list…SMH!

  • thusspokez

    Senator Shehu Sani 10-factor problem situations is first-class analysis. This man is clearly a thinker — indeed a rare breed in a country known for its abundance of nincompoops and crooks. I agreed 100% with each and every one of the 10-factors.

    People often think that they know what the problems with Nigeria are. .These are non-thinkers merely parroting what they have heard from other non-thinkers like them whom they often consider as their superiors or even leaders. My own experience solving problems has made me realise that what people often identify as problems are often merely symptoms of underlining problems

    Senator Shehu Sani 10-factor is clearly the result of a well thought out analyses. Even a critical reader like me, have nothing to disagree with it. Indeed, the 10-factor is a very accurate analysis and should be the basis for all Nigerian political party manifestos.

    • Emeka

      This has been said over and over, it’s just a mere repetition of fact which has been broadly summed up as FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP

      • thusspokez

        In the two decades that I have been following intensely events in Nigeria, but particularly
        online debates and discussions, I have not heard anyone analyze the problems with Nigeria and but it so clearly — and without injecting tribalism into the analysis.

        The yada yada yada, one often hear from Nigerians are:

        It is corruption.
        It is leadership
        It is other ethnic groups.
        Blame Lord Lugard for yada yada yada.
        Blame structure.

        And guess what their solution is:…”break up Nigeria” That is to say, if you find your roof leaking, the best solution is to demolish the whole house. Don’t let anyone tell you Nigerians that you are not the cleverest people on planet earth.

  • Chuma Anierobi

    Religion is number 1 enemy of Nigeria. The Caliphate uses this to hold Nigeria down. Only in Nigeria this happens.
    The Caliphate wants Nigerians to be mainly beggars

  • Emeka

    Old story repeated over and over, just a difference in wording. What’s the way forward? None, because the truth remains no ethnic groups has ever liked the other. At a point in every union when the patch up is not working out anymore, I believe the best thing is for an agreed way forward- divorce. Nigeria should be split up accordingly, the hate and acrimony is too obvious to be ignored on the altar of unproductive leadership- politically and economically .

    • thusspokez

      …What’s the way forward?

      Hitherto, you had believed that your neighbour had done you juju, hence your illness; now after investigation, your doctor tells you that you have migraine. Based on the medical diagnosis, you would agree that the way forward for you would be to find the right cure for your migraine, there!

      Nigeria should be split up accordingly

      On second thought, perhaps the best way forward for your migraine would be to buy yourself a rope to hang yourself! That should solve your migraine problem once and forever!

      • Otile

        What is the difference between your advice to him and that of deceiving imams who advice Muslims youths to carry out suicide bombing? Pathetic.

  • obiora

    The problem working against Nigeria Unity is Hatred and Killings. All sees their Tribes as their Country. All are happy when their tribe can kill or Cheat the other Tribes.

  • princegab

    The one and only problem with Nigeria is leadership. Sani should know better.

  • Ikem Williams

    Sani should have added perennial attacks of other ethnic groups by Fulani herdsmen while the chief security officer FGN looks on.