UK-based Nigerian scientist lambasts Nigeria’s Academy of Science over GMOs endorsement


A UK-based Nigerian scientist, Ify Aniebo, has criticised the Nigerian Academy of Science over its position on the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods in the country.

Speaking during a tweet chat on Friday, Ms. Aniebo, an Oxford University alumni, said the academy’s endorsement of GMOs without its own independent investigation, was against the tenets of science.

“NAS didn’t do any laboratory studies or epidemiological studies to come to that conclusion. They claim it’s safe because big Agric companies say so,” said Ms. Aniebo, a molecular geneticist specializing in clinical medicine, infectious diseases and public health.

“Every scientist should be able to carry out independent tests to either confirm or dispel this notion and NAS not doing so goes against the very tenet of being a scientist.

“Secondly, these companies that sell GMOs have not done any proper laboratory or epidemiological studies to ascertain safety of their products. Neither have the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). So humans who eat GMOs are basically lab rats.

“Thirdly, there are published data that show the health effects of eating GMO including cancer, infertility, kidney disease to name a few.”

The Nigerian Academy of Science had, last November, declared that genetically modified foods were safe for consumption “for now based on carefully documented evidence from developed countries.”

Oyewale Tomori, the academy’s outgoing president, had said the GMOs technology would help boost agriculture and resolve the food crisis in the country.

“We cannot predict the future and what is going to happen with these GMOs, but so far so good, there are no problem from where they have been used; but that does not mean that it is going to be good forever,” Mr. Tomori, a professor of Virology, had stated.

On Wednesday, a coalition of civil society groups staged a rally in Abuja demanding an end to the planned introduction of GMOs into Nigeria’s foods and farming scheme.

The groups also delivered a petition to the National Assembly seeking a repeal of the National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) Act which was signed into law in April 2015 by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The groups’ demand followed last year’s issuance by the NBMA of two permits for the Commercial Release and Placing on Market of genetically modified cotton and the confined field trial of maize, to Monsanto Agriculture Nigeria Limited.

The National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) said this week that it had not licensed any genetically modified products in the country.

During her tweet chat on Friday, Ms. Aniebo said her disagreement with the NAS’ position on GMOs was based on all the peer reviewed published scientific papers that “show evidently, GMOs are bad news for our health.”

“I think considering the fact NAS represents the country, it’s disappointing they didn’t back up their claim with any scientific evidence,” Ms. Aniebo continued.

“Just to be clear – A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal.

“The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even human.

“Stay away from GMOs as they have been proven to cause liver and kidney damage.”


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  • Tommy Soto

    Much respect to Ms. Aniebo for making the masses aware of this long term hazardous man-made foods.
    And thanks to PT for publishing her viewpoint.

    • Robert Howd

      Could you explain the hazard you’re referring to? What ill health effects of modern gene technology have been documented?

      • Tommy Soto

        I can’t add links so work your search button

        Monsanto Workers Ban GMO Foods From Their Own Cafeteria

        Study says genetically modified corn causes tumors, but other scientists skeptical about research

        Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s – Full Movie – Youtube

        Mexico Bans GMO Corn, Effective Immediately

        Russia says NO to GMO seeds; aims for food supply that’s ‘cleanest in the world’

        GMO Myths and Truths – Second Edition

        Posted May 20, 2014 by Michael Antoniou & filed under GMOs, Health & Disease.

        Genetically modified crops and foods are neither safe nor necessary to feed the world, a new report by genetic engineers shows.

        GMO Researchers Attacked, Evidence Denied, and a Population at Risk

        By Jeffrey M. Smith

        Global Research, September 19, 2012

        Looks Like Germany Is About to Ban GMOs

        Joshua Krause

        German cabinet approves draft law banning GMO crops

        Germany Joins Scotland in Seeking Ban on Gene-Modified Seeds

        Stefan Nicola

        Monsanto’s “Roundup Ready” 1,000 Times More Toxic Than Glyphosate Alone
        By Carolanne Wright

        Glyphosate damages DNA, says World Health Organisation expert

        GM Corn Damages Liver and Kidneys

        Meat Raised on GM Feed is Different

        Roundup Could Cause Birth Defects

        Tiny Amounts of Monsanto’s Roundup Linked to Kidney, Liver Damage

        Study: GMO Soy Accumulates Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde

        Should the GM crop be deemed unsafe?

        Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility

        More Dangerous than GMO’s! ~ BioEngineered NanoFoods ~ but Shhh It’s a Secret! youtube

        Update: 5 Scientific Experts Join Lawsuit to Bring Down Monsanto

        A case against health-destructive chemicals

        Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Linked to Brain Cancer in Children

        If EITHER parent is exposed to the chemicals

        Hawaii Sees Tenfold Increase In Birth Defects After Becoming GM Corn Testing Grounds

        • Robert Howd

          Great job of compiling the junk “science” and unfavorable political opinions about GMOs! None of the articles in your list which describe research are in any way credible, in my opinion and that of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. The very first on your list, about Monsanto banning GMO foods from their own cafeteria, has been repeatedly debunked; it’s simply false. You’ve referred to several articles from the Maharishi anti-GMO group, which seems to be attacking GMO foods for religious, completely unscientific reasons – but they’ve made a lot of money on their books, so I guess they’re successful! The article about Roundup being more toxic than glyphosate alone (to cells in vitro) is true, because the formulation includes a detergent-like chemical, called a surfactant, to help the water-soluble glyphosate penetrate cell walls. This physical effect in the formulation is not relevant to toxicity of glyphosate residues in plants when they’re eaten, because the surfactant is gone. The paper about a “10-fold increase in birth defects in Hawaii” does not seem to be based on any actual epidemiology study; it is apparently based on an anecdotal report from the small town of Waimea. If there is an increase in Kauai, it would most likely be due to the overuse of pesticides on the test farms. The townspeople don’t eat the corn grown there. The anti-GMO papers out of Seralini’s lab in France have been repeatedly debunked, and don’t need any more comment. I could explain why the others are not credible if you wish, like the “sterility” claim, but I think that would be redundant.

          • Tommy Soto

            I will not waste my time going back n forth.
            Please enjoy your GMO foods and good health to you.

        • Kānāwai Māmalahoe

          In Maui we voted for Independent Longterm Environmental and Health Impact Studies. Monsanto-Bayer, Dow-DuPont and the rest of the big six chemical/gmo corps spent the most money in the history of Hawaii and the most per vote in any county voter initiative in US history and they still lost the vote to the people with an average of just $50 donation, the community won the vote despite blatantly false propaganda of the GMO/chemical corporations.

          So Monsanto-Bayer and Dow-DuPont just sued to overturn the vote and avoid the tests. The judge that allowed the big six to file arguments under seal (usually reserved for cases of national security) so the lawyers defending the vote were unable to even read entire sections of arguments the GMO/Chemical corps made to the judge. The wife of that Judge Kurren headed a bank that did business with the gmo/chemical cartel and headed NGOs that received millions in donations from Monsanto and Dow.

          They develop over 90 percent of the globe’s transgenic traits here so they should allow the Independent tests voted for instead of suing to avoid the tests.

          I was in favor of testing since I studied this at university…after I voted for it found out that I was one of the many with a rare birth malformation that is far more common here and papers have shown similar malformations in GE salmon. Fortunately the article has been removed and recovering. One of the citizens that created the voter initiative Dr. Pang noticed many problems as part of his job at the state department of Health.

          Pesticides in Paradise
          The Guardian

          De Novo Arteriovenous Malformation Growth Secondary to Implantation of Genetically Modified Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Brain.

          GE salmon malformation

          A comparative evaluation of the regulation of GM crops or products containing dsRNA and suggested improvements to risk assessments

          Complete Genes May Pass from Food to Human Blood

          An integrated multi-omics analysis of the NK603 Roundup-tolerant GM maize reveals metabolism disturbances caused by the transformation process

          Maui v. Monsanto: Hawaii County Voters Defy Agri-Giant’s Spending to OK Landmark Ban on GMO Crops

          Revealed: a secret Monsanto document in the Maui GMO case

          • Robert Howd

            From the Monsanto Headquarters website:
            News | April 6, 2017
            Myth: Monsanto Only Serves Non-GMO and Organic Foods in Its Cafeterias
            Fact: The food in our cafeterias is no different than what you’d find in most cafeterias, restaurants or supermarkets – some of it is from GM crops and some of it isn’t. We don’t go out of our way to have either GM or non-GM food in our cafeteria, with the exception of occasional specialty meals that showcase food grown with our seeds.
            There is a belief that Monsanto won’t serve GM foods – or that we only serve organic food – in our cafeterias. It’s entirely untrue. Our cafeterias serve all types of foods – including foods with ingredients from GM crops – every day. None of it is singled out as conventional or organic.
            Occasionally, though, we will have special menu items that feature our products. For example, over the summer, our cafeteria specifically featured menu items that include GM sweet corn, and we held a farmer’s market to directly offer employees an opportunity to purchase GM sweet corn.
            And to address a related myth – each of us purchases food for our families at grocery stores in the communities where we live and work. We do not have a private organic farm at our headquarters for our executives or employees.

          • Kānāwai Māmalahoe

            Yep, if you pay attention to the carefully crafted PR answer you can see that the reference about High Wycombe facility avoiding transgenic soy and maize is correct. Even when other locations tolerate it they do have labels. Many locations like the one mentioned in the article have gone out of their way to not serve as admitted by Tony.

            No where in that article did it mention a secret garden. Sweet corn is funny they must be the only ones who eat it as you know the share of actual transgenic corn on the cob is abysmal less than 1% it’s almost impossible to find. They do have several low on the totem grunts that don’t understand the science and have literally and figuratively drunk the koolaid.

            Try to find the key word hint():”Myth: Monsanto (Only) Serves Non-GMO and Organic Foods in Its Cafeterias
            (“specifically featured menu items”) aka labeled

          • Gmo Roberts

            You ever get tired of the lies?

          • Goldfinger

            Don’t you ever get tired of trying to spin away the truth?

          • Gmo Roberts

            No I believe in the truth it is you that refuse to see it.

          • Goldfinger

            All you know is what you think is the truth inside your tight little mental box. You can’t tell the difference between up and down or black and white. All you know is what you are told to believe.

          • Gmo Roberts

            Sorry but you re Wong again as you know nothing about me. I’m out here seeing the good that gmos do on a daily basis. You on the other hand only believe the gossip, but again you wouldn’t know what goes on in rural America.

          • Goldfinger

            No. I am not wrong about you. You are a well known mind controlled
            industry toady who hasn’t had an original thought for years if forever.
            They wind you up and program you with your scripted talking points and lies and turn you loose on normal people.

            I live in rural America and I do know what goes on. I see young farmers dying from lymphoma in their 50s and early 60s where these families used to live into their late 80s and min 90s. I see how that poisoned GMOs that you raise have made so many people sick. I see the destruction of insects like the honeybees and the monarch butterflies all because of the toxic poisons that are used to grow the poison food.

          • Robert Howd

            Hawai’i Health Dept. statistics show birth defects are decreasing in Hawai’i, and are no higher in the agricultural islands Maui and Kauai than in Oahu. And why bring up your own unfortunate birth defect here, since you, according to your claimed background, were born before the development of GMOs?

          • Kānāwai Māmalahoe

            The department of health does not show decreases in birth defects and the island of Oahu has almost as much transgenic development fields as Kauai and Maui. North shore Oahu, Kunia, has transgenic development by Syngenta-ChemChina, BASF and Monsanto.

            “Our data indicate that post-natal, adult formation of the human disease bAVM is possible, and that both genetic mutation and angiogenic stimulation are necessary for lesion development.”

            The pathology of AVMs is not known to be only prenatal and the first tests of transgenic development were before I was born. Operation paper clip brought the peer reviewed Nazi/Thule developers first to Missouri and shortly after to corn fields here. Also the previously cited study shows De novo and the following further backs up that it can develop post natal.
            Arteriovenous Malformation in the Adult Mouse Brain Resembling the Human Disease

            “After Paul Berg’s 1971 landmark gene-splicing experiment, the next landmark in the development of modern biotechnology was the insertion of rDNA into bacteria in such a way that the foreign DNA would replicate naturally (see Figure). This step was taken in 1972 by Boyer (b. 1936) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), in collaboration with Cohen (b. 1935) of Stanford University.” – over a decade before my birth. The transgenic herbicide resistant tobacco was also field tested in the 80s.

          • Robert Howd

            The Hawaii Birth Defects Surveillance Report produced by the Hawaii Dept. of Health shows an overall decrease in birth defects over the years studied, 1986-2005; see Figure 1, p. 5. GMO corn and soybeans started being planted in Hawaii in the mid-1990s, after their commercial sale was approved.

          • Kānāwai Māmalahoe

            Studied 1986 to 2005…the decreases were in other defects like the information given about lack of folic acid similar across the US. The malformations of heart, brain and gastroschisis began increasing along with the transgenic experiments that began before Monsanto purchased the previous seed development corporations. RR soy and corn increased to over 50 percent in 2000 just 5 years before they stopped this reporting.

            Recording is a problem when a lobbyists from Dow chemical ran the Waimea hospital until just recently…
            “At these times, many crowd the waiting rooms of the town’s main hospital, which was run until recently by Dow AgroSciences’ former chief lobbyist in Honolulu. It lies beside the middle school, both 1,700ft from Syngenta fields. The hospital, built by the old sugar plantation, has never studied the effects of the pesticides on its patients.”
            Pesticides in Paradise-The Guardian

            Dr. Pang from the Department of Health, was one of the five Maui citizens who launched the voter initiative for Independent Longterm Health and Environmental Impact Studies…after failing to buy the vote Monsanto-Bayer and Dow-DuPont sued to avoid the tests that would have been a more definitive answer from an independent EPHIS.

          • Robert Howd

            Increased exposures to pesticides may certainly be a problem for residents in the intensively-cultivated valleys of Maui and Kauai. Adverse effects may be occurring in locally-exposed populations where they won’t show up in island wide statistics, because most people are not living immediately down-wind of sprayed fields. Unfortunately, Hawai’i is way behind in interpreting data from recent years, and may never have the resources to break it out into exposure-specific evaluations. Chlorpyrifos, a known developmental neurotoxin, is still frequently used on crops in Hawai’i, and this will probably continue, since the Trump administration has cancelled the impending ban. (This of course has nothing much to do with genetically modified crops, since the test plantings would be going on whether the seeds were derived by hybridization, induced mutation, or gene editing.)

          • Robert Howd

            This report about non-GMO in the British cafeteria was first published in 1999, and has been making the rounds in the anti-GMO postings ever since, with many fanciful embellishments. The facility closed years ago…. A good summary of the issue is available on the Metadebunk website.

          • Kānāwai Māmalahoe

            Must have been incredibly embarrassing for Tony to have to explain that many of the high level gene jockeys that understand science insisted on foods free of transgenic development for the past 18 years. So closing the facility and pretending like it is an isolated example makes good PR…Just use Monsanto’s carefully canned denials that it is (Only) Non-GMO/Organic.

  • Saidi

    Truth is,GMOs are not safe and will never be safe for human consumption.

    • FarmersSon63

      Truth is, GMO’s have been proven safe.
      20+ years with a 100% safety record.
      Over 5,000 peer reviewed safety studies and none have concluded GMO’s are unsafe.
      Overwhelming scientific consensus that they are safe.
      You haveabsolutely no science on your side to make your crazy claims.

      • GOOSE

        Nope. There is no safety record.

        Since GMOs were introduced sserious medical conditions like Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bile duct cancer, Kidney and renal pelvic cancer, urinary bladder cancer, thyroid cancer, not only that but also hypertension, stroke, obesity, diabetes, renal disease, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infection, autism, alzheimer’s , and parkinson’s. All of these have increased dramatically since cancer causing Roundup laden GMOs were introduced with out any long term safety testing and purposely hidden from us in the food supply.

        And there is this study: Genetically engineered crops, glyphosate and the
        deterioration of health in the United States of America


        • Robert Howd

          OMG, what a useless paper. The authors do not appear to be biological scientists. Two are employed by a forest resources consulting firm, one is an organic foods executive, and the fourth is a geologist. The paper is published in “Journal of Organic Systems,” which is sponsored by the Organic Federation of Australia. The journal is not included in PubMed, meaning it’s not really accepted as an accredited scientific journal. And the paper itself is trash, confusing statistical associations with cause and effect.

          • GOOSE

            You have given us your opinion of the scientist now please give us the specific issues you have with the study.

            Anyone can throw rocks. Lets see if it has anything to do with the science.

          • Robert Howd

            The paper documents that planting of GMO corn and soy in the U.S. and use of glyphosate are correlated with increases of several different diseases. Yes, certain diseases have increased during the same time as GMO crops and glyphosate use has increased. The correlations would be equally as robust for increased sales of organic crops, increased use of cellphones, and increased sales of hybrid cars, among many other things. The use of such correlations without any biological justification or evidence of linkage is nonsense, deplored by ALL epidemiologists. And, tellingly, these authors are not epidemiologists and the article is not published in an epidemiology journal. This is not science. This is, make up a hypothesis, and see what we can throw at it.

          • GOOSE

            Maybe, maybe not. Do you have any data, or just your industry talking points.

            Let’s see that data. Until then I’ll ignore the spin.

            Organic crops are only about 4% of the food sold so the proability that they are the cause is close to zero.

            Most scientists pay attention when the P values are this high.

            Table 3. Pearson’s coefficients between disease and glyphosate applications (N=21
            encompassing 1990-2010), except autism (N=16; autism data only available for 1995-2010).
            Disease Coefficient, R R 2 × 100 Probability, p
            Thyroid cancer (incidence) 0.988 97.6 =7.6E-9
            Liver cancer (incidence) 0.960 92.1 =4.6E-8
            Bladder cancer (deaths) 0.981 96.2 =4.7E-9
            Pancreatic cancer (incidence) 0.918 84.2 =4.6E-7
            Kidney cancer (incidence) 0.973 94.8 =2.0E-8
            Table 4. Pearson’s coefficients between disease and the percentage of US corn and soy crops
            that are GE (N=15 encompassing 1996-2010; GE crops were first planted in 1995).
            Disease Coefficient, R R 2 × 100 Probability, p
            Thyroid cancer (incidence) 0.938 87.9 =2.2E-5
            Liver cancer (incidence) 0.911 82.9 =5.4E-5
            Bladder cancer (incidence) 0.945 89.3 =7.1E-6
            Pancreatic cancer (incidence) 0.841 70.7 =4.0E-4
            Kidney cancer (incidence) 0.940 88.4 =2.0E-5
            Myeloid leukaemia (deaths) 0.889 79.0 =5.4E-5
            Genetically engineered crops, glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the United States of America

            ISSN 1177-4258

          • StopGMO

            Why do you continuously lie for these corrupt corporations? I know money can be one reason but, how do you sleep at night?

      • Rob Bright

        Said the well known pro-GMO, agrochemical industry spokesperson… keep spreading that misinformation and industry propaganda, Fake Farmer. You gotta earn your 5 cents per post!

    • Robert Howd

      Not clear to me why you would lambast a technology, rather than a product. What is the evidence that making specific genetic changes to plants or animals is more unsafe than radiation or chemical-induced mutation, which has been used for decades to develop new plant varieties? And with ever-more-precise methods, as experience develops, how can you possibly conclude that the results will “never be safe for human consumption”? Are you claiming some ability to predict the future?

      • GOOSE

        Maybe if you could post some peer reviewed science that shows long term consumption of GMOs is safe for humans you might get more traction that just asserting the unproven propaganda lie.

      • patzagame

        You really have no idea what the unintended consequences of genetic engineering involve. Are you claiming some ability to predict the future?

        • Robert Howd

          The changes made using gene-editing technology are minor and more specific than those made using the “time-honored” chemical and radiation-induced mutation. I wonder what the unintended consequences of these terrible gene-damaging methods are? And why no one seems to care? Such mutation-damaged products are even approved as “organic” in the U.S., and can be grown with no restrictions whatsoever in Europe. It’s good that agriculture is moving forward with better methods.

          • GOOSE

            Not necessarily so. That is the sales pitch, but the reality is less certain.

            There are a great number of papers coming out that question the preciseness of CRISPR

          • Robert Howd

            I’ve seen one such paper. And it’s true that other unwanted genetic changes can occur using this method. But how many occur(ed) with the previous methods? THOUSANDS!!!

          • GOOSE

            Knowledge is gained and there is no room for ideology. FACT is CRISPR is not as precise as the salespeople tell us. I’m not responsible for your inability to keep up with the news of these studies.

  • GusO

    No surprises, most of Nigeria’s scientists still left in Nigeria are second fiddle to our scientists abroad. It is clear that most countries have rejected GMOs because the scientific literature is littered with various safety concerns that have not been resolved satisfactorily. Additionally, the big Agricultural Companies that sell the seeds make you sign agreements that lock you into buying seeds exclusively from them at such high prices that you end up losing so much cash that countries like Burkina Faso that tried it are wanting to break the agreement and go back to their own seeds. Surely I can’t believe the NAS does not know these things. Mostly likely, the corrupt leadership of the NAS was bribed by the Agric companies. Highly educated and non educated Nigerians are the same: they sell out their national sovereignty to foreigners for cash. A professor of virology has no business talking about the acceptability of GMO seeds. That’s not his expertise.

  • Otito-koro

    Just google “danger of gmo” or “gmo truths and myths” and see for yourself. From the scientific point of view, danger of gmo lies in the insertion of genes from one species (such as bacteria) into another (a crop such as maize). From the economics point of view, gmo seeds have “terminator genes” which means a farmer cannot save seeds from one year’s harvest to be used in later years (google danger of “terminator genes”) , because such seeds, when planted, would not yield fruits. An African farmer using gmo seeds therefore becomes a slave of the overseas gmo seed company. Then, there is environmental devastation. Shame on the Nigerian Academy of Sciences, leaders of which have probably been bribed by gmo seed companies to sell poor African farmers into slavery and peonage!

    • Robert Howd

      No products with “terminator genes” are on the market, or have ever been marketed. Because you don’t know this, it appears that you are not very knowledgeable about GMO products. I think it would be good for you to read the real scientific papers on GMOs rather than goggle “danger of gmo.”

      • GOOSE

        Great. I’d like to do that. Please post ONE peer reviewed scientific study that shows long term consumption of GMOs is safe for humans.

        • Robert Howd

          As “GOOSE” well knows (this is one of many pseudonyms of this poster), no foods are ever subjected to specific long-term human studies. The fact that these foods have been consumed for decades by farm animals and humans with no documented health effect speaks for itself.

          • GOOSE

            GMOs are not just any food.

            The conventional food we eat has been tested by evolutionary forces for thousands of years and have been consumed for millenniums with out harm to humans.

            GMOs are cobbled together in a lab from the genes of unrelated organisms and they have not been through evolutionary pressure and they are released to the environment with out any safety testing.

            You argument is false equivalency.

            There are many documented health effects, and millions of people have found dumping pesticide laden GMOs and switching to an organic diet has made serious health issues get much better or go away completely.

            Since GMOs were introduced serious medical issues like Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bile duct cancer, Kidney and renal pelvic cancer, urinary bladder cancer, thyroid cancer, not only that but also hypertension, stroke, obesity, diabetes, renal disease, inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infection, autism, alzheimer’s , and parkinson’s. All of these have increased dramatically since cancer causing Roundup/glyphosate laden GMOs were introduced with out any long term safety testing and purposely hidden from us in the food supply.

          • Robert Howd

            Junk post. The foods we eat today, whether produced using “conventional” mutation methods or gene editing, are nothing like what humans previously ate. Almost nothing we eat today, except wild-caught seafoods, is what people ate as recently as 30 years ago. And in developed countries, life-spans continue to rise – except for the problems derived from over-consumption of the abundance of cheap foods presently available. Yes, more efficient agriculture, in part because of GMO improvements, are contributing to cheap foods, and our obesity epidemic.

          • GOOSE

            Not to mention the effects of the pesticides like glyphosate on the health of people eating this diet. Cheap food = poor health.

            Nutrition is much more than calories of nutrient deficient GMO foods.

          • Pluti

            The conclusion is that evolution of grains or plants naturally are healthier. So Nigerians say no to GMO because we prefer to stick with nature… na nature we know, we are not lab rats for long term tests

          • Kānāwai Māmalahoe

            2016-American life expectancy is in decline for the first time since 1993

          • Robert Howd

            Yes. Obesity and inactivity seem to be the major causes.

          • Peaceful Warrior

            So you say. Great spin, bro. Not buying it here.

          • Robert Howd

            Here is a relevant quote on a good article in The Atlantic (Dec. 2016): Much of the increase in mortality can be explained by obesity. In 2015, weight problems accounted for more than 10 percent of all American deaths, according to Christopher Murray, director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, but just 7 percent in the U.K. and 3 percent in Japan.
            However, poverty and its associated struggles, such as depression, stress, and poor nutrition, are also clearly playing a role.
            “We might be seeing the drag that decades of stagnant wages, growing inequality, and the associated behavioral (e.g. smoking, diet, activity) and psychosocial (e.g. chronic stress, depression) factors have on eventual mortality,” said Michael Kramer, a professor of epidemiology at Emory University, via e-mail. Americans are hit harder than other rich countries are by these forces, he posits, both because of our skimpy preventive health care and because “the U.S. has higher income inequality and less comprehensive social safety net, so the ill-effects of poverty may take an undo toll.”

          • Peaceful Warrior

            That is great spin and I know you would like to take the heat off your industry’s poisoning of the American people by hiding cancer causing glyphosate laden GMOs in the food supply.

            You will need more than an op-ed piece to spin away the fact that much of the obesity is caused by the devastating effects of the endocrine disruptor glyphosate. that is used to cultivate over 96% of the GMO crops, has on the human gut microbiome. These effects also cause much of the depression, stress, and poor nutrition you talk about.

            Fact is that your article may be correct, but the reasons are not attributed to the actual source of the problem which is cancer causing glyphosate laden GMOs that are purposely hidden in the American food supply.

          • Kānāwai Māmalahoe

            Interestingly just saw this:
            “You can eat less and exercise more—but you’ll still probably gain more weight (about 10 percent more) than someone your age would have gained 20 – 30 years ago, eating and exercising the same amount.
            So says a new study published in the journal Obesity Research & Clinical Practice. The study found, as reported in The Atlantic, that someone, in 2006, eating the same amount of calories, taking in the same quantities of macronutrients like protein and fat, and exercising the same amount as a person of the same age did in 1988, would have a BMI (Body Mass Index) that was about 2.3 points higher.
            The study’s authors posited three possible explanations for their findings:
            1. Today we’re exposed to more chemicals—pesticides, flame retardants, the substances in food packaging—that may be messing with our hormones.
            2. We’re taking more drugs, especially antidepressants, many of which are linked to weight gain.
            3. Our gut bacteria are changing, possibly because we’re eating more meat—and that meat is now being treated with growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics.”

  • suleiman

    Nigerian academics are simply lazy and plagiarists. They plagiarize publications to earn promotion to professors. There are too many armed cheers professors in the country, most of whom are intellectual dwarfs. So am not surprised at the decision of the NAS since they are busy chasing after contracts rather than doing real science