Makarfi PDP condemns release of terror suspects in exchange for Chibok Girls

Ahmed Makarfi
Ahmed Makarfi

The Ahmed Makarfi faction of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has condemned the decision by the Nigerian government to swap Boko Haram prisoners with some of the abducted Chibok School girls.

About 82 of the girls, who were abducted from their school in April 2014, were released on Saturday as part of a prisoner swap that saw the release of some Boko Haram suspects.

While local and international rights groups like Amnesty International and BringBackOurGirls have commended the move, the opposition party said though the release of the girls was good, freeing the terror suspects was bad.

The Makarfi faction of PDP in a statement by its spokesperson, Dayo Adeyeye said the suspected terrorists by this release have escaped justice; and “all the efforts made by security agencies to bring them to book has come to nothing”.

The party also said “the negotiations are in clear violation and indeed a direct assault on the generally accepted international principle never to negotiate with terrorists”.

Read the full statement below:

The Release of 82 Chibok Girls: Our Position – PDP.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi, CON, has described the recent release of 82 Chibok girls as a welcome development. The capture and detention of these girls by the Boko Haram terrorists in the last three years had brought extreme pain and suffering not only to their families but to the people of this Country and men and women of goodwill all over the world. What is however of great concern is the price paid to secure the release of the girls. According to reports, the girls were released in exchange for the release of suspected Boko Haram terrorists. If that is the case, we say it’s a heavy price to pay and an unusual one at that.

While we welcome the release of the girls, we do not think that exchanging innocent girls for hardened criminals like the terrorists is the right approach for the following reasons:

1). The suspected terrorists by this release have escaped justice; and all the effort made by security agencies to bring them to book has come to nothing.

2). The release of the terrorists is a setback for the War on insurgency. Their release is tantamount to releasing them to resume their war against society. Many of them could find their ways back to the terrorists camps from where they could unleash terror against the country. Others who are allowed to roam freely in society could become veritable recruiting agents and purveyors of suicide bombing and urban terrorism.

3). The Boko Haram terrorists are emboldened to continue with their tactics of kidnapping innocent people with the belief that they can always use it to blackmail the Government to release their members and to extract other concessions.

4). The piece meal release of the girls means the terrorists want to extract more concessions from the Government which in the end can only prolong the insurgency.

5). The release of the girls will increase the agony and high expectancy of the remaining girls still in custody of the terrorists and their families who will be wondering why they have not been so lucky. It therefore would have been better to ensure the release of all the girls at once.

6). The negotiations are in clear violation and indeed a direct assault on the generally accepted international principle never to negotiate with terrorists. This international principle is sound and logical because negotiation with the terrorists only fuels their urge to continue with their heinous crimes.

7). However, we recognize the concern of President Buhari to ensure the earliest release of the Chibok girls for domestic and international considerations. Equally, we are very concerned about the safe return of the girls to their families at the earliest possible time. But we disagree that negotiating with the terrorists is the right approach to achieving the objective.

8). Meanwhile, we rejoice with the girls and their families and hope that their remaining colleagues will join them in freedom in no distant future.


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  • Observer

    Looking for attention.. mtcheew

  • Jb

    Makarfi, we have not forgotten how PDP negotiated with 419 representatives of the terrorists in Nigeria and Chad. In PDP characteristics of looting , you people looted billions claiming that the terrorist have agreed to release this girls but it all turn out be another treasury looting by Jonathan and PDP. Just shut your mouth now and allow government that is determine to clear the mess you have created on Nigerians.

    • Joe

      My friend, the people that arranged the abduction of these girls are the same people that released them. GEJ was took weak, if not he could have used the powers as guaranteed under the constitution to force shettima to bring these girls. These girls were in Maiduguri gra for over 30days before the moved to gwoza and subsequently sambisa.

      • You just reasoned like a typical biafran. It’s like you people’s brain work in reverse order. Poor you.

      • Gabriel

        Mr. Joe this is not a movie woh this wan na real talk we dey talk …. how can shettima keep this girls for 30days in gra without the head of state knowing… please to be factual about what you are saying

      • Isaac Azor

        You’re an unfortunate human being!

    • wode

      Tell them. May your memory never be tainted!

  • Obiejesi Chukwunaeme Kingsley

    Emmm Please can somebody send at least three pieces of thunder to fire the Makarfi PDP for condemning the releas of the Chibok girls? See his kola-stained teeth!

    • sheyman

      Amadioha is listening, he’s baking special thunder for makarfi & co

  • Alhaji

    Ahmed Makarfi f is right. Truth is bitter but that is the truth. Terrorists release terrorists after they had killed over 40000 innocent people. Where is justice for the deceased and their family. Where the deterrence here? What prevents them from doing the same in the future?

    • gere

      You’re a shame. Just listen to yourself

  • wode

    It would have been good were it to be these people’s children that were kidnapped by the dreaded Boko Haram. It would have been interesting to see the position they would have taken. Mischief!

  • Kenechi Casmir

    Wicked makarfi People..Where was he when those girls are kidnapped???if his daughter was kidnapped, what will be his faith??/Just playing politics with everything including Nigerian lives.I see the reason why Sheriff want to purge the Party of Sabotuers

  • Curseless

    This Markafi PDP group or whatever they are called must be a pack of jackasses with no milk of kindness running through their veins. If they are parents by any means they should appreciate that nothing is more precious than the life’s of those Chibok girls even if a thousand rebels are swapped in exchange for their release. A serious nation must not fail these children again. The same PDP failed them the first time by allowing them to be captured under their watch and here we go again, the same PDP lamenting their release. Anyone with children of their own will ever vomit this kind of nonsense and Markafi and his group must cover their faces in shame and apologize to the nation.

    • Isaac Azor

      Thank you. You’ve said it all.

    • dele20

      Don’t mind the evil markafroud

  • PolyGon2013

    We should have injected those terrorists with a traceable serum, so that we can track their movement back to their group. Once we know their location, we zoom in and blow them up.

  • band olu

    Makarfi is wrong, in practice democratic govts often negotiate with terrorists,d British,Americans & Spanish have negotiated with terrorist b4….Bruce Hoffman, director of Georgetown’s university for security studies & a security expert said that however common d refrain ”we do not negotiate with terrorist” has become, it is repeated as mantra more than fact” he went on to say ”we have long negotiated with terrorist, virtually every other country in d world has negotiated with terrorist despite pledges never to”…He said , we should b tough on terrorists but not on our fellow countrymen who are their captives, which means having to make a deal with d devil when their is no alternative….Makarfi & his gang will always criticise this govt even when they don’t have to, he won’t b saying what he said if his own daughter was involved…


      I agree completely with you. Indeed Israel at one time exchanged one thousand palestinian prisoners for one israeli soldier who had been captured and held for about five years. Many of the palestinian prisoners released had been fingered as having played active roles in some suicide bombing incidents in israel. The situation here is even more pathetic in that it involved innocent young girls who had nothing to do with the war. The swap deal with the boko haram prisoners is completely justified in my opinion.

      • band olu

        I agree with u too,this faction of PDP goofed big time with this statement from them, any responsible govt would have done d same thing this govt did in securing d release of d girls especially when it’s d only other option available so we should all b praising them….D problem with those in PDP is they are irresponsible & do not care about citizens as long as they are able to make money out of every situation & loot.These girls have stayed long in captivity due to PDP’s irresponsibility & inaction when they were captured so they should b ashamed of themselves & not start criticizing those who sought their release…..With this attitude, we should not allow those in PDP to get close to power again…

  • Isaac Azor

    Just because the daughters of this group of heartless people are not involved. The beast in them that made them embezzled even funds meant for fighting terrorism is now becoming glaring!

  • Ogbeni Leke Olowe

    FG. Should have packed people like makarfi, wike,fayose, Fani Kayode, Dayo Adeyeye etc and give to the boko haram in exchange for the chibok girls. I prayed that Fayose, Dayo Adeyeye and makarfi children will be kidnap and be in the custody of the boko haram for 3 years so they too can experience the trauma the families when through for the last 3 years. Somebody say AMEN.

  • george bolatiwa

    These non-entity speaks at both sides of their mouths, when they had an opportunity they did nothing. Thank God for the release of these girls and hope the rest will come home to their parents.

  • Bola PETU

    PDP never believed the girls were taken in the first place. They were inured by the stealing spree during arms procurement, election (a la Deziani) and petroleum subsidy. This position by Makarfi is to say the least insensitive and provocative.

  • Lamido Ango

    Kai! Makafi I am disappointed in you, I am gradually lossing the little respect I have for you, being in opposition doesn’t mean you must condemn every action of the government in situation like this I expected the humbly Makafi I used to know to keep mute. Haba!

  • solom

    i am not surprise at all with de pigs ,,,,selfish arrogant, Corrupt, deluded , criminally minded and unpatriotic bunch of fools

  • blackdove

    Dead party talking, and they wondered why they lost political power.

  • Jacobus James

    The right exchange would have been Makarfi & Co for the Chibok girls. In fact all the Makarfis in Nigeria for one girl would be fair.

    • Oskirin

      dayo,,,,so u went as far signing ds press release? he no go beta for u…shebi u,fayose,crazy fella fany & lucifer metuh said dere is nothing like chibok girls? i repeat he no go beta for u and ur generation..

      buhari made a mistake,,,he would av use u and d entire pdp bigwigs as exchange.

      • Sola Emmanuel

        Amen and amen in Jesus might name.


      Yes o

    • Sola Emmanuel

      Oh no, you’re right because they caused anyway way.

  • Man_Enough

    It is far better for the guilty to go unpunished than for the innocent to be punished. What pdp is insulating is that when a criminal points a gun at your forehead you should not yield to his demands. There is always a day of reckoning for the wicked. It may tarry but, for sure, it will come to pass.


    Can you imagine the statement by this PDP animals?. Which country in the world does not negotiate for the life of its citizens.?

    • dele20

      Don’t just mind him

  • dele20

    Markafroud is inhuman, bestial and callous, can you imagine his statement?

  • dele20

    If markafroud’s daughter were among the chikbok girls, would he callously say this kind of rubbish?

  • dele20

    With what markafroud as one of the PDP leaders has just said, it is clear to us that PDP is clueless to rule Nigeria

  • dele20

    Markafroud is unworthy to lead

    A good leader must not be selfish

    A good leader must care for the lives of the masses