Alleged grass-cutting fraud: SGF Babachir Lawal to shun Senate on Thursday

Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal.

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, will not appear before a Senate Committee on Humanitarian Crisis in Northeast on Thursday.

Mr. Lawal had earlier been indicted for alleged fraud by the committee and the Senate, who called for his removal.

He was found culpable by the Senate for his alleged role in a grass-cutting N200 million contract to clear “invasive plant species” in Yobe State.

President Muhammadu Buhari, in a letter to the Senate, however defended Mr. Lawal saying he was not given fair hearing, thus necessitating the new summons.

Mr. Lawal has gone to court challenging his summon and indicated he will not appear on Thursday, the News Agency of Nigeria reports

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  • Infoezone Infoezone

    I have always maintained that buhari is no different from all the other corrupt politicians. He is just a crook like the others. Keep on protecting your inner circle.

  • AryLoyds

    “invasive plant species” I assume this is indian herm. Well as usual he is with BUBU in the Vila , so he is covered.

    • hajiya tunsj soyemi(mai suya)

      Indian hemp??
      Nice one bro!

    • Otile

      They make it sound so ominous so as to deceive people and loot our money. I can tell you what they mean by “invasive plant species” is grass. The worrisome aspect of this is the arrogance Buhari’s relatives port themselves before the world. When Buhari thumbs his nose at court orders his relatives follow suit thinking they will get away with similar disobedience of law and order. In one short week alone Alibiba Hameed and Babachir Lawal have scandalously defied the Senate, our elected Senate. This is dangerous..

      • AryLoyds

        Mallam Buhari and his jesters can not sin. We must look the other way and pretend that we have not seen or heard any thing.

  • vay

    Hmm… Naija! Your SGF is a thug… Appears like a thug,speak like a thug,his action like a thug. A complete thug as a SGF of Nigeria

  • The Elder





    • Otile

      Don’t say anyone, if you are not a Muslim and from the Core North don’t try it.

      • Ifeanyi

        SGF is a Christian so stop feeding the public with your sentiments. Go to YouTube AIT documentary on the grass cutting issue and see that it’s a witch hunt. Senate lacks Integrity and credibility, that’s why no body takes it seriously.

        • Otile

          Is Hameed Ali a Christian, is Mohamed Buhari a Christian, is Tukur Buratai a Christian? Omo Odua, stop defending errant Northern Muslims.

          • Absolutely Sane

            Shut the hell up bigot. Why don’t you make all Nigerians Christian. At times, I wonder if you guys reason at all. You keep shouting PMB agenda is to turn Nigeria to a Muslim nation whereas you have always being the ones pursuing the agenda in reverse manner. You want every government official to be christian irrespective of their competency. What has religion got to do with the news published? The man refuse to answer them because he doesn’t take them serious.Besides, you cannot after giving your verdict now summon him to explain what. If he has anything to hide he wouldn’t have the effrontery to proceed to court to challenge the assembly thieves called legislators but really should be called legislooters.

        • Akpobu

          Working for the course of the Muslims can also make you a Muslim after all the SGF had already accused Xtains of praying for the death of Buhari.

  • Alex

    In the medieval days,the advisers of the Kings are just as powerful as the King’s they advise.Quess we are still in the medieval.

    • Otile

      The Moslem North has never left the medieval era. Mohameddanism as Prophet Mohammed preached and behaved is still in vogue, beheading and jihad are very much alive today.

  • George

    How long will this continue Nigerians?

    • vay

      What a good question coz every arm of government in Nigeria is a shame.

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    When the chips are down, Buhari may be the first president of Nigeria to be sacked through impeachment.
    Nigerians have never had it so bad as long as governance is concerned. This is the worst thing that can ever happen to any nation. Buhari within 23 months only have undermined every pillar holding Nigeria nation. Buhari have not achieved anything positive since coming to power but he has afflicted Nigerian nation with a terrible bad omen. Buhari have sown discord amongst Nigerians, sown disunity, hatred, hunger, despondency, sorrow and death.
    It is very saddening that a man who said that he is fighting corruption, shall at the same time be found giving maximum cover and protection to very corrupt personalities.
    This is the irony of a Buhari presidency that is suffering from integrity deficiency syndromes.

  • Onye Obosi

    Ali is at the corner laughing at them, and now, Babachair, abi Babatable, and more will come. What goes around comes around. This is the circle of corruption going round.

    The corrupt politicians get perpetual court injunction, so as not to appear in court, now those summoned by the senate are getting same injunction, so they will avoid senate appearance.
    Very soon students will go to court to get injunction, so they will relax at home and not go to school.

    • vay

      If a dummy should surround himself with wise people no one will know he is a dummy but reverse is the case when a wise person surround himself with dummies and fantastically corrupt personnels. Our “hmmmmmm” is the biggest dummy right now

  • pheliciti

    Is it the job of the Senate to indict? What the is the job of the Police and the judiciary?

  • Pure Reasoning

    While it is a known fact that the Nigeria National Assembly is full of crooks and even though I have question about of the legality of the senate to summon an SSG to appear before it, given that in my estimation as a lay person that the SSN has what is know as executive privileged and therefore protected by the execute. But if I am wrong the privilege stuff, I think it is incumbent of the SSG to go to the Senate and clear his name. He must not hide under the clout not to defend himself of the allegation.


    This is a welcome move and development by Lawal. The Senate is fast becoming a nuisance and a worthless institution that degrades our democracy. I will encourage all those being invited by the Saraki`s house of clowns to shun such frivolous invitations. If the senate or any other arms of govt has evidences of financial malfeasance or acts of corruption against any Public servant , the constitution is clear where such matters should be addressed. The Nigerian constitution has not listed the Senate as a criminal investigation body in any of its schedules. We have seen a gang of thieves hiding under the Senate doing everything to bring down PMB govt at all cost. What has the wearing of Custom uniform or otherwise got to do with the performance of Ali Hamed. How many times has Saraki or the Speaker wore to their respective chambers the official regalia of their respective office. If the senate, want Nigerians to take them serious , let them ask Saraki or whoever has any cases before the courts to step aside and clear their names. The resolution of the Senate is as best a piece of advise and has no force of Law in Nigeria.

  • Frank Bassey

    All those supporting the LOOTING that Babachir Lawal engaged in are enemies of Nigeria. The man committed a blunder and is ashamed to face the Senate. If NASS is a den of thieves, then PMB is surrounded by a host of foxes. These are THIEVES, nothing less than that. The Presidency is covering them; the consequence is beginning to manifest. You cannot fight corruption in this sectional, partial, skewed, preferential and selective manner. Just look at their faces in the photo above.