Protesters want Amnesty International to leave Nigeria

Protesters occupy Amnesty International office

A group of protesters on Monday barricaded the Abuja office of Amnesty International and asked the international organisation to quit Nigeria within 24 hours.

Speaking for the protesters, Melvin Ejeh warned that the group would lead other Nigerians on a five-day Occupy Amnesty International protest as a first warning, if the organisation does not shut down its operations and leave Nigeria in the next 24 hours.

“Let us warn at this point that there will be no interval of respite if AI failed to leave Nigeria at the end of the five days as we will activate other more profound options to make them the organization leave Nigeria”, Mr. Ejeh, who is Executive Director, Global Peace and Rescue Initiative, GOPRI, said.

He called on Nigerians to “join the movement to get this evil out of our land before it plunges us into real war.”

Mr. Ojeh said organisations like the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, and the Global Amnesty Watch had condemned a recent report by AI which alleged human rights abuses by Nigerian security agencies against arrested Boko Haram suspects.

He accused AI of having ulterior motives.

“Previous calls by concerned groups for the government to kick Amnesty International out of Nigeria for the safety of citizens have gone unheeded. Unfortunately, if this organisation is allowed to continue carrying out its atrocities here it will destabilise Nigeria.

“Unlike our leaders, most of us do not have the resources to relocate our loved ones to other lands if Amnesty International succeeds in ruining this nation.

“Like the victims of AI’s operation in the Middle-East, we would be left without a country and we would not be welcomed in other nations. We will become mere footnotes in its next annual report since it stops showing interest in places it has successfully destroyed.”

Amnesty International in its report alleged human rights abuses by Nigerian security agencies in the war against Boko Haram and in quelling protests in other parts of Nigeria.

The organisation’s latest reports stated that 240 people, including infants, died in a military detention centre in Borno in 2016, while 177 pro-Biafran agitators were extra-judicially killed in the same year.

However, the military denied the claims contained in the report, saying “they were contrived lies orchestrated to blackmail and ridicule the Nigerian Armed Forces.”


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  • thusspokez

    A group of protesters on Monday barricaded the Abuja office of Amnesty International and asked the international organization to quit Nigeria within 24 hours.

    I will like to know who is funding this protesters. I did see this many people protesting on behalf of the Chibok girls.

    • Stargazer

      No be una yeye world class army?

    • un spkn

      we would like to know who is funding amnesty and whose interest they are serving.

      • thusspokez

        Google is your friend!

  • serubawon70

    Amnesty International has long ceased to pursue the aim of people who pioneered it to speak for the opressed. These days they are out to make headline, concot a report and hope that donations keep rolling in. Where their attention is required, they just make a little noise, careful not to jeopardise donations and move on.

  • calyboy

    Hungry for hire protesters. Funny idiots.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Ignorance is bliss…..

  • Watch man

    The PM of Hungary just ordered George Soros-funded AI and other groups to declare their source of income (see Reuters) or leave the country. The Hungarian born Soros (a billionaire) has been funding AI and many other groups to fulfill the elite utopian NWO. That is why Putin has declared him persona non grata in Russia. AI’s mission in Nigeria has nothing to do with protecting Nigeria’s interest. They are doing the bidding of their masters. In fact, this protest is belated; they (AI) ought to have been kicked out of Nigeria for long. They are known for cooking up data as a prelude to destabilizing govts, just as they are trying to do in Russia and Hungary. Let the #OCCUPY AI begin.

    • thusspokez

      Yeah George Soros ate your hamster! Why do you think that the Nigerian army and the other law enforcement agencies want to uproot AI from Nigeria?

      Well as many of you lack the ability to think deep, let me explain the reason for the protest: When the Nigerian army, police and SSS commit human-rights abuses against Nigerians, most Nigerian news media are too scared to even report the incidents, but those that do, like Premium Times, get threats from these institutions, particularly from the Nigerian army. But these institution are manned by cowards who suffer from an inferiority complex and afraid to threaten a western organisation as they readily do against Nigerian organisations. Instead, they chose to use rent-mobs as human shields, and think that people are too dumb to come to realise that they are masterminding the protests?

      Amnesty International(AI) gets under the skin of China, Israel, UK, Russia, The Vatican and even the US. The Nigerian army and its brothers in human rights abuse are the only ones hiring mobs to try to intimidate AI.

      The AI is critic of the Nigeria army and the Nigerian police — brothers in human rights abuses, murders and massacres of innocent Nigerians. So the Nigerian army, particularly, want AI to leave, so that it’s human-rights, abuses, murders, and massacres of innocent Nigerians — some of whom, in future, will include their hired mumu mob — will go unreported, unopposed and not criticised by anyone.

      So you can blame George Soros as much as you want, but remember that AI also highlights and criticises human rights abuse in his country, the US.

      • Watch man

        Whether he ate your hamster or not is not the issue. Over 3,000 violence and deaths were recorded in Chicago alone in the last one year. Did you hear AI talk about it? Tony Blair and George Bush ought to be in jail before now because of their crime against humanity but they are moving freely. What did they do? They used fake intelligence to convince the world that Saddam has WMD but when UN weapons inspector went their on investigation he found nothing but then thousands of people have been murdered and Saddam dismantled. Did you ever hear your AI mount aggressive campaign against the prosecution of these two guys? Saudi Arabia is one of the chief sponsors he terrorism globally. Has your AI ever risen up against them? Sweden has been living in denial until Donald Trump exposed the violent crisis that has been going on there; it was after then that the dishonest media started reporting about it. Has your AI ever said anything about that? The world experienced global oil glut as a punishment against Russia for “conniving” with Syria in denying Saudi Arabia/US the opportunity to lay a pipeline from the coast to pass through Syria to Europe. The whole world suffered the efffect including you. Did you ever hear this from the dishonest MSM (apart from Global Research and a few others)? Did your beloved AI rise against the key actors for committing crime against humanity?

        You see, the problem with people like you is that you have lost/ceded your identity to everything West because you believe they are better than you and should rule over you. Consequently you reduced your thinking to that of the proverbial ostrich whose head is in the sand while the entire body is outside. What a pity!

        • thusspokez

          A Nigerian is arrested for embezzlement; his tribesmen come to his defence, citing ‘whatabout’ so and so from other tribe(s) — as a way to deflect from the topic of discussion and the morality of the crime.

          You are deploying the style of argument here: You seem to be arguing that its is acceptable for the Nigerian army and Nigerian Police to continue with their widespread human rights abuses, murders and massacres of innocent Nigerians and not being criticised by AI, because AI — which you falsely accuse — didn’t criticise the likes of George Bush, Tony Blair, Chicago police human rights record, etc.

          • Watch man

            It is because I “keep up to date with AI’s activities around the world” that I was able to site the instances in my earlier post.

            Listen, it is against the law of natural justice for a man living in a glass house to be throwing stones. There is no military force, police or any security agency in the world whose efforts at peace-keeping will not leave some quantum of stain and hurt here and there. It is normal, although not desirable. Can you site one example of a peace keeping force in this world whose peace keeping activity did not leave traces of victims? There is none. So, shouting and popping up skewed report as AI is doing is simply to paint Nigeria black. That was exactly what they did with Tony Blair and George Bush when they came up with false reports that Saddam had WMD so as to get the rest of the world behind them in a bid to dismantle Saddam. It is the same thing they are doing to Nigeria.

            I will advise you to read NSSM 200 so that you will understand the blueprint of the unfortunate activity of AI and the West against Nigeria and about 14 other nations. When you finish studying it you will see how virtually everything in it is being fulfilled according to plan. Next time when AI or any of their like shouts or comes up with a report, kindly read in between lines before applauding them (or not).

            AI’s primary responsibility is not to protect Nigeria’s interest. They have their masters that are paying them and it is these paymasters that they have allegiance to. We should learn to encourage our own a bit. Yes, they have their flaws, but that should not be the reason to close our eyes to the little they are doing. Personally I am not happy with some of the undesirable fall-out of their operations but that is how it is globally. So, let us also be mindful of the modicum of the good they have done and commend them for that. If you get to know the clandestine forces fighting against Nigeria I believe your language will change.

          • thusspokez

            It is because I “keep up to date with AI’s activities around the world”

            Judging by your comments, I am inclined to doubt this claim too. Anyway!

            That was exactly what they did with Tony Blair and George Bush when they came up with false reports that Saddam had WMD so as to get the rest of the world behind them in a bid to dismantle Saddam.

            This is the second time you have made the same false claim.

            How could AI have been the source when it has no presence in Saddam Iraq. Or are your confusing UK/US intelligence agencies with AI? Google is your friend! And I also suggest that you google “Rafid Ahmed Alwan” code-named “Curveball” and read about him.

            AI’s primary responsibility is not to protect Nigeria’s interest. They have their masters that are paying them and it is these paymasters that they have allegiance to.

            So when the Nigerian army and Nigerian Police assault, and murder innocent Nigerians and AI criticises them, how does such criticism profit the so-called AI’s masters?

            AI does not accept contributions from governments and political parties for human rights research. It doesn’t have external masters — its masters (if they have any) would be the members.

          • Watch man

            The beauty of freedom is that you have the right to disagree; this same freedom has also become a burden to many and in many societies especially when there is no moderation.

            I also believe you are a google fan and if you would, it will also help you in searching further to understand my post which you tagged “false claim”. I told you one of AI’s masters you did not believe; so there is no guarantee that you will believe if I tell you more. I have also referred you to some docs which you are free to read or ignore. AI does not need to be in Iraq to cook up stories against Saddam. The so-called intelligence that they used against him were false. And I believe you are aware that Tony Blair has acknowledged that the intelligence was flawed.

            Like I said before, we must learn to appreciate and encourage our own. I have been a victim of police brutality at least twice. I did not find it funny and neither did I commend them for such. But would that be enough for me to say that they and the other military agencies are not doing some good? Definitely no! AI is biased and not objective in its reporting because of their peculiar interest. If you want to believe whatever they tell you that is your choice and you have the right to do so. But let us learn to encourage our own a bit; if we don’t do so, AI or their like would never do it.

          • thusspokez

            AI does not need to be in Iraq to cook up stories against Saddam.

            AI is not a Nigerian organisation although most of its staff in Nigeria are Nigerians. Nevertheless, western organisations work to acceptable international standards; and the methodologies used in collecting the information or conducting the research will have to meet these standards and (often) included in the report as in (say) PhD research.

            This may come as “what is he talking about” to most Nigerians. In the case of AI, it cannot afford to be reckless or careless with its researches and investigations for fear of losing goodwill, it good image and even donors. So before you accuse AI of operating in the ‘Nigerian way of doing things’, you must do your home work first.

            The so-called intelligence that they used against him were false. And I believe you are aware that Tony Blair has acknowledged that the intelligence was flawed.

            I try to respond to your comments but it would seem that you are not taking in anything I have written in response to you. Whatever I say, you just go ahead and repeat yourself. But once again AI has nothing to do with the alleged WMD in Iraq. I even provided you a name to lookup but you came back with the same false claim.

            All your argument is emotional; and you consistently, avoid responding to the salient points in my argument — maybe you love the sound of your voice too much –, namely, the army and police abuse of the human rights of innocent Nigerians. What says you about this? You don’t seen to have an opinion about such important matter — which is the reason the army wants AI evicted from Nigeria. Instead you just go on and on like a broken (vinyl) record.

          • Watch man

            Like I said before, you are not under obligation to accept what I wrote and neither would your hypothesis and postulations change my convictions.

            I told you to read NSSM 200 so that you will have a better understanding about global geopolitical symphony. I don’t think you have done so. I have also told you that Hungary (an European country, for those of you who cherish “advanced” democracy more than Nigeria) is at the verge of evicting AI because of similar thing they are doing in Nigeria. And neither did you believe my submission about their collution with Bush/Blair. Disagreement is acceptable fact of life which is evident here.
            Your neococentric discombobulation speaks for itself in all your yarning, and it is understandable. Who set the international standard you subscribe to? The issue is primarily not methodology but the content of the end product of it. Guardian of U.K. published Blair’s apology and I quote it (you can check if you will):

            “I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong”.

            His mischief came to fore when he realized how unfavorable the Chilcot inquiry was going to be. Like I said before, you do not need to believe my post about AI’s false reports, however, it is in the public domain that their services have come under scrutiny in Russia due to their effort to destabilize that country.

            You need to read their report on Libya, a prelude to the dethronement of that country’s leader. Today, Libya is a failed state. What has your beloved AI done to revive that once flourishing country? Nothing!

            Good methodologies can be used to create Orwellian projection as AI is doing. It is still good methodology that AI has used to set countries in the mould of Hegelian dialectic just to produce a synthesis that would be in sync with their masters primordial objectives.

            I have submitted before that our police and security agencies may not be the best, but their absence would result in a catastrophic crisis which I believe you may not like except you are an anarchist. There is also nothing wrong in criticizing our military provided it is constructive, which AI in most cases detour from. Even if your love for AI and hatred for all that Nigeria stands for is grievous, I maintain that “out of the eater came forth meat”.

          • thusspokez

            neither would your hypothesis and postulations change my convictions.

            Your convictions, indeed! These few words expose and sum up all your arguments, and also confirms what I had alluded to, in my earlier comment, namely, your disregard to the main points that I made in my comments.

            It is pointless trying to argue, persuade, dissuade someone with convictions. For example, this is why one cannot reason with terrorists — given their convictions. People like you repel any persuasion other than the ones that confirm or support their own convictions.

          • Watch man

            You are very, very correct. It is “pointless trying to argue, persuade, dissuade someone with convictions” that are objective; it is “pointless trying to argue, persuade, dissuade someone with convictions” whose footprints are littered with verifiable truths. And that is where stand.

            It is only people like you whose psyche have been dumped in a phulake that exhibit a kelub-conviction and that is why all your posts are evidence of such condition. So dangerous!

            Nigeria does not need the destructive criticisms of AI. Period!

          • thusspokez

            …someone with convictions” that are objective

            conviction: (of a person or their judgement) influenced by personal firmly held beliefs or opinions.

            objective (of a person or their judgement) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

            These two word contradict each other.

          • Watch man

            I thought you are an intellectual??? When you are defining terms methodology (which you made reference to in your earlier submission) teaches that you quote sources. As you did not quote your source let me refer you to a definition you can easily verify on your device:

            “a : a strong persuasion or belief
            b : the state of being convinced” (Source: Merriam-Webster)

            “expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal
            feelings, prejudices, or interpretations” (Source: Merriam-Webster)

            Can you now see the real meaning of the two words? Now, if you compound the two words you would have something like: Objective Conviction, and that would therefore mean ‘strong persuasion or belief expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations’. I think you would need some lessons in GS 101 to be relevant in a world of dynamic philology.

            Nigeria does not need AI’s destructive criticisms. At best, such criticisms belong to abyss..

          • thusspokez

            if you compound the two words you would have something like: Objective Conviction

            Of course, I am sure that if you compose “good” and “bad”, you would have “good bad…”. Or like your fellow Nigerian, Atiku with his famous phrase “unitary republic”. Some of you never cease to amuse me.

            I can also imagine you struggling with your enormous Nigerian ego which keeps whispering in your ears, not to accept your mistakes as that would be a loss of face, hurt your Nigerian ego and even amount to humiliation, hence you would rather dig your hole deeper and sink in it than admit your mistakes, learn from them and move on.

            How does one become wiser and even more intelligent if one never makes mistakes — the means by which most people improve their understanding, knowledge and skills? Well, you are entitled to your convictions, but at least, stop making a føøl of yourself with your silly “compound” nonsense and silly phrase.

            I think you would need some lessons in GS 101 to be relevant in a world of dynamic philology.

            I have no idea what you are talking about, you assume that I had Nigerian education. Well, at least, at some point in my very rich academic life, I read literary criticism, philosophy, logic, literature, sciences — should I go on? You can keep your Nigerian education, thank you! I had an excellent education.

            BTW have your read this on PT: “PHOTO STORY: Anti-Amnesty International protesters caught sharing money”?

          • Watch man

            Your fo0lish idiosyncrasy amuse me. How did you know that GS 101 refer to study in Nigeria? Did your warped grey matter tell you that it is only in Nigeria that the expression ‘GS 101’ is used? It is shameless saiyr like you that can easily go for a piece of bread just to forgo their birthright.
            Your claim of ego attributed to me is a defeatist trait found only in koun like you. You vomited a wrong definition and in addition you failed to quote your source and you are here claiming that you went to school. I think it is either your teachers did a bad job or you have an infirmed grey matter that would need some form of asynchronous excitation to manage to grab a little packet of knowledge. So disgraceful!

          • thusspokez

            Ok now piss off before I block you. I come here to discuss important issues of the day, but not to enter into churlish and puerile banters with the likes of you. You have my final warning!

          • Watch man

            What a koun!

      • Mo’

        Shut your fucking mouth ad you know nothing about global war. He has spoken the truth.

        • thusspokez

          Gutter-breed, why don’t you move on?–There is nothing for your ears in this discussion by adults.

    • un spkn

      please spread d word. We r on d streets. Give us d location and time

  • George

    So those protesters are allowed to blocked roads why those who want to protest against Duara president must get police clearance first.

    Now AI is no longer good but during GEJ they were the best news reporters.


    • Peace Forall

      What can one expect from the country of baboons and monkies, people who don’t reason like humanbeings. Amnesty International can relocate their office to Biafra land they are welcome.

  • un spkn

    nigerians r with u. where do we sign up? AI must go!! enough rubbish